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Pokémon Shuffle General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by Serebii, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. HylianGlaceon

    HylianGlaceon Hyrulean Resident

    60 and 65 aren't too bad. Just need a few items at most. There are a ton of Level Ups and RMLs just for doing 2 easyish boss stages and some other stages that are doable itemless if not a +5 moves each at most. 60-69 will net you 6 Level Ups and 7 RMLs.
  2. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    I took this to heart after seeing that you get a reward litearlly every stage from 60 to 70. I thought it was something every 2. Much more worth it

    I leveled up Absol to 15 because I had almost 40 RMLs left over, 30 EXP Ls and 31 level ups, too. I didn't realize how many of these stupid things I had, I should absolutely start throwing them around more.
  3. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    I used some of those RMLs/level ups to finish getting my silvally to lvl 20. Mewtwo, however, is not getting to lvl 30 because I just cannot be arsed and 130AP is plenty strong enough
  4. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

    I'm guessing Shiny Zygarde will be a stage as well in the future, since it is getting some TCG promotion.
  5. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    Shiny tapu koko and shiny silvally werent added for their tie ins so i doubt it, even if they update with more pokemon.
    Or if they do it will be years late to the arty like xerneas and yveltal
  6. HylianGlaceon

    HylianGlaceon Hyrulean Resident

    Looks like Mobile got the Check-In Rewards and Trainer Rank that the 3DS has had for a little bit. Also a bug that puts most Lv 21+ mons at their base AP for some reason that needs fixing.

    Also screw Shaymin Sky with its abysmal droprate. On something like a 18 heart drought on this piece of trash. Even a 13 minute NHN only netted 7 PSBs. Don't PSB grind this thing basically. (First 2 mins of NHN were used on Safari.)
  7. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Am I supposed to laugh?"

    I only use NHN for Meowth coin grinding.

    I don't use it on EBs because skips are less likely to occur using banked hearts, and the game grants skips more often when you conveniently run out of time-given hearts.
  8. Krokketto Prime Danjal

    Krokketto Prime Danjal Done with worldly lies

    I have no idea what to use my NHN on this week. The two new Pikachu both eventually showed up yesterday evening - used great balls for both and I’m still over 95k coins. I’m not really interested in farming any of the special stages this week, Tapu Fini is too hard to do cheap. Are there any useful farmable main stage repeats that are quick to clear?
  9. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Am I supposed to laugh?"

  10. Lord Fighting

    Lord Fighting Bank Ball Collector

    Why has this new update corrupted half my friends list saying that about 15 people last logged in a year ago? When I know that is total bs and now I get less hearts each day.
  11. Exsception

    Exsception Born Completionist

    Any friends that show up as an Espurr with a last login of a year ago are just friends that haven't updated their game yet. They can't send you friend hearts because they're still on a different version of the game.
  12. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    mobile update was basically the same as ours, but did have one primary change. So the 3DS added 4 skills that didn't have full information in it: Hide & Seek, Block Shot+, Barrier Shot+ & Hammering Streak. They now have information in the mobile version and the Shots got renamed to Barrier Shot Omega and Alpha Shot Alpha; so these are probably for Primal groudon & Kyogre so I wouldn't be surprised to see them released sooner than later.

    Rock Shot (Alpha) Erases seven breakable-rock disruptions and increases damage. 2.0x 50% / 100% / 100% 4.0x / 6.0x / 8.0x / 10.0x 5 / 20 / 40 / 100
    Barrier Shot (Omega) Erases seven barrier-type disruptions and increases damage. 2.0x 50% / 100% / 100% 4.0x / 6.0x / 8.0x / 10.0x 5 / 20 / 40 / 100
    Hide and Seek Sometimes erases seven extra matching Pokémon elsewhere. 1.0x 40% / 50%/ 60% +10% / +20% / +30% / +40% 5 / 20 / 40 / 100
    Hammering Streak Increases damage when it is triggered in a row. 1.5x 100% / 100% / 100% 1.8x / 2.25x / 3.0x / 3.75x 5 / 20 / 40 / 100

    Also I guess some extra information that shows that the weird Heart+1 icon is a permanent upgrade thing, letting you store ie 6 hearts instead of 5
  13. There has actually been main stage data datamined for what appears to be a Primal Kyogre stage (Stage 700?) so my guess is that Primal Kyogre will be out next week alongside the next wave of power creeps.

