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Pokémon Perspective {RPG Thread}

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Ninetailed, May 24, 2010.

  1. Ninetailed

    Ninetailed pokemon at heart...

    Pokémon Perspective {RPG Thread}

    Pokémon Perspective

    Plot: The Sinnoh Region has many trainers aspiring to become true Pokémon Masters, Breeders, and Top Coordinators. But the trainers’ aren’t the only one’s trying to become great. No, in fact it’s the Pokémon themselves, who are also trying to become perfect in the eyes of not only their trainer, but in the eyes of their fellow pokémon as well. And their trainers would know this about their pokémon, if only they could understand them. You see Pokémon can understand each other and humans perfectly, but, sadly, humans haven’t taken the time to try and understand their Pokémon. It’s about time that Pokémons’ stories get told and now they finally can.

    Meet Kris Parton & Alli Heart, two life-long best friends who are about to become trainers. They both come from rich families from Canalave City, which has allowed them to receive all their pokémon before hand, but their pokémon are still low-leveled and inexperienced so they will still need some training. Kris wants to become a Pokémon Master, so he is challenging the Sinnoh League and the Elite Four, while Alli, on the other hand, is aiming to be the Top Coordinator at the Grand Festival. Alli loves cute squishy pokémon, who look innocent, but who can really represent during a contest. She doesn’t do Ghost, Bug, or Poison types. Kris, on the other hand, doesn’t care how his pokémon look or what type they are; he just wants them to be super strong, and for them to trust, help, and come through for him when he needs them to. Both Alli and Kris have strong bonds with their pokémon. But when it comes to training them Kris likes to make his pokémon stronger over all, while Alli likes to turn her weaknesses in to strengths, and being an aspiring coordinator, she has invented many moves to do just that. Both Trainers learn from each other and their pokémon.

    Wining contests, and beating the gyms are only half the adventure… when you’re a pokémon.

    Alli’s Team:
    Cricket: Leafeon: Ninetailed
    Melody: Clefairy: Wordy
    Aipom: Aipom: Copygoo
    Evgeni: Sneasel: Yaya
    Remilia: Pachirisu: PurplePassion
    Anubis: Riolu: Lufiji

    Kris’s Team:
    Sepra: Glaceon: Slipomatic
    Rockawn: Graveler: GolemGuy
    Auri: Lopunny: alteredegoX
    Mokele: Tropius: Firebomb525
    Velda: Vespiquen: Kuriboh361
    Jolt: Minun: Skillfulness

    Let the adventure BEGIN!​



    <”Ahh. That breeze feels good.”> Cricket sighed as a sudden breeze danced across her face. She was sitting on a grassy hill outside the Heart mansion with Sepra. Her trainer, Alli, and Sepra’s trainer, Kris, were sitting on a bench a few feet behind them. Melody was on the slope in front of them practicing her singing, while Aipom was hanging upside down in a nearby tree to her left with Rockawn napping underneath it. Evgeni was farther down on the slope chattering away to Remilia, who was concentrating more on fixing her red bow than what Evgeni had to say. Mokele was letting Anubis and Jolt eat some of his delicious fruit down in the field at the bottom of the hill. And Auri and Velda were having a conversation a few feet away from them.

    It was a normal day, for the most part, but also special because it would be the last day of its kind. For tomorrow Alli and Kris would set out on their journeys around Sinnoh. Cricket was excited for all the new experiences she would have, but also sad she wouldn’t be able to sit on her hill whenever she wanted. She was glad that the two humans would travel together, she couldn’t imagine one single day without all of her friends.

    “I just don’t know what to do Kris,” Alli said behind her, “I mean, I know that I’m obviously going to use Cricket in my first contest, but I’m not sure who else to pick.” Alli continued in an exasperated tone.

    “Just pick the one who you think is most prepared.” Kris answered her plea.

    “That’s just it I think all of them are prepared. *Sigh*” Alli retaliated. “Well, Anubis still needs more training and I want Evgeni to watch some more contests before he actually partakes in one. But both Melody and Aipom are ready to go. Oh, I just can’t decide…”

    Cricket turned to Sepra and said “<Personally I think she should pick->”. But before she could give her opinion, her sensitive ears suddenly picked up a rustling noise coming from the trees to the right of Sepra. She quickly stood up turned to Alli and said, “<Over there>”. This to Alli sounded like, “Leaf-Leafeon” and gestured towards the trees. Alli turned to look just in time to see two Glameow slowing come out of the trees.

    “Cricket use Magical Leaf!” Alli cried. And Kris followed with, “Sepra Helping Hand then Tickle!”

