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Pokémon Special Team Compositions


Well-Known Member
Anyone know if there are any trends, themes, or parallels in Pokédex Holder teams throughout the 8 generations?

It has become more evident with Soudo’s team being based around Pokémon who use “gear”, though I feel like there must be some reasons why some dex holders get certain ‘mons rather than being arbitrarily chosen.

For example in Gen 1 Red’s team can loosely be explained through:

1. Poliwhirl/Wrath: I believe Poliwhirl is Satoshi’s favorite Pokémon.
2. Pikachu: Mascot/thematic pokemon that all Red clones have
3. Venusaur: 1st Starter, is seen with Red in official Pokémon artworks, etc
4. Snorlax: “Obstacle” Pokemon, and a unique Pokémon with no notable trainers who use it
5. Gyarados: Strong/Best Water type in Gen 1? Ideal Pokémon to “Surf” on? Idk about this one
6. Aerodactyl: Fossil Pokemon & means for Fly

Following into Gen 2, it seems that Gold’s team parallels Red’s a bit, and is even briefly talked about when Gold’s Poliwag evolves at the daycare, and how he wants a Poliwrath like Red. However, I had also read somewhere that his and Silver’s teams are based on the theme of Day & Night to highlight the new mechanic in GSC.

1. Typhlosion: Next starter type theme, which seems most all dexholders follow (Grass - Fire - Water loop; also seems to arguably be the most fitting for Gold)
2. Aipom: Not really sure to be honest.
3. Politied: Johto mirror/branch evolution to Red’s Poliwrath
4. Sunflora: Sun-based pokemon relating to the Daytime theme mentioned above to Gold’s team’s theme
5. Sudowoodo: Obstacle pokemon mirroring Red’s Snorlax
6. Togekiss: Gift pokemon mirroring Red’s Eevee
7. Mantine: Water/Flying parallel to Red’s Gyarados, that more notably flies and Surfs.

Ultimately I’m just curious as to if anyone else has noticed these themes/trends, and if there are any more in further dexholders that are explained elsewhere. I think the dexholders team compositions are always really interesting, and really make some Pokémon shine in ways that the games and anime have not allowed them to.

Let me know if any thoughts and further comments on all the team compositions within the Pokespe manga as I would love to talk more about it and see what others have think about the subject.


Staff member
Red's Pokemon represent the Gen I HMs. The GSC trio are sun, moon, and the stars. Ruby is Contests, Sapphire was given Pokemon that look more like monsters. Dia uses slow, tanky 'mons while Pearl uses speedy hard-hitters.