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Pokémon Sword and Shield - How will they impact the anime?

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Just going to restate it again, have Ash travel solo please

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Just going to restate it again, have Ash travel solo please
As long as there's a lot of rival appearances and the all regions thing being episodes that focus on past companions in the different regions as well as replacing the filler episodes. I don't want countless episodes of Ash helping out generic cotd/potd and Team Rocket appearing to steal the marketable Pokemon.


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Eh I do want companions but I definitely think Ash could pull trough a series by himself. Do people forget that the main cast aren’t the only characters? Ash would still have rivals, Gym Leaders, evil team members, and COTDs to interact with? Plus it’s not like Ash having friends around made boring fillers cease to exist


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I just think old companions would add nothing to the cast. We’ve already seen their journeys with Ash; seen their development and progression throughout. It’d be nice to have updates on how they’re doing, but none of them have a reason to travel with Ash again. They deserve to grow as characters without Ash attached to the hip, and if there’s no storyline reason for all of these characters just appearing in the new anime, I’ll be annoyed.


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I think that the companions make the show interesting. I much prefer having them around due to their dynamics with Ash and each other. Ash being alone would be very boring, in my opinion.


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The only way I can see a reboot happening is if they go through all the regions sequentially, starting with Kanto and ending with Galar.

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I saw someone's comment thinking of Pokemon having another school series if it was in a au series.And maybe it would do something to revisit all the regions from Kanto to Galar. I'm more fine with that happening.


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It never made sense for the anime to let Ash go anyway, just because his bond with Pikachu (and just Pikachu alone) have become integral to the series. Pikachu starring without Ash wouldn’t seem right either.


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Ok I'm confused on if Ash and the Trio are gone or if they are staying. I see two possible outcomes

1.The series has a long overarching story with different regions meaning some episodes will be Ash related some won't be which would really cut down filler.

2.We get a new canon which focuses more on the games. I can see it being Generations but expanded

The thing is if they do let Ash go it won't be a big deal since the new series would be just that a new series not the same series minus Ash. But what confuses me is the possible AU canon which is cool but it also is weird if they use all the regions since Ash never met Brock and Misty unless it is like how DBS turned the movie into an arc so ICY becomes a 13 episode arc for example. This whole thing is weird to me so I will have to wait till we get info

I would NOT watch as show with just solely Ash, it would be like watching a car park over and over.

I think when people say this it is more along the lines he doesn't have typical companions but instead people dedicated to the region he is in. So he won't be solo just not the typical style which could work.


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But it was AU Ash and TR.... I want the original ones
Even though I agree that regular > AU, if it was AU Ash and Trio, then it's Ok, still far far better than new MC.
Regular Ash > AU Ash >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>new MC. AU Ash is still Ash and we can pretend that it's regular Ash( funny thing is maybe, they will make it AU Ash and as he progresses he turns into regular Ash aka events that happened in anime continue to exist, Lmao)
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