    Cricket surrounded herself by many razor sharp leaves glowing in a multi-colored aura. She concentrated on the Bigger Glameow on the left, and sent the leaves flinging towards it. It tried to dodge but a few leaves still managed to it. “<Hey watch it, green bean.>” It growled back, and started towards her with a Shadow Claw. “<Who you calling a green bean, you wanna be Purugly!>” Cricket said triumphantly as she gracefully dodged the shadow claw, and the Glameow, hit the dirt, hard.

    ((OCC: Ok start your post with your character’s name like I did. Then talk to the pokémon you are near. Then either you also hear the two Glameows coming, or you don’t notice anything until you hear Alli and Kris shouting commands. If you want to help fight come help, if not, just come over to watch. @All of Alli’s Pokémon: If any of you want to be in the contest I suggest you come help.))
  2. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    OOC: I don’t like using the <> to symbolize pokemon chat. It’s just a personal preference and I hope you won’t mind if I don’t use it.


    Sepra was enjoying sitting next to Cricket, his long time girlfriend he liked to say. He concentrated a bit and formed a weak icy wind and had it blow at Cricket. She never noticed that the sudden breeze came from him when he heard her sigh in satisfaction in the cool breeze. He looked away before a blush could start forming on his cheeks and observed the other pokemon that were a part of their group. He wanted to do some training, but the only one he would consider training with, aside with Cricket any day, would be Evgeni. Too bad he didn’t like to spar with others. He sighed as he looked at the mansion that they were leaving tomorrow.

    As much as he grew to love staying here where the weather was almost always mild, he wanted to see snow. The mansion he stayed in was stuffy for the most part and he always had an issue with the rooms being warm. He liked it cool, not hot. Nevertheless, it was all fine if he could stay near Cricket. He knew he was blushing as he continued to daydream about Cricket finally admitting to loving him. He heard her voice as she was telling him something, but she quickly became alert to something that eluded his hazy mind. Only after hearing the voice of his trainer shouting at him to use helping hand on Cricket and then to use tickle did he come out of his daydream.

    He looked and saw Cricket preparing to use magical leaf and he decided that they should have a thin layer of ice covered on them. He chilled the air surrounding the leaves, making them have a frosty edge as they went towards one of the glameows he now spotted being the target. He saw the glameow lunge at Cricket and he soon pounced on top of it, and said, “You wished you never lunged at Cricket!” before he began tickling the glameow, making it cry with laughter as it struggled to breath. He was about to leap back when he was tackled from behind by the other glameow. He stood back up and shouted, “You dirty sneaker. I should freeze you and then sell you as icicles.” The glameow just smirked at him and said, “That is if you can catch me.” The glameow disappeared before his eyes and something impacted him on his side causing him to roll onto the ground again. He groaned a bit at the impact as it took the air out of him. He stood back up cautiously, scanning around him to deduce where the glameow had disappeared to.
  3. Yaya

    Yaya Level 78 Pidgey


    Evgeni sat on the hill, looming over him at the top of the hill was an enormous mansion, which he frankly did not care much for, he wanted to get out into environments like this, where you feel the wind up against your face, making you feel alive. This is why he was looking forward to tomorrow so much, his trainer's Pokemon journey began tomorrow, Alli, he thought her name was, he'd only been around her for a couple of days. There was another trainer, too, Kris, a boy, he seemed more directed towards battling than Pokemon Contests, he like that. To pass the time while waiting for the day to end, he decided to tell Remilia stories about his old home and the adventures he had there.

    <-and then, the punk told me he could take me no problem,and he got me RIGHT here with an Ice Punch,> He tapped the side of his head to show where, he began laughing, <Oh, man, you shoulda seen the look on his face when I stared him down after he did that, he knew he was screwed. So then I wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine so then I gave him a nice Ice Punch to the head an-> He turned to see the Pachirisu adjusting her red bow on her head. He groaned, <Y'know, you could at least PRETEND to listen...>.

    Shortly after he said that, he heard noise behind him, he turned and looked, to see Cricket and Sepra fighting two Glameow's, he got up immediately, grinning and laughing hysterically, <Ahahaha! We got a tussle goin' on here!> He yelled, running and stumbling up the hill, just as he got there, the Glameow Sepra was facing disappeared, he ran towards him to give the Glaceon a hand. He liked Sepra probably the most out of all the Pokemon at the moment, probably because he was another ice type. He stopped in front of Sepra, grinned at him and said, <Need a hand, dude? No WAY am I missing out on this battle!>
  4. Ninetailed

    Ninetailed pokemon at heart...


