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Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Worldwide Release Thread

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Fear the Deer
HG/SS was a great remake, so it'd be difficult to trump it.
I see what you did there.

Wonder how close to the start of the holiday season they'll release these. I have a good feeling that, no matter what, these two will be at the top of 3DS game sales either way.


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This is seriously happening... How long have we been begging for this? Well, regardless, I have a feeling these games are going to be amazing! Can't wait for November!


Basically, your saying it could be like B&W2 except years in the making with enhanced graphics from the previous game? I'm down!


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I hope we get Dive back... And that we see pokemon swimming in the 3D that would be so amazing omg.....

And a new gym leader would be interesting ...

Will Wallace be the Champion or will Steven be the champion?

Will the contests finally include battles like the anime?

Will there be the Battle Frontier?

Will we get some new areas?

Same storyline or different?

So may questionssssssss

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Don't look here.
Really cannot contain this excitement. My favourite pokemon just got 1000X cooler. Groudon looks so cool as well. I am going to bet that these are megas. Anyhow could the Alpha and Omega thing be related with Arceus? Yeah I know I am going to gen 4... but Arceus is the Alpha pokemon. It would make sense to have an omega counterpart to represent first and last.


Ace Trainer
new thing to live for!

well tbh it's a bit too soon. they should release it next year. between x/y and as/or is just one year
i'm not done with Kalos yet. Kalos is awesome.
but i'm glad that we are getting this one. just hoping that you'll be able to battle and trade between x/y and as/or

i'll be getting Omega Ruby.

Team Mudkip!

that "new world" is bugging me. does that mean new region or just new areas...


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I don't think I have ever jumped out of bed as fast as I did when I saw "Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire November" in my Twitter timeline.


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Needless to say, it's incredibly exciting to hear that there will, indeed, be new Pokémon games this year. I loved Ruby and Sapphire. I can't believe they're actually doing remakes. Can't wait till November!!! XD Mudkip! I choose you!
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I'm glad these are coming, but at the same time, I'm pretty disappointed that we will be waiting longer for a third version or sequel to X and Y. I really wanted to see more Kalos...


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This is such great news, RS was my first pokemon game. I reallt really really hope they stick to the XY format though. Then they just can't go wrong.

Also I don't know what to think of the announcement trailer, there's no gameplay footage whatsoever but it's coming out in six moths. I hope there are demos dat gamescom this august.

Nightshade Aran

Hydreigon Summoner
Heres an early bet: Who thinks Megas for Sceptile/Mudkip will come in this game? I mean, we already have Blaziken... (Oh and probably will get Blazikanite ingame as well for those that missed the event)

Lucario At Service

Calm Trainer
Looking at the 'Box Cover Art' of Kyogre & Groudon (and comparing them with XY art found on the official Pokemon Site pokedex), i get the feeling that they are either going to get new forms or Mega Evo.


Sun God ☉
I'm guessing those are Mega-evos, and they sure look majestic.
I'm also really excited to see Hoenn in 3D, the tropical climate of Hoenn has always been a favorite of mine.


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I'm very torn about this. There is a part of me who wants the remakes because even if I started with generation 1, I still have a very large nostalgic feeling for generation 3. They were fantastic games and I loved them a lot, I still do. On the other hand, I also don't want remakes at the same time as they are unnecessary for anything besides nostalgic reasons, we can easily get a complete Pokedex without them and I'm unsure about what they can add to the gameplay. HG/SS were also huge failures for me so I can't help but feel a bit worried. I loved FR/LG though. I would have loved to see some actual gameplay footage in the trailer but I guess that will come with time. For now, it looks like I'll probably be getting Omega Ruby on the release date as I got the original Ruby on its release date back in the day. But my decision may change with the future depending on what we'll get to see about the games before they get released.

Espeon POWER!

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Excited for this though I'm guessing it's a bit more than just a remake the way it's being shown, like it will overhaul the story and possibly include new pokemon and all that.
Also hopefully now people will realise Brendan wears a hat and doesn't have white hair.
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