    Also worth noting that UX info has been found on Mobile and basically they appear to be harder versions of the main stages (Puerto Blanco UX, Sandy Bazaar UX, Night Festival UX, etc.), so yeah. That's a thing.
  14. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    Primal Kyogre having its stage in there is interesting...do you have a link to it? I didn't see it when perusing the reddit thread. I was thinking we'd get 10-15 stages next week, then 10-15 the next main stage update with the other primal.

    the UX listings were found in the 3DS update as well, unless you specifically meant that there's actual stage data.

    so hey they messed up again
    The celebration pikachu they were supposed to automate went live today, except if you check the list it's still a placeholder
    Like you have it, but its a 30 AP Opportunist normal type with dex number 999
  15. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Am I supposed to laugh?"

  16. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    if i had to guess, i wouldn't be surprised to see their team has been slimmed down in preperation for the end, while being sent to other internal projects
    the past 3 weeks have just been ridiculous
  17. Krokketto Prime Danjal

    Krokketto Prime Danjal Done with worldly lies

    Finally caught S. Deoxys! Had to rely on Final Effort each time I beat it (always itemless) but not once did I get SCP. My last attempt was the only occasion I actually had more than 1% catch rate. It still took 4 great balls but whatever; I own them all... until next week when I assume that there will be new stages. I can recoup the coins from weekend Meowth and NHN if needed.
  18. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    ...So that's where it is. I was wondering if I'd actually gotten it because it wasn't with the other pikachu. It's at the very back of the list.

    XP We're getting down to the absolute morons running the company, apparently
  19. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    So I went on Shuffle Mobile and got many hearts and prizes for catching enough Pokémon, including a Charizardite Y and coins. I then challenged the Pikachu Safari and took around 60 hearts to catch all of the 6 Pikachus, catching the Dizzy Pikachu at 3%. Then I challenged the main Hippowdon stage and failed to catch it at 33% and didn't catch it with a Great Ball.
  20. New Content
    New Main Stages (Including Primal Kyogre)
    UX Stages (Starts after Stage 700, Requires completion of Survival Mode 2.0)
    New Expert Stage (Primal Groudon)
    New RML Slots (All Pokémon now get 5 RML Slots)
    New SS Slots
    Winking Roserade Great Challenge

    Returning Content
    Vikavolt Safari (Now has Yungoos and Gumshoos)
    Mega Banette Competition
    Decidueye EB (Drops PSB's, Yes Anger Skips)
    Enamored Pikachu Once-a-Day Challenge (Drops 3× Heart, 1000× Coin, 1× Raise Max Level)
    Pinsir Once-a-Day Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Deoxys-Attack Ultra Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Accelgor Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Typhlosion Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Litten Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Mew Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)

    Future Content
    20th Feb
    Daily Pokémon #2 (Drops Coins)
    Xerneas Special Challenge (Drops PSB's, RML's)
    Tornadus-Incarnate Once-a-Day Challenge (Drops PSB's, MSU's)
    Ho-Oh Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Rowlet Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Meganium Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Amoongus Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Emboar Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Volcanion EB (Drops PSB's)
    Regigigas Ultra Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    27th Feb
    Daily Pokémon #3 (Drops Coins)
    Mega Garchomp Competition
    Frillish-F Once-a-Day Challenge (Drops MSU's?)
    Lugia Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Popplio Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Feraligatr Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Escavalier Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Shiny Hawlucha Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Garchomp Safari (Contains Winking Phione, Sandygast, Drops Exp. Boosters)
    Nihilego UB Challenge
    6th March
    Daily Pokémon #1 (Drops Coins)
    Yveltal Special Challenge (Drops PSB's, RML's)
    Thundurus-Incarnate Once-a-Day Challenge (Drops PSB's, MSU's)
    Celebi Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Wobbuffet Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Regirock Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Golem Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Alolan Marowak Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Latios EB (Drops PSB's)
    Meloetta-P Ultra Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    13th March
    Daily Pokémon #4 (Drops Coins)
    Mega Steelix Competition
    Jellicent-F Once-a-Day Challenge (Drops ???)
    Kyogre Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Drifloon Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Regice Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Drifblim High-Speed Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Alolan Muk Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Shiny Gyarados Safari (Drops Exp. Boosters)
    Arceus Ultra Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    20th March
    Daily Pokémon #5 (Drops Coins)
    Genesect Special Challenge (Drops PSB's, RML's)
    Landorus-Incarnate Once-a-Day Challenge (Drops PSB's, MSU's)
    Groudon Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Winking Cyndaquil Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Registeel Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Mimikyu Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Dhelmise Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Giratina-A EB (Drops PSB's)
    Buzzwole UB Challenge
    27th March
    Daily Pokémon #6 (Drops Coins)
    Mega Manectric Competition
    Cosmog Once-a-Day Challenge (Drops PSB, SBS, EBL)
    Dialga Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Winking Chikorita Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Lycanroc Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Salazzle High-Speed Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Toxapex Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Manectric Safari (Drops Exp. Boosters)
    White Kyurem Ultra Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    April 3rd
    Daily Pokémon #2 (Drops Coins)
    Mewtwo Special Challenge (Drops PSB's, RML's)
    Cosmoem Once-a-Day Challenge (Drops PSB, SBS, RML)
    Palkia Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Winking Totodile Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Wailord Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Toucannon Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Winking Wigglytuff Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Latias EB (Drops PSB's)
    Black Kyurem Ultra Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    April 10th
    Daily Pokémon #7 (Drops Coins)
    Mega Gyarados Competition
    Pinsir Once-a-Day Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Gyarados Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Passimian High-Speed Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Minior Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Noivern High-Speed Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Shiny Metagross Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Gigalith Safari (Drops Exp. Boosters, has a bunch of changes but nothing new)
    Pheromosa UB Challenge
    April 17th
    Daily Pokémon #8 (Drops Coins)
    Shiny Tyranitar Special Challenge (Drops PSB's, RML's)
    Tornadus-Incarnate Once-a-Day Challenge (Drops PSB's, MSU's)
    Shaymin-S High-Speed Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Oranguru Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Alolan Raichu High-Speed Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Armaldo Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Mudsdale Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Pikachu Safari (Drops Exp. Boosters, Nothing New)
    Diancie EB (Drops PSB's)
    Shiny Ho-Oh Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    April 24th
    Daily Pokémon #9 (Drops Coins)
    Mega Alakazam Competition
    Frillish-F Once-a-Day Challenge (Drops MSU's)
    Manaphy Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Winking Chimchar Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Talonflame High-Speed Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Cradily Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Winking Blissey Great Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    Alakazam Safari (Drops Exp. Boosters, Nothing New)
    Zygarde-Complete Ultra Challenge (Drops PSB's)
    May 1st
    I'll get back to this later, as for new stuff, Winking Turtwig May 1st, Winking Piplup, Wimpod in Safari, and Mega Pinsir competition May 8th, Female Unfezant in Camerupt Safari May 22nd, Winking Tepig May 29th, Winking Snivy and Bruxish 5th June, Winking Oshawott June 12th, Winking Delcatty June 19th, Stufful June 26th, Winking Chansey in Safari July 3rd, and Marshadow July 17th. Next update is July 31st.

