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Pokémon Shuffle General Discussion

The Hackers have been eliminated in NA. The high score is 99916 with Gengar/Arceus/Snorlax/Blissey. I don't see how this works...


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[...]I don't see how this works...

Imagine a really good player that can (slowly) play it so the combo doesn't end, not God like levels, just very constant. That can get you to 60k points, maybe a bit more.

Arceus' ability, Double Normal, gives x2.5 to normal types, so let's compare 2 teams: Garchomp/Tyranitar/Terrakion vs Arceus/Snorlax/Blissey. (Don't count gengar, let's say both teams use it, Terrakion can be replaced by any Base 70 poke).

For base comparison, let's have a normal 3-icon comboless match for each. That's (80+80+70)*2 vs (90+70+70)*2.5 = 460 vs 575, 25% more. If we apply that to the 60% score made with the SE team, we get 75k.

So if the player has the ability to keep the combo that activated double normal, it can get 25% more, transforming a 80k score (hard to make but posible for the top players) into 100k.

Bonus: Ditto's hacks where eliminated, but other hacks are less detectable, let's say a good player makes it so the game has 100 jewels (very easy to do with hacks), since that process can be repeated indefinitely, that player has unlimited money and hearts, meaning unlimited fullitem runs. Leaving aside hacks, statistically at some point that good hacker will get lucky and have a higher score than ever.

I'm not saying the top player (or every top player) is a hacker, but that maybe a good player got a one-in-a-hundred luck, and at that point it is possible to see crezy scores without hacks ^^


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Regice is pretty garbage with the disruptions around but Disruption Delay fixes that concern so not an awful stage comparatively. Especially with the skyfall only being on the sides. Hitting Streak is nice too so it'll fit nicely with our Ice types that I've still neglected to train.

And with that we just need Palkia to fill up the last of those obnoxious gaps, hopefully it being in the code means we'll get it on Monday or something. Maybe some other new events (Regigigas?) or repeats since we're probably not getting new Main stages so soon.


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Found Regice to be more manageable compared to Registeel as its disruptions are not too horrible if you have Emboar (or a Pokemon with Barrier Bash/Barrier Bash+) to get rid of the barriers, only needed to toss a Great Ball after beating it itemless with Mega Lucario, Tyranitar, Heatran and Emboar. Also was able to catch Delphox itemless after a few tries.

Now for the monster that is Gothietelle....
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I've been absent from this thread for a while, so I don't know how long these Dittos have been here for. Living in Australia, I see the top two spots being owned by two Ditto users, first spot named "AllBanned" at 178301 points, second spot being "James" at 126953 points.
As someone in the EU region as far as competitions are concerned, I can confirm there are no Ditto/Palkia hack scores in the top five. The highest score in EU atm is 97k with a Gengar/Arceus/Snorlax/Lickilicky team.
I spoke too soon. See the above post (It has happened in the last six hours).

Hopefully those hackers will be eliminated next check-in.


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Yeah, we've got a couple of Ditto's in the EU. I saw them while I was checking my current MChar-Y placing (which seems to be holding regardless).

Regice wasn't too bad with coin saved up. MStart + Atk-Up + MBlaze team w/Emboar beat it with 1 move left, got it with the second Great Ball.

Now we wait for Regigigas to complete the set (and meanwhile I've got Yveltal still to retry)...
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It looks like Regice will be doable with M-Lucario--but my first run this morning didn't get close to beating it. I've been trying the "vertical match" strategy in the timed stages and have seen a slight score increase, so I'm going to practice it a bit more before the weekend and a possible final M-char run.

As far as main stages go, I beat sliggo itemless with no moves after several tries. I used M-Altaria, goomy, diancie, Xerneas. Altaria seems somewhat better than Glalie due to the mega effect clearing in a pattern that doesn't necessarily leave a bunch of junk on the bottom AND the synergy with goomy. Also, I found it helpful to minimize goomy matches during the first several turns (only take matches of 4+, if possible) so that the early disruptions have a chance of clearing themselves.

