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Pokémon Sunday Variety Show

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Pokémon Sunday Variety Show

Now that the games have been confirmed, what do you expect will be said on the variety show? How much information, and what, will be told? Or will it be a mere repeat of the info found on the websites?

(this is more or less an updated version of this thread)



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I'm gonna guess just the same thing that was revealed... maybe box art... but I think the corocoro mag will release the first decent info on it.


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Considering it's a Japanese show, and most of these talk show types have lots of screaming and whatnot, I expect to see a lot of that. And when that's all said and done, hopefully we'll get a trailer with some screens from the game. And a little bit of info on one or two of the features being added/revamped.

I don't expect much to be announced about it. I think we'll get more info when CoroCoro comes out.


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I'm guessing they're just going to announce the games (and from the footage, faint for about ten minutes), then probably show off some gameplay footage of such exciting things as WALKING AROUND... BATTLING... and possibly whatever they have planned for the changes I've heard them mention about breeding (probably deformities/mutations, for lack of a better term, an example of which being Notch-Ear Pikachu). And then Masuda will probably come on and talk about it for five-ten minutes, and they'll say they'll have more information on next week's show, and that'll be the end of the episode.


So Box Art hasn't been revealed?


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Box art seems likely, given the blurred-out easel in the previous edition.

Agreed, I can't guess as to what else would be on the two easels. I hope we get a trailer or at least some screenshots though.


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Screenshots are unlikely - television is a fluid medium, not a static one and therefore it's poor form to rely on static images unless absolutely necessary. A trailer is more likely if there is to be any in-game material shown.


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So a GSDS is finally confirmed all I can say is: Yay.

1. I get to replay MY FIRST VIDEO GAME EVER.
2. Soul Silver and Heart Gold are awsome names.
3. It'll stop nostalgic fans Bitching about a GS remake


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Well I'm glad that they are making a G/S remake. Never came up to mind until first announcements came out.

Being reminded again to the past years of G/S is just a blast from the past. So much good times I had back then.

The names for G/S are real nice. Very catchy.

I actually would like to see the variety show, even if I wouldn't understand it =)


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Well, to be quite honest, now that the info's been leaked 3-4 days in advance (depending where you live), the variety show just seems anti-climactic for me. =\

But I don't expect much detail. They'll reveal the titles, and say there's better graphics etc. and the expected release date in Japan. CoroCoro is where all the good information's at, anyway =P


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OMG!!!! I am soooooo excited. They mentioned a worldwide release... does that mean the same(or close) dates of release? I don't know... just trying to be optimistic.

PS. HeartGold and SoulSilver? Genius!

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I think by worldwide release is that it will be released everywhere in the world, not at the same time.

I can't wait for Pokemon Sunday even though I already know, just cause they could have more info or pics or trailers for the games.


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Screaming and fainting.... probably ;)

Hopefully an image or trailer but we will have to wait to see that.


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huh. I wonder why they said they were going to announce something huge on the show if the official Pokémon site was just going to spoil their surprise 3 days earlier?


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huh. I wonder why they said they were going to announce something huge on the show if the official Pokémon site was just going to spoil their surprise 3 days earlier?

Thats what i wondered too. It wouldn't be a hox( can't spell) of any kind would it?


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I like how for HeartGold, The Ho-oh badge is shaped like a heart and for SoulSilver that the Lugia Badge is shaped like a sprialing soul.


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I think the posters that were blurred out will have like little thinks that say this town has improved(Will have a picture of a before and after.) and that's it.
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