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Pokémon Sword & Shield Team Discussion Thread

Julia Artemis

Well-Known Member
Probably going to get Sword eventually but my Shield team thus far will be
obviously can change but that's what most likely my team will be

Ultra Beast Lover

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Ugh, just realized, I don't have anything for normal types. I want to do the four Pokemon challenge, I'm going to have Sobble, Corviknight, Yamper, and Mimikyu. Sobble will take care of flying, grass, dragon, ground, rock, and fire. Corviknight takes care of rock, ice, fairy, fighting, bug, and grass. Mimikyu takes care of fighting, dragon, dark, ghost, psychic, and poison if I get psychic soon enough. Yamper probably gets fang moves because it's a dog, most doggos get fang moves so that takes care of flying, water, ghost, psychic, ground, grass, dragon, bug, and steel. I've got every type covered except normal, any suggestions?

Julia Artemis

Well-Known Member
There are a few new fighting pokemon so you can use that. We dont have stats yet for Sirfetch'd but Grabloct seems pretty cool with its signature move but it's kind of slow


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I'm not 100% sure about my Shield team yet since I still need time to digest the new Pokemon, but I'm leaning on choosing Scorbunny as my starter Pokemon and I'm almost convinced that I'll use a Drednaw as well. So that's two down and four to go.


I plan to train all Pokémon in rotation, but I finally came up with my main team mates for each version:

Inteleon, Corviknight, Obstagoon, Toxtricity, Grimmsnarl, Dragapult.

Cinderace, Galarian Rapidash, Hatterene, Milotic, Frosmoth, Alcremie or Eiscue.


Everything stays.
I've finally settled for 6 Pokémon I will be using in my Pokémon Shield playthrough!

Cinderace ♀ (Fire)
Corviknight ♂ (Flying/Steel)
Eldegoss ♀ (Grass)
Dubwool ♀ (Normal)
Pincurchin ♂ (Electric)
Appletun ♂ (Grass/Dragon)
When the type distribution is awful you know it's genuine! :D


Water and Fairy-type master
Okay, so with the new datamined info, my fairy squad is an actual possibility. Team in spoiler tag :

G.rapidash, A.Ninetales, Hatterene, Gardevoire, Primarina, Sylveon

Autobot N

So, with all of the datamined encounter tables revealed, I have adjusted my team

I feel like I've got pretty solid type coverage. My main weakness is Fire, but Mew (I'll probably teach it Surf) and my Ground-type should be able to handle it well.


Well-Known Member
After careful studying of the datamined base stats and learnsets:

Inteleon (Water)
Snipe Shot/Surf (Water) (Fire, Ground, Rock)
Ice Beam (Ice) (Grass, Ground, Flying, Dragon)
Dark Pulse (Dark) (Psychic, Ghost)
Air Slash (Flying) (Grass, Fighting, Bug)
COVERAGE AGAINST: [Fire, Ground, Rock], Grass, Flying, Dragon, Psychic, Ghost, Fighting, Bug
WEAK AGAINST: Electric, Grass

Bolthund (Electric)
Thunderbolt (Electric) (Water, Flying)
Crunch (Dark) (Psychic, Ghost)
Fire Fang (Fire) (Grass, Ice, Bug)
Play Rough (Fairy) (Dark, Fighting, Dragon)
COVERAGE AGAINST: [Flying, Water], Psychic, Ghost, Grass, Ice, Bug, Dark, Fighting, Dragon

Hatterene (Psychic/Fairy)
Psychic (Psychic) (Fighting, Poison)
Dazzling Gleam (Fairy) (Dark, Fighting, Dragon)
Shadow Ball (Ghost) (Ghost, Psychic)
Giga Drain (Grass) (Water, Rock, Ground)
COVERAGE AGAINST: [Fighting, Poison, Dark, Dragon], Ghost, Psychic, Water, Rock, Ground
WEAK AGAINST: Poison, Ghost, Steel

