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Pokémon Shipwreck (016)

Lord Ike

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It's episodes like this that made Pokemon good. Now every episode has the same basic plot.
1. Ash and co arive some place.
2. The make one or more friends for the episode who are never seen again.
3. An event happens, usually a battle or some guy has a problem.
4. Team Rocket interupts and say their motto.
5. They beat Team Rocket who blast off to some far place but come back.
6. The resolve the problem or don't even complete the battle and their friends forever however they're usually never seen or mentioned again.


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Very good episode, like the whole "The Poseidon Adventure" remake. Nice opening for the show of jenny holding a memorial for our five main characters, though I wonder if their next of kin were notified since I don't think they make any reference to this episode a couple of episodes later. Nice to see Misty take charge in this episode and lead the gang to safety. When TR and the gang had their Pokemon out and the ship was listing from one side to the other it's interesting to note that Koffing is the only Pokemon not putting any extra weight on the ship and yet it's called back. I'm surprised Misty didn't lend Staryu to TR since she didn't know they had a Magikarp, but at least they made it out safely. I like the part where Pikachu snaps its fingers after Meowth got back on board the raft that was funny. Poor Magikarp being treated like that by James after it saved their life's i'm glad it evolved into Gyarados unfortunately for our gang they got caught up in it's revenge, i'm surprised James never called it back and just left it on the raft.


Don't die, ketchup!
I like this episode. I love it when Ash and Team Rocket team up.


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This seems to be one of the more thought out episodes from the early ones. I would have liked to see James be able to keep that Gyarados, it would have been nice to have him have a pokemon that could challenge Ash's.


The King of Karp
Quite probably ranks amongst my top ten of all pokemon episodes, this one had an interesting plot, featured a lot of pokemon doing non-battle things. I loved Magikarp & how proud James was of it. The best was when Gyrados showed up & James says "I'm James, your master. Obey me", moments after claiming he no longer wanted to be magikarp's master. xD

Correct me if I am wrong, but TR doesn't say the full motto in this episode, right? Then my theory of 'episodes with differences/interuptions in the TR motto being better than ones with full motto' is partially true.

"School of Hard Knocks" & "Dig Those Diglett" come to mind.


it was a funny episode but for some reason it reminded me of that movie the poseidon, a 9/10 should be nice.


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This is great episode. I like the way they escape from the ship.


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I loved this episode so much! It was awesome to see Misty take charge ^_^ And the fire in the boiler room was awesome because it made Team Rocket cry that they were too beautiful to die XD (No comment!)

I thought they'd drowned for sure... and that captain, wtf? "Anyone who's not here, raise your hand. ... Okay, that's everyone! ^_^" ????

Oh well, still an awesome episode! 8D

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
I love this episode and the one after, I just seem to like it more then Ash and TR works together or when something like this happens. Was a bit teary with the Jenny scene, but how did she know thier names? And how did anyone have a clue that theyere missing? (Well I guess the manifest or the gentleman or the thousand of trainers who paired thier Pokemon up with them)


Charmander master!
The whole team up of Ash and team rocket was cool. I wonder if those people think that they are still dead?


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The correct way to say that would be "I wonder if those people still think that they are dead". The you typed it implies, they died and came back to life.


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There's one thing that always gets me. How did Ash and his friends cross the vines so easily? If I had to go on, I'd probably slip and fall into the fire. I know how James feels. Apparently, he thinks the vines won't support him.


In my nightmares
It was a nice episode. It's nice how they work together. I wish James could have kept that Gyarados. That would have been cool.
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Blue Snover

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Team Rocket made me laugh, how far did they really expect to get with a Magikarp?

I think it was a bit cruel when James kicked Magikarp, it may be weak but it didn't deserve that.


What made this episode so sad is James kicking his Magikarp in the water, making it evolve into a mean Gyarados. Now they got their revenge, and the situation is MORE severe than the previous episode. Just when you think that their teamwork would work out...


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Hm, episode was really interesting and in the same way really funny. The best part was when they were imagining Magikarp as food :D