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Pokémon: The Return of Team Galactic (PG)- RPG Thread


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Pokémon: The Return of Team Galactic (PG)- RPG Thread

Pokémon: The Return of Team Galactic (PG)- RPG Thread (RESTARTED)

Other Important Threads:
Discussion Thread

A couple of years ago, I made this RPG on SPPf, but we never finished, so now I've decided to restart it. I've changed some things around to hopefully make it better.

Plot: It all happened 1 year ago. Lucas, a Pokemon trainer striving to be the best in Sinnoh and his sister, Dawn, striving to be the best Sinnoh co ordinater, took down Team Galactic. This event took place at Spear Pillar when the leader of Team Galactic, Cyrus, used his 2 Red Chains to summon both Dialga, the governor of time, and Palkia, the governor of space. Looker, a member of the International Police and Cynthia, the current Sinnoh Champion, were there to help. Former commanders, Mars and Jupiter, were there to help Cyrus. Things went wrong when a black hole appeared from the ground between Cyrus and the two Pokemon, Dialga and Palkia. From the black hole, Giratina had appeared. Giratina roams around as the only Pokemon in the Distortion World. The Distortion World is a place parallel to the human and Pokemon world. Giratina pulls Cyrus into the Distortion World and then Lucas, Dawn, Looker and Cynthia go on in. When they found Cyrus, Lucas and Dawn battled, and beat Cyrus. Giratina makes the realization not to stay mad since Cyrus will just stay in the Distortion World. Dialga and Palkia then go back to their respective dimensions.

But, that is what happened a year ago. Now, Cyrus is at the Distortion World, Mars and Jupiter are good girls now, Charon is arrested because of his actions at Stark Mountain, but people have reason to believe that Saturn will recreate Team Galactic although no one has seen him. Most people think that Team Galactic is gone forever; others believe that Team Galactic joined forces with other evil organizations, but Looker, Cynthia and Rowan all have reason to believe that Saturn has recreated Team Galactic. They do not know their current intentions now though. The three of them fear that Team Galactic has the same plan for a new world that involves a Pokemon far stronger than Dialga or Palkia. Cynthia is not accepting any Pokemon battles right now for people to steal her title of Sinnoh Champion until all of this is resolved.
Now, you are probably wondering where you come in. Well, Rowan is expecting new people to come for your starter Pokemon and so you guys can begin your journeys. Now that Lucas and Dawn are in a new region, they cannot help so these new people should help. You guys are to report to his lab in Sandgem Town at the Sinnoh Region to retrieve your starter Pokemon.

(Be sure to know what you are doing with your characters. Try to have your character(s) stick with other RPGers. Also, the events of this RPG take place in the year 2010 because it takes place after Platinum, which was released internationally in 2009. By the end, we'd be in the year 2013, so it lasts from 2010-2013.)

General Rules:
1. We are required to abide by all of the SPPf rules that relating to RPGs.
2. Under no circumstances can you argue with me, although you may point out mistakes NICELY.
3. You’ve got to stay active! I’m taking a lot of time to do this so don’t be rude by not being active! It’s a different story if you have a midterm in school or something, so arrange for someone to take over if something like that happens.
4. The RPG is rated PG so let’s keep it like that. No extreme violence or anything like that.
5. Don’t flame other members and don’t be an annoying troll.
6. Check the first post for some answers before asking questions.
7. Reply to VMs/PMs myself or other members of the RPG send you, especially if they are asking a question. It's rude if someone asks you a question and you don't reply.
7. Have fun!!

Sign Up Thread Rules:
1. Your Sign Ups are expected be up to par with what my criteria is expecting.
2. If this is your first RPG, you can Sign Up especially if it turns out to be good.
3. If you know that you won’t be active, I recommend that you not Sign-Up.
4. I’ll give you some chances if you mess up, especially if it is minor.
5. Reserves will last for exactly one month although I might extend it if there are 2 Sign Ups to be made.
6. Please don’t take forever. Sign Ups are not life projects. It could easily take you 2- 3 hours maximum if you put in the time.
7. The Sign Up thread will be used for questions relating to the RPG until the Discussion Thread is posted. I’ll make an announcement when the Discussion Thread is posted.
8. Don’t tell people if something is wrong with their Sign Ups unless if you are the mod, me or my Co-GM. (Which I don’t have)
9. Don’t argue with me about the qualifications containing the Sign Up. It’s MY RPG which pretty much has the qualifications that the SPPf RPG staff is looking for.
10. Don’t say that you’ll reserve, log off and never come back on SPPf or just not post in the RPG. Also, reply to my VMs and PMs.
11. It is recommended that you type the Sign Up on a word processor like Microsoft Word so you can check for grammatical mistakes and it makes life easier for you.
12. Your Sign Up must have great usage of punctuation marks, capitalization, etc.
13. Once the Discussion Thread and RPG Thread are posted, I’ll have a mod close the Sign Up Thread so that no annoying members post there and since it would be utterly useless when the Discussion and RPG Threads are posted in their respective locations.

RPG Thread Rules:
1. Only the accepted members, mods giving warnings (which should not happen) and I are allowed to post in the RPG Thread.
2. You are expected to stay active and post in the RPG contributing posts.
3. It is required by the SPPf RPG staff that all posts in the RPG thread should be at least 7 lines with very good description. At least make solid attempt with the description.
4. Your posts are expected to have great usage of punctuation marks, capitalization, etc.
5. Your Pokemon should not be too powerful early on unless if they are fully evolved Pokemon caught when you have 6 badges or something. Egg moves are allowed but not very strong Egg moves.
6. If you have 2 characters, they don't have to travel together, but please don't ignore one.
7. OOC (out of character) posts can be posted in the RPG thread although you must also have a post for the RPG as well otherwise the OOC post shall be posted in the Discussion Thread.
8. Please don’t make your characters feel like a master. For example, my characters are going to have horrible losing streaks. Try and make them lose at least 1 gym/a bunch of contests. (One co ordinater will win the Jubilife Contest, 1st contest location)
9. Don’t bash other character’s posts. Only the mods and I can post about posts that an RPGer makes if it does not fit the standards.
10. Bunnying is only allowed if the person whose character(s) you want to bunny allows it.
11. Have fun!

Discussion Thread Rules:
1. The Discussion Thread will be used for questions, concerns, comments, etc. regarding the RPG.
2. It is also recommend that you post some ideas for posts that you’ll do in the RPG like planned battles you have.
3. You are not allowed to post in the Discussion Thread if you are not a mod or an RPGer in my RPG.
4. Posts in the Discussion Thread are supposed to remain relevant to the RPG.
5. You can also post things like teams you want a gym leader to have so I can say if it is good enough or not.

About Gyms and the Sinnoh League:
The eight Sinnoh Region gyms are located in their game locations in that they are in Diamond and Pearl. Their teams can be reasonable Pokémon that are not their DPPt teams although you can’t do something like Volkner having Raikou. Their amount of Pokemon should be reasonable too.

Gym battles can be multiple posts to hold suspense, but 3 posts for 1 gym battle is the maximum. Showing a rival battling a gym leader can only be a maximum of 3 posts no matter what! If you must, your character can have it be a 4th post as well but try not to make that happen too often. Of course you can do 1 or 2 posts. We won’t leave a gym place until everyone has done their gym battle. You can have your rival or character beat a gym leader easily like Paul did with Maylene and Ash with Wake, but don’t make it frequent and early on.

Now, with the league, there are a total of 32/64/128 (will decide when I see how many trainers and rivals people will have) entrants in the Sinnoh League which is in the same location as in DPPt, north of Sunyshore City. We'll have to agree on what place we want people to get in the Sinnoh League later. You can only have a maximum of 4 rivals each. The Elite 4 Members can appear throughout the course of Sinnoh and can battle some RPGers if they want and even appear more than once. After the Sinnoh League, we'll all regroup somewhere and the RPG will end.