I'm also intermittently trying Chesnaut--I beat it with DD and +10, but had no real time left, so no chance of catching it. I feel like I need a better strategy for it.


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For Chesnaught, I ended up using Mega Aerodactyl as it is very good at dealing with the blocks it likes to throw up along with Salamence and Genesect due to them having great contrast with each other. You proably don't want to bother with +10 time however as the 10 secs do not count towards boosting its catch rate.

I did not use any items but a Mega Start could be useful due to Aerodactyl's relatively slow Mega Evolving speed.
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For Chesnaught, I ended up using Mega Aerodactyl as it is very good at dealing with the blocks it likes to throw up along with Salamence and Genesect due to them having great contrast with each other. You proably don't want to bother with +10 time however as the 10 secs do not count towards boosting its catch rate.

I did not use any items but a Mega Start could be useful due to Aerodactyl's relatively slow Mega Evolving speed.

I've started adding the +10 time due to it resulting in +5 seconds of DD--honestly not bad for the coins. I'll give Aero a shot though--I often sort of forget about him when he isn't SE.


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Haven't beaten Regice yet. Looks clear I need to save up coins.

M Charizard Y, I put up a score at 6580 this morning. Hopefully it lasts till the end.


Now for the monster that is Gothietelle....

Technically they're all monsters so...*shot*

Used two hearts on Regice, one itemless and an item run, with my Pyre team. First run, knocked out a little more than half. The second run, all items except for C-1 and exp, I finished with 13 turns. Greatballed it at 52% and now the trio is complete for me. Looking forward to see what they do for Regigigas. I'm hoping for an escalation battle with him. Seems appropriate considering that it has Slow-start...

And despite all the hacking going on (which appears to be taken care of), I was able to get a 55K score in the competition which is good enough for a 294 rank in the US (at this point in time). Should be safe for the candy, if it's anything like the previous competitions.

And back to coin farming with Meowth...Still have a few stages left to S-rank before I unlock the musketeer trio...

As for the mobile, I have personally given up on it. Considering the time I've put into the non-nerfed 3DS version, it'll only eat up time and emotion trying to get anywhere in the mobile. lol Not hating on anyone who's keeping up on it, though.


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1 great ball, 1 super catch power, and 1 attack up later i finally caught Regice

Nintendo is trying to make me spend

I use M lucario, tyrannitar, Emboar, and heatran

though honestly heatran is for base damage but emboar to clear barrier, and tyranitar to clear regice

edit: I got milotic and manaphy to max level as well as diancie last few days, now to farm ampharos with rayquaza, registeel (almost max then regice), and phione
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The hackers haven't been removed in Europe yet.
I'm still in the 800-900 range so I may get my first mega speedup from a competion this time.

As for the main stages, I am currently on Hippowdon and am gathering coins on the Meowth stage to get a few extra S ranks and unlock Delphox to have a pretty good fire team once the competition is over.


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Regice with Hitting Streak is really good, still wondering for Registeel if Paralize is worth leveling up.

Note: EU ranks are still messed up with top 5 reaching 520K-230K


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Caught Regice on the second try (Mawile, Jirachi, Tyranitar & Heatran) because i managed to super catch pwoer it to 56% and got lucky on the great ball

good, i was worried about having to waste a ton of coins on it, wasting chances on charizard

e: Speaking of, my itemless run fell to past 18k so i spent a quick 3k to go to 27,320 skyrocketing me up to 6414 place. Should last me a few more days if nothing else
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Ahh, on Mobile, I still failed to catch Togetic despite fairly high catch rates the RNG was stuffed then.


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Beat regice with DD and attack up with blaziken team. Had 7 moves left and managed to get it with a pokeball which was nice. Still yet to go a full item run on charizard. I have saved up about 45k at the moment so I'm happy to throw in for every item...