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Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Worldwide Release Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Serebii, May 7, 2014.

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  1. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Uh. They'll sell it to someone else. I don't think you've troubled them a bit, ultimately. I'm equally unsure as to whether you are in full understanding of the concept of "pre-ordering" to begin with, but I suppose that's neither here nor there at this point.
  2. Akashin

    Akashin Well-Known Member

    This isn't like ordering pizza, you know... That game won't go cold and have to get thrown out if you aren't there to collect it. If nobody comes to pick it up they'll offer it to somebody else.

    As far as petty revenge goes, that was a pretty pointless way of doing it.
  3. magma grunt edu

    magma grunt edu casual hardcore fan

    HOLY SH!T! i just needed to ask the guy on the counter and there they were, in the wherehouse. Why not putting those on the shelves? stupid guys. Anyway, i got the steelbooks for both and i was just orgasming all over them. They are GORGEOUS! and even by just playing the necessary to get shiny beldum in both versions (didn't even left the truck yet) i was blown away by just the intro. HGSS was amazing but this...this is a whole other level of awesome. Thank you GF. I love you guys!
  4. Wulava

    Wulava Chuffed to bits Staff Member Moderator

    On the recent Japanese developer survey, Tetsuya Watanabe, the Program Director/Advisor/Support of the main series Pokemon games, said that they're getting ready to announce their new project.

    Tetsuya Watanabe (Game Freak)
    Known for: Pokemon series

    “We’re doing a lot of different things with respect to our next project, so right now we’re focusing on getting ready to announce it. We sincerely hope from the bottom of our hearts that it’ll be worth checking out once we get to that point.”

    Last year, they announced ORAS on May 2014. While XY was announced January 2013.
  5. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    Drill Dozer 2 let's go
  6. Aetius

    Aetius Sky Emperor

    So, they will finally announce Pokèmon Z (XY2)?
    That's what I hope at least. :D
  7. Krishnath

    Krishnath Dragon Lord

    Or a new remake of R/B/G/Y. Bringing Kanto into the sixth Gen.
  8. BurningWhiteKyurem

    BurningWhiteKyurem Well-Known Member

    Remake one of the most barren games in the series? That'd be pretty silly (even if the anniversary was coming up).
  9. Hero of Truth

    Hero of Truth Lillie Fan

    NOOOOO!!! That would be disaster! For some people...

    I hope for a non-Pokémon game... 2015 needs to be a break. (We have to have a break since 2008)
  10. Akashin

    Akashin Well-Known Member

    And not that it's definitive evidence one way or the other, but one would imagine that they wouldn't have made every non-event Legendary from RGBY available in X/Y if they planned to remake them.
  11. Krishnath

    Krishnath Dragon Lord

    Maybe they hadn't decided upon remaking them until X/Y was (nearly) finished.

    Eh, not like it matters to me anyway. I do hope they make Z and Emerald for the 3DS.
  12. BurningWhiteKyurem

    BurningWhiteKyurem Well-Known Member

    Emerald is not going to happen. They already remade Hoenn once. They're not going to waste efforts on another remake.
  13. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    maybe it's Pulseman remastered as a 3D Classic
  14. Krishnath

    Krishnath Dragon Lord

    Well, there *are* references to Pulseman in the Hoenn remakes, although they don't mention it by name directly.
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