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Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (M09)


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All in all, this one felt like a retread of movie 6, the Jurachi one. The performing circus, the hatched egg, the legendary specific time of the millenium that the token legendary can make use of to go home, just very similar. After the magnificent Lucario movie full of its character development, I was hoping for more of the same, but this one was more of a typical journey from point A to point B. Kyogre had a very minor, pretty much throw away role, but Groudon didn't get much better two movies ago, so I suppose its not that big a deal.

That said, the visuals were fantastic. The animation was up another notch, they must have thrown more money at this film than the other ones. The fluidity of the character animation was great, and the underwater stuff and deign of the visuals looked fantastic. May's bonding with Manafi was much cuter and better dealt with than Max's bonding with Jurachi, or Sammy's bonding with Celebi.

Team Rocket's switched around motto was hilarious, I just wish they'd stayed switched the entire movie, that would have been awesome.

Ash, continuing the trend of ki manipulation and fireball creation learns to fly under his own power and hold his breath for immense ammounts of time. At this rate, by movie 15, he WILL be Goku and fighting pokemon personally.

The new dub cast was awesome. They've totally gotten their roles down pat by the time they recorded this. Compared to the effort they made just a year ago in the Mastermind of Mirage special, the growth and development on their parts is phenomenal, great job on their parts. I didn't have any problems with any of their voices at all, they've gotten remarkably close to the old voices while making the roles their own. Mays voice is actually BETTER than Veronica Taylor's, which had a bit of a whine and sqeak to it, which is good since May was such a central figure with so much screentime in this one. Ash is still a little iffy, but definatley getting there.

All in all, with the great animation and visuals, this movie would be one of the better ones, if it weren't such a retread of the plot of the Jurachi film, which was one of my least favorites to begin with. But its prettty definatley the 2nd best AG movie. I put movies 1-3, and 8, ahead of it. Its about tied with movie 5 (Latios and Latias), which was also kind of bland, but also had fantastic scenery and was fun just to look at. (Also water related, hrm.)

All in all, decent movie, great visuals. They've done better, but they've also done worse.
Oh...my..gosh...that was one of the best movies I've ever seen..I'm even changing my avatar back to a Manaphy one. I have been waiting to see this movie for such a long time.

The whole movie was great, especially some parts were very moving to me..especially the end. "love you mama" =)
Manaphy's voice was just too good, IMO. Very adorable ^-^. It was perfect and just the way I thought it would sound. I'm actually glad they didn't make him talk. The whole "Mana" voice. =D
Kyogre was pure awesome in here too, even though he didn't get very much screentime, and seeing all the water pokemon was great. Lizabeth's hawt, kinda ;p
I'm not even sure there's a part I hated about this movie, I loved it so much, lol, and many bashers won't change my mind about it

I am definitely getting this DVD as soon as it comes out.

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Was a nice movie seemed to be the May movie as she develops a special friendship with. Manaphy like Max did with Jurachi in movie 6


Some people were upset about some parts being sappy. Which parts were sappy?

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Did anyone catch the crack at D/P(season 10). It was when Jessie, James, and Meowth were crawling out of the back of Phantom's sub. Jessie was mumbling "Treasure", then James said "Diamonds and pearls", and then Meowth said "Wait til we finish this season first". I laughed so hard.


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A question regarding tonight's showing:

Was there a remixed/extended version of the Battle Frontier theme? After the amazing intro to Movie 8 with the souped up "Unbeatable", I'm hoping to hear a better version of "If You're Strong You'll Survive."


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It was an alright movie. But Im looking forward to the 10th move, Diaruga vs Parukia vs Daraki. ( I perfer fan names ) That trailer was badass.


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This was a good movie, everyone's voice acting was just great! Ash actually did something, the graphics were beautiful...Thats all I got.

I noticed that E/Lizibeth's grandpa had a liquor bottle near the beginning of the movie.

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I really liked the movie. I had to record it because my dad gets all mad that I take his TV for telenovelas.
Good moments:
For one, the voice performances was very well done overall. Some voices had their iffy moments, but overall nothin much to complain.

And OMG, the movie is widescreen. Gotta applaud for that. Great job PUSA.

Music was well played as well.

May and Manaphy moments were adorable. I felt bad when Jackie was trying to get Ash to break their relationship, but it has to be done.

Manaphy's english and japanese, I almost could not tell them apart, they sounded the same to me, which is surprising.

Team Rocket had their funny moments especially the diamond and pearl reference that someone else mentioned.