    Main Stages
    Deerling-Winter: Base 50 Grass-type w/ Calm Down.
    Honedge: PSB Farmable.
    Lillipup: PSB Farmable.
    Sawsbuck-Winter: Base 60 Grass-type w/ Crowd Control+.
    Doublade: PSB Farmable.
    Herdier: PSB Farmable.
    Elgyem: PSB Farmable.
    Stoutland: PSB Farmable.
    Drilbur: PSB Farmable.
    Aegislash: PSB Farmable.
    Beheeyem: PSB Farmable.
    Rufflet: PSB Farmable.
    Excadrill: PSB Farmable.
    Braviary: PSB Farmable.
    Shiny Rayquaza: PSB Farmable.
    Lickitung: PSB Farmable.
    Cleffa: PSB Farmable.
    Burmy-Sand: Base 30 Bug-type w/ Rockify+.
    Barboach: PSB Farmable.
    Torterra: Base 70 Grass-type w/ Cross Attack+.
    Clefairy: PSB Farmable.
    Mudkip: PSB Farmable.
    Lickilicky: PSB Farmable.
    Wormadam-Sand: Base 60 Ground-type w/ Eject+.
    Marshtomp: PSB Farmable.
    Roselia: PSB Farmable.
    Clefable: PSB Farmable.
    Roserade: PSB Farmable.
    Whiscash: PSB Farmable.
    Primal Kyogre: Base 90 Water-type w/ Rock Shot α. Takes 20 RML's.
    Primal Groudon: Base 90 Ground-type w/ Barrier Shot Ω. Takes 20 RML's.

    Event Pokémon
    Yungoos: Base 30 Normal-type w/ Barrier Break.
    Gumshoos: Base 60 Normal-type w/ Crushing Step.
    Kotatsu Pikachu: Base 50 Electric-type w/ Nap Time.
    Winking Roserade: Base 70 Grass-type w/ Hammering Streak. Takes 10 RML's.