About Contests and the Grand Festival:
Unlike the anime, there are 4 ribbons for each co ordinater to collect. The locations are:
Jubilife City (1st visit)
Floaroma Town (1st visit)
Hearthome City (1st visit)
Solaceon Town (1st visit)
Celestic Town (1st visit)
RPG- Only Towns (Made up although you’ve got to tell me the location and whatnot beforehand which should be reasonable and after Jubilife City. I don’t want RPGers flying all around Sinnoh for a contest.)

Anyone can enter a contest, though they must get a contest pass and ribbon case (which are available at every contest hall, for convenience purposes). The Grand Festival will be held at Valor Lakefront. Basically, after beating TG, we are taken to Sunyshore City for the final badge and go to Valor Lakefront for the Grand Festival (there can be some contests in between) and then head to Lily of the Valley Island for the Sinnoh League. Any more contests shall get covered by then. 32/64/128 (will decide later) people enter with 16/32/64 people advancing past the appeal stage with them being rivals, RPG characters and NPCs. Each coordinator has a maximum of 4 rivals each. After the Grand Festival, we go to the league and the RPG ends.

You can use the same Pokémon throughout an entire contest. There will also be Double Performance contests, namely at the Grand Festival.

Team Galactic Appearances:
Team Galactic will be appearing quite a few times throughout the RPG. It's basically a free for all battle between us and the grunts/commanders. Here are their ONLY locations (with the Commander(s), if applicable):
Jubilife City (2nd visit) - 5 Grunts with 3 Zubats (15 Zubats in total). Looker appears afterwards and talks about Team Galactic.

Valley Windworks- Venus (Clefairy and Zubat) and Neptune (Riolu and Zubat) with 5 Grunts that have 3 Zubats each. Looker appears late.

Eterna City- A blue-haired man with a G on his shirt appears and looks at the statue of a Pokémon. (Arceus) No battling Team Galactic and the leader’s name is revealed later.

Veilstone City- Earth (Plusle, Minun and Golbat) 4 Grunts with 2 Golbats each. Everyone struggles but then, Looker shows up and helps out with his Pokemon.

Lake Valor- Uranus (Bronzor, Grotle and Golbat) 3 Grunts with 3 Golbats each. They capture Azelf. Looker appears late.

Lake Verity- Venus (Clefairy, Chansey and Golbat) and Neptune (Riolu, Prinplup and Golbat) with 4 grunts that have 2 Golbats and 1 Zubat each. We all lose. Looker appears late and Mesprit is captured.

Lake Acuity- Mercury(Magmar. Monferno and Golbat) and Earth (Plusle, Minun and Golbat) 3 Grunts with 2 Golbats each and 1 Zubat each. We get creamed. Uxie getting caught and Looker appearing late.

Fuego Ironworks- Team Galactic Leader ??? (Three shady Pokémon) We (including Cynthia) see Looker lose against the leader. The Leaders gets three Red Chains and leaves. (No battling. I’ll control Looker VS the Leader)

Spear Pillar- Mercury(Magmortar, Infernape and Golbat), Earth(Plusle, Minun and Golbat), Venus(Clefable, Blissey and Golbat), Neptune(Lucario, Empoleon and Golbat) and Uranus(Bronzong, Torterra and Golbat) Saturn(Alakazam, Toxicroak, Bronzong and Crobat) Looker and Cynthia battle Saturn. There are 5 commanders, so we'll organize who battles who later.

In the original, I had my characters battle the commanders and everyone else battles the grunts. I have changed that now, but if people don't mind, I could change it back. I just figured it would be more fair this way.

1. Torpoleon- Zach (Trainer) & Caroline (Co Ordinater) Accepted!
2. Purplepassion- Brielle (Coordinator) & Liam (Trainer) Accepted!
3. Double-oh-Platypus- Taylor (Trainer) & Ellie (Trainer/Coordinator) Accepted!
4. Mon1010- Leo (Coordinator) & Lily (Trainer) Accepted!
5. Krazy95- Danny (Trainer) & Tyler (Trainer) Accepted!
6. Morpher01- Elliot (Trainer & Coordinator) Accepted!
7. Slipomatic- Sherry (Trainer/Coordinator) Accepted!

9 Trainers & 6 Coordinators

Now for my RPG Post:

Zach & Caroline were walking to Sandgem Town together and were excited to get their starting Pokémon.

Both of them were walking very close to each other and Zach even grabbed Caroline's hand.

Caroline noticed this and giggled. "Aww, you wanna hold my hand? Fine by me."

Zach blushed. "I, uh, just want to keep you safe. That's all."

Caroline smiled. "I know that's not the real reason. You love me, don't you?"

"N-no!" Zach protested, letting go of her hand. "I don't love you! You're just my best friend. That's it. Nothing more."

He started walking a little bit faster than Caroline, causing her to have to catch up to him.

"Wait up, Zach!" She caught up to him and tried to grab his hand, but he wouldn't let her. "I'm really, really sorry for what I said. I didn't know that you don't like the truth being told to you. Now may I please hold your hand?" Caroline put on a puppy dog face to make Zach say yes.

Zach sighed. "You know my weakness, Caroline. Well, alright. We can hold hands, but can we please change the subject? You're my best friend, not my girlfriend."

Caroline smiled and glady took his hand. "So, judging from your cute shirt, I'm assuming your starter will be Piplup? Interesting choice. I'm choosing Chimchar, so you'll have to go extra easy on me for a while. Think you can do that?"

Zach looked at Caroline, almost mesmorized by her beauty. "Anything for you, Caroline."

Caroline giggled. "You're the best, Zach! Now let's go get our starters!"

Zach nodded and was tempted to pick her up and hug her. The 2 eventually reached Sandgem Town and immediately saw the lab. Zach let go of Caroline's hand and they entered the lab.

OK, guys! Let's be sure to get our starters and do whatever else we need to do here!
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Taylor Lightwood
Route 202
Current Team: Treecko
Badge Count: N/A

Ellie Toews
Route 202
Current Team: Pichu
Badge Count: N/A
Ribbon Count: N/A


A smirk crept onto Taylor's face as Ellie screamed, sending Starly scattering in all directions. She whirled around to face her companion, scowling fiercely and tossing her long blonde hair over her shoulder.

"Oh my God, Taylor," she huffed. "Grow up."

Taylor rolled his eyes, shoving his hands back into the pockets of his shorts. For the millionth time he wondered why he had agreed to let Ellie drag him across the entire region so they could take on some project for a guy who was too old to do it himself.

"It will be educational," Ellie had said on the train from Sunyshore. Taylor knew that that wasn't the real reason that they were going because Ellie had never been into grades the way that she was into basketball.

"What's this guy's name again?" Taylor asked, catching up to Ellie as she walked down the empty dirt path. For such a well-traveled route Taylor was surprised there wasn't anyone on it. There had always been people on Route 222 but out west on the lonely stretch of road from Jubilife City to Sandgem Town there wasn't anyone to be seen.

"Professor Rowan," Ellie replied. "Why don't you ever look up these things for yourself?"

"Because I have you," Taylor said, the fake sweetness dripping from his voice. He heard Ellie snort in response and ducked his head, smiling. As annoying as Ellie was, it was nice to be able to make her laugh.

The two traveled in relative silence, their eyes watching curiously as Pokemon sprinted from patches of grass or flew from trees. It made Taylor wonder whether or not he would catch any of them. Did he want a Starly? A Shinx crossed their path and Taylor considered the small dog-like Pokemon. It would be useful as a fully-evolved Luxray, but he wouldn't be particularly useful to Taylor at the first gym. Oreburgh specialized in rock-type Pokemon.

Their path through the wilderness finally gave way to a few houses and soon enough Taylor and Ellie were entering Sandgem Town. It was small, much smaller than what Taylor was used to after having lived in three cities over the course of his sixteen years.

"Where are we headed?" he drawled, glancing at Ellie.

"There," the girl replied, nodding towards a tall building with an assortment of fans and satellite dishes attached to the roof. "That's the professor's lab."

"Lab. Like, Frankenstein? Is this guy a mad scientist?" Taylor joked, following Ellie across the streets to the building.

