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Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (1) (539)


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This episode was quiute good. i liked Kellyn and also Riolu its so cute. I also liked J coming back as well and felt that she gone quite evil than she has been. Plus it was also good to see Solana back again ^_^
I liked also there being another male character as well to kinda save the day that wasnt just Ash and i also liked Ash and Kellyn working together as well. Also I liked Ash protecting Riolu as well that was nice to see


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Great episode, I'm abotu to watch part 2.
Hunter J is so hardcore, the way she attacks, its as
if she wants to get the mission done and kill Ash & Pals.

If only Captain Planet was there, he'd stop J and her forest fire starting ways.


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It seemed strange to see the Riolu two-parter a couple of months after it should have aired, but at least the delay wasn't obvious, like still having Dustox with Jessie.

I haven't been into the Ranger episodes, though they've been pretty good, but at least they didn't waste 30 seconds of animation with the new guy and his capture stylus. It felt like time filler anytime I watched Solana with her capture stylus that they had to animated in full nearly EVERY TIME (I think it was the same way for the ranger in the ninth movie). At least the new guy's capture stylus was advanced enough that it took all of a few seconds to capture pokemon.

Anyway, now that my rant is over...

I've really enjoyed the Hunter J episodes. She's been a great recurring villain for the series. Her first episode is still the best (especially because it involved Ash and Team Rocket working together), but this was a good followup. The backstory on Riolu was good too.

I just hope for more Hunter J episodes in the future that will involve more Team Rocket-Team Twerp teamups like the first one.


After finally reading the official summaries for the latest and greatest earlier today, it got me thinking, what was this isolated lab that Riolu was stolen from?

The client's and J's hunters weren't the only ones in pursuit. Did the mystery organization ever sent men after those men? Who was that project even being modified for? Galaxy? Galaxy would never send in a Drowsee who violates the sanctity of bearing hair dye. Who in their right mind decided to play third party?

All this adds up to...is that there was serious potential for Ash and the rangers to get lodged in the middle of a warzone. Pity.


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The client's and J's hunters weren't the only ones in pursuit. Did the mystery organization ever sent men after those men? Who was that project even being modified for? Galaxy? Galaxy would never send in a Drowsee who violates the sanctity of bearing hair dye. Who in their right mind decided to play third party?

You know, I think you're on to something! It could be a laboratory studying Shadow Pokemon development, considering the fact that Riolu was experiment RX-1, parallel to Shadow Lugia, XD-001. It could be that Cipher is entering into the Anime world...


I think it was probably one of the most dramtic Pokemon episodes I've ever seen. The beginning itself was epic, with Riolu having escaped from the horrid facility it was kept it. Though as to how it escaped from the truck it was in, I have no idea it could manipulate Aura like it's evolved form can. Then it skipped to Ash and Co. walking in the forest and encountering the injured Riolu. Seeing that it was able to produce an Aura Sphere shocked them since Riolu shouldn't be able to use it. The Kellyn appeared as the newest Ranger in the series!

Hunter J's henchmen appeared to try and capture the Riolu with their Crobat but Ash and Pikachu interfered. However, they weren't needed since Kellyn was able to capture an Ariados to make use of it's sticky threads to tie up those pesky Crobat. After they all got away from Hunter J's henchmen, they proceeded to healing Riolu with a Super Potion. I liked how knowledgable Kellyn was when it came to caring for Pokemon, almost like Brock. Riolu takes out it's little wood carving and it remembers it's happy times. Ash seemed to be wondering about the figures origins. I liked it when we saw Solana contacting Kellyn, she's my favorite Ranger.

I liked Brock's reaction to seeing her again, it was just as I expected. Then we got to see Hunter J in her airship as she received the news of Riolu and Ash being together. I liked the canyon scenes and how Kellyn told Ash and Co. about what Riolu had gone through in the past. But then some Sharpedo break the little boat they were on and they all ended up in the water. Ash used Buizel to stay afloat but Kellyn captured a nearby Floatzel. I loved that this was the first time we got to see one. Just as they make their getaway, J appears before them, blasting them with Salamance! Ash saved Riolu from drowning but then J gets to them as she almost kills Ash by burning the forest around them. Truly violent, I loved it, 9/10


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I really liked this episode. Hunter J is an awesome villian and I also liked the fact that Riolu could use Aura Sphere. This and part 2 almost felt like a movie to me, maybe it was all the action, good episode.
Well here are some pics which i posted on the other thread with a new one,


Third picture from the end: It's a Riolu cookie!

Also, not that it's a bad thing, but, not one of those pictures has Riolu in it! Just his hand/arm. Just saying is all. No biggie.
Wait. Disregard that last statement. Just realized that he's in the second last picture.

Wow, this season of DP sure is putting the spotlight on the Lucario line aren't they? First we get 4 episodes with Lucario, then an episode with a cute-as-a-button Riolu in it! Awesome!

Let's see what part two has to offer!
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Ranger Solana appeared in the Deoxys Crisis episodes also I think


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This episode was good. It was cool to see a Riolu for the 1st time, especially 1 that already knows Aura Sphere. It was cool to see a Pokemon Ranger and Hunter J again. It was great to see that Ash and Riolu share the same Aura, which allows Ash to communicate with it. It was cool to see Ash being able to see Riolu's memories. It was cool to see a Floatzel for the 1st time. It was cool to see a Crobat for the 1st time in a long time.



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This was an excellent first half of my favorite two-parter Riolu spacial. The beginning was interesting, Riolu escapeing from that facility was cool.
Then it skipped to Ash and friends, who were walking in the forest and found the injured Riolu.
Pokemon Rangers Kellyn's appearance was cool too, it's a good thing that he didn't took much time when he captured Pokemon.
Hunter J is back, and she's more evil than before. She sent her hunchmen to capture the Riolu.
After the gang escaped from her henchman, Riolu takes out it's little wooden Riolu and it remembered the good times it had.
It was nice to see Pokemon Ranger Solana again, I really liked her in the Battle Frontier season.

Later, Hunter J got the news of Riolu and Ash being together. Ash and the others were traveling on boat to cross a lake, But then a Sharpedo broke the boat they were on and they fell into the water. Just as they make their escape, J appeared and blasted them with her Salamance!
I liked it when Ash saved Riolu from drowning underwater.
It was violent when J was burning the forest surrounding Ash, Pikachu, Buizel and Riolu. Later she found them and ordered Salamance to use flamethrower on them. The episode ended with a big cliffhanger, and I loved it.
I'm glad TPCI kept all Japanese music in this episode, it was a nice treat.

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Seeing that Riolu using Aura Sphere was really cool imo because it normally couldn't learn it as a Riolu, only as a Lucario. Seeing Pokémon Rangers and Hunter J made it more intense imo, and got a bit worried at the end when Ash and friends were trapped in a circle of fire caused by Hunter J's Salamence's Flamethrower.

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I liked Solana's appearance here and the new ranger kid was cool too, but Riolu was much more interesting since it knew Aura Sphere and Ash's aura was mentioned. Seeing hunter J go after Ash at the end was intense.