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Pokémon Shipwreck (016)


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Pokémon Shipwreck (016)

Pokémon Shipwreck!

Stuck on the St Anne after it sank, Ash & Co. must team up with Team Rocket in order to find a way off of the boat and back to shore. Can they put their petty differences aside so they can survive?

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To bad they will never try something like this again, after Kanto it still was a good show, but nothing like this, Island of Giant Pokemon ect, would happen anymore. Very nice episode, but I always had a question, when Gyarados uses Dragon Rage, is it just him attacking, or do many Gyarados come to attack?

Magi of all

For the longest time I used this episode to support the fact that Brock had a Starmie, eventhough it is Misty's, when I first saw the episode I though it was Brock's

Ororo Munroe

I like this episode. It had Ash and the others and TR working together which is nice. And it's one of the few episodes where Goldeen's actually used for something.


It was nice to see Goldeen have a purpose, but I wish i saw this epi more than once. ITs a Misty episode. Also, Misty must be really obsessed if she has a model of the whole ship in her room!

Ororo Munroe

marilldude said:
Misty must be really obsessed if she has a model of the whole ship in her room!
Well Misty seems to like things that have to do with water (not just Pokemon) so her having ship models in her room seems more like a hobby then an obsession.

Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
This was an intersting episode.

I really felt sorry for Magikarp when James kicked it in the water. He got what he deserved.

Dragon Rage apparently got a makeover when it was shown in later episodes. maybe it's just Gyarados, or maybe they thought it would make more sense the may it looks now. The Dragon Rage in this episode was kind of weird.

I liked how Pikachu giving Meowth a hard time in this episode.

Yeah, what Psychic Venusaur said. Poor Magikarp:(. To think James showed his sensitive side only 3 episodes ago XP. I found it hilarious that TR thought Magikarp would save them. It was hilarity watching it flail there, trying escape. And then the funeral for TR. If only they'd postponed their awakening for another minute :D.

Overall rating:
9.0 out of 10!!!
About as good as its predecessor, and that's a good thing!!

SC~ out


Majikarp was hilarious! If only James recalled it back into its pokeball, they would gotten Pikachu easily with a Gyarados.


except maybe that episode Ash got Torkoal, those pokemon did intend to literally tear them apart


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I always wondered why Kojirou couldn't simply recall Gyaradosu into it's ball. Not only would it have saved them a lot of trouble, he would have had a really powerful pokémon on his side. Plotwise though, it's good that he didn't think of that because they would have never come across the island of the giant pokémon and it would have basically ruined the whole arc.XP

Overall, this episode was a true classic- as were all of the episodes in the St. Anne arc.


Team Awesome
Ah yes, Pokemon does "The Poseidon Adventure". Too bad I've never seen the original movie.

This episode was pretty good. The part with Officer Jenny at the beginning, and Jessie and James making sweet talk, were very touching scenes (though how would Officer Jenny have known the twerps' and Team Rocket's names?). I also like the parts when the groups reluctantly shake hands (LOL), the twerps freaking out when Team Rocket turn out to be alive- twice, and everybody drooling over the thought of eating magickarp.

One or two quibbles, though- shouldn't Misty have known Team Rocket didn't previously have a water pokemon? I mean, for sure she wouldn't have seen magickarp yet, and up to that point Team Rocket's only shown two pokemon. Also, it's funny that Team Rocket didn't use ekans to escape, since "The Misty Mermaid" proved Arbok can handle being underwater just fine.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
This episode proves to be a nice, eventful bridge between "The Battle of the St. Anne" and "Island of the Giant Pokémon". If anything, it allowed for a bit more character study, as we learn that Musashi and Kojirou, in spite of all the bickering between them, really do care about what happens to one another.

Interesting side note: When Musashi and Kojirou are flailing around with their heads on fire in the kitchen, you can hear what is unmistakably the Hanna-Barbera "bongo run" sound effect used in cartoons such as "The Flintstones" and "Yogi Bear". Surprised me a bit to hear such a well-known American sound effect used in a Japanese anime (and yes, it's there in the original too).


Previously Iota
Something I find amusing here. When Ekans, Koffing, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Geodude are out, the ship loses its balance and the Pokémon must be recalled. Yet moment's later, Onix is sent out, and the ship doesn't even shudder. You'd have thought being a giant rock snake, Onix would be slightly heavy.



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A pretty decent epi. The plot was good and it had some funny moments. We need more epi's like this


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This is another one of my favorite episodes. I haven't seen it for ages though. Anyways the whole shipwreck thing was interesting and to think James was so close to having a Gyarados.


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Man I miss the old episodes but this will always be the best one for me. I screamed Titanic the whole time(In my Head) Even though i know this will never happen, they need to send Ash, Brock, and Misty on another cruise that like blows up.