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Pokémon Ontology [Sign Ups] (R)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Doppelgänger, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Doppelgänger

    Doppelgänger Well-Known Member

    Coming over from UPN to see if maybe I could generate more interest on SPP!

    Pokémon Ontology is set in the Pokemon World. You are a 10-16 year old child/adolescent, embarking on your Pokemon journey. But the difference is, 7-14 days into the story, I will unleash a demon into the story who will serve as a frightening and powerful antagonist. The details are a secret for the RPers to discover.

    The game is over when either the demon wins, or when the players win - either by neutralizing the demon, or escaping to a place where the demon can't do anything to them.

    There aren't going to be a lot of rules, but the story will run something like classic PASBL/FB. I will be the DM and control all NPCs. You control your player and will initiate actions by making a post of what you want to do, or who you want to talk to.

    In a sense, this is almost like a story I'm writing, that you the player(s) have the ability to change, via the actions you initiate in your posts. You're free to converse with other players so long as in-universe you can talk to them, like they're physically present or you've placed a telephone call over your PokeGear.

    There are a maximum of 3 players per region, up to 18. I will note when days/nights have passed. Players can be killed - if you are, you can assume the POV of an NPC, and if you are killed early enough you can restart your Pokemon journey as a different trainer with a different starter, in a different region (although not recommended). Enrollments are rolling, until the maximum of 18 players has been reached.

    The regions available are Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and Alola.
    Places like Orre, Fiore, Orange, Decolore are available to exploration, as is the Battle Pyramid and PokeLantis.

    To enter, state your basic information here:

    Physical Appearance (can use picture):

    Yes, I'll allow super powers to a limited degree. Like you can be psychic, but not Mewtwo level. I'll let you know ahead of time about what the limits on the powers will be.

    The day/night cycle will be announced and updated in the topic title. It's very fluid and doesn't adhere to real-life days or nights, but rather when all players have done activities for the day. Basically, the day isn't over until i say it is.

    In addition to "direct" narration, where I describe what the player character does after getting guidance from the player, there will be "cutscenes" that detail the demon's activities, to give the players updates on what is happening in other regions and what they have to deal with. However, it is forbidden to speak or act on this OOC knowledge in a direct way. So like you can't mention you're going to seek out Primal Dialga in the Temple of the Ocean King in universe, because the narrator mentioned it in a cutscene. ONLY if it happens directly to the player, like a true role play, can you mention it.

    Signups are go! If you have questions please lay them down here. Hoping for loads of fun!

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