    Unreleased Pokémon
    Stufful: Base 50 Fighting-type w/ Final Effort.
    Wimpod: Base 30 Bug-type w/ Super Cheer.
    Bruxish: Base 60 Water-type w/ Mega Boost++. Takes 10 RML's.
    Pheromosa: Base 70 Bug-type w/ Fascinate. Takes 7 RML's. Learns Beast Power via SS.
    Marshadow. Base 80 Ghost-type w/ Hide and Seek. Takes 20 RML's.
    Mega Pinsir: 26 icons, 20 speedups, Erases icons around two spots you tap.
    Shiny Metagross: Base 80 Steel-type w/ Hammering Streak. Takes 10 RML's.
    Mega Shiny Metagross: 24 icons, 18 speedups, Erases up to 10 instances of one Steel-type Pokémon.
    Female Unfezant: Base 60 Flying-type w/ Crowd Control+.
    Shiny Hawlucha: Base 50 Fighting-type w/ Hammering Streak. Takes 10 RML's.
    Intern Pikachu: Base 50 Electric-type w/ Vitality Drain.
    Children's Day Pikachu: Base 50 Electric-type w/ Prank.
    Rainy Season Pikachu: Base 50 Electric-type w/ Downpour.
    Summer Festival Pikachu: Base 50 Electric-type w/ T-Boost.
    Graduate Pikachu: Base 50 Electric-type w/ Final Effort.
    Winking Chansey: Base 60 Normal-type w/ Up, Up, Up.
    Winking Blissey: Base 70 Normal-type w/ Hammering Streak. Takes 10 RML's.
    Winking Delcatty: Base 50 Normal-type w/ Shot Out. Takes 10 RML's.
    Winking Turtwig: Base 50 Grass-type w/ Hammering Streak. Learns Three Force via SS.
    Winking Chimchar: Base 50 Fire-type w/ Hammering Streak. Learns Three Force via SS.
    Winking Piplup: Base 50 Water-type w/ Hammering Streak. Learns Three Force via SS.
    Winking Phione: Base 60 Water-type w/ Mega Boost++.
    Winking Snivy: Base 50 Grass-type w/ Flash Mob. Learns Hammering Streak via SS.
    Winking Tepig: Base 50 Fire-type w/ Flash Mob. Learns Hammering Streak via SS.
    Winking Oshawott: Base 50 Water-type w/ Flash Mob. Learns Hammering Streak via SS.

    New RML Slots
    Darkrai: 20
    Hydreigon: 20
    Elgyem: 15
    Beheeyem: 10
    Victini: 20
    Cresselia: 20
    Gallade: 15
    Roselia: 15
    Roserade: 10
    Ludicolo: 15
    Jumpluff: 15
    Venusaur: 20
    Meganium: 20
    Hoopa-C: 20
    Barboach: 20
    Whiscash: 15
    Garchomp: 20
    Mudsdale: 10
    Magneton: 10
    Magnezone: 15
    Pikachu: 20
    Swalot: 15
    Weezing: 15
    Muk: 10
    Salazzle: 15
    Zygarde-50%: 10
    Arceus: 20
    Silvally: 20
    Ditto: 20
    Stoutland: 15
    Lickilicky: 15
    Smeargle: 20
    Cinccino: 10
    Honedge: 15
    Doublade: 10
    Aegislash: 20
    Rufflet: 15
    Braviary: 15
    Pidgeot: 20
    Dodrio: 10
    Cleffa: 20
    Clefairy: 15
    Clefable: 15
    Charizard: 20
    Typhlosion: 20
    Infernape: 10
    Blastoise: 20
    Feraligatr: 20
    Gyarados: 20
    Scizor: 20
    Pinsir: 10

    New SS Slots
    Darkrai: Spookify+
    Elgyem: Paralysis Combo
    Cresselia: Eject++
    Beheeyem: Rock Shot
    Roselia: Hyper Drain
    Roserade: Flash Mob
    Hoopa-C: Shadow Shock
    Dhelmise: Shadow Shock
    Giratina-A: Blindside
    Mudsdale: Crushing Step
    Whiscash: Full Power
    Garchomp: Mega Boost+
    Magneton: Three Force
    Magnezone: Barrier Shot
    Flaaffy: Paralyse+
    Pikachu: Unity Power
    Swalot: Relentless
    Weezing: Rock Shot
    Muk: Block Shot
    Salazzle: Shot Out
    Zygarde-50%: Typeless Combo
    Stoutland: Rock Shot
    Lickilicky: Hyper Drain
    Smeargle: Nap Time, Super Cheer, Double Normal, Transform
    Cinccino: Mega Boost++
    Doublade: Barrier Shot
    Aegislash: Blindside
    Bronzong: Block Shot
    Rufflet: Final Effort
    Braviary: Nosedive
    Dodrio: Three Force
    Cleffa: Super Cheer
    Clefairy: Barrier Shot
    Charizard: Unity Power
    Infernape: Final Effort
    Gyarados: Mega Boost
    Pinsir: Bug Combo
    Eevee: Hammering Streak
    Vaporeon: Hammering Streak
    Jolteon: Hammering Streak
    Flareon: Hammering Streak
    Espeon: Hammering Streak
    Umbreon: Hammering Streak
    Leafeon: Hammering Streak
    Glaceon: Hammering Streak
    Sylveon: Hammering Streak
    Articuno: Freeze
    Zapdos: Paralyse
    Moltres: Burn

    More to come.

    Welcome to the Pokémon Shuffle Endgame folks.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018

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