Centiskorch (Bug/Fire)
Fire Lash (Fire) (Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel)
Lunge (Bug) (Grass, Psychic, Dark)
Crunch (Dark) (Ghost, Psychic)
Power Whip (Grass) (Water, Rock, Ground)
COVERAGE AGAINST: [Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel, Psychic, Dark], Ghost, Water, Rock, Ground
WEAK AGAINST: Water, Flying, (Rock)

Sandaconda (Ground)
Earthquake (Ground) (Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, Steel)
Stone Edge (Rock) (Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug)
Iron Head (Steel) (Ice, Rock, Fairy)
Body Press (Fighting) (Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, Steel)
COVERAGE AGAINST: [Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, Steel], Ice, Flying, Bug, Fairy, Normal, Dark
WEAK AGAINST: Water, Grass, Ice

Dragapult (Dragon/Ghost)
Dragon Darts (Dragon) (Dragon)
Phantom Force (Ghost) (Psychic, Ghost)
Flamethrower (Grass, Bug, Ice, Steel)
Thunderbolt (Water, Flying)
COVERAGE AGAINST: [Dragon, Ghost, Psychic], Grass, Bug, Ice, Steel, Water, Flying
WEAK AGAINST: Dragon, Ice, Ghost, Dark

STAB AGAINST: Fire, Ground, Rock, Flying, Water, Fighting, Poison, Dark, Dragon, Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel, Psychic, Ghost, Electric, Poison
WEAK AGAINST: Electric, Grass, Ground, Poison, Ghost, Steel, (Rock), Water, Flying, Ice, Dragon, Dark


The Procrastination Sensation Sweeping The Nation
I had a rough idea of what I wanted to use in Shield before the datamine, and having since then only one major change has occurred to my planned squad:

Cursola (was Frosmoth)

This team gives me a Galarian form and the rest are entirely new, which seems like a good way to roll. Been an interesting journey seeing everything get leaked, use to be Team Sobble but the evolution doesn't particularly excite me. Works out, my friend is getting Shield for Christmas and his team is different to mine. Might have some overlap if I pick up Sword down the line, but who knows?


Hylden General.
After looking at the Dex, and switching around and careful planning, my teams are complete! Shield team didn't change. But my Sword team has a change and my 3rd game has a full roster of 9 now! All seems pretty balanced I think. I can switch around and make a balanced team. Still need to decide what my main team for the league will be.
G. Weezing

G. Ponyta



#1 Lanturn Owner
I think I will post an updated list for my main game team. I may update this with movesets, etc., but I may not. I tend to just go with what I choose during my playthroughs.

Inteleon - Water - Starter (Immediately obtainable)
Corviknight - Flying / Steel - Early routes (Easily obtainable)
Centiskorch - Bug / Fire - Early / Mid game areas (Not easily obtainable that I saw, but with it being early enough in the game, I am planning on trying to find one)
Galarian Rapidash - Psychic / Fairy - (I think) Mid game areas (Easily obtainable)
Grimmsnarl - Dark / Fairy - (I think) Mid game areas (Fairly easily obtainable)
Sandaconda - Ground - (I think) Mid game areas (Fairly easily obtainable)

I considered others such as Duraludon, but from what I can tell, that is encountered late in the game with a low percentage encounter. I may still try for it during the main game though. Possibly some others I am currently forgetting.


Now with, um, movesets? (Maybe I'm being a little too prepared.)