"Just. Stop talking, Taylor. Please," Ellie said tiredly. She opened the door and headed inside. Despite the tone, however, Taylor knew that there was a faint smile tugging at the corners of Ellie's lips.


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Getting the Starters!

Sandgem Town, Sinnoh
Current Team: N/A
Badges: 0/8

Sandgem Town, Sinnoh
Current Team: N/A
Ribbons: 0/4

(OK, nice to see everything getting started. You guys can do what DOP & I are doing at the top of our posts to keep track of your characters progress. Also, OOC (out of character) posts go in parentheses or the Discussion Thread (which will probably be posted tomorrow or something.)

They entered the lab and were greeted by a man with blue hair, brown pants, a yellow shirt and large white lab coat over it. His name is Yuzo and he is Professor Rowan's assistant.

"Uh, hi! I'm Caroline and this is my friend, Zach." Caroline introduced herself and Zach. "We're here to get our starting Pokémon from Professor Rowan."

"Nice to meet you! My name is Yuzo and I am one of Professor Rowan's assistants. I will go and get him right away."

A moment later, a large man with white hair and a brown lab coat appeared, wheeling in a table with 3 Poké Balls on it. These must be the starters! Caroline squealed when she saw the 3 Poké Balls.

"Ah yes, hello. I am Professor Rowan. You two are?" Professor Rowan introduced himself to the two kids.

"You see, professor," Yuzo explained to him. "They are Zach & Caroline and are here to receive their Pokémon.

Professor Rowan nodded. "Very well. Here they are." One by one, he opened each of the Poké Balls and out popped Piplup, Chimchar & Turtwig.

"Wow, they look so amazing!" Caroline said in excitement as she moved towards the table and looked at the Pokémon. Zach was very interested, but was somewhat embarrassed with the way she was acting.

"You may pick which ever one you want. You can have a moment to think as I go and get your Pokédexes and Poké Balls. Any preference of Pokédex color?"

"Pink, please," Caroline requested.

"Red," Zach said.

The professor and his assistant left the 2 alone with the Pokémon.

They moved up to the table to get a closer look at the starters. Turtwig looked a little shy and was standing away from Piplup & Chimchar. Caroline giggled and nudged Turtwig closer to Chimchar. Piplup noticed this and hit Turtwig with Peck.

"Whoa, what a powerful attack!" Zach picked up Piplup, who tried to use Peck on Zach, but failed.

Caroline smiled. "Turtwig & Chimchar are so cute. I wonder if they are in love!" She placed her hands on the table and then Turtwig stepped on them. Caroline screamed out in pain, but shook it off.

"Well, it looks like Turtwig might be a girl, Chimchar too," Zach said, still holding Piplup, who had calmed down.

Caroline sighed and ignored Turtwig as she picked up Chimchar. Piplup seemed happy. Just then, Professor Rowan came back.

"Here are your Poké Balls and Pokédexes. Have you two reached a decision?" Professor Rowan asked, handing them their items.

Zach & Caroline nodded and put their Pokédexes in their bags and Poké Balls on their belts. "I'm taking Piplup and Caroline is taking Chimchar," Zach said.

Professor Rowan nodded and noticed Turtwig get sad. "Don't worry, you'll get chosen eventually."

He turned to the kids and nodded, "Good choices. Here are their Poké Balls. Now, have fun and watch out. I've heard of Team Galactic possibly returning."

The two nodded, ignoring the last part. They put their starters' Poké Balls on their belts, thanked the professor and ran outside.

Outside, they noticed two girls walking to the lab. "Hello, have fun in there!" Caroline called out to them and made her way to a bench with Zach.

The two sat right next to each other and introduced themselves to their Pokémon.

"Oh, I almost forgot something," She managed to take out a pink bow tie from her jeans pocket and placed it on the top of Chimchar's head. "Perfect!"

Piplup seemed to like it and moved over to Chimchar to say hi, who said hi back. They both seemed to be friends.

Zach sighed. "Wow, really? Well, anyways, let's check our Pokémoin's moves!" He couldn't believe that him and Caroline got their first Pokémon and were about to go on a journey!

Zach's Piplup: Pound, Peck & Bubble
Caroline's Chimchar: Scratch & Ember

"Ha, I have better moves!" Zach said like a little kid.

"Aww, that's not nice! You should be supportive of me. I know I'd support you," Caroline replied and gave him a little wink.

Zach blushed and then came up with an idea. "Want to find some Pokémon on Route 202?"

Caroline nodded. "Sure, we can split up."

Right when she said split, Zach said," No!"

"What, why? Are you worried about me? You're such a sweetie pie to me, Zachy!! But, can we still split up?" She smiled and was going to hug Zach before she decided not to.

Zach just sat there and blushed like crazy when she called him Zachy. He managed to nod as Caroline got up, gave him a wink and went into Route 202.

Zach sat there, just thinking, and was soon brought back to Earth by Piplup's Pound. "Sorry about that, Piplup! Let's head to Route 202 also!" Him and his starter then headed into the route as well.


What'd you say?
Elliot/Jason Trey
Route 202
Badge Count: 0
Ribbon Count: 0

A gentle wind blew through the pathway just north of Sandgem Town. Some trainers passed through as they trekked to Professor Rowan's laboratory, where starter Pokemon would be given out to beginning trainers. Some were excited, others simply viewed it as a mundane task.

Elliot saw it as the first phase of his plans.

"Let me see," Elliot said to himself, flipping through his notepad while leaning on a tree outside Sandgem Town. "Father's starter was an Infernape...agile yet powerful, capable of executing hard and fast attacks. Which means that the ideal starter for he who shall fell Father would be a Pokemon with not just a type advantage, but a capability to resist those attacks."

He turned the page, revealing a sheet where the names of every possible starter Pokemon was listed. All the Grass-types, from Bulbasaur to Snivy, had an "X" drawn through their names. Cyndaquil, Torchic, and Tepig were crossed out as well. Charmander shared this fate as well, with the words "too slow" written next to it. Thus, the Water-type starters remained.

"Now, which shall it be?" Elliot continued, tapping his pencil against his chin. "Squirtle, Totodile, Mudkip, Piplup, or Oshawott...? Which would best suit my purposes?"

His brown eye twitched, and his face donned an unpleasant sneer.

"Why don't we just take all of them?" the Jason persona said, distinguished from the cultured voice of Elliot by a gruffer and harsher tone. "We'd trouce him!"

The blue eye twitched, and Elliot evidently returned to dominance.

"We can only take one starting Pokemon, unfortunately," Elliot explained to himself. "As such, this decision must be made carefully."

He looked down at the names, and after a pensive moment, he smirked.

"Well, why not?" Elliot said, drawing a circle around Piplup's name. "Steel-type aside, it will be most fitting to destroy Father with a starting Pokemon from his own region. Best to go with the one that has a type advantage. Besides, if it can be trained well enough, it can overcome its weakness to Fighting-types with little difficulty."

He stuffed the notepad into his pocket, barely caring that it slightly stuck out.

"Well, now," Elliot smirked, casually flicking a few of his bangs out of his face, "shall we proceed?"

He made his way into Sandgem Town, ignoring any exiting trainers, and visualized his father's Infernape lying battered and beaten before a mighty Empoleon. A sinister cheshire grin crept across his face.

Oh, it would be glorious.
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Catching Pokémon!

Route 202, Sinnoh
Current Team: Piplup
Badges: 0/8

Route 202, Sinnoh
Current Team: Chimchar
Ribbons: 0/4

(Not going to post moves form the Pokédex anymore so I wont waste any more time/. After they get their Pokémon, Zach & Caroline will be battling some old friends and hopefully interact with everyone's characters here.)

"OK, let's go find some Pokémon, Chimchar!" Caroline exclaimed as she held her starter in her arms. Chimchar nodded in agreement.

Caroline searched around for something good. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to catcher eye. Just your basic run-of-the-mill Pokémon such as Bidoof, Starly, Rattata & Patrat.

"For god's sake, where are the interesting Pokémon?" She slapped her hands on her jeans and sighed as she continued looking.
"Let's see if we can find some interesting Pokémon, right, Piplup? Maybe we'll do better than Caroline & Chimchar!" Zach said out loud as his starter, who was following on foot, nodded.