    Sepra then jumped onto the Glameow, slowly standing up, causing it to fall back to the ground. Sepra then growled at it “You’ll wished you never lunged at Cricket!” before he began tickling the glameow, making it cry with laughter as it struggled to breath. He was about to leap back when he was tackled from behind by the smaller glameow. He stood back up and shouted, “You dirty sneaker. I should freeze you and then sell you as icicles.” The glameow just smirked at him and said, “That is if you can catch me.” The smaller Glameow then disappeared using Pursuit, and hit Sepra on his side causing him to roll onto the ground again. He stood up groaning, which made Cricket guess the air had been knocked out of him.

    The larger glameow was also standing up, and Cricket thought it was about time she put him in his place. Apparently Alli and her where thinking the same thing, for she then commanded, “Cricket! Finish it off with Giga Drain!”

    Cricket smiled and said, <”I was hoping you’d say that.”> She concentrated on the larger, greatly weakened, Glameow, and made it and herself glow in a bright green aura. Then little blobs of the Glameow’s aura started to fly through the air towards Cricket, taking with them whatever little energy the Glameow had left. Once the aura had completely disappeared from the Glameow, it collapsed to the ground in exhaustion. <”Hah, that’ll teach you to never mess with a green bean again!”> Cricket said triumphantly.

    She looked over to see the smaller Glameow visible again, an evil grin on its face, and Evgeni helping a weak Sepra standing up, a bruise slowly appearing on his side. She could only assume that Sepra had gotten hit again, and this time even harder. Cricket dashed over to them, and said, <”Sepra your going to faint! Here let me help you, Evgeni can you take care of that last annoying one over there? I think you have a good chance of being in the Jubilife Contest if you do.”> And without waiting for an answer she started to get Sepra out of the way, even thought he was convinced he could still fight.

    Once she had gotten him to the safety of the bench she told him<”I don’t care how strong you think you are, now sit!”> And she plopped him down on his side that wasn’t bruised. He had scrapes all over his face, so she started to lick them clean until Kris came over with a potion, to heal Sepra. As he was getting sprayed with the healing Potion, she could hear Alli behind her saying, “Alright Evgeni, let’s make him pay with Agility then a Quick Attack and Ice Punch combo!”
  5. Yaya

    Yaya Level 78 Pidgey

    Evgeni looked up to see Cricket dashing over, she said to them, <Sepra your going to faint! Here let me help you, Evgeni can you take care of that last annoying one over there? I think you have a good chance of being in the Jubilife Contest if you do.> She helped Sepra up and they went off towards the two trainers, much to the dismay of Sepra, who wanted to still fight. He grinned, eagerness to fight, that's another thing to like about Sepra. He looked over at the Glameow, grinning like the moron it was, <Jubilife Contest, huh?> He liked the sound of that, certainly a great bonus to teaching this punk a lesson.

    Behind him, he heard Alli call out, “Alright Evgeni, let’s make him pay with Agility then a Quick Attack and Ice Punch combo!” He smiled, the trainer was watching, now he could really show off. <Let's make him pay with Agility,> Alli's words echoed in his head, he nodded, the Sneasle began to step around, almost like an odd dance, he started moving faster with each step, as he did this, he said to the Glameow. <Alright, I'm gonna be a nice guy and give ya 10 seconds to get outta here, otherwise you and your unconscious buddy other there are going to regret this day for a while. 1... 2...>

    The Glameow laughed, <Me? Please. You have to stand up for that wimp of a Glaceon? I bet you aren't any better, in fact, you're probably even worse than him.> It hissed, <I never liked Sneasles, anyways.>

    Evgeni continued to dance around, <7...8...9...> He stopped, landing on both feet, giving a devilish smirk at the Glameow, <10.> His eyes looking dead into its, he smiled, <How about you make the first move, then?> He asked, he knew Alli must of been a little impatient with the way he was mocking the Glameow, but this is how he did things. The Glameow sighed, <Whatever, the sooner you're done the better.> It leaped towards Evgeni, claws extended, ready to use Scratch on Evgeni. Evgeni called out, <Too slow!> and dashed forward at very high speeds, <Quick attack,> Alli's words echoed again, he passed by the Glameow in mere milliseconds and elbowed it in the side. He turned towards the Glameow, glanced briefly over at Sepra and Cricket, and growled and the Glameow, <This,> His hand turned an icy colour, <...Is for Sepra.> He threw an Ice Punch as hard as he could at the Glameow, hitting it in the same spot he had hit it with Quick Attack. The Pokemon flew back and hit the ground hard, out cold.

    Evgeni walked over to the pokemon, and sneered, <What was that you said about me being weak? Jeeze, if I'm weak, what the hell does that make you?> He ran back over to Sepra and Cricket, <You okay, man?>
  6. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    OOC: I hope you didn't mind if I fixed some small grammar issues when re-iterating.