たいこ Rillaboom F (Grass) "Taiko" - Drum Beating, Knock Off, Noble Roar, Drain Punch
スルト Centiskorch M (Bug/Fire) "Surtr" - Coil, Fire Lash, Lunge, Crunch
まぎさ Hatterene F (Psychic/Fairy) "Magisa" - Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, Calm Mind, Life Dew
マタベ Toxtricity (Amped Form) M (Poison/Electric) "Matabe" - Overdrive, Poison Jab, Boomburst, Eerie Impulse
オーダー・G Dragapult M (Dragon/Ghost) "Order Grande" - Dragon Darts, Phantom Force, Dragon Dance, U-Turn
ぶらんうぇん Arctovish F? (Water/Ice) "Branwen" - Ancient Power, Freeze-Dry, Fishious Rend, Protect

シオン Dubwool M (Normal) "Shion" - Cotton Guard, Reversal, Take Down, Bounce
ろくろくび Sandaconda F (Ground) "Rokurokubi" - Glare, Bulldoze, Brutal Swing, Coil
ろーむへっじ Stonjourner F? (Rock) "Loamhedge" - Stone Edge, Heavy Slam, Rock Polish, Stealth Rock
ガウェイン Sirfetch'd M (Fighting) "Gawain" - First Impression, Meteor Assault, Swords Dance, Brave Bird

たっも Cinderace F (Fire) "Tammo" - Pyro Ball, Court Change, Gunk Shot, Double Kick
コガラスマル Corviknight M (Flying/Steel) "Kogarasumaru" - Power Trip, Drill Peck, Steel Wing, Hone Claws
プエール Polteageist M? (Ghost) "Pu'erh" - Teatime, Shadow Ball, Giga Drain, Nasty Plot
モガミ Thievul M (Dark) "Mogami" - Night Slash, Parting Shot, Taunt, Mud Shot
いしゅみーる Frosmoth F (Bug/Ice) "Izmir" - Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Ice Beam, Mist
ぬえ Dracozolt F? (Dragon/Electric) "Nue" - Bolt Beak, Ancient Power, Dragon Rush, Protect

バキ Grappleoct M (Fighting) "Baki" - Octolock, Octazooka, Detect, Superpower
チリメン Barraskewda M (Water) "Chirimen" - Laser Focus, Liquidation, Crunch, Poison Jab
あなと Eldegoss F (Grass) "Anat" - Rapid Spin, Synthesis, Leaf Tornado, Pollen Puff
しょう G.Rapidash F (Psychic/Fairy) "Shou" - Psycho Cut, Healing Pulse, Play Rough, Megahorn

Third Version
じゅね Inteleon F (Water) "June" - Snipe Shot, Work Up, Acrobatics, Shadow Ball
ロボットニク Orbeetle M (Psychic/Bug) "Robotnik" - Confuse Ray, Bug Buzz, Magic Room, Psychic
しょろとる Boltund F (Electric) "Xolotl" - Wild Charge, Dig, Nuzzle, Bulk Up
かまど Coalossal F (Fire/Rock) "Kamado" - Tar Shot, Heat Crash, Stone Edge, Stealth Rock
ビィ Appletun/Flapple M (Grass/Dragon) "Vee" - (Appletun) Apple Acid, Iron Defense, Dragon Pulse, Recover / (Flapple) Grav Apple, Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Leech Seed
アシュラ Grimmsnarl M (Fairy/Dark) "Ashura" - Spirit Break, False Surrender, Play Rough, Torment

ぱおみ Copperajah F (Steel) "Paomi" - High Horsepower, Heavy Slam, Superpower, Endure
ダンゴ Falinks M (Fighting) "Dango" - No Retreat, Megahorn, Close Combat, Bulk Up
ぺんぐ Eiscue F (Ice) "Pengu" - Freeze-Dry, Surf, Hail, Aurora Veil
スタッコ Runerigus M (Ground/Ghost) "Stucco" - Earthquake, Shadow Claw, Mean Look, Destiny Bond
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Who is using Eldegoss?
I plan to use it in Shield, at least for a time. I figure it ought to be available early, and I need a Grass-type to balance things out.


Do you know how early we'll see Ponyta ?
Hm... Glimwood Tangle is probably mid-game, I think? It's certainly not out the gate.


Call me Robert guys
Btw, do we know how early on we can get each of the new pokemon?? I like to have my 6 pokemon main team as soon as possible and it could effect my final team if one of them is found pretty late.