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Pokémon Shuffle General Discussion

Trainer Yusuf

^No to Dhelmise, and Alolan Vulpix does not have its own stage, so it will remain in the list.


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Thank goodness that Tapu Fini is significantly easier than the other three. It disrupts with Barriers and Blocks and has over 50K HP, but unlike the other Tapu, Fini doesn't have a 5th support. I cleared it using only AP↑ and M+5 and a team of M-Ray, (Lv.15/SL3) Zekrom, (Lv.15/SL2) Raikou, (Lv.15/SL3) and Shaymin (Lv.10/SL5). That last Pokemon is key.


*swoons for Noland*
While things are being documented... There's no Mega Pinsir stone yet. That's the last of the Mega Stones (not counting shinies or other such variants).


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It starts Wednesday as opposed to Tuesday for whatever reason.

Also worth noting that Camerupt got removed from that Safari. Possible Main Stage or possible event stage for it? Hmmm...

Was it just Camerupt or was it Numel as well? I could see Numel & Camerupe going into the next set of main stages with Mega Camerupt as the boss
Was it just Camerupt or was it Numel as well? I could see Numel & Camerupe going into the next set of main stages with Mega Camerupt as the boss

Just Camerupt, Numel is present in it.

Speaking of, I've seen Numel a fair few times already in this. Got Hippopotas-F in the bag, no sign of Hippowdon-F yet in ten hearts. Fortunately it's a 10% rate, but given it's Safari, 10% could easily feel like 1%...


pain in the ***
I'm actually hoping hippopotas and hippowdon take a while to show up... I need the EXP boosters.

Running suicune and greninjash with the Red Gyarados in the mega slot and so far have been wrecking everything


Lord Of Order
^No to Dhelmise, and Alolan Vulpix does not have its own stage, so it will remain in the list.

Cool. You're still wrong. Many mons were ONLY given out as gifts.

Got the Hippos pretty quickly using the no hearts trial. Back to Meowth...


Emblian Royalty
Got the two new Pokémon in the Safari relatively quickly thanks to the free No Hearts Needed, Hippopotas was the only that needed a Great Ball since I already caught Hippowdon before (it appeared a few times before but broke out of the Poke Ball). Back to Meowth grinding.

Lord Fighting

Bank Ball Collector
I went all items on Zygarde 10% and got a base capture rate of 90% lmao.

I was expecting like 30% or something given how trash the capture rates have been lately.


pain in the ***
Hippopotas and hippowdon have been caught, both on the first try and neither requiring a great ball. Tapu fini required two tries and one GB with SCP up to 71%. Back to meowth to get back the coins and prepare for (hopefully) another forward push.

Krokketto Prime Danjal

Done with worldly lies
I ended up seeing every Pokémon in the Safari before finishing it. Used great balls on both female hippos which I don't usually do but the coins from winning paid for at least one of them. Didn't even need to use the NHN for it, used that for the post 200 stretch in the EB, failed a few times though. Female Hippowdon is now the fourth member of my all Final Effort team for regular Meowth and it's working great.

Unity Power is a fantastic ability. That's why it rarely triggers. Four match? Nope. A five match opportunity? Nope. Although after failing on mo5 it has a habit of working on mo3 strangely. Dusknoir is more reliable.

Tapu Fini has to wait until I'm done with the EB. Stubbornly trying to cheap out on 180 and repeatedly failing ate far too many coins.
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Easygoing Luxray.
Actually, I had a hunch anger skips happened more often when no initial hearts are available. This is so done on purpose to get people to spend on the game.

However, it doesn't count banked hearts, so I pretty much exploit the feature with the banked hearts I get from two other 3DSs.

(Alternatively, for those who don't have banked hearts, you could just stall for time at the results screen to get another heart within the 10-minute limit.)
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I don't think serebii really did discover "pokemon shuffle" so why is he calling it "his discovery"? :S

Krokketto Prime Danjal

Done with worldly lies
The anger mechanic always seemed to work like that even if it couldn't be proved before now. I got so many angers on 0 hearts in this escalation, I always waited until under 10 minutes before using or completing the last heart (even though I have 94 banked).

The EB is finished and I'm swimming in over 80 RMLs. 200 was beaten with M Tyranitar, Dragonite (13, SL2), Silvally (10, SL3) and C-1, MS, M+5. 250, I added DD to that strategy. 300, I used all items, the same Mega but perfect A Ninetales and perfect Silvally. Yes, I put 150 skill points into Silvally but it is helpful. I did get Bulbasaur this month (for the second time). I had 8 moves left. Silvally was particularly helpful in the 290 stretch which I initially struggled with. I used M Rayquaza, Silvally, A Ninetales and perfect Dusknoir for that. I only used items when I got a fortunate 295+4 skip just to make sure I beat it.

Building up coins before attempting the final Tapu.