    He had seen Evgeni come up and asked him if he needed help. As much as it hurt his pride to accept help in front of Cricket, he really couldn’t afford to be knocked out. “Sure.” He gasped as pain erupted from his side and he looked at himself to see a bruise forming where he had been tackled twice at. He noted that the glameow must have known that if you attack the same place over and over, if each hit succeeds, the damage dealt becomes even more with each successive hit. He wanted to teach the glameow fool. He was distracted from his thoughts as Cricket had run over to him and told him what he probably already knew. “Sepra, you’re going to faint! Here, let me help you. Evgeni, could you take care of that last annoying one over there? I think you have a good chance of being in the Jubilife Contest if you do.” She then started herding Sepra away from the battle despite his protests.

    “I so wanted to finish that fight.” Sepra whined even though he knew it was pointless to argue against Cricket. She had taken him over to the bench nearby and had ordered him to sit. When he refused to comply, she simply touched his bruise with her paw, making him wince, and she than pushed him till he was sitting upright. She began licking the small scrapes he had on his face when he had fallen down to that second tackle. He didn’t mind the attention, but he felt like a loser and he unconsciously drooped a bit in his posture. He looked so pathetic in front of the one he wanted to impress, yet here he was, being nursed by the one stronger than he was. He really wanted to disappear, but that wouldn’t happen anytime soon. He heard some footsteps approaching and looked up to see Kris stopping in front of him and kneeling down. He had a potion out and he winced at it.

    Despite the fact the potion could heal wounds and bruises, it was painful when applied. He squeezed his eyes shut as he felt Kris spray the potion over his bruise, taking a sharp breath in as he felt the burning sensation on his bruise come back up twofold. As soon as Kris stepped away did he turn his head towards his bruise and began licking at it, only to make a face as he tasted the potion still on it. “Yuck, remind me to never taste that nasty stuff again!” He held his tongue out, making a face still and probably looking comical in the eyes of the others. It really tasted nasty, the medicine. He saw Evgeni finish the fight with the smaller glameow and he came over and asked if he was alright. He nodded in answer to his question, but inside, his pride was hurt and shattered into many pieces.
  7. Wordy

    Wordy #FlorrieSlayage2014

    OOC: Sorry, computer problems.


    Melody was hopping around, practising her singing on the slope. The slope felt like a stage, which Melody approved of- no point in practising in an inappropriate setting! If she could just hit that high note... Her victory would be assured! The Clefairy was hoping that Alli might participate in events like the Hearthome Collection- she could be stylish too! Of course, she was hoping for a Moon Stone more, but they didn't exactly grow on trees.

    She was snapped from her reverie by yells from another grassy hill. Turning around, with a fraction of interest, she spotted Cricket and Sepra engaging in battle with two wild Glameow. Watching as Evgeni joined the fight, she shrugged and spotted a shiny spoon that had dropped in the grass.

    Losing all care for the battle, Melody grabbed the spoon in both hands and began admiring her reflection, smiling to herself. She was the prettiest, the wittiest, the... kittiest? Rhyming was fun. She reminded herself to eat some more of those lovely Kelpsy Berries later on- such a glossy coat they gave your fur! And lovely smiles all around.

    Melody giggled to herself as she saw them win the battle through the spoon's reflection. Weren't they having fun? She felt bad for the Glameow. They were just territorial creatures who were raised to protect themselves, and so hopped past Cricket, Evgeni and Sepra to where the two feline Pokémon were laying.

    <'Hey, um? Are you pair... alright? Sorry about the humans... unless you started it, in which case, you had it coming. They are such good people, I mean, Alli is like supercool and Kris is all cool as well.'> Noticing that the pair were glaring at her, Melody frowned, <'Lawks. I was only trying to be nice.'>
  8. Lufiji

    Lufiji Well-Known Member

    OOC: Sorry for not posting yet, exam revision has been taking up a lot of my time recently.


    Anubis was sitting on a large, flat field near a hill and a large house. This day seemed to be like any other, the weather was warm, the sky was blue and he was surrounded by other Pokémon owned by his trainer, Alli, and her friend, Kris. Anubis didn't dislike this though, he enjoyed these times because there were lots of other people and Pokémon he was able to talk to and play with. One thing was different about this day though, it would be the last day that he would be at this place as his trainer was starting her journey tomorrow. Anubis was currently eating some fruit given to him by Kris' Tropius, Mokele. Oddly Anubis wasn't intimidated by the Tropis, despite the massive size difference between the two.

