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Pokémon Sun and Moon Music Appreciation Thread

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Just AMAZING. I can't wait to hear these musics in game. I never love as much musics in a Pokémon game. They did a perfect job to my ears.


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I like the pacific sound to most of these music! I live in New Zealand and these music have small similarity to traditional Maori music!


This is perfect to my ears.

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I am really digging this Guardian Deities Battle Music... the mix with pacific tribal music with electronic techno music is awesome to me!



From the above list of soundtrack, we can summarize as belows.

- Trainers' Eyes Meet for Pokémon Trainer confirmed only have 1 OST , it is not like gen 1 to gen 6 that have different OST for different Trainers... It is very disappointed

- Official OST CD will be released on 30 Nov with 160 tracks of SM, it means only 17 OST we do not know compared with the list above.
If we included back below missed tracks
"Obtained a Key Item!"
"Obtained an Item!"
"Level Up!"
"Pokémon Healed"
"Obtained a TM!"
"Received a Pokémon Egg!"
"Congratulations! Your Pokémon Evolved!"
"Move Deleted"
"Obtained a Mega Stone!" - 9 tracks of basic SFX and
8 tracks "Pokédex Evaluation"
That means there is no any new tracks in the CD... or SM cutted all "Pokédex Evaluation" this time ?

- There is too little OST for after Entering the Hall...

Hope Game Freak should release CD 2 in the future...


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After having listened to most of the Sun and Moon soundtrack, it's a huge step up, in my opinion, from X/Y. Most of the city/town themes are great, most of the route themes are great, there are some great battle themes and some of the individual character themes are awesome! The "surf" theme is some classic Hitomi Sato.

Gotta say tough, I don't think Go Ichinose did that many compositions. There are a couple that I think are definitely him and some that may be him but it's not like how it was back in gen 4 or 5.


Everything stays.
Well, with these leaks and such, some of the music has been leaking. Which is an absolute shame. But it is awesome.

Champion's theme: https://clyp.it/wraykyrw (don't worry, Champion's identity not revealed here)
It doesn't feel very champion-y to me and the mashup is a bit messy as mentioned earlier but I still like it nonetheless. Would've seen this music attached to some legendary-related event or some climax music at some point in the game.
It's got a lot of energy, however, which is always something I appreciate in Champion themes.

This is perfect to my ears.

At first I was like 'What is this ?' but then 10 seconds later the song got very aggressive and threatening and I was completely taken away! I loooove themes that put me on the edge. This music is DANGEROUS! Love it!
I am really digging this Guardian Deities Battle Music... the mix with pacific tribal music with electronic techno music is awesome to me!

Very energetic, refreshing and original! I absolutely can't wait to enter a battle against those deities and hear this beautiful sound!
I am really digging this Guardian Deities Battle Music... the mix with pacific tribal music with electronic techno music is awesome to me!

I have never been so pumped by a soundtrack in my life. It's like "ya ready to FIGHT, B***H?!?!" And I'm like "F**K yeah!"

Yep I can see why I have very few friends.


From leaked Pokemon Moon Credits:

Go Ichinose

Minako Adachi
Go Ichinose
Junichi Masuda

Hitomi Sato
Tomoaki Oga
Hideaki Kuroda


I'm particularly fond of the Green encounter theme, but I just can't get enough of the Team Skull music
Anyone know when the soundtrack comes out on iTunes?

It will be sometime this month, though there isn't a confirmed date. Since the physical release in Japan is on the 30th, I imagine it will be released around that time. So not long to wait!


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I like the Team Skull music. And the Champion/Elite 4. The synth sounds I am more used to than acoustic sounds (just my preferences).


campy vampire
Man, GameFreak really outdid themselves with this game's music. All of the new music is outstanding, all of the remixes are outstanding, and even the unchanged music was outstanding in it's time. The major plot battles have incredible music, with each tune being memorable and distinct. Guzma has some of the sickest beats out there, both with his encounter theme and his battle theme. I could and will gush for hours about just how much I love the music this time around. I'll probably even by the soundtrack on iTunes just to listen tomit over and over.


Loves Eeveelutions
Love Guzma's music so much, I'm so impressed with the music in this game.
I can't seem to stop listening to the guardian deity music! This one deserves props for the Hawaiian 'shout outs' in there, such a nice touch.
Apparently the words mean: "Get prepared" "We are powerful" "Guard with our lives" and "Race/Godlike Speed"!.


danger chili pepper
Staff member
Overall, I love the game's soundtrack. Like a lot of you, I am particularly in love with Guzma's encounter and battle theme.
The only thing underwhelming for me was the Wild Pokemon and Trainer music. Everything else was awesome.

I also like the fact that several themes seem to include melodies from past games.

The Totem theme seems to have mixed all prior gens while still keeping itself original.
The Battle theme for Solgaleo/Lunala have bits from XY's Legendary battle theme. I initially thought it was Zygarde's...


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Similar to many of you, I cannot get over the Team Skull music! It cracks me up and I just love it. Makes me smile every time lol.

I find a lot of the actual Pokemon cries to be more appealing this time around as well, anyone else feel like that?


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I really don't understand the love this gen's soundtrack is getting. It's really nothing special in my opinion; The composition is cluttered and chaotic, the melodies are not memorable or catchy, the remixes of old themes are worse than a lot of fan remixes. Overall it really doesn't inspire me to go out and buy the game. The only pieces I like, actually, are the Elite Four battle theme, the Ultra Space music, the Team Skull battle theme and the Champion Blue encounter theme. Other than that it's all forgettable and very "meh".

This gen is very disappointing across the board though imo.



The trainer battle music really grew on me, and to be honest... my favorite part in the entire song is at 0:45 - 1:07

Erron Black

The Outlaw
Unpopular opinion it seems: I don't really enjoy Guzma's theme. It's too soft and eerie, I'd expect it to be a little more energetic.

LOVE the Elite Four battle theme though, my favorite theme in the game right now.
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