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Pokémon Sword & Shield Team Discussion Thread


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Moving any team discussion over to that thread.


So far I'm mostly sure I'm going to use Scorbunny, Corviknight, and Yamper. I'm waiting to see what Wooloo evolves into, if it evolves at all. I'll probably also use an Eeveelution, which one depends on if there's a new one, if they're all in the game (I imagine they will be), and what other Pokemon I get. Other than that I'm still waiting to see what else gets revealed.


I'm waiting to see what Wooloo evolves into, if it evolves at all.

Same here. Right now it's looking like just another Normal-type to me that might be found early in the games, so I'm not that interested in it. But assuming that it might become a dual type upon evolving if it even evolves at all, I might consider using it if it becomes something like Normal/Electric.


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I always just use new pokemon, trying to avoid older ones till a later playthrough.
- Sobble
- Eldegloss
- Wooloo

- Scorbunny/ Grookey (unsure which one, depends on the final evolution since i like both equally)
- Impidimp

Yamper might join the team if his evolution is interesting. The others are fine, but don't really speak to me :)
I too always use the new Pokemon for my first playthrough, so I'm going to have to wait to see more of what there actually is before making too many decisions.

I definitely want Drednaw because I've been waiting years for a snapping turtle Pokemon, and I might go with Impidimp because of its unique type combination, but other than that not much has really wowed me at this point. Corviknight is awesome but maybe just a bit too on the nose, and Wooloo and Yamper seem more like dex filler until I know what they evolve into (if they evolve at all).


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Before any of the Pokécuts were ever known to happen, I was planning on using a team of old favorites for Sword. This is a big step for me because for 7 Generations, I have never used an old Gen Pokémon on that current Gen's team. What I mean is my GSC teams only used 2nd Gen Pokémon, my RSE teams only used 3rd Gen Pokémon, etc. (exceptions included using Megas on my XY teams since all Megas were pre-6th Gen and Alolan forms on my Moon team as all Alolan Pokémon were 1st Gen). So I was actually looking forward to breaking my rule and building a Sword team with a few select 8th Gen entries around the following 4-6 Pokémon:


Now that cuts are confirmed (because of course when I actually decide to finally carry over old Pokémon and NOT "Ash" my team for once.....) my interests currently lie in:


Sobble due to my assumption it'll shape up to be similar to Greninja (if Greninja is cut) and Corviknight purely on aesthetics.

Jason White

Hard to say at the moment but I'm leaning towards

Umbreon is a must

Corviknight and Impidimp look cool. But there are still so many unrevealed Pokemon. I do tend to just go with the flow on my first playthrough but excited to see what's out there.


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There's too few new Pokemon to choose from at the moment, but I'll either be picking Grookey or Sobble for a starter.

Then for the rest of my team, there should always be one Bug and Fighting type. The rest is based on looks and appeal to me.


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My starter is Grookey (unless the evolution changes my mind)

Hopefuls: Deerling/Sawsbuck (absolute adore them)


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I'll be using all Gen 8 Pokemon too. I'll reserve final judgement until more Pokemon (and the starter evolutions) have been announced, but as of now I'll probably be going with:
- Scorbunny (depending on its final stage)
- Yamper (the goodest boy)
- Wooloo (depending on whether it evoles and what it evolves into)

I could also see myself using Eldegoss and Corviknight at some point. I'm not that fussed about Drednaw and Impidimp right now (although Impidimp feels like it could have a cool evolution).

Of course, this will all probably completely change by the time the games come out.


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Gonna abuse WonderTrade and start with all three starters as usual


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Usually Im lucky and got starters in SM and S2M2 pretty quick. ORAS, however was a way different story.


Usually Im lucky and got starters in SM and S2M2 pretty quick. ORAS, however was a way different story.
In Sun, I wanted to use both Rowlet and Litten, so i picked Rowlet and I caught a version exclusive (Passimian I think) and put it up for a Litten. This is likely what I’ll do again as I want to use both Sobble and Grookey


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Like many people, when a new generation comes out, I prefer to have my entire team composed of brand new Pokémon. Not sure which starter I’m going to pick until I see the final forms but I’m thinking my team will so far look something like the following:

1. Scorbunny/Sobble
2. Regional bird/Corviknight
3. Pseudo-legendary

Julia Artemis

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I'm obviously not sure yet as we know only like 1% of the Pokemon in the game. But almost 100% sure I'll use Eldegoss. It's probably going to be really strong especially with the Regenerator ability. My guess it'll be a bulkier Lilligant

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I'm waiting for more Pokemon to be revealed, so I don't have any confirmed members yet. However, I would like to use Sobble (unless Grookey's final evolution looks better) and Mew (if I can get the Pokeball Plus for a good price).

Other possible members would be Braviary, Wishiwashi, Wailord, Golisipod, Mimikyu, Mudsdale, Hydreigon, and Milotic


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1. Scorbunny. I've gone Fire every Gen since II (with the exception of Snivy) out of loyalty to my first starter, a Cyndaquil.
2. Corviknight, assuming I can get it early enough like you can with Skiddo
3. Ice-type (Hope there's a good one early game, they always come so late)
4. Eldegloss (I love Jumpluff and Floette, so, it's a perfect fit for me)
5. Probably the regional bird
6. Undecided