A few seconds into them walking in the route, they noticed a small red Pokémon walking around. "A Magby!" Zach called out. The Magby heard this and started running.

"You're not going to get away from me! Piplup, use Pound and follow up with Bubble!" Zach commanded.

The blue penguin caught up with Magby and as his flipper glowed, he hit into Magby hard and shot bubbles from his mouth, which penetrated hard onto Magby.

"Awesome, go Poké Ball!" Zach yelled as he took a Poké Ball from his belt and threw it at Magby. The ball hit Magby, who was consumed in a ray of white light. The ball shook several times before a ping sound was heard. Zach caught his first Pokémon!

"Wow, I just caught my first Pokémon! I wonder if Caroline is doing," Zach said as he took the ball and placed it on his belt.
"Ugh, I can't find anything good!" Caroline yelled.

Just then, Misdreavus was floating by and caught Caroline's eye.

"Chimchar, use Scratch," Caroline ordered.

At first, Chimchar was confused, but still did the attack. Unfortunately, Normal type moves don't affect Ghost types, but Caroline wasn't going to let this opportunity slip through her fingers!
"Wow, what a lucky break! Let's see if I can get one more Pokémon! Maybe a Grass type....." Zach started thinking of that idea and then a Budew jumped out of a nearby bush.

"This is awesome! Piplup, use Peck!" Zach was ecstatic now. Piplup hit Budew hard with Peck.

Budew didn't seem to be putting up a fight, but Zach shrugged and threw a Poké Ball anyways. The ball captured Budew and now he had 3 Pokémon.

He exited the route with the Pokémon he had and noticed Caroline was not at the bench they agreed to meet up at. "I hope Caroline is OK," Zach said in his mind as he went to the Pokémon Center to heal his team and pass the time.
"Ugh, this is so stupid! I forgot that Scratch wont affect it! Chimchar, hit it with Ember!" Caroline facepalmed and then ordered the attack.

Chimchar hit with Ember and then Misdreavus countered with Psywave, hitting the little fire monkey very hard. It then fired a Confuse Ray attack at Chimchar.

"Dodge it and then use Ember again!" Caroline ordered.

Chimchar nodded and skillfully moved out of the way of the incoming attack before launching another Ember at Misdreavus. The attack hit hard and Caroline threw a Poké Ball at it. The ball shook before a ping sound was heard, meaning Caroline caught her first Pokémon.

She breathed a sigh of relief and headed to the Sandgem Pokémon Center to heal her team. She noticed Zach sitting at the bench, but went to the center first.

After having her team healed, she went to the back of the bench and covered Zach's eyes. "Guess who?" She asked.

"Uhhhh......." Zach said, confused. "Mom?"

Caroline sighed. "You're such a silly goose sometimes, Zach! It's me, your best friend, Caroline!" She sat next to him on the bench.

"I just caught a Magby & Budew with ease. How'd you do?" He asked her, happy she is safe.

"Oh.....I didn't have much good luck. I struggled to find a good Pokémon, but did manage to find a Misdreavus," Caroline explained.

Zach clapped and said, "Great job! I'm so proud of you!" He blushed at his own words.

Just then, two very familiar childhood friends to Zach & Caroline approached them.


What'd you say?
Elliot/Jason Trey
Sandgem Town
Badge Count: 0
Ribbon Count: 0

Elliot slipped into the lab, stopping for a moment to examine his surroundings. There were several people in lab coats, some being assistants while one being Professor Rowan himself. Regardless, at least one of them could lead him to the starters. He gave an intentional cough, drawing the attention of the professor himself.

"Ah, hello there," Rowan said. "I believe you're the third trainer today who is here for their starting Pokemon."

"Indeed," Elliot said. "Now, I already have a Pokemon in mind. Could you show me the one called Piplup?"

"Well, a boy came in here and took Piplup as his starter," Rowan began, but he trailed off upon seeing Elliot's reaction.

Piplup had been TAKEN before he got here.

How DARE he be denied a crucial part of his plans!

His brown eye began to twitch, as did his hands. His breaths became ragged, and Jason threatened to burst out and threaten Rowan.

"Er...are you all right?" Rowan asked. "We do have extras."

The dark-haired boy's blue eye twitched, and his Elliot persona returned. He took a deep breath and straightened his suit. The fact that he had nearly destroyed his chances of acquiring a starting Pokemon had not escaped him.

"May I take one of the extra Piplups?" Elliot asked politely.

"Certainly, young man," Rowan nodded. One of his assistants came forth and handed Elliot a Pokeball. The boy opened it, and out came the small blue penguin.

"Piiiip-lup!" chirped Piplup, stretching itself as it took in the fresh air.

"Ah, yes...this will do nicely," Elliot grinned. "Thank you kindly, Professor. Return."

Elliot recalled Piplup, and after giving Rowan a somewhat flamboyant bow, left the laboratory. If the professor was suspicious of him at this point, he did not care. He got what he wanted, and that was all that mattered.

Upon exiting the lab, he saw several children roughly his age gathered aorund a bench. These children, he noticed, were trainers as well. Elliot smirked.

Perhaps it was time to give his new Piplup a test run.


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(OOC: If it doesn’t matter to anyone, I am going to write my posts in first person, alternating between whose perspective it is. The person who is talking with be bolded. )

Ian Blackwood
Sandgem Town
Badge Count: 0

Sandgem Town
Badge Count: 0

I smirked slightly; it was finally time to start my journey. I flicked a quick glance Emily’s way, and was unsurprised to see her smiling openly. I shook my head, thoroughly confounded by her attitude, as usual.

Sandgem Town was fairly basic, with nothing really major. I picked out the Pokémon center, a store, and a laboratory building quickly, and made mental map of the town. Emily however, wasn’t about to let me stand around and take in the scenery.

“Don’t we have to get pokedex’s and Pokéballs Ian?” She asked, shaking me out of my thoughts. I nodded slightly.

“Yeah, we are supposed to meet some Professor Rowan fellow, and get everything we need. I gestured towards the lab. “I would start looking for him there.” Emily just smiled at me, before starting off towards the lab. I shook my head, before following her. Emily never ceased to confound me, despite the fact I had known her for years, and that we had been dating for at least two of those years.

We entered the lab, and were greeted by an assistant. “Welcome. Are you here for your starter Pokémon?” I couldn’t help smirking a bit, but I allowed Emily to answer.

“Nope, we have our Pokémon, we are just here for Pokéballs, and the Pokedex.” She told the young man, who nodded.

“Very well, I follow me.” We followed him back to a table, where an older man was standing. “Professor, these two are here for the Pokedex, and Pokéballs.” The man, who I correctly guessed to be Professor Rowan, arched an eyebrow.

“Already have your own Pokémon, hm…interesting.” I shrugged and Emily grinned. “Might I inquire as to what Pokémon you have with you?” I inclined my head slightly.

“I have a Larvesta, who has been with me for years.” I replied evenly, accepting the Pokedex, and Pokéballs the professor offered me. Emily accepted hers while telling the professor that she had a Ditto, which amused him for some reason. I nodded farewell to the professor and exited the building Emily right behind me. STeppign outside, I put the Pokedex in my backpack, along with the Pokéballs. Emily put her things in the backpack she had as well.

“What do you say we go try and find some new Pokémon?” I asked her. Emily smiled brilliantly at me, before taking off towards Route 202. I shook my head, and raced after her.


Eon Collector
Sherry Wilson
Sandgem Town

Current Team – Zorua
Badges – 0
Ribbons – 0

I really got lost after docking in Twinleaf town. Thankfully, when I left the quiet town, there was a sign that pointed in the direction I needed to go to reach Sandgem Town. I had to battle a wild brown pokemon with teeth sticking out of its mouth with zorua, relying on luck as I didn’t know what moves zorua knew. What I did learn from that short battle was that my zorua did know scratch attack. I also learned while on the ship ride here was that my zorua could transform and look like other pokemon and even humans, which somewhat fascinated me, but made it hard to keep an eye on that mischievous pokemon. I didn’t like small towns so much as it was way too quiet and you would end up knowing just about everyone in town. I sighed as I stopped by the pokemon center to get directions to the pokemon lab. Why is it that everyone that wanted to be a trainer had to go to the professor of that region and get a pokedex from them. Personally, I wouldn’t want a pokedex as it removed the fun of figuring out the pokemon, but at the same time, I kind of needed it as I knew next to nothing about this region.

