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Pokémon Shuffle General Discussion


pain in the ***
I have been making a forward push through the main stages. I got up to over 99k coins and decided to push ahead again. Am up to metagross now. I still have over 80k coins left, though from what I've heard I may have to throw everything and the kitchen sink at metagross just to beat it, never mind actually catching the bugger.

I've been watching Pak Adi Yak's shuffle videos on YouTube for tips on dealing with the main stages; he's got some quite good advice for handling them. I got enough S ranks to unlock walrein and am working my way to honchkrow. He stopped playing after the last batch of main stages were added, though, when GS really started showing that they were losing their effing minds. When I get that far I'll have to find other videos to watch for tips and team suggestions.
New Content
Mega Start Festival (Mega Start costs 0 coins to use for stages 1-150).
Buzzwole UB Challenge (10 attempts instead of 3, only pay 20,000 once)
Mega Steelix Competition (Bring Typhlosion)

Returning Content
Zygarde 50% Escalation Battle
Hitmontop Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
Winking Cyndaquil Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
Special Daily Pokémon #1 (Drops PSB's)

Future Content
Start of Month Challenge
Camerupt Safari (With Female Hippopotas/Hippowdon)
Tapu Fini Ultra Challenge
Feraligatr Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
Zygarde-10% Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
Zygarde-Complete Ultra Challenge (Drops PSB's)
Winking Totodile Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
Special Daily Pokémon #1 (Drops PSB's)

Event Pokémon
Buzzwole: Base 70 Fighting-type w/ Demolish.
Tapu Fini: Base 70 Water-type w/ Barrier Bash++.
Hippopotas-F: Base 50 Ground-type w/ T-Boost.
Hippowdon-F: Base 60 Ground-type w/ Final Effort.

EB Prizes
Lv5: 1,000× Coin
Lv10: 1× Exp. Booster S
Lv20: 1,000× Coin
Lv30: 1× Moves +5
Lv40: 1× Mega Start
Lv50: 1× Skill Swapper
Lv60: 1,000× Coin
Lv70: 1× Disruption Delay
Lv80: 2× Exp. Booster S
Lv90: 1× Skill Booster S
Lv100: 1× Raise Max Level
Lv125: 1× Exp. Booster M
Lv150: 1× Skill Swapper
Lv160: 2× Exp. Booster M
Lv180: 1× Skill Swapper
Lv200: 3× Raise Max Level
Lv235: 1× Mega Speedup
Lv250: 5× Raise Max Level
Lv285: 1× Mega Speedup
Lv300: 7× Raise Max Level

More to come.

Buzzwole is more forgiving than Nihilego with the 20,000 cost being a one time entry fee for 10 attempts and its stage isn't too bad though bringing Noivern wasn't a great idea since it had no fourth support and its default for the blank slot is blocks. Still got it first try in a Poké Ball. Demolish is basically Power of 4 on crack dealing 9× DMG and having 0/80/0 proc rates. Skill Boosting it to SL5 gives +9% to Mo4 and takes 61 PSB's.
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Lord Of Order
Ugh...Another ****ing escalation AND a competition...I literally never have time to Ampharos grind, as I'm always on Meowth...


Well-Known Member
Does anyone else here have trouble beating the "clear 50 rocks" part? I've tried mega start with moves +5 and still can't beat it.

Ugh...Another ****ing escalation AND a competition...I literally never have time to Ampharos grind, as I'm always on Meowth...
I feel ya.


pain in the ***
Ugh...Another ****ing escalation AND a competition...I literally never have time to Ampharos grind, as I'm always on Meowth...

How many in a row is this now? XP I ignored the last one completely, may end up ignoring this one, too

I'm up to claydol's main stage (490). Within striking distance of mega metagross.


Well-Known Member
Buzzwole's stage is nowhere near the disaster. Finished with 4 moves left. Bring a block smasher of your choice, it's the only real disruption. I only saw it disrupt with 2 Buzzwole once so don't bother with an eject+ user especially if you bring shiyn ray.
base 45% chance so you can probably try rerunning the stage a few times before doing a great ball. I used one since i got a SCP to 100% and didn't want to bother.


