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Pokémon Shipwreck (016)

Killer Grunt

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Ahh good times this was one of my favourite episodes, to bad im probably never going to see it again :(


This episode was great :] Magikarp was hilarious, James trying to say to Gyarados he was his master...even MORE hilarious. I also love a good episode with lots of water Pokemon :D Goldeen looked so elegant when it was swimming. I have no idea why it has to evolve into something so ugly o_0


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Great episode. I like how Ash, Misty and Brock have to cooperate with Team Rocket to escape from the ship.
Pity James' Magikarp. :(


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First time I saw this episode, I didn't know much 'bout it... The only pokemon I knew were pikachu and butterfree.
I was shocked how magikarp evolved into gyarados.
Imagine if James would've kept it!


I loved this episode since it shows Team Rocket along with Ash and friends, working together to get out of the St. Anne ship. I also loved how funny Team Rocket was in this episode. Jessie slapping James around so that he'd stop freaking out was hilarious and also cute in a way since it showed that she cared about him. I thought Ash and friends were sort of rude during some parts though. Pikachu shocking Meowth and then being mad when Meowth didn't drown was sort of...mean. Then Ash and the others ignoring Team Rocket when they said they didn't have a Water Pokemon was also kinda mean. Oh well, at least it was fun. 10/10.
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It was funny to see James kicking Magikarp...

And i loved to see how they were so hungry and almost ate a pokemon.....



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While James having Gyrados could have worked (4x weakness to Pikachu's electric attacks, after all), I suppose they did the right thing in not having him just recall it. Not only would it wreck the arc, but TR was never really meant to beat Ash, even though I would have liked it if, now and then, they did manage to do so in some. (But, TR beating Ash = them taking Pikachu = ... well, the end of Ash and the series. Although, a long, several episode long arc where they DID manage to steal Pikachu, hand him over to main Team Rocket and then Ash swoops in to save him after 4/5/6 episodes of chasing TR down and going through grunt after grunt would be fairly epic)
Also, the narrator in the beginning "Holy Titanic!"
And, of course, I loved Pikachu shaking hands with Meowth ... and then shocking him.

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The best episode in the entire series, perhaps. The element of great danger, the war that has to be put to rest to survive... Shame James did not have the Gyarados under control... TR should indeed threaten Ash seriously with new Pokemon, in the 5. generation, so that more moments like these appear.

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This episode was amazing even if it ripped off Poseidon but overall I was entertained.


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Poseidon anyone?

This was a very funny episode. I kinda liked the whole concept of them having Ash, Misty, and Brock work together with TR to survive. James kicking Magikarp, making it evolve was freakin hilarious. What I also found funny was Misty's so-called strategy to deal with Gyarados.....RUN AWAY!!! Overall a great episode.



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It's cliffhangers at the end of filler episodes like these that make me really appreciate the Kanto fillers, and the existence of filler episodes period in the anime.


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This episode is a prime example of everything I love about the Kanto arc. Ridiculous humor, and circumstances totally beyond the party's control- even more than the current stuff. One of the few instances of Kanto having an "arc" too, which I'd put everything from SS Anne to Tentacruel.

Not to mention is was such a departure from the games- the anime singled-handedly spread the rumor that the SS Anne sunk in the games.
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When Officer Jenny and her colleagues were honouring the guys who sank, was it ever verified, once TR and Ash & co returned, that they were not actually lost at sea? Because if everyone still assumed they were dead, it would have been a bit of a shock for Ash to suddenyl turn up at the Pokemon League and gyms.


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Loved the ending with the gang and the Magikarp/Gyrados and the Dragon Rage attack. Very cool seeing TR and the gang work together to escape. But other than that, very average episode for me.



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I think Magikarp evolving was its way of getting revenge on James for kicking it. It was awesome. ;)

I always found it unbelievable how they all managed to swim to the surface without drowning. It seemed like they were deep below the surface, too far down for someone to make it back up in one breath.

I wonder if they were reported dead to their families. It never mentions anything like that, but it would make sense. I also wonder if the people shown at the memorial ceremony thing at the beginning know that they're alive.

But I guess these things don't really matter...it's just a cartoon after all.


Aquarelle said:
I think Magikarp evolving was its way of getting revenge on James for kicking it. It was awesome.
This was the highlight of the show for me! Love seeing a stupid-looking Pokemon evolve from a vulnerable one to a kick-butt one! TR deserved what they got. And remember the episode where Jesse found a Feebas but ended up releasing it because she thought it was ugly? :O

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This is the first episode of Pokemon I watched from start to finish. Good times, good times. I saw it again not that long ago and I couldn't help but think of the 90's era back in the day. Takes me back to my childhood days. I remember the ending I was like "What happens next? Did they die?" This was one of the best cliffhanger endings of the series for sure.