    <"Thank you for the fruit!"> Anubis said to the Tropius with a happy look on his face and in a cheery tone of voice while looking up at the Tropius. Anubis carried on eating the fruit until he heard his trainer yell something. “Cricket use Magical Leaf!” Anubis realised that this was, yet another, fight he had to miss out on, although he often had to not partake on them because he often didn't know when something was a battle and when something wasn't a battle. He then just carried on eating the fruit, thinking about when he would finally be able to participate in one of those contests that he had been practicing for.
  9. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    ~ Jolt the Minun: Trainer- Kris ~

    Jolt sat stiffly in the field at the bottom of a hill. Kris and Alli were sitting at the top and they had let everyone out to socialize a bit. Jolt… wasn’t the social type. Kris’ Torpius, Mokele was sharing fruit with him and Alli’s Riolu, Anubis. Jolt had been trying to escape the awkward situation of simply talking, but couldn’t avoid these two. He sat silently with them in the tall grass.

    “Mi... nun-mi mi…” ((Oh why did I have to leave Mira! I hate jumping into new situations!)) He grumbled to himself. Then he remembered their promise and he decided to try harder to adjust to things with Kris.

    “Nu, mi-nun?” ((Soo… how’d you meet Kris?)) Jolt was asking Mokele right before he was interrupted. From the top of the hill, there was a commotion. Anubis was quick to not react and continued munching on fruit. Jolt, eager for something else to do, got up immediately.

    “Mi mi minun.” ((I’ll go check it out.)) Trotting up the hill, he heard the sounds of the fight and recognized from it, a Glameow, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sneasel. Reaching the top of the hill, he saw the battle play out. The Sneasel, Evgeni, had just used an Ice Punch to subdue a Glameow. It landed next to a larger one where Evgeni prepared to gloat. Off to the side, Cricket, the Leafeon, had Sepra, the Glaceon propped up while Kris applied a Potion. From seemingly out of nowhere, Alli’s Clefairy, Melody, pranced up and tried to apologize for Kris and Alli, not that there seemed reason to.

    “Mi mi...” ((Looks like I was just a second too late.)) Jolt waved down the hill and gave a thumbs-up to Mokele and Anubis. He had decided to stay up here with the rest of the gang, as much as he hated to talk. He felt that the more he put himself out there, the less they would talk to him. Besides, who knows what else might happen up here? He picked a spot beside the bench and curled up there in the warm sun. I’m making waayy too big a deal out of this, he thought with a sigh.
  10. GolemGuy

    GolemGuy Better Than Thou


    Rockawn woke up shortly afterward, having decided that he was done with his nap. The first thing he saw was Aipom's face. This quickly made him aware of his surroundings.

    "You look ridiculous," was the first thing he said in his newly replenished concieousness. Rockawn then turned around, seeing what was going on. There was the Eevee nerds and Evgeni standing next to a pair of Glameow directly to his right. Rockawn judged that the trio had just won an unexpected battle. It was still pathetic that it took all three of hem just to defeat a pair of mere Glameow.

    Upwards on the hill, that idiot Minun was giving a thumbs up to those three, the Clefairy was worrying about the Glameow, the Riolu was obliviously eating fruit, and Mokele was dispensing said fruit. All in all, it looked incredibly boring.

    Rockawn once again looked at the Aipom. He did not exactly know why. The Aipom was quite truly ridiculous looking. Rockawn wanted to say or do something to Aipom. He didn't know what, he just knew that a ridiculous monkey was hanging upside down right next to him, and...a ridiculous monkey was hanging upside down right next to him.

    Rockawn decided to stop thinking and try something. Obviously, pushing him into the tree would do nothing but secure him a punishment. Rockawn just decided to say the first thing he thought of. "So what sort of strategy are you gonna use for your battles?" That would do for now. Although it did make Rockawn look like he was some anime character, entirely concerned with some ridiculous activity. Rockawn did not like the similarity, but supposed he could deal with it for now.
  11. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector


    Sepra wanted to move away, but Cricket wouldn’t let him out of her sight. He sighed as he sat down and looked back out from the bench. He wanted to leave, yet the battle today made him question himself. Was he ready to face the world? Would he survive if he were to be fatally injured? He was lucky that the glameow had failed to use their claws which would have been serious enough damage. He gave another sigh as the burning sensation disappeared, leaving him feeling tired, yet fine. Another thought crept into his mind as he thought about the battle.

    The male is always supposed to be the one protecting those they have interests in, not having the female of their interest protecting him. It just wasn’t right, especially if the male wanted to be mates with the one they love. He felt lower than dirt, having to be saved by Cricket. He wanted to prove to her just how good he was, and yet she managed to defeat one and finish in the battle without a single scratch on her. He felt some tears come to his eyes and he quickly wiped them away with his paws, glancing at the others. None of them had paid attention to what he was doing which he was relieved. He didn’t want to be ridiculed for crying. “Today just isn’t my day.” He softly whispered to himself looking down at the ground.
  12. Firebomb525

    Firebomb525 Member

    Yay for being ill on your birthday -.-'

    Mokele blinked for a moment, trying to take in what had just happened. A command, the sounds of battle, his newfound friends speeding away. The little one, the Riolu, cried out a thanks before also leaving Mokele behind. The stunned saurian opened his mouth to say something, but he couldn't muster anything for a few seconds until he finally came up with a genius phrase:

    <"Dudes...wait up!"> Such words of wisdom. Mokele snatched up the last few fruits he still had and placed them upon his back. They managed to stay their somehow, as long as he did no flying. He'd grow some more soon enough. Then, he could begin his plans to share them with the entire world!...but that would wait. Afterall, he was in Kris's future plans. And the plans of his trainer overruled his.

