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Pokémon Survivor!

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Skarmory and Feralitgator safe
totodile and magcargo


Pika The Espeon
Man, I wish they were paired up differently so I could vote Totodile and Skarmory..

But since I can't do that, I'll instead vote Skarmory and Feraligatr


Live. Love. Ho-Oh.
Skarmory and Feraligatr safe.
Urgaking voted for both Pokemon in the same pair. His votes will not be counted.

Current I dont think we need a new tallyist since we were doing just fine before but suddenly there hasn't been as many. Wtf? Tally:
Pair 1:
Skarmory: 11
Totodile: 5

Pair 2:
Feraligatr: 10
Magcargo: 6


The Narrator
Skarmory and Feraligatr.

Josef Stylin

I want to dye
If you ask me EA, I'd say we're fine.

Current Tally:
Pair 1:
Skarmory: 14
Totodile: 7

Pair 2:
Feraligatr: 13
Magcargo: 8

Skarmory and Feraligatr.
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Silent Conversation

Formerly SinnohChamp
Voting Skarmory and Feraligatr.
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