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Pokémon Ranger! Heatran Rescue Mission!! (637)


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Pokémon Ranger! Heatran Rescue Mission!! (637)

Pokémon Ranger! Heatran Rescue Mission!!

On their way to the next town, Ash & Co. meet up with a Pokémon Ranger from the Oblivia Region. He has been sent to investigate a Heatran in the area that is causing many major eruptions in a nearby Volcano. However, with Team Rocket nearby, with their own Capture Styler, they face a challenge to protect Heatran.

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dawn hater

Well-Known Member
^And Feraliagtr also saved Natsuya from drowning as he had fainted in the water.

Edit: Natsuya seems to have the power to study movement in earth or earth's heat.

Natsuya surely is a immature. He even lost his Styler. But James wasn't able to control the styler either.
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Not as Immature as you judging by your'e username, Apparently Natsuya was trying to Catch Heatran in a PokeBall but it's against his duties. Hmm its odd that his Ukelele Pichu didn't appear though.

dawn hater

Well-Known Member
Not as Immature as you judging by your'e username, Apparently Natsuya was trying to Catch Heatran in a PokeBall but it's against his duties. Hmm its odd that his Ukelele Pichu didn't appear though.
If you have problem with my username then you can use VM or PM.
And if you don't know Japanese then you shouldn't judge a character cause he seemed to be a nOOb in the episode.


Well it was a nice episode but pretty disappointing.
Seems like the writers wanted more screentime for TR, and we haven't seen more bad enemies like in the Riolu specials. What I liked to see is James with the Styler, it was epic.


I wasn't impressed. Natsuya appearing without the Ukulele Pichu made everything go bad for me. I liked that the Feraligatr Ranger Sign was featured but that was one of the few Ranger-esque moments in this Ranger episode. Apart from Meowth's Boss Fantasy (which contained more partial nudity), the rest was rather bland.


*swoons for Noland*
This was probably the worst Ranger episode they've done. Too bad too because Heatran is one of my favorite legendaries. It seemed like they were "forced" to incorporate the new Ranger to an episode.


"I..I..Iron Tail, Pikachu."
t was kinda boring to be honest. This 1 hour special was a bit of a snorefest. So much for Shaymin and Heatran.


Well-Known Member
I hope i am not starting a flame war in any way but.....

can't the writers just give ash his badge already, it took over 40 episodes to get from snowpoint to sunnyshore.

other then that, the other ranger specials were better but it was got to see heatran and shaymin, :D


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Meh, this kind of reminded me of a Johto episode.
Don't get me wrong, I liked that series too.
However, it did remind me of one. Both specials did.
Boy or girl character meet Ash and Co. Team Rocket are the main villains.
Over all it was ok.

kawaii serebii

PokeSpe Collector
The episode this time fell short of my expectations for it -___- While I looked forward to seeing Heatran in the anime, the overall performance was so-so.

Mainly because I started off watching the Ranger specials after Pokemon Sunday first. Those were awesome. It's like giving life to the game (although shortened severely on the events...)

This time, they made Natsuya act like a complete idiot =_= The Ranger specials show him going after the Nappers relentlessly, succeeding in capturing Pokemon but in this episode the animators did a 360 turn in his personality. Losing his Styler indeed *headwalls* Minus the ability to sense seismic action and a little of his background, he was shown more brash and rushing into things without properly thinking. Even Solana and Kellyn look more mature than him =.= and without a Partner Pokemon, the whole thing looks even worse.

Otherwise, Heatran. Finally it appears. The only incentive for me to watch this was only coz of Heatran and Natsuya U_U


Flip me to the side!
I don't even know what you guys mean by Ukelele Pichu, but that would been great to see. Is so... weird.

Heatran wasn't that bad, just as i imagined it would be shown, it was the ranger boy who did it the episode average for me, he was like a COTD in the disguise of a ranger.

I haven't played ranger games either, so each time he used one of his abilities i was confused, like when he summoned a Feraligatr from the beyond.

I liked the animation though :) and most of all the preview of the next episodes, can't wait.


Well-Known Member
I enjoyed the episode but couldn't quite follow like NES said. I'm never played the Rangers games so it was all quite confusing.

I was a little annoyed at the fact they're doing this instead of Sunyshore but if Mysteru Dungeon gets an episode then I guess Ranger can too.

Overall, the episode was fine.


Well-Known Member
Looks very disappointing. I was actually looking forward to the end of the pictures lol. Team Rocket should not have been the villains used.


