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Pokémon Sun & Moon Discovery Discussion Thread [Contains Story Spoilers]

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I'm just kind of bummed that it's another Normal/Flying pokemon really it's leap is no different from going from a Dove to a Pheasant in Gen 5. But I'm off the Pikipek bandwagon and probably going to use Pom Pom Oricorio instead. But I'm happy people like the Toucan, I'm just not one of them, shame I really wanted to like Pikipek.
How do you know it's a Normal type? I thought only the models were leaked?


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So i think after that disappointing reveal, the 6th member of my team will be the sea urchin pokemon. Because its the only decent one that got leaked. Everything else is just weird and dumb and was obviously kept hidden because they know it is too. I wouldn't be surprised if they left those pokemon in the demo so they wouldn't have to reveal them officially.

It's a good thing i like 95% of the pokemon that were officially revealed. The only other one I liked was Wimpods evolution but I'm not dealing with that wimp out nonsense.


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Not trying to bash anyone but why are people so insistent on following everything that leaker mentioned previously, especially since we have received what is most likely the complete dex? It is quite possible the leaker just mentioned some things he wanted or just got some things completely wrong


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what??? Thats huge news! Wow!
Nope! Apparently it's just referring to the 'Pokemon caught in' location. The other option besides routes/etc in Alola is a 'Faraway place'. There is no confirmation of being able to go to Kalos.


Speaking of Wimpod's evolution, it having an ability opposite of it's pre-evo would be pretty neat; maybe it's the polar opposite as it traps pokemon weak against it instead? Talk about harsh. x)

As far as UBs go, even if they are catchable, maybe it requires a specific kind of device or something? Something not unlike that cube device for Zygarde to hold onto cells.


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Welll what a day!
With this confirmation, I stand with my first choice, Team Rowlet lets go! The Best Starter!

Predapod was quite the surprise, I hope he get good stat/movepool. I really want to use him in game and competitively.
The most exciting would be the Ultra Beast, knowing that they'll be against us is thrilling! The design are just too impressive. They're giving a final boss-vibe. They seem so alien-like, out of this world... Wouldn't be bad if Deoxys was kind of associated with them and made a appearance.(Or giratina..)

Iam pretty satisfied with the leak, the only let down is Alolan persian, Alolan Diglett line, and the fact that Pyukumuku and Komala dont seem to evole. I still have hope for them!


I'll be honest, Alolan Persian is starting to grow on me a little bit. I don't think I'll ever love it or prefer it over regular Persian, but thinking about it, the only real issue I have with it is the size of its head. If its head was just a little smaller, I would be perfectly fine with it. Yeah, it would still be a goofy, more cartoony looking cat rather than the sleek black panther that people wanted, but is there really anything wrong with that? I've seen some non-joke fanart of it where its head is more proportional to its body, and it looks MUCH better that way.

Additionally, I did some research, and some speculate that Alolan Persian is supposed to be based on a more realistic Persian cat, which has a larger, rounder head and flatter face. And maybe it's just me, but Alolan Persian's tail certainly looks shorter and fluffier than regular Persian's. And it all fits with Alolan Meowth's lore about it living a life of pampering and luxury among the royal family and the possible implications of selective breeding.

Yeah, if that is what GF was going for, they could have done the whole Persian cat thing a lot better. It would look better if its head was more proportional to its body or if it was actually fluffier like a real Persian cat. But I don't think it's the worst thing in the world now that I can (sort of) see where GF was going for with it.
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