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Pokémon Sun & Moon Discovery Discussion Thread [Contains Story Spoilers]

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Happy Hydreigon

Kahuna Mikah
Make sure to get a shiny female Primarina.

I can foresee the frustration of getting 1,000,000 male shiny Popplio, I wouldn't mind though, unless suddenly I want a female.

Happy Hydreigon

Kahuna Mikah
Do we know what level Type: Null is when we receive it from Gladion?

When exactly do you receive it from Gladion, I'm presuming either after the story comes to a conclusion or post game?


The Sandstorm Slayer
When exactly do you receive it from Gladion, I'm presuming either after the story comes to a conclusion or post game?

I'd like to know this as well, I don't want to scour story spoiler threads due to that being the only thing I don't want spoiled. Do you get it before last trials, E4 or postgame?


Well-Known Member
so question about the ride Pokemon. For Charizard fly is it like the HM or more like soar? When we ride Charizard can it be on the ground or is it only for flying?


Pokemon Lover
100% only appear in battle. So I'll just keep a Power Construct 10% and 50%. Make an Aura Break 10% and keep the one in XY/ORAS for collecting purpose.

I apologize if my question is stupid but I don't fully understand this and just want to clarify: Is it possible to have a 10% form zigarde that doesn't change into 100% zygarde?

Trainer Yusuf

I apologize ir my question sounds stupid but I don't fully understand this and just want to clarify: Is it possible to have a 10% form zigarde that doesn't change into 100% zygarde?

Yes, you just get Aura Break as your ability instead.

Requiem Aeternam

Dance like an eggplant!
So I've made a list of shinies I want to breed for when Sun and Moon releases, Nov 23rd as I live in the land which Nintendo hates. I've looked through the dex and made a list of ones I really want. This can be taken as a Top 5 Gen 7 Shinies of sorts as well so this is a win win ^-^

1. Shiny Stufful/Bewear(I asked my little sister which Shiny I should get first and she ultimately decided on Bewear, I cannot argue with her logic, as it is pretty cool)
2. Shiny Pikipek/Trumbeak/Toucannon(Personal favourite shiny line of Gen 7, the purples it uses are really beautiful and especially Toucannon looks awesome with the vivid coloured beak)
3. Shiny Popplio/Brionne/Primarina(Along with being my first starter for Sun, the Popplio line is also my favourite shiny starter line of Gen 7, it doesn't start off the greatest, with Popplio just getting a slightly darker blue and a white collar, but as it evolves I've seen myself like it more and more)
4. Shiny Mareanie/Toxapex(I've loved Mareanie since it was leaked and although I can't use it on my Sun team as I'm picking Popplio, I'm definitely using it when I pick up Moon, oh yeah, the shiny...it's awesome)
5. Shiny Alola Raichu(I love it so much and I can nickname him Nutella, same as Shiny Dedenne!)

Shiny hunting is something I'm looking forward to as well, and I also have to wait till the 23rd. Going to start after I get a 6IV Ditto and the other Pokemon I want (hopefully we can catch HA Starters in non-standard PokeBalls somewhere). I'll be going for the following (not Gen7 exclusive):

1. Decidueye - If I can get a HA one in a Dusk Ball this will be what I go for first. I love the colours and have 2 potential nicknames for it when it finally shines. If not, it'll be the next one on the list.
2. Salazzle - Yes, I'm going for this. I really love its overall design and the shiny colour is even more amazing. Wonder how many males I'll get before I get a female.
3. Zoroark - One of my longest hunts that's never gotten anywhere. Even though I have 4 shiny Zorua all of them were missing one crucial IV which started to frustrate me after the second time. I'll get that 6IV one this time thanks to Hyper Training. Can't remember if either evolution is available before the Bank update but if not, it'll be the first thing I go for after the update.
4. Alolan Muk - I want to try using one but the regular colours are just horrible. The shiny one still looks bad but nowhere near as much as the regular one.


Mew Guardian
Have we learned of any breeding changes yet?

Or Shiny rate? Speaking of shiny are the starters shiny locked? Because I was hoping for a shiny Decidueye...


Johto Champion
So I'm really suspicious of the whole Necrozma thing. I'm hopeful that it will end up getting a plot in the form of a third version or sequel versions, rather than being relegated to generational transplant status like Zygarde was. I think they could develop some really exciting and interesting plot points if they flesh out its story a bit. I think the information we have now tends toward sequel status more than third version status, but we'll see.

I also wonder how all this will potentially tie into hypothetical Sinnoh remakes if they happen, but this is all a minimum of a year out, so no point in focusing on it. I'm too excited about actually playing S/M to really dwell on the future just yet!


Mew Guardian
Shiny rate is 1/4000 starter most likely not shiny locked.

Thank ya! Now I just hope I get lucky and get one within 100 tries... Maybe I should get both games play through on one while trying to get shiny on the other lol


Very Melon
Is there a list of the new Pokémon mined from the game somewhere with English names AND sprites, here or anywhere on the internet? I can't find one on google or by searching this thread.
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