I eventually arrived at the lab which looked okay, but wasn’t anything like Professor Oaks lab. I was lucky that no other trainer was at the lab as I walked in and was greeted by one of the assistants. I sighed as the assistant asked if I was here to pick up a starter pokemon. I mentally sighed as I saw that the assistant hadn’t even bothered to even look and see if I had pokeballs on me. Actually scratch that, how did he not see the lone pokeball that sat on my necklace. I grumbled slightly and said, “No, I already have a pokemon, I’m just here because I need to pick up a pokedex and pokeballs from the professor.”

The assistant sighed and motioned for me to follow him and I did and soon met up with the professor who looked intimidating to me with that stern look on his face. He looked at me with a frown before stating the obvious, “So… you have a pokemon already. Might I be enlightened on what pokemon it is?”

I replied a bit shakily as he intimidated me, “I-I have a z-zorua. I also need to r-request for information on zorua as I-I don’t know much a-about my pokemon.”

The professor mumbled a bit to himself before nodding and said, “Well, I can make an exception for you. You’ll get your pokeballs and pokedex that will have information on zorua and zoroark. Might I inquire as to why you don’t know much about your pokemon?”

I blushed a bit, stammering my reply out while mentally kicking myself, “I-I C-come from K-Kanto s-sir. I-I have n-never even heard of Unova.”

He nodded and gave me a few pokeballs and the slightly modified pokedex and said, “Well, I wish you good luck.”

I left as quickly as possible, not really wanting to stay there any longer than necessary as he scared me and I had embarrassed myself with stuttering. Today just wasn’t my day.


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Taylor Lightwood
Sandgem Town
Current Team: Treecko
Badge Count: N/A

Ellie Toews
Sandgem Town
Current Team: Pichu
Badge Count: N/A
Ribbon Count: N/A

A cool blast of air greeted Taylor and Ellie as they stepped into the laboratory. All around them people bustled about, clipboards gripped in their hands and Poke Balls lining their belts. Taylor pulled Ellie aside as a couple teenagers around their age exited the lab, followed quickly by a younger looking girl.

"This is crazier than high school," Taylor muttered, his eyes tracking one lady in a lab coat as she examined an egg locked safely inside a glass container. Machines appeared to be hooked up to the glass and the lady was copying down the information that the machines spat out.

Ellie opened her mouth to reply but was interrupted by someone approaching them.

"Great, more eager trainers wanting to get their first Pokemon."

A tall, thin man dressed in a strange orange jump suit hurried up to them. His round-rimmed glasses slid down his nose as he came to a halt in front of the two teenagers. "Let me guess: here for your first Pokemon?"

Taylor shook his head. "Got ours," he said, holding up the Poke Ball that contained his Treecko. Ellie held up her own Poke Ball as well and Taylor did not fail to notice the way it wobbled in her hand. From experience, the hockey player knew that when Ellie kept her Pichu in its Poke Ball for too long it got cranky and bratty. It would no doubt need to get let out as soon as they left the lab.

The man in the orange jump suit rolled his eyes. "You and just about everyone else that's come into the lab," he muttered. His glasses slipped down his nose again and he pushed at them impatiently. "What're you here for then?"

"I contacted Professor Rowan about a week ago," Ellie supplied. "I signed us up for his Poke Dex program."

"The what?" Taylor asked. Ellie had definitely failed to mention exactly what they were doing for the professor before they left Sunyshore.

The assistant sighed. "Listen, I don't have all day," he said, "but the Poke Dex program is an education program set up by Professor Rowan and his colleagues around the world. The Poke Dex, originally designed by Professor Oak from Kanto, is a device that stores knowledge about the Pokemon of Sinnoh. As you encounter these Pokemon on your travels, the Poke Dex helpfully supplies you with information. This information is vital to Professor Rowan's research, but because he is so busy here at the lab, he often sends out young individuals such as yourselves to collect the data for him. We've had several youngsters come in today to collect their Poke Dexes and a few for their first Pokemon so we're already behind in our work. If you'll excuse me for a moment, however, I will grab your Poke Dexes and a few Poke Balls for you and then you can be on your way."

Taylor was pretty sure that the man muttered something rude under his breath as he hurried away, but he didn't mention anything. Instead, he turned to Ellie and said, "Why did you sign us up for this?"

A faint tinge of pink fluttered across Ellie's cheekbones. It was an action that Taylor didn't see often and he felt a bit taken aback.

"My mum made me," Ellie replied. "She said if I was going to take a year off of schooling then I would need to make the trip educational."

"Good job, Ellie," Taylor drawled as the man in the orange jump suit wove his way back through the crowded lab towards them. "You're first adventure as an independent trainer and you let your mum taint it with a school project."

"It's not a school project!" Ellie retorted as she accepted the pink Poke Dex from the assistant. Taylor's was red in contrast and he shoved it into his back pocket until he could get a chance to drop it into the recesses of his backpack, never to see the light of day again.

"I'd give you a quick lesson on how to operate the Poke Dex, but as I said before, we're terribly busy," the man said, pushing once again at his glasses. "But you teenagers are so good with technology today. I'm sure you'll figure it out." He took Ellie by the elbow and yanked on her arm until the basketball player complied and followed him to the door.

"As much as I'd like to stay and chat, I'm very busy. Please have a safe and pleasant journey and feel free to contact the lab whenever you have something interesting to report. Now good-bye!" He shoved Ellie rather forcefully out the door and glared at Taylor until the hockey player got the message that he should follow after his companion. He gave a quick salute to the assistant and ran out the door and back into the sunshine.

Outside, Ellie was grumbling under her breath, straightening the sleeve of her three-quarter sleeve shirt where the man had rumpled it.

"I have the distinct feeling we weren't really welcome there," Ellie said.

Taylor rolled his eyes. "You don't say?"

"Whatever," Ellie retorted. She tugged the Poke Ball off of her back pack strap where it was clipped and let it fly through the air. A flash of brilliant white light exploded from it and in the next instant, a small yellow and black mouse-like Pokemon was standing next to Ellie.

"Pi!" it cried, scampering up her leg and around her torso to get to her shoulder.

"Right then," Taylor said, tugging at his own backpack straps to ensure that his bag was secure. "Let's get on our way, eh? I'm itching to catch myself another Pokemon!"
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(Huh, it's up already? Anyway, just so no one's confused, the first part in italics is part of the stories written in Brielle's journal.)

Brielle Tenner
Route 202/Sandgem Town
Current Team: Duskull
Ribbons: ---

Liam Withers
Route 202/Sandgem Town
Current Team: Ducklett
Badges: ---

'The trio, having recovered their memories, narrowed their options down to two choices: get out, or die trying. Their guardian's inventions lay before them, all ready for use. With looks of determination, the trio reached for them...'

"Hey, what're you writing now?" an enthusiastic voice asked over Briellle's shoulder. With a yelp, she snapped her journal closed. Liam laughed, and said, "Aw, come on, Brielle. If you're not gonna show anyone else, at least show me!"

The girl shook her head and adjusted her hat. "No, absolutely not. It's a dumb story anyway, okay?" The two neighbors were walking towards Sandgem Town, having gotten off the train's last stop - Jubilife City. They'd left the city as quick as they could, not wanting to waste any more time than necessary.

"Anything with cool gadgets can't be a dumb story," Liam argued, looking at the Pokemon perched on his raised arm. "Right, Ducklett?"

"Duck-lett," the flying-type agreed, sending Brielle a kind expression. She stared back, before putting her journal under her arm.