    With a grunt, the Tropius shifted his mass up and he plodded down towards the commotion. He craned his long neck up and saw the aftermath of a battle. The two humans were there, along with the two lovebirds (At least that's what Mokele saw in them). The focused Sneasel and the noisy Clefairy were also present. His friends Jolt and Anubis were also down already. The only ones missing were the strange Aipom and the rude Graveler.

    Mokele finished his trek down the hill and merged with the Pokemon and their trainers.

    <"Sorry if I'ma little late. Still needa work on da cardio, you know? What did I miss?">
  13. Remilia
    Remilia sat next to Evgeni on the cliff near the mansion, where the cool wind blew best. She quietly listened to his stories, and soon she began to adjust her bow due to boredom.

    <You know, you could at least pretend to listen,> Evgeni said to her. But she was too busy that she couldn't hear him. Suddenly he sprang to his feet and began attacking two wild Glameow that had attacked. Remilia sighed. Another skipped battle! she thought to herself disdainfully. I might never get to win these contests...

    When she had looked up again, Evgeni had finished attacking the last Glameow. Again Remilia sighed. She had missed not only battling, but the dramatic attacks as well! <Dang it!> she grumbled. <Ah, well. I guess I'll need to prove my potential soon.> She looked at the scene in front of her. Melody seemed to apologise for something, Anubis and Mokele were sharing fruits, and Sepra, Evgeni, and Cricket were talking. From far away she could somehow see Rockawn- was that his name? she thought - and Aipom. Finally, Jolt was giving a thumbs-up to Mokele and Anubis.

    <Well, I guess I'll go over there,> Remilia said to herself. Wandering away from her trainer, she ran down the hill and sat next to Jolt.

    <So, what's up?> Remilia asked nervously. Like Jolt, she had not really socialized much.
  14. kuriboh361

    kuriboh361 Bearer of Peace

    Velda had a serious face as she conversed with Auri, the Lopunny opposing her. Her black claws tapped the table impatiently as she heard Auri talking about something she didn't much about. Velda muttered bored 'mm hmm's and 'uh-huh's from time to time as she sat down. She nearly dozed off while sleeping.... But then she heard her trainer and the other trainer commanding two of their pokemon.

    "A battle!" Velda said, looking at Auri with a crazed look in her eyes, "I'm going to check this out!"

    With that, Velda fluttered her wings and headed over to where she noticed the sound. And there, she saw that the battle was over. "Damn, I missed it," she growled angrily.

    Then she started ranting, "Argh! I should've come here earlier. I should've known that wherever there are trainers, there are battles,"

    She looked up and saw Cricket and Sepra, the two lovebirds. They had joined in the fight. She also saw Evgeni, "What? He made it here before me,"

    Velda grumbled and flew off in pure rage. Siigh.... Well, at least she didn't cause any damage to anything nor anyone. She continued to rant using bad words which I'm sure would be censored if I dared put it up.
  15. Ninetailed

    Ninetailed pokemon at heart...


    Evgeni had managed to defeat the other Glameow. And most of the other pokémon had come up the hill to see what was going on. But Cricket didn’t really care about that, she was more worried about Sepra. He was healed, thanks to the potion, but she could see he was still upset about something.

    “Well, I think that’s enough excitement for one day.” Alli said to Kris.

    “I agree.” He said, then he looked out to the horizon and added, “The sun’s almost gone, I better get the gang back home.” He then brought his fingers to his lips and whistled a long note, which made the rest of the pokémon come up the hill. “See you tomorrow bright and early, Alli.”

    “See ya then.” She said, the two trainers then hugged each other goodbye, and then Kris turned to his team and said, “Come on guys, let’s head home.” The group started to make their way around the building, Sepra bringing up the rear, his tail dragging along the ground.

    <”Sepra, wait!”> Cricket cried and quickly ran over to him. Then she whispered to him<”I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you standing up for me against that Glameow. Also thank you for listening to me, telling you to stop fighting, I thought it was very gallant of you. I hope one day I can be as strong as you are.”> And with that she licked his face goodnight, and trotted back over to Alli, who was heading the rest of her pokémon inside.

