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Pokémon Sun and Moon Music Appreciation Thread

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A tired little girl~
here's another trailer with similar if not the same music from those real life trailers. its rly nice

also CGI solgaleo and Lunala


hold on



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The new OSTs are simply fantastic...
I have no more words to describe the beautiful songs they're creating!


Treasure huntin'


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Why did they change it?!?!? I liked the other one more, the chorus bit just sounds out of place :(

Maybe its a different part of the title theme for a more climactic part? I mean the chorus kicks in right around when the beasts clash with tapu koko


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It's strange; normally i buy both versions of the new games, but i seem to be more drawn to sun than moon, this time around. I'm wondering which pokemon will be version exclusive to moon, because i think sun is more appealing to me.

The Super Kid

The Underdog :(
Maybe its a different part of the title theme for a more climactic part? I mean the chorus kicks in right around when the beasts clash with tapu koko

After today's trailer, I think they've changed it for good :(

Though yeah, hearing Hau's theme was nice. Personally I don't like it though >.<


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We also got the ultra beasts theme in the japanese trailer andthey do sound like boss encounters.


Half, ninja, half cat, all attitude
I love the tropical theme the game's music has going for it. Did you guys notice the item theme is now ukulele?


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I really hope we get the Alolan music that played in the beginning background for the Japanese trailer today. That one is one of my favorites!


The Doctor
It's funny that the X/Y trainer theme played in the trailer. Anyway, I'm liking the new music, especially Gladion's theme.
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