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Pokémon Sword and Shield - How will they impact the anime?

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by playerking, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. DannyDiglett

    DannyDiglett Well-Known Member

    That would be interesting. It could bring some funny interaction moments with Ash, other characters and Pokémon. Not only that, it would also be the first time we see a main travelling character that specializes in Ghost types.
  2. DuquÊ?

    DuquÊ? Too lazy to pick a pic

    Well, Allister at least would remove the ban for ghost types at the hero gang (maybe finally lifting whatever stops Ash to have a ghost type), but he sures doesn't look like a character that screams "traveling companion".
    MockingJ likes this.
  3. Leonhart

    Leonhart The Lying King

    I'm not quite sure what is so unique about someone who wears a mask to hide their face. I've been thinking about how the writers would portray his character if he were in the cast, and the more I think of it the more awkward it feels since animating a character who doesn't show his face would result in problems for the animators since it would be hard for them to show Onion expressing himself.
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  4. RileyXY1

    RileyXY1 Young Battle Trainer

    I think that Allister is unique because he's shy, hides his face, and specializes in Ghost-types. I think that he would be completely different from any other past companion. Also, purple eyes can occasionally be seen in the mask's eye holes, so there is a way to make Allister express himself.
    Kawaii Emolga likes this.
  5. janejane6178

    janejane6178 XY over SM (ew) ANYDAY!!!! <3 (Anything actually)

    The first news for SM anime in september 12th and the first news for XY anime were around 9th, so we might have less than a month till we have some news regarding SwSH anime right?
  6. mysticalglacia

    mysticalglacia Alola Shill

    I think it all depends on when CoroCoro leaks, as usually the first announcement of the new anime comes from there. Early next month is a likely time for it to leak, so we should be getting an announcement in less than a month, like you said.
  7. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    I do hope the success of the Mewtwo remake gives them enough reason to continue with the AU started with M20 for the Gen 8 films.
  8. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Daikuro, Keeper Of The Gates Ambitious

    I'm hoping it doesn't just encourage them to continue with the remake trend. I'm all for the AU thing, just no remakes please. And I feel one movie per generation at least should star the current cast. The Alola gang might have been too big for that to be feasible.
  9. RileyXY1

    RileyXY1 Young Battle Trainer

    Except M22 doesn't take place in that AU timeline. It is a CGI remake of the first movie.
  10. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    I know. I just wanted the next films to stay in the alternate universe instead of going back to the old formula. If M22 bombed that might keep them from trying new things

    The Alolan legendaries and UBs being tied deeply with the plot of the anime was probably another factor
    Kawaii Emolga and mehmeh1 like this.
  11. Sham

    Sham Underrated show

    I’m positive that the remakes were Kanto exclusive although I could be wrong.
  12. Leonhart

    Leonhart The Lying King

    I expected the Shield and Sword saga to be officially announced next month anyway since we're getting really close to the release of the games and the saga that'll promote them should in turn be promoted a few months in advance to increase the hype.
  13. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    I wonder if SS will continue SM's trend of letting mythicals be officially caught by the protagonists by the way.

    I know some aren't big on the handling but it was interesting to see usually elusive Pokemon be main characters and part of the main group this time round.
    Kawaii Emolga likes this.
  14. Leonhart

    Leonhart The Lying King

    Given that the Mythicals that have joined the cast have been portrayed more like glorified plush dolls with comedic gags on occasion than anything substantial, I'm not really looking forward to more potential flanderization of Mythicals in Galar.
  15. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    If Ash's Galarian team is comprised of marketable Pokemon again he could end up with a second mythical. Or legendary
  16. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    I'd be okay with that, but only if they space it out. Not like SM where Ash got Meltan, Mallow befriended Shaymin, and Lillie 'received' Magearna all within 5 episodes
    And actually take the time to make you care for more than just one of them, it's hard to care about Shaymin at all given how little we saw of a personality and the fact it might leave Mallow, and Magearna's going to literally be the same way as she'll awaken with a handful(or even one or two) of episodes to showcase any personality

    Like if the first mythical of the generation is going to be caught, don't wait until the very end of the damn saga to give it to somebody!
    Leonhart likes this.
  17. janejane6178

    janejane6178 XY over SM (ew) ANYDAY!!!! <3 (Anything actually)

    I wonder which artstyle we are going to have this time..
    Kawaii Emolga and mehmeh1 like this.
  18. DuquÊ?

    DuquÊ? Too lazy to pick a pic

    Dunno, I'd down for something stylized like Slugterra or TMNT 2012, for example, but well executed. However, animeverse wise, 3D just doesn't feel as Pokemon in the long run. People complained a lot about SM changed the classic style, but I liked have the characters less "square" and more "rounded". If anything, Ash's hair in SM is kinda...iffy. I don't think they will ditch 2D for 3D in the main anime so soon.

    I hope nothing aside a starter and some special wild card this time (I'm even missing the early route bird now), but if anything, give him a full team this time, maybe an extra mon just for the sake of not forget he can send/pick things to/from Oak. Give more love to his old mons would be very appreciated too.
    Kawaii Emolga and Spider-Phoenix like this.
  19. Leonhart

    Leonhart The Lying King

    I feel like most if not all of Satoshi's previous teams have been assembled from marketable Pokemon for the most part. It's one of the few things that's consistent about his character since the writers like promoting popular Pokemon such as the Starters on his team, which is partially why I was thinking before that he might get all three Galar Starters.
  20. ash&charizardfan

    ash&charizardfan Humanity's greatest soldier

    Since galar is looking like pro battle region, i think most of ash's team will evolve this time just like sinnoh and kalos. I hope they give him starter who had good final evolution design sort of like in sinnoh. Its shocking they have not given a great full evolved fire type starter since infernape since emboa, delphox and incineroar all have underwhelming design and from the looks of it scorbunny's final evolution will join that group.

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