Emblian Royalty
Glad Buzzwole isn't as horrible as Nihilego was, got in three tries (beat it the first two times but I did not want to use a Great Ball on it). Not liking that the only MSU for the Escalation Battle is locked all the way in Stage 235, may end up bailing out of it after I nab the first Raise Max Level.


Lord Of Order
Think I'm gonna abandon this escalation early. Only thing I need are the Skill Swappers, and I've got 30 of them.


Born Completionist
I got Buzzwole out of the way on the third Pokeball. I had 11, 12, and 13 moves left on my clears. tbh you don't need more than Lv.10 Pokemon to clear that stage, unlike Nihilego which would've been somewhat difficult without some investment.

After using my NHN trial I'm up to stage 75 of the EB. I have no clue how far I want to delve into this one, but there isn't much else on the agenda this week.


pain in the ***
I have beaten and S-ranked mega metagross, possibly one of the most useless megas in the game. M-chariX did get some use, though, since the disruptions matched its clear pattern almost perfectly. Got a couple more S-ranks on earlier stages (machoke gave me trouble but m-diancie finally whipped its backside). In the expert stages, honchkrow unlocked and I'm working my way toward arcanine.

For now, though, the coin grind resumes.


Lord Of Order
I'm rubbish with tapping Megas. For Buzzwole, would Shiny Mega Diancie be a viable alternative with a Sky Blast trio?

Eh, not really, but Buzzwole is easy enough that you might make it work.


Born Completionist
I can't put my finger on why, but I'm having a hard time with stages 175-179. Please tell me I'm not the only one suffering here.


Well-Known Member
Man how are you supposed to S Rank Kricketune. I've been spendings ome surplus coins on the first 5 of the new set (S Ranked Bagon, Cryogonal and caught it) and I've tried a couple times at Kricketune but it's such a pain.
I thought Aerodactyl could shine but if you can't get rid of the barriers you do piddly damage. the Tappers can only take out so many of the rocks at a time and they take a while to repopulate. Salamence didn't work out so hot.

Trainer Yusuf

Currently not available species are:
1. None

Other remaining species:
1. None

There are supposed to be six others but I couldn't find them.

Edit (10.10.17): Added Zaffiro Coast update.
Edit(24.10.17): Removed Dhelmise.
Edit(31.10.17): Removed Xurkitree and Palossand.
Edit(28.11.17): Removed Celesteela and Ribombee.
Edit(05.12.17): Removed Morelull, Cutiefly, Shiinotic, Toxapex.
Edit(19.12.17): Removed Bewear and Empoleon.
Edit (01.01.2018): Removed Guzzlord and Kommo-o.
Edit(04.01.18): Hakamo-o, Jangmo-o and Sandygast are removed.
Edit(09.01.18): Removed Minior.
Edit(16.01.18): Removed Mareanie.
Edit(24.01.18): Removed Kartana and Golisopod.
Edit(06.02.18): Removed Comfey.
Edit(13.02.18): Removed Torterra, Yungoos, Gumshoos.
Edit(10.04.18): Removed Pheromosa.
Edit(08.05.18): Removed Wimpod.
Edit(05.06.18): Removed Bruxish.
Edit(26.06.18): Removed Stufful.
Edit(17.07.18): Removed Alolan Vulpix and Marshadow. All datamined species are available now.
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Well-Known Member
Are those ones YOU have missed because most of those in that first list have been available for a while and currently unavailable list is honestly longer than the main stages at this point

Trainer Yusuf

^It is main site's list.

Edit: Fixed up a few errors in the list. Had to double check with wiki.
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Well-Known Member
Magearna, lunaala, torracat, shiny mewtwo, Alola vulpix and I believe dhelmise have all been available. Guess the main site has some slip by.