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Pokémon Shuffle General Discussion

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
In Mobile Shuffle, I caught Archeops and Palossand in the Special Stages even though Palossand was tougher to catch. Luckily I was able to catch it at 17% catch rate. I challenged Alolan Sandslash later on even though I didn't manage to defeat it. I then went on to challenge Gogoat in the Main Stages and even though I got a good catch rate for it, I unfortunately didn't have enough coins for a Great Ball at that time.


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Got to beat Zygarde 250 using Mega Start, Moves +5, and Complexity. Used (Shiny) Diancie LV.19, Zygarde Complete Forme LV. 15, and Zygarde LV. 16.

By the way, it would be cool to see Poipole & its evolution and Zeroera to come in the game.

Br0k3n s0Ul

Br0k3n sOUl
I've been using my MAXed Rayquaza (normal), LV. 12 Xerneas, LV. 10 Zygarde, and the two different Diancies interchangeably and it's actually been pretty smooth sailing to level 180 on the EB.


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Been playing this game a bit more lately. Tried against Winking Azumarill and one of the other stages and lost. It's so frustrating to get close but not quite enough. Now working on re earning some coins.
Got to beat Zygarde 250 using Mega Start, Moves +5, and Complexity. Used (Shiny) Diancie LV.19, Zygarde Complete Forme LV. 15, and Zygarde LV. 16.

I've beaten the entire Zygarde EB without using a single Complexity before, though it's pretty tough and requires a high level of skill to do. Volcanion is the only EB I have not been able to complete without using a Complexity, though one person has managed to pull that off that I know of.

The only thing I'm really doing at this point in the game is working towards completing all of the UX stages and then I can finally quit playing this game.


Emblian Royalty
I'm pretty much done with this game too. The last time a played was some months ago.
Same here, I stopped playing after catching Primal Groudon (also months ago). No need to tackle Survival Mode or UX Stages as Black Profiles are not a thing on the 3DS version.


Well-Known Member
I've got to beat Decidueye 130 itemless with this team:

Mega Houndoom (LV. 15, Risk Taker Skill LV.5)
Ninetales (LV. 15, Burn+ Skill LV.5)
Typhlosion (LV. 28, Rock Shot Skill LV.5)
Infernape (LV. 19, Final Effort Skill LV.5)

It took me many attempts to beat it itemless, but it was still worth the try.


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Changing the topic a little, can we talk about how Victini can be caught WAY to early? Its chance, plus Great Ball chance, plus Super-Catch rate, you can have Victini as one of your first Pokémon! Victini's catch rate should be nerfed by just a little bit.


New Member
I have been reading about Pokémon in Pokémon Shuffle having true or minor forms unique to the game. Forms I have noticed are "Winking Pokémon," "Shiny Pokémon," "Festive Pokémon," and approximately 43 forms or variants of Pikachu. I think the "Winking Pokémon" were released in specific order for specific events. "Shiny Pokémon" may be different from the rare shiny Pokémon in the core Pokémon video games. "Festive Pokémon" would be Pokémon with spooky, holiday, and celebration (Pikachu) forums. Pikachu may have additional forms beyond the winking and festive forms. Is there a detailed source that would have all alternate variants and forms for Pokémon Shuffle?