    The next morning…

    Cricket’s eyes fluttered open, and she stretched out her green body. Before the battle yesterday she didn’t know how she was going to get to sleep last night. She looked around at the inside of her pokeball, her home sweet home, and thought about what today was going to bring. Today was the day her Trainer Alli, and her friend Kris, were going to start their journeys, she just couldn’t wait.

    Suddenly, she was pulled from her warm pokeball in to the cold morning air. “Morning, Cricket.” Alli said cheerfully to her. Her trainer was already dressed in her Pink dress, white jacket, and had on her flats. Cricket looked around the room, and at the foot of Alli’s king-sized water bed, which was already made up, was a pink backpack, that Cricket had helped Alli pack the night before. The digital clock beside her bed said 7:27. Kris, and Sepra, would be here by 8:00. “Let’s wake the others, and get some breakfast. Shall we?” And with that she released, Melody, Aipom, Evgeni, Remilia, and Anubis from their pokeballs. “Moring guys, you all know what today is: the day we start our journey. Now before we get some breakfast I have an announcement. As you all know the Jubilife Contest is the first contest I will enter and the two I have chosen to enter with me are: Cricket and Evgeni, with Remilia as an alternate. Once you guys are all ready come to the main dining room for breakfast. I made sure Chef Klaus cooked all your favorites.” And with that Alli tuned, picked up her bag, and walked out of her gigantic pink and purple room.

    Cricket turned to the rest of the group and said<” Well, at least we don’t have to worry if we’re getting picked or not, now.”> knowing full well that some of her friends would have something to say about Alli’s decision.

    ((OCC: @All of Kris’s pokémon: Just be waking up, have Kris give you some type of pep-talk, and have him say that after Alli’s contest he’ll tell you which three of you will be in his first gym battle, then end the post with you eating breakfast/ starting to head over to Alli’s.))
  16. Remilia

    As Remilia walked back up the hill, she overheard Alli and Kris saying things about going home, and she immediately began speeding up the hill, so she wouldn't be left behind. She had slowed down enough to se the two lovebirds, Cricket and Sepra, having a nice conversation. Cricket then licked Sepra's face goodnight, and Remilia couldn't help but grin. She, and mostly everyone else, seemed to think they were a great couple. She soon walked inside after being notified by Alli to come inside.

    The next morning, Remilia's eyes slowly opened, and she woke up and yawned. For a moment, she had forgotten the event that was supposed to happen this morning. Suddenly she remembered, and she rubbed her eyes, waking up fully. She felt a sharp tug and she was sent out from her Pokeball to Alli's room. Alli was already dressed up, and Remilia glanced at the clock on her bedside table. It was 7:27 AM.

    "Today is the day we start our journey," Alli said to everyone. "I will enter the Jubilife Contest and the two pokemon I have chosen to enter with me are: Cricket and Evgeni." Remilia wondered what those two would perform, as they had much skill. However, Alli's sentence wasn't finished yet, as she added, "Remilia will be the alternate."

    Remilia grinned. She was happy to be chosen, even though she was just an alternate. And she might be able to show her potential!

    "Once you guys are all ready, come to the main dining room for breakfast. I made sure Chef Klaus cooked your favorite foods today." And with that, Alli headed toward the main dining room.

    After Cricket had said something about being picked, Remilia replied, <Yes, but don't worry, we'll all get our chances.> She tried to keep from bragging, since she knew some others would contradict her. <And with that, I'm off to get some breakfast.> She licked her lips and followed Alli to the dining room.
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    Huh, we started already?


    Aipom appeared, bored, out of his Pokeball. "Today is the day we start our journey," Alli said to everyone. "I will enter the Jubilife Contest and the two pokemon I have chosen to enter with me are: Cricket and Evgeni. Remilia will be the alternate."

    He didn't really pay attention to Alli's speech at all, not particularly caring whether or not he was involved in that glamour fest. Instead he focused on the Graveler that had attempted to strike up a conversation before. He did seem the smart type, and could be a useful companion later. Aipom walked over, yawning, and struck up a conversation. "So, to answer your question from yesterday, a strategy would always depend on the typed Pokemon the I was fighting, their personality, and how they act in battle. I'll need to exploit all of them to the fullest in order to succeed. Generally, I will start out with Nasty Plot to further my strategy, then a different ranged attack depending on the type of the opponent. Shadow Ball, Water Pulse, or Swift. I may attempt a Taunt if they are the easily angered type. And you?"

    (Sorry for the short post, in a hurry.)
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    OOC: I just realized that for some odd reason, I give my characters a hard time. Maybe it's just me.


