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Pokémon Safety Exercise: Ancient Island

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Pokémon Safety Exercise: Ancient Island

:587: ‘I’m Emon and this is Pokémon Safety Exercise: Ancient Island.’
1) Obey the SPPF rules.
2) No bashing and/or flaming.
3) Listen to me and the co-owner.
4) If you don’t respond to 3 challenges in a row your contestant will be auto eliminated.
5) Contestants won’t be accepted on a first com first serve base. Instead there will be held auditions. (They will be explained later on)
6) Don’t go whining if your character isn’t accepted.
7) Keep RPing to a minimum.
8) Don’t make references to earlier seasons.
9) PM me and the co-host about your character if you think that it isn’t developed/portrayed well.
10) No endless conversations when fillers are requested.
11) If there are any questions don’t hesitate to ask them to me or my co-host, but ask them in a PM.
12) Have fun! This is a game after all and that’s what games are meant for.

Game explanation
Each challenge you will get 3 possibilities to complete it (ex. A. in a tree B. under a rock C. In the water). If you pick the right one spot you will gain 6 pieces of old gold, the mediocre choice will give you 4 pieces of old gold, but pick the wrong one and you will only get 2 pieces of old gold.

All points will be assigned by a rng. So please don't complain about a rock being a better place to hide than the sea. The rng will also assign you to a random place if you do not reply within the set time (but you will receive only half the points if this happens).

Each player will start out with 100 life points and lose 10 life points each round (regardless of where they hide). But they can use their coins to heal/protect themselves or to attack other contestants.

Defensive items
Oran berry: will heal 15 life points - costs 14 gold pieces
Temporary fort: will protect them for 2 rounds (including the Offensive items) - costs 18 gold pieces
Lum shake: heals status problems - costs 5 gold pieces
Happy Juice: will randomly heal you by 12, 14 or 18 Life points - costs 15 gold pieces

Offensive items
Stealing Mankey: will steal 10 points from 1 character and give it to you (spiteful)- 16 gold pieces
Haunted necklace: will be given to a random player, and will then remove 10 LP - costs 10 gold pieces
Pokémon trap: will cause status problem to affect on other contestant of your choice, until they heal themselves with a "Lum shake." - costs 8 gold pieces
It can randomly cause one of the following:
Poison/burn: will remove 2 LP until it is removed
Paralysis: they will only receive half their earned coins until it is removed
Sleep: they will be inactive for 1 full round
Owner: ;084; Scraps the Doduo (djhappy)
Auditions explanation
Everybody who is interested in joining will post a sign-up form (No more than one sign-up per member). The auditions will be open for a set time. After the auditions are closed my co-host and I will pick the twelve most interesting auditions and they will be the contestants.

Sign-up form

:613: Bert (~Sapphire Sceptile~) 40 LP 24 coins
:626: M. Bison (Bronzong#1) 55 LP 10 coins
;272; Ludi (mariovswariobros) 40 LP 21 coins
;315; Yulcio (codeyokoo) 40 LP 22 coins
;004; Boss (Charmanderman) 50 LP 14 coins
;238; Crissy (paradoxwithinaparadox) 50 LP 12 coins
;198; Amchito (Bekidding) 45 LP 14 coins
;079; Lawrence (UniverseChaser) 40 LP 20 coins
;038; Blaze (Dracoste) 40 LP 24 coins
;025; P.S.C. (Loreni333) 40 LP 18 coins
;374; Xenon (BlackZero707) 55 LP 6 coins

Eliminated contestants
12: :546: Amethyst (Priceless) Last seeen in company of a Scyther - Decided to quit
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Grey Wind

Only rescues maidens
Dj is the co-owner? Twist.

Species: :613:
Name: Bert
Gender: Male
Personality: Bert is a bumbling young Cubchoo, and not the brightest snowflake in the pile. He usually spouts off some random jibberish, but can be quite resourceful at times. He also loves to eat chocolate, and suffers from kleptomania. He hates to be alone, and loves the company of other Pokemon, even if they don't like his.

Bert is a very affectionate Pokemon and, much to the dismay to those around him, likes to give hugs to people. He usually warms up to most people, unless he finds something wrong with them. His liking for someone is always shown.