Before long the only audible sounds were the crunching of the grass below them and the cries of the Pokemon nearby. Displeased with this near-silence, Liam tried to continue chatting with his neighbor and friend. "So, what color Pokedex are you getting? You know, since apparently they come in different colors and all."

"Blue," was Brielle's nonchalant reply. "If they have it, of course."

"Cool," said Liam. "...I might get a white or a black one, if those are available." Of course, Brielle gave him a short answer and kept walking in silence. No doubt about it, she was lost in thought again. Then again, when wasn't she? Liam thought to himself, laughing inwardly. The bird fanatic amused himself by examining the soaring Starly in the sky.

They walked until Liam noticed the entrance to Sandgem Town where nature began to make way for the various houses. With the arm he didn't have acting as a perch, he pointed towards the area, grinning. "Hey, why don't we race to the lab?" he asked her, before deciding to run off anyway. His Ducklett flew off in the same direction. A surprised Brielle soon composed herself and gave chase; together the two headed towards the town's laboratory, a tall building that was almost impossible to miss.

Being the more agile of the two, Liam arrived first. Brielle caught up shortly after, panting slightly. "Next time, at least tell me if you'd like to race," Brielle said, sending her friend a glare. "But anyways. Shall we?" She opened the door, and walked inside. The laboratory was filled with people walking and talking, along with others experimenting on various Pokemon. A duo, seemingly older than the other two, were just escorted out of the building with equipment of their own.

"My, seems like there are more aspiring trainers by the minute!" an older assistant in a lab coat said, with an amused look on his face. Brielle walked up to him. "Here for your starter Pokemon, I assume?"

Brielle shook her head. "We just need, um, Pokeballs and Pokedexes." The assistant nodded.

"I must apologize, but Professor Rowan is busy at the moment. You know how it is with kids starting their journeys. I suppose I should give you the essentials instead." The man walked over to a table, handing them each Pokedexes of the color they wanted, and a set of five Poke Balls. "Say, what are you starting with, if not the ones assigned here? I see that young man is using a Ducklett."

"Er, I'm using a Duskull," said Brielle, glancing towards her backpack, where the Pokeball was kept inside.

"Interesting, interesting..." the scientist said, thinking for a moment. "Well, why don't you two run along now, then? You don't want to waste time, do you?" Brielle nodded, and with that she exited the lab, Liam soon walking out behind her.

"First order of business; start battling people," said Liam, his Ducklett flying by his side. "Why don't we split up for a while? If you don't want to battle, of course.

Brielle thought for a moment, before nodding and smiling slightly. "I guess I'll need to catch something before I rush into battles like you're doing." With the plan to regroup in a few minutes, Liam walked off in search of any opponents. His neighbor, on the other hand, took off her backpack and zipped it open. Putting her journal back inside, she took out the sole Pokeball and opened it.

"Well, Duskull," she said to the floating Pokemon in front of her, "let's go."
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Billy Mays

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Max Summers
Sandgem Town
Current Team: N/A
Badges: N/A
Ribbons: N/A

After a short walk I reached Sandgem town. Thankfully Sendgem is just south of Jublife, so it takes barely any time at all to get there. I looked around the town, then quicky located the lab.

When I entered the lab, it looked like the place was pretty busy. Apparently, I wasn't the only one starting my journey today. I walk up to an assistant and ask, "Do you know where Professor Rowan is?"

"Ah, another Trainer! Are you here for your first Pokemon, or are you just here to say hi?" The assistant said. He seemed a little tired, which wouldn't surprise me.

"Yeah. I'm here for my first Pokemon." I thought for a moment and spoke again. "And also a Pokedex and Pokeballs."

"Of course, right this way." He led me over to a shelf with several balls on them.

"I heard of a Pokemon called Chimchar, so you have one of those?" I asked, pretty sure I already knew the answer.

"Of course, we have a couple Chimchar. Is that your choice?" The assistant asked, picking up one of the Pokeballs.

"Yeah. Just a question, what colors do Pokedexes come in?"

The assistant handed him the ball, then said, "All kinds. Blue, Cyan, Pink, Green, Red, Dark Red-"

I interrupted him before he could continue speaking. "Dark Red please."

"Alright, I'll be right back." The assistant walked away and began searching through some cabinets. I looked down at the Pokeball in my hand. This held my first Pokemon, the first of many I'd get. I began to think about what Pokemon I'd get in the future, there are so many in the world, the possibilities are almost limitless...

"And here you go. One Dark Red Pokedex, and five Pokeballs." He handed me the Pokedex and the balls, which I put into my pocket.

Not wanting to waste any time, I immediately bid the assistant farewell and made my way outside. I held up the ball of my new Pokemon, and threw it.

"Go Chimchar!" Man I've always wanted to do that.

The Chimchar emerged from the ball, looking somewhat tired. From the looks of it he had been in the ball for awhile.

"You ready to go?"

The Chimchar yawned lazily and answered with a small "Char..."

"I'll take that as a yes. But first, you need a name. How about...Riki."

"Char." Riki put more into saying that, so it sounded like he was agreeing with me.

"Alright Riki, let's head out!" I began to make my way out to Route 202 with Riki in tow. Now that I thought about it, I wasn't really sure what I was going to do now that my journey has started. But first thing's first, I'm going to find another Pokemon to battle.


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Zach VS Chad & Caroline VS Chelsea!

Sandgem Town, Sinnoh
Current Team: Piplup, Magby & Budew
Badges: 0/8

Sandgem Town, Sinnoh
Current Team: Chimchar & Misdreavus
Ribbons: 0/4

(I PMed a mod about a discussion thread for the RPG, so hopefully we'll have one today, if not, tomorrow!)

One of the people who showed up was an 11 year old boy was a black t-shirt, black pants and brown boots. The other was an 11 year old girl who had on a black hoodie and black sweatpants, as well as black boots.

"It's Chad!" Zach called out.

"And Chelsea," Caroline added.

Chad & Chelsea nodded in agreement. "Look what we have here. The Twinleaf Town Lovebirds. So you two have just started your journey or something?" Chad said.

Zach nodded. "We just got our starters and caught some Pokémon." Chelsea waved at Zach, who just sighed and waved at her.

Caroline looked a little jealous at that and asked, "What are you two doing here?"

"We figured you guys would be starting your journey now and decided to come here to battle you two. Just like how Zach is Chad's rival from trainer's school and you are my rival, Caroline, that's how the battling will be," Chelsea explained.

Zach & Caroline looked at each other and nodded. "Fine by us. I have 3 Pokémon and Caroline has two."

Caroline moved closer to Zach and said, "Good luck. I hope you win." Zach wished the same thing for her.

"Ha, look! The two lovebirds are probably going to kiss," Chad mocked Zach & Caroline, just like in the old days.

"Smoochie-smoochie," Chelsea chimed in, making kissing noises.

Zach & Caroline blushed and Caroline said, "Stop it! We're just best friends, not boyfriend & girlfriend." She patted Zach on the back and went with Chelsea to an open area of Sandgem Town. Zach left with Chad to a different open area.
"So, 3 on 3?" Zach asked as he took a Poké Ball from his belt and threw it into the air, revealing Budew.

Chad nodded and thought this would be an easy fight. He brought out his Bibarel.

"I'll go first! Budew, use Bullet Seed!" Zach commanded, ready to get the battle going.

Chad smirked. "Counter that with Ice beam and then finish with Aqua Tail."

Budew shot several seeds from her mouth, but Bibarel shot a beam of ice from his mouth, which penetrated the seeds and hit Budew very hard, sending her flying. Bibarel's appeared watery and as he jumped in the air and was aiming to hit Budew.

"Budew, get out of there!" Zach yelled just as Budew managed to get out of the way. "Use Absorb and then Bullet Seed once more!"

Bibarel's health got sapped slightly from Absorb and then Budew gained some strength. This didn't seem to faze Chad too much.

"Before it can fire another Bullet Seed, end this with Iron Tail!" Chad commanded calmly.

Due to still having pretty low energy, it took some time for Budew to get ready for Bullet Seed, so Bibarel's tail changed to a metallic color and slammed into Budew. The attack managed to knock out Budew.