    Sepra was quite tired and ready to sleep as soon as they got home. As he heard Kris and Alli exchanging goodbyes, he looked at his other team mates, none of which he could safely say that he could confide his fears with. As Kris called them to leave, he brought up the rear, his tail dragging across the ground. He heard Cricket call him and he paused, turning his head to see Cricket running over to him. He turned and faced her as she whispered to him, “I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you standing up for me against that Glameow. Also thank you for listening to me, telling you to stop fighting, I thought it was very gallant of you. I hope one day I can be as strong as you are.” She gave him a lick on his face and he returned one with a sad smile. She wanted to cheer him up, yet she had yet to see why he was depressed. He turned and trotted quickly to catch up with the rest of his group as they entered another door.

    7:20 A.M. next morning

    Sepra woke to a bit rough shaking; he opened his eyes to see Kris looking at him with worried eyes. “Bad dreams Sepra?” he asked.

    “I guess you could say that.” Sepra said, although it came out as “Gla glaceon.” He nodded to add emphasis to his statement. He didn’t want to talk about his nightmares he had last night. Many images of Cricket lying dead and him wounded, just too much. He shuddered, reliving the nightmare. It kept him up almost all night and he was definitely feeling sluggish today. He shook his head to rid himself of his nightmare and to wake up. He heard the others being woken up in a similar manner, although with less shaking. He smiled a bit at some of the faces the others gave. None of them were an early morning bird and preferred to sleep in. As soon as all of them were awake, Kris called for their attention and that he had an announcement.

    “As we know, Alli’s contest is going to happen first. I haven’t made up my mind yet as to which three pokemon I will be using in our first gym battle. I’m sure that by the time that her first contest is over, I know which three I’ll be using. Of course, if you happen to work hard and manage to wake up on time, you surely will be chosen. Now, who wants some breakfast before we meet up with Alli?” He had a silly grin on his face as we all cheered for food. I always liked waking up just to eat. As he laid out pokefood for us, his comment about waking up on time didn’t settle well with my sleep schedule, despite having no sleep schedule. He began eating the pokefood, which to him, could use a bit more flavor as munched away. He was just finishing up when he heard Kris call over and said that we’d be heading over to Alli’s house now. Sepra felt a small rumble in his stomach and paid it no mind until a small burp escaped from his mouth. He blushed as he looked anywhere but at the faces of anyone near him. He heard some chuckles and he followed them, still blushing as they headed towards Alli’s room.
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    Anubis noticed the Minun sitting next to him had gone up to watch the battle between Cricket, Sepra, Evgeni and the two Glameow unfold. After it had all finished the Minun gestured him and Mokele with a thumbs up. The Tropius had also flew over to see the aftermath, leaving Anubis sitting all by himself. He looked around for a couple of seconds and then ran up to the top of the hill to see what everybody else was doing. After a short time the group of Pokémon all had to head back home.

    The next morning

    Despite it being the day his life would've completely changed the next day, Anubis was still able to get a good sleep, although that might've been attributed to how easily he fell asleep once the sun went down anyway. The sleep was then interrupted by him getting sent out of his Pokéball by his trainer. Anubis looked at his trainer with half opened eyes as he heard Alli say "Today is the day we start our journey." Anubis then slowly tried to get up as he heard Alli say "I will enter the Jubilife Contest and the two pokemon I have chosen to enter with me are..." Anubis then spung up quickly with an expectant look on his face. However, as soon as Alli said " Cricket and Evgeni. Remilia will be the alternate." his face went from a sudden look of excitedness to a look of dissapointment. Some light blue aura started to eminate from him due to his species doing that when they feel saddened, he tried to hide it but then realised he couldn't do so. Alli then said "Once you guys are all ready come to the main dining room for breakfast. I made sure Chef Klaus cooked all your favorites.” Anubis then had a small smile on his face and the aura eminating from him started to fade a bit, but he was still dissapointed in himself for not being able to make it into the contest.
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    Auri would have wanted to have gotten involved in the fight with the Glameow, however she hadn't noticed them until after the fight was over. After which she simply kept quiet and went to Kris to just stay by her trainers side.

    Next day

    Auri had awoken early like always and had already headed outside whilst the sun rose to get her morning work out done. Her work out basically contained her running up the tree as far as she could and backflip off and land in the exact spot she aimed for. She refused to stop doing such until she landed in three consecutive spots. After which she basically started on her strength, hitting the tree with her palm. Over time, it had built up a very large dint but she didn't care, she merely had to make sure that she didn't accidentally use FirePunch, she had learnt that lesson when she accidentally burnt down a big tree near her trainers home. She finally stopped as she heard Kris calling her in for breakfast, she had been out there for over two hours and had tired herself out as she stepped inside and sat down to eat her breakfast with her team mates.

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