Bad moments:
Some of the CGI that was played did not seem right. It didn't fit in too well in certain parts.

I did not like the ending. Well not the part when May and Manaphy departed, but the whole light thing where Ash was flying at first. I thought that part was stupid and killed the flow of the movie. The whole flying in the movie has been redundant anyways.

Well for me its get a 8/10, but I like Lucario movie better.

So was the opening extended or remixed? I gotta know!
No, there was no opening for this one.
Well it was pretty dang good for a Pokemon movie, thats for sure.
First off widescreen = me happy

I personally liked the story, Phantom was a great bad guy, liked Jack and E?Lizabeth, great environments, and although pokemon has made me chuckle, this was one of the first times were i actually laughed out loud with some of the parts, but of course my biggest complaint was the friggin' CG, too much, too often, too crappy. But other then that I loved it, its now in 2nd place for my favorite pokemon movies.


Thank you, SPPf! :)
Never saw the Lucario movie. I didn't really care to see it.
Well, you should care.

Kinda disappointed the Spurt jazz remix was replaced, even though it doesn't surprise me. I just thought that since it didn't have any lyrics, then maybe, just maybe it would have been kept. Meh, at least it was replaced by something decent, although I honestly never cared for this movie's soundtrack in the first place, especially when compared with Movie 8's.


Movie Review

The movie turned out 2 be another good one

-I had liked some of the background music that was in the movie. Almost wished that there was a soundtrack to it.
-Somehow, the movie seemed to have more variety than some of the last pokemon movies.
-The appearance of Kyogre, one of my favorite pokemon. Even though it was all but 5 minutes.
-I Liked some of the 3-D elements. Yet it seems that every pokemon movie, there is more and more 3-D. Pretty soon the whole entire movie will be in 3-D.
-some of the diamond and pearl mentions from team rocket. I was laughing.
- a bit more humor than in the last movies. No deaths either.

-I’m still trying to get used to the voices. Even after almost a year of it.
-some of the dialogue in the movie still didn’t make any sense like in battle frontier.

I personally give it a 83/100. Lucario and the mystery of mew to me is a lil' bit better than this one.
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Did anyone catch the crack at D/P(season 10). It was when Jessie, James, and Meowth were crawling out of the back of Phantom's sub. Jessie was mumbling "Treasure", then James said "Diamonds and pearls", and then Meowth said "Wait til we finish this season first". I laughed so hard.
When I first heard that I was like WTF. Some may think its funny, but as for me, it makes me anrgy, this is anime. They should try to be serious when dubbing it, unless it was in the Japanese dub, retarded stuff like that should not be added. Overall it could have more battles, this movie reminds me of Naruto, when in some episodes they talk for more than half the episode, lol. Manaphy is legendary yet it didn't even use 1 attack, I don't care that its a baby, May's Squirtle is (not sure if it is anymore) a baby, and it can fight. Manaphy couldn't even lift a shard. But, heck, its Pokemon so I have to give it a 10/10


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This was a great movie, and the dub was exellent.
The plot was really good, if a little slow at some points, but the action scenes were splendid.


Regarding the "no action" stuff, the Lucario movie had less action than this, yet the Lucario movie is still considered to be the best movie by many fans. Movie 4 had action, except that it was sucky action.
It wasn't that action-packed, true, but the parts that weren't action were just more...substantial, for lack of a better word. What we saw with Lucario's past, interactions with the gang, etc. was certainly more interesting than seeing everyone waste time with Manaphy and going "you'll have 2 part wit Manaphy eventualy!!1" and "aw it's soooo cute/amazing!" for a few days in the movie.

Hell, even the Jirachi movie(which is the past movie most similar to this one, imo) made sure that you felt like the story was going SOMEWHERE between the beginning and the climax.

When I first heard that I was like WTF. Some may think its funny, but as for me, it makes me anrgy, this is anime. They should try to be serious when dubbing it, unless it was in the Japanese dub, retarded stuff like that should not be added.
In case you haven't noticed, this is Team Rocket. Those sorts of quips have always been their thing, both in movies or episodes.

Really, I think this suffered most from the feeling of there being a large span of time passing without much happening(that's what happens when the writers cram ALL the action in the very beginning and end of the movie without having much character development(which they *did* have in the aforementioned Lucario movie, in case you didn't notice) in the middle, I guess). Eh, maybe I just need to watch it with all my attention(since when I did watch it I was dividing my attention between it and the movie), but considering that I paid attention to it often enough that I should have seen SOMETHING happening in the middle portion of the movie...