Bert's intelligence is often called into question, and while he is rather...simple, he can have his moments.
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Cell Shaded
Species:Bouffalant :626:
Name: M.Bison
Gender: Male
Personality: M.Bison is a relatively uncaring pokemon, and hates whiners. He is constantly planning world domination. He also finds pokemon weaker than him not worth the trouble of making allies with. Any pokemon stronger than him he gives great respect for. He also commands a lot of respect. He is also quite paranoid of a pokemon only known for reasons unknown. He can be quite romantic but makes many enemies due to his his disposition to be stubborn and not agree with anyone and will try anything to come out on top, even selling his best friend for a quick buck. He also will make many sarcastic comments on important topics. He has an affinity for sap and will be euphoric for about 17 minutes after drinking some. He is quite sane and is not very clingly, but after a large amount of pressure he will, break down, cry, become depressed, and then cling to the nearest sane person. He will become sad if his plan fails and will doubt his skills. His dark sense of humor, sarcastic remarks, constantly plotting for world domination, and fear of Steve make him quite entertaining to watch.
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Species:Luicolo ;272;
Personality: Ludi loves to act: When he was a Lotad he chose acting and defence over power and ofence therefor his father is very disapointed because he owns the pokemon military. Ludi is always friendly to others and is determened to win anything. Sadly like all good people he has a major flaw, if he sees something he likes he has to get it. He always stands up to people in need and won't avoid a fight. Ludi is a street preformer, he dances in the street to get money because of that he loves money and loves to dance.One day he saw a flyer for PSE he decided he would win this contest for his family.
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Luxray Fanboy
Species: Eevee
Name: Husky
Gender: Male
Personality: Pretty happy, likes being with friends, and stuff like that.

I'm bad at this "Personality" thing.


Call me nick. K? k.
Species: Eelektross :604: (shiny)
Name: Eeliss
Gender: Male
Personality: Eeliss is thought to be agressive due to his stature, but is a fun-loving Eelektross. Tynamo are scared of him due to his alternate coloration they have never seen before. Eeliss can get mean if he wants to and is VERY strong and VERY tough, his electric attacks has stunned a horse from 100 yards away.
Eeliss has a short fuse, He burnt down 2 of his past houses with his Thunder attack.

He is helpful and a hard worker, He built his current house, and is somewhat poor. He works as an electrician ironically. He watches a lot of game shows so he wants to be on this one.
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The not so special
Sign-up form
Species: ;315;
Name: Yulcio.
Gender: Male.
Personality: A true Casanova, always hitting on girls that are around and over-confident. He is highly intelligent and loves to brag about it. Talks in a french accent and must look at his reflection when he sees one.


Chickity China
Sign-up form
Species: ;257;
Name: ColSanders
Gender: Male
Personality: Sanders in a natural prankster, pulling jokes, making fun, kicking people in the crotch and putting it on PikaTube, and all other sorts of crazy shenanigans. These shenanigans have lead ColSanders down a path on internet stardom, even making his own Meme and Website! But the rent for the domain is high so he hopes to win this money and pay the rent! And if he happened to meet a girl, that wouldn't be so bad.
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Mr. Soul Stealer
Sign-up form
Species: ;392;
Name: Ian
Gender: Male
Personality: Ian is a smart guy, the calculating kind. Ian is usually calm and he is only not calm when battling or arguing or anything that involves winning against another person or more. When he isn't calm, he usually goes insane in his determination to win and loses a bit of his intellect in battles and arguments, unfortunately for the guy.
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Sign-up form
Species: ;004;
Name: Boss
Gender: Dude
Personality: Boss is highly delusional due to him practically living in the office he's the boss of. Because of his delusions he thinks everyone works for him, so whenever someone gets him disappointed, he'll yell "You're FIRED!" even if they don't even work for him. He's also obsessed with coffee. In fact, his eyes even became brown from drinking to much. Many medical professors have looked into it. But all they could do was tell him to stop drinking it. So he now has to lay off the coffee, even though he doesn't want to. (But sometimes he'll sneak a sip) Recently, he's been testing replacements (like tea) but none are as good as his one true love, coffee.
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Well-Known Member
Species: Swampert ;260;
Name: Hydro
Gender: Male
Personality: Hydro is very nice and optimistic. He has also recently become obsessed with s'mores , and will do almost anything that won't get him in trouble to get himself a s'mores! He can make friends rather easily! He is also pretty athletic and a Team Player ! He playes to have fun, but winning is nice too! He doesn't give up, and he keeps on going until he is done! He also loves Slushies ! He also loves to Battle , and to watch Battles ! He is very smart about Battles , escpecially for his Age . He gives everything when he Battles ! He is also a very good Battler !

I hope that I make it! :D :)
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not actually psychic
Name: Crissy
Gender: Female
Personality: Crissy may be look small, but her heart is large. She cares for anything and anyone that needs help, even those who might not deserve it. Her one true goal in life is to open a hospital to take care of those that are less fortunate.