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
This episode really went by slower then I thought... and I agree with most of you here. This episode was not what it could've been. With the absence of Ukelele Pichu (which I really don't care about), you leave out a semi major game point that would sell.. what's up with that? Then we get pokemon spawning, which is completely new and looks ridiculous at that. Then I forgot in which order, but apparently the combined forces of Buizel, Buneary and Piplup can cool down volcanic rock. Then apparently a Feraligatr, which are mostly physically inclined, can freeze an entire volcanic crater with Ice Beam.. yeah right writers..

But more then that.. it was just boring to watch! So this Ranger fellow is tracking Heatran, what does that have to do with our heroes? The Ranger loses his styler.. HAHA NOOB! But again, what does that have to do with our heroes? It just shows us that Rangers are completely stupid, incompetent and most certainly not cool.. If this was an advertisement ad for the new Ranger game, and if it's anything like this.. I'd certainly stay the F' away from it, cuz it looks like a crap game..

This may sound a little rant'ish.. but there was no good point in this episode.. he only 'captured' Pidgeot, yes he did succeed in 'capturing' Heatran at the end, but didn't use it for anything, nor was it raging like that Deoxys was, nor was it hunted by anyone else but himself (yes TR, but stack TR vs Heatran, the episode actually showed that they sucked in trying defeat it).. James got to use a styler, ow wait no he didn't.. then Meowth withhold him from throwing it into the lava.. yeah.. why? So the ranger can get it and pwn you Meowth..

Final judgement: 0.8/10

It didn't do anything besides making the Shaymin episode look better..


-Oh boy, a Ranger episode. I'm just THRILLED. At least this one has Heatran in it.
-Why is Dawn risking her fingers by chopping vegetables instead of the responsible...adult? Older teenager? How old is Brock supposed to be again?
-The writers certainly wasted no time in introducing generic ranger #562 and Heatran.
-Ranger Boy prepares to mind contr...er, "capture" Heatran, but it wanders away! So he settles for mind controlling a Pidgeot instead.
-Ranger Boy gets knocked off his mind controlled Pidgeot by Team Rocket, so he summons a Feraligatr out of thin air. These Rangers are messed up, man.
-Ranger Boy gets washed down to AshnCo, and introduces himself as Natsuya.
-And now it's time to explain Ranger Signs to promote Pokemon Ranger:Tracks of Light. In stores eventually! BUY IT! THE POWER OF THE POKEMON COMPANY COMMANDS YOU!
-Natsuya lost his mind control devi...er, capture styler. Haha!
-And he looks for it everywhere...including in his hair!
-He's quite panicked...until he suddenly calms down. Could it be? A ranger with a personality?!
-Meanwhile, Meowth has ideas about Heatran. Using-it-as-a-barbeque ideas. And using-it-as-a-sauna-heater-and-a-fireplace ideas. But no IT'S-A-LEGENDARY-POKEMON-WITH-IMMENSE-POWERS ideas, strangely enough.
-Oh look, a flashback to Natsuya as a kid. Zzz.
-Cue a long boring montage of the gang tracking Heatran.
-They find Heatran. Finally.
-For some reason Heatran has to be mind controlled instead of being captured like a normal Pokemon.
-Team Rocket! And they have Natsuya's mind control device! That's...legitimately worrisome!
-Except for the part where it doesn't work for them.
-Oh no! The legendary fire-type Pokemon that lives in volcanoes and uses a magma-based attack might fall into the lava! WHAT WILL NATSUYA DO!
-I have to ask...why is Meowth wearing sandals?
-Natsuya gets his capture styler back, and summons Feraligatr out of thin air again.
-OH NO! HEATRAN IS ABOUT TO FALL INTO LAVA! It might get wet! This must be stopped at all costs!
-I have to say, Heatran is probably the least majestic Legendary Pokemon in the anime.
-Feraligatr, lacking a river to dive into, melts into water which vanishes into nothing. IT'S A WITCH! BURN IT!
-And so, Natsuya successfully captures a legendary lava cockroach. Horray.


Thank you, SPPf! :)
As Heatran could tell you, this episode was about as fulfilling as eating dirt. It was a lot like March Madness, for that matter. How so, you ask? Because I didn't really pay attention to it.

Honestly, the only Ranger episode I've liked was the Riolu two-parter, and I think the big factor there was having Hunter J as the villain. All the others have featured plain ol' Team Rocket, which feels like sort of a wasted opportunity with those funky Ranger villains that could be utilized instead.

Natsuya either is a glutton for punishment or just isn't very intelligent in the way he demonstrates SUPAH RANGER NINJA SKILLZ. Not to mention that being that close to the magma would have theoretically melted everything below his belt. Then they'd have to stick his upper body onto robotic pants, which would have been a hell of a lot more entertaining use of 22 minutes.

What's with episodes featuring legends turning out to be the series' most mediocre, anyways? I enjoyed the Regigigas one, but for the most part, it seems legends receive infinitely better treatment in the movies.
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