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Pokémon Pixel Over Dex...V2

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I hope it's better than the ones I did before, since I've been trying to improve.
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Then, breathing life into the seemingly dead, [aka] posted a sprite-over!


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Letting everyone know now I'm working on a Black Kyurem PO. It'll be up as soon as it's done.


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That was lucky, then. I saw your post about the Cubone earlier. Didn't want that to happen again, especially with me as the instigator.


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If you'd look, you would see that this thread has been inactive for almost two years, so there's not much point commenting anything, because you're not going to get a response. This project's dead, as far as I can tell.
Removed the sticky from the thread since well the dex project been inactive for a long time now. If anybody wants to restart the project, send the Fan Sprites mods a message to discuss. /closes
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