Her one weakness, however, is her emotions. When she's happy or excited, she goes on a "kissing rampage". If she's happy enough, her kisses can heal fatal wounds. When she feels depressed, she goes into seclusion and starts crying. The only way to make her stop is to feed her a Rare Candy. When she gets angry, she freezes anything she can get her hands on, and smashes her frozen victims with a powerful Psychic.

She also doesn't like flirts or cheats. She gets furious at people who try to hit on her, and can't stand when people try to cheat their way out of things.

~Edited for depth.
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The Meddler

Never Forget
Species: ;472;
Name: Vladimir Van Hellzen
Gender: Male
Personality: Vladimir is a very paranoid and quiet type, but for a different reason. Vladimir is a vampire who happens to be a vampire hunter. He is constantly on the search for other vampires to the point where it becomes an obssession, and he will stalk the other competitors if he suspects they might be a vampire. He has many tools to slay vampires with, such as garlic and stakes. Other than that, Vladimir tries to get as much information on people as he can. He keeps his vampire tendencies at bay by drinking hospital blood. He wants to win this competition so he can buy a crossbow to assist him in his vampire hunting duties.
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Belly Slide
DJ'S COHOST!?!? Wow, didn't see that coming.
Species: Murkrow ;198;
Name: Amchito
Gender: Male
Personality: Amchito has a bizarre addiction to coffee, iced, creamed, even black, as long as it's coffee, he LOVES it.
He also has a little friend called Sammy, he's a fork, and Amchito would do anything to save his little fork friend.
He despises Justin Beiber a lot, and has a doll of him, that has lost an eye, leg, both it's arms, and a kidney. If you even MENTION Justin Beiber, he will freak out and comes scratching at you.
If Amchito doesn't have at least two glasses of coffee, he goes completely insane and becomes this loving machine, a total machismo, he has before 11 in the morning to drink two cups, or else.
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What is that?
How do you see that not coming

Universe Chaser

Trust me, I'm a cop.
Species: ;079;
Name: Lawrence
Gender: Male
One of this generations most startling intellectuals, Lawrence always has something interesting to add to the conversation. Unfortunately, he has a bad habit of mumbling, and most of the time, people misunderstand what he says, often leading to quite comical situations. Furthermore, It gets on Lawrence's nerves when people expect him to be lazy because he's a Slowpoke, and he gets up all in their faces about it...you know, if he could get there quick enough.
He's blind as a bat without his ridiculously thick glasses, and has a bad habit of losing them. A lot.
Lawrence is very resourceful, and can create useful tools out of unconventional material...veeeerrrry slooowwwly. He'd get others to help him, but again, no one can quite understand what he says, or ends up mishearing him.
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Well-Known Member
Species: ;040; Wigglytuff
Gender: Male
Name: Bob
Personality: The stupidest thing on the face of earth. Once asked "how are you", he replied "Sherbert, you tea!". But, she is very fast, as she outsped nearly anything she raced. She also eats a lot of Cupcakes, just to keep the hype going in her body. Once finished, she starts screaming "Peanut Butter!".
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This post will be used as the Score-board since I am the owner now.....

3rd place : ;238; Crissy (paradoxwithinaparadox) *was betrayed by a guy*
2nd place : ;038; Blaze (Dracoste) *got a fork inbthe eye*
WINNER : ;025; P.S.C. (Loreni333) *hid behind shopping carts victoriously*

Eliminated contestants
;198; Amchito (Bekidding) Had a painful musical experience - Ran out of LP
;315; Yulcio (Codeyokoo) Listened to the Biebs - Ran outa LP
;272; Ludi (mariovswariobros) Ate/turned into a bean - ran out of life points
;004; Boss (Charmanderman) Fell off a bridge with M. Bison - ran out of life points
:626: M. Bison (Bronzong#1) Fell off a bridge with Boss - ran out of life points
;374; Xenon (BlackZero707) Couldn't hold onto the bridge ropes - Decided to quit
:613: Bert (~Sapphire Sceptile~) Got stuck in past - didn't buy anything
;079; Lawrence (UniverseChaser) Was captured by a giant hand - Went inactive
:546: Amethyst (Priceless) Last seeen in company of a Scyther - Decided to quit
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Ace of Shades

Well-Known Member
Species: ;166;
Name: Lady Anne
Gender: Female
Personality: Is a French pyromaniac that always has a backpack full of Escargot and says wee-wee every sentence. She is normally very formal and stuck in the medival times so she dresses as a boy so she can participate in things. Also in her backpack is a box of matches,a quiver full of fire arrows, and a long bow. Since she is a pyro she believes she is a fire type.
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