"Ha, now you just lost one Pokémon!" Chad taunted as Zach recalled his fainted Budew.
"This seems like a good spot, don't you think, Chels?" Caroline asked Chelsea, who rolled her eyes, but nodded anyways. Caroline sighed and brought out her Misdreavus.

Chelsea brought out a Murkrow and began the battle. "Use Sucker Punch,"

Murkrow flew to Misdreavus with such great speed that neither Caroline nor Misdreavus could see it and Misdreavus sustained a lot of damage.

"No fair, I wasn't ready! Now I am though. Misdreavus, use, uh.....Mean Look?" Caroline wasn't the best at battling and didn't have to time to memorize all of Misdreavus' moves.

Unfortunately, Mean Look was absolutely useless because it just meant Chelsea couldn't switch out until Misdreavus was defeated. Caroline sighed and Chelsea facepalmed. Caroline quickly tried to recall her Misdreavus.

"Such ignorance. Murkrow, finish it with Pursuit," Chelsea ordered.

Just as the red light from the Poké Ball was heading to Misdreavus, Murkrow speedily hit it and knocked it out.

"Wow, you're such a meanie, but let's see you beat my starter! Go Chimchar!" Caroline threw another ball in the air as she put away Misdreavus' ball and revealed Chimchar.
Brielle Tenner
Route 202
Current Team: Duskull
Ribbons: ---

Liam Withers
Sandgem Town
Current Team: Ducklett
Badges: ---

The ever-eager Liam paced around the small town, taking in the surroundings. It was pleasant enough, and reminded him of Solaceon, which he took to be a good thing. There was a Pokemon Center, a shop, and a couple of houses; things he was sure he wouldn't need now. He continued his search for trainers as he walked along the town's streets, before encountering a small group. There were four kids around a bench already engaged in battles of their own, with a boy staring in the background.

Liam glanced at the Ducklett beside him. "Ready for your first battle?" he asked her, and the Ducklett nodded back eagerly. "All right, let's go see if that boy over there is a trainer first. I doubt those kids want to be interrupted!"


Brielle had retraced her steps and walked back onto Route 202, in search of a potential catch. She stopped at the exit of the town, and examined the area carefully. In the route's tall grass hid the ordinary Bidoof, Pokemon she'd seen all the time when walking past the Day Care. There were Shinx and Starly, as well, but Brielle took no interest to those. She was going to find something uncommon on the route, even if it took all of her time to do so.

She took a step into the tall grass, scaring away some more of the common Pokemon. Still nothing, she thought with a sigh, and decided to walk further on. Nothing but Bidoof and Starly, it seemed- until she heard Duskull call behind her. It seemed that the ghost had found something interesting after all - a Cottonee. "Oh!" exclaimed Brielle, walking up to her Pokemon quickly. "Thank you," she said, before deciding to catch the Cottonee.


It was decided; Liam was going to ask the boy in the background for a battle. He walked up to the boy, clad in a pinstripe suit, and asked, "Hey, are you another new Pokemon Trainer?" Hopefully, the answer was yes.


A quick inspection of the Pokedex taught Brielle that her Duskull only knew Night Shade and Astonish. No matter; it was good enough for her. "Okay, now, use Astonish on that Cottonee," Brielle ordered, and the Cottonee was easily frightened by the attack. However, by no means did it mean the cotton Pokemon was down for the count. Emitting a golden powder from its leaves, the Cottonee managed to paralyze Duskull with a Stun Spore.

"Oh, no," Brielle said, grimacing. Despite this, she told Duskull to attack with another Astonish. The ghost-type was evidently struggling a bit, but did so anyway, disappearing and then appearing behind the opponent; Cottonee, who thought it was in the clear, was caught off guard. Quickly taking her backpack off, Brielle reached for one of the empty Pokeballs in her backpack, grasping it in her hand and throwing it towards the grass-type.

The Cottonee was enveloped in a red light as the Pokeball appeared to capture it, and the ball itself fell to the floor before beginning to wiggle. It twitched for a while, and Brielle stared at it intently, hoping that she would not have to use another ball. To her relief, it finally stopped twitching and pinged. The Cottonee was hers now, and she picked it up. Withdrawing Duskull to his own Pokeball, Brielle walked back to Sandgem Town to heal her Pokemon. One short wait later, she was outside again, and out looking for Liam.

She soon found him talking to a black-haired boy. What was he doing? Brielle thought, eyebrow raised.


What'd you say?
Elliot/Jason Trey
Sandgem Town
Current Team: Piplup
Badge Count: 0
Ribbon Count: 0

The trainers who gathered around the bench had left, pairing up and beginning their first battles. As this went on, a new boy approached Elliot, a small blue duckling by his side. One look at the boy and Elliot could already tell that he had the potential to be incredibly irritating. His demeanor, appearing to be disturbingly optimistic, would most likely be the main cause.

"Hey, are you another new Pokemon Trainer?" the boy asked. Elliot looked at him, not particularly caring that the boy would notice his unusually-paired eye color.

"I am indeed," Elliot said. "Judging by the presence of that Ducklett, I would assume that you are a trainer as well. Shall we battle?"

"Hey!" a voice cried, and one of Rowan's assistants came out of the lab, heading straight for Elliot. "Hey, you forgot to take your Pokedex!"

He handed Elliot a blue one, but rather than take it, Elliot initially let out a sigh.

"Ah, the Pokedex," Elliot sighed. "Rather useless, if you ask me. I would rather learn through experience than through using a portable encyclopedia with alarmingly uninformitave contents."

The assistant blinked in surprise. Most trainers were happy to recieve their Pokedex. Why was this one different? Sure, he had one blue eye and one brown eye, but that was no reason to judge him. Although the torn-looking suit was a bit off-putting...

"But, I suppose it could become of use in some situation," Elliot said, taking the Pokedex. "Very well. Now, I believe you have business to attend to, do you not?"

"Uh...yeah, sure," the assistant blinked, still caught off-guard by Elliot's strange personality. "Good luck on your journey."

The assistant left, and Elliot turned back to the Ducklett trainer.

"As I was saying," Elliot said, "shall we battle? I believe that we will be able to improvise a battlefield right where we are, and I have been looking forward to gauging just how much effort I'll need to put into raising my Pokemon."


I'm glad to be back!
Tyler Phoenix and Danny Phoenix
Sandgem Beach
Badges: Tyler (0), Danny (0)

Tyler - Eevee
Danny - Eevee

As the soft, golden sand crunched beneath Tyler's feet, he smiled. He was walking on Sandgem Beach with his Eevee, playing the harmonica as he walked. The crisp sea breeze brought a whole fresh smell with it, and he could almost taste the fish being cooked further up the beach. Tyler's Eevee was walking alongside him, leaving a trail of tail-prints in the sand, alongside the obvious footprints. Tyler stopped playing his harmonica after he heard a loud shout. Turning in panic, he looked around. The shout was that of his brother Danny. He sighed, and ran off to find his twin. He was fast and agile, skinny and rather weak-looking. His brother Danny, who he could now see being chased by a Zigzagoon another Trainer owned, was shorter, but much more muscular and had darker skin. He ran over to his brother as the other Trainer arrived, returning the Zigzagoon and apologizing. Danny, although looking angered, accepted the apology. He then turned and saw his brother. A smile appeared on his face.

“Hey, bro! How are you? Is it time to head to the Lab yet? I'm itching to get the Dex and some PokeBalls. Well, I'm just itching anyway. Got bit by an insect...” Danny frowned and Tyler smirked at his brother.

“Uh, I've been waiting for you. In fact, everyone's probably there now, or has already left... So we'd better go. I want a PokeDex and PokeBalls too.” Tyler laughed at Danny's jaw drop, then started to run through the sand, and head towards Sandgem Town. Tyler grabbed his Pokemon, standing by his side, and sprinted after him.

The two burst into Sandgem Town and ran straight towards the Laboratory. They burst through the door to see no-one there. Panicking, they walked in.

“Hello?” they called out together. The two boys wandered to the end of the lab, and were about to call out again when a tall man with a bushy white beard and spiked white hair appeared, examining them.

“Hm... What are you here for? I'd assume you two are two of my new Trainers?” he asked. Tyler blanched and nodded slightly, and Danny smiled bravely, and said “Yes sir.” Rowan smiled and nodded.

“Ah, you two are Danny and Tyler Phoenix? I have been informed you are twins that are completely unalike. You reacted at the exact same time, and seem very much in unison.” Tyler and Danny laughed simultaneously. After introductions, serious business began.

“Tyler, Danny. I am entrusting you with two Pokedexes and your PokeBalls. Which colour of Dexes would you two like?”

“Black and Dark Green.” Tyler said. At the same time, Danny said “Orange.” Rowan smiled, summoning an assistant over. The assistant was informed of this information, and came back moments later with their Pokedexes and five PokeBalls. The two boys smiled.

“Congratulations boys, you are now trainers. The reason I have not offered you a Chimchar, Turtwig or Piplup is that I have been informed that you have starter Pokemon already?”

Danny and Tyler nodded in unison, Danny pulling out a Friend Ball, Tyler a Premier Ball. The two called out their teammates. Two Eevee appeared. Danny's was smaller than Tyler's, but had a larger tail and more intense aura around it. Tyler's was larger and thinner, and had a fringe on it's head. It also had a darker colour of fur, and it's eyes were tinted slightly red. The two Eevee cried out, and started pawing each other's faces.

“This is Esp. She'll be an Espeon.” Danny said proudly. Tyler smiled at Danny, then at Rowan. “This is Nightshade. He's going to be a Leafeon.” Tyler proudly spoke up. Rowan observed them, then nodded.

“Okay boys, it's time for you to head out and face the world. Are you ready?”

“Yes sir!” they both shouted in unison.

“Then go.” Rowan smiled and turned to leave. The boys grinned and ran out of the lab.

“So, Danny, first place is Route 202?” Tyler asked. Danny nodded. “Yep. To Route 202 we go!”


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Zach VS Chad & Caroline VS Chelsea! Part 2

Sandgem Town, Sinnoh
Current Team: Piplup, Magby & Budew
Badges: 0/8

Sandgem Town, Sinnoh
Current Team: Chimchar & Misdreavus
Ribbons: 0/4

(Just so you guys know, none of our characters can understand what their Pokémon say, but I'm still going to have them speak normally to fellow Pokémon and trainers so we know what they say for the RPG.)

"Don't think you've won just yet!" Zach threw another ball in the air and out popped Magby.

The little Fire Type glared at Bibarel and was ready to fight.

Chad laughed. "Really? Using a Fire Type against my Water Type? Don't make me laugh?"

"Oh, you wont be laughing, Chad! Magby, use Mach Punch!" Zach commanded, grinning.

Chad's laugh quickly faded as Magby's fist glowed and he hit Bibarel hard in the stomach with a super effective Mach Punch attack.

"I'm not done yet, either! Follow up with ThunderPunch!" Zach ordered, pointing at the weakened beaver.

Magby's cackled with electricity this time as he charged at Bibarel.

"Bibarel, use Iron Tail on the ground dodge it and then use Water Gun!" Chad quickly yelled, impressed at the strategy he came up with.

Zach & Magby were shocked as Bibarel quickly was brought into the air and then shot a stream of water at Magby.

"Quick,, Magby, counter it with Flamethrower and then finish with a ThunderPunch to the head!" Zach yelled, feeling the intensity of the battle steadily increase.

As the Water & Fire Attacks collided, it created a cloud of smoke that made things hard to see, but Magby was able to sneak up on Bibarel and deliver a powerful ThunderPunch to the head, thus knocking it out.

"Whew! One down, two to go! Great job, Magby!" Zach cheered on his Fire Type, who just gave Zach his first win.

"Don't get so cocky! My next Pokémon will wipe that grin off your face! Buizel, come on out!" Chad yelled.

The sea weasel appeared with fierce determination on his face. Obviously this wasn't going to be easy.

"Ha, no sweat! Magby, use Mach Punch!" Zach ordered.

"Counter that with a high priority move of our own, Aqua Jet!" Chad commanded.

The two attacks collided in a little explosion, which sent Magby skidding backwards. Buizel seemed virtually unfazed.

"Great job, Buizel! Now, use Water Gun and keep it going until they are down!" Chad commanded, ready to finish off Magby.

Buizel nodded and fired a strong Water Gun at Magby. It was much stronger than Bibarel's and really packed a punch. Buizel kept on firing Water Gun non-stop, giving Magby no time to counter. Magby was in a tight spot because he had been blocking Water Gun.

Fortunately, Buizel grew tired and let its guard down. This gave Zach the perfect opportunity. He ordered a combination of Mach Punch & ThunderPunch straight at Buizel. Chad ordered SonicBoom, which its mark, only it did that right as Magby was about to hit Buizel. The force of the explosion sent both Pokémon flying and both were knocked out.
"Chimchar, use Ember on Murkrow!" Caroline commanded. She wasn't going to let Chimchar lose here!

"Dodge and use Peck," Chelsea commanded.

Murkrow skillfully dodged each of the Ember attacks and proceeded to continuously Peck at Chimchar's head. This annoyed Caroline, but greatly humored Chelsea.

"Wow, stop it!" Caroline yelled at her opponent.

Chelsea sighed and recalled her Murkrow. She brought out her star player, Piplup.

"Oh come on!" Caroline screamed. She was at a huge disadvantage.

Chimchar used Ember, which Piplup easily countered with Bubblebeam and managed to knock out Chimchar in one hit!

"Awww, no fair! Well, thanks for the battle, Chels. This is why I'm mainly a coordinator," Caroline explained.

Chelsea sighed and recalled her Piplup. The two went to see how Zach & Chad were doing.
Zach & Chad both brought out their starters, Piplup & Turtwig. Zach noticed Caroline & Chelsea come by and from Caroline's expression, it looked like she lost.

Zach sighed and ordered Piplup to use Bubble. Turtwig countered with Razor Leaf, penetrating Piplup hard. It then rammed into Piplup with Tackle. Piplup wasn't going to give up and hits hard with Peck. Turtwig ends this with Bite and slamming Piplup into the ground.

"Wow, well that was a close battle. Thanks, Chad. I'll beat you someday," Zach proclaimed.

Chad shrugged. "It was pretty easy for me, especially since I have 2 badges. Chelsea has 1 ribbon. We've been on this journey for a year now."

Zach & Caroline were both initially shocked, but remembered that Chad & Chelsea were a year older than them. Chad & Chelsea headed to Oreburgh City while Zach & Caroline headed to the Pokémon Center.

"Well, that was interesting," Zach said to Caroline who nodded in agreement. "What do you want to do now?"

"Let's see if there is anything interesting happening around here," Caroline suggested.

Zach nodded and the two walked around Sandgem Town.
Brielle Tenner
Sandgem Town
Current Team: Duskull, Cottonee
Ribbons: ---

Liam Withers
Sandgem Town
Current Team: Ducklett
Badges: ---

"I am indeed," replied the other trainer. "Judging by the presence of that Ducklett, I would assume that you are a trainer as well. Shall we battle?"

Another assistant burst out of the lab at that moment, rushing towards them to deliver the boy's Pokedex. Liam blinked at the scene before him. Now that he thought of it, this kid seemed to be quite the precocious one, judging from his impressively fancy vocabulary and the pinstripe suit. As the assistant left, the other trainer turned towards Liam once more, continuing his previous statement.

"That's pretty much why I asked you, yeah!" said Liam. This was his first Pokemon battle, and he had a feeling it was going to be great. "Go, Ducklett!"

The duckling fluttered in front of her trainer and landed, a content expression on her face as she waited for the boy's Pokemon to be sent out.

Brielle quietly sat down on a bench near the two, upholding her promise to regroup with Liam when she was finished. If she wasn't going to battle anyone just yet, she would at least just examine one and see how they fought. She would probably get challenged by Liam himself later on, anyway, so she thought it was best to create a strategