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Pokémon Regrets


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Pokémon Regrets

Over the years we've all really grown in our Pokémon gaming experiences, but some mistakes can never be erased. In this thread, pleas share your own regrets about whatever you've done relating to Pokémon, and help to console and relate with others! : D

I'll start off with an example of my own, to share and also give a little guideline of what to post.

First off, one of my greatest regrets, was when I was only a young kid. I loved collecting Pokémon cards, and I had a really good Charizard that was supposedly quite rare. (From googling now I've learned it would be a good amount of money) and I traded it with someone else to get a card that shined. It was a Squirtle looking at the stars. I thought it was cute- but now I've realized it was a horrible, horrible mistake.


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I regret buying SoulSilver on the release date for the full price, especially since it was more expensive than a regular game due to the Pokewalker. I didn't play the game as much as I had thought I would which retrospectively made it feel like it was a terrible idea to pay the full price for it. Not to mention I barely used the Pokewalker either.

I also regret not finishing some of the various post-game things in R/S/E and Platinum at the time when they were new.

I somewhat regret completing my National Dex in LG for the second time in 2014 instead of 2007 which is when I should have done it.

Regarding the TCG, there are some cards I liked that I regret trading away and some trades I wish I hadn't done at all.

Not sure if this is what you were looking for but these are some of my regrets in relation to the franchise.
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I come and go suddenly
Ironically enough, one of my biggest regrets was not training a balanced team. When I was younger, I used to only train one Pokémon and ignore all the rest. When said Pokémon was knocked out, more often than not, the match was lost because the other Pokémon were so low in level they would be beat in one hit. I have since learned my lesson.
The thing I regret? A few years back, during my run of FireRed, I encountered a shiny Fearow. Young, naïve me forgot I had a Master Ball. Young, naïve me used my Pidgeot's Quick Attack. Cirrus' Quick Attack was a critical hit.

If I had just remembered that Master Ball, I wouldn't have a personal vendetta against one of my former favourite Pokémon, Spearow, nor would I have to create a separate rule in my Nuzlocke banning the use of Spearow for that reason.


Wired, Yet Tired
I regret not saving before I fought Azelf for the first time. That gave me solid reason to spam 'save' in all the games I play nowadays!


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In Pokémon ruby I was unconsciously soft resetting with groudon, basically I saved before the battle and then restart the game when it ended up with him defeated (not a great trainer, I know)
In one of the several attempts, I didn't find the usual groudon, but a yellowish version of him.... I tried a lot to catch him with all the might that a kid can have, even if I was a little uncomfortable with it... I thought it was a glitch of some sort in my version...I don't need to tell you that I didn't accomplish the capture... But it gets worse!
Yes, because the really regretful part comes years later, when I found out about the existence of shiny pokemon and their rarity....That day was one of my worst pokemon moments...


Trading my lv100 Carbink for a non-Kalosian lv100 Shiny Ampharos.

I want my Carbink back I don't care about the stupid Ampharos.


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Running into a shiny Bergmite while watching videos on Youtube without noticing it and running away only to realize as soon as I clicked run that it was indeed a shiny.


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Never having played any of the GBA Pokemon games. It is the only generation I missed and now I feel lacking in not having played them


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I lent my Emerald with all of my hard earned Pokemon on it to my friends, and they deleted the save because they used an Action Replay.


MS Paint Sableye
I have many many MANY regrets, one of my bigger ones is thinking that it was OK to cheat for pokemon.

But my biggest regret was sort of not my fault, and also is a big reason as to why I am here.

I think I mentioned it before, but I got a corrupt pokemon over wonder trade, and had I not noticed an egg I didn't have before, it would have destroyed everything I had done up to that point.
I should count myself lucky I was even able to save all my pokemon.
And now I don't trust wonder trade as much anymore. someone told me it is a very slim chance, but apparently that chance wanted to screw me over.


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One day for no reason, when I was younger, I got a scissors and cut up a few of my cards. I was hit by a car a few weeks prior, and I guess I just wasn't thinking straight. Anyways, RIP to my holo Metagross... And some other cards, of course, but that Metagross was an amazing card... I still have the taped up card, but still...

Crimson Penguin

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- Trading away my Deoxys for a (shiny) Kecleon in 3rd gen. I did get the event in 4th gen, so it worked out okay, but I never did use that Kecleon - I don't even know if I have it anymore.
- Forgetting to save in front of all of the legendaries in Yellow, knocking them all out except for Articuno, and then saving afterward. Also did the same thing with Suicune in Crystal. My reasoning was that I hadn't saved in hours and I didn't want to lose all my progress... was not the best move.


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I regret not really playing through Pokemon LeafGreen and instead just cheating my way through it.

I also regret not downloading and using Pokemon Bank as soon as it was released because I ended up having to pay for the stupid service.

Running into a shiny Bergmite while watching videos on Youtube without noticing it and running away only to realize as soon as I clicked run that it was indeed a shiny.

I did this with a Chinchou in Crystal. I mean, it was a Chinchou, but still.
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My only regret in pokemon was losing my original copy of Black as I had legitimately obtained about 95% of the national pokedex on that thing...


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I had a "Shining Mewtwo" pokemon card when I was a kid and one of my friends wanted me to trade it for an utterly destroyed Entei card. I regret ever saying yes now, since at least that Mewtwo card would be worth something now


Call of Fate
When I was playing FireRed,I encountered a shiny Pidgey.However,it was actually my first shiny,and I ended up defeating it because I didn't know about such a thing back then.I had also encountered a shiny Parasect in Cerulean Cave,but my Arcanine landed a critical hit and destroyed it.There are probably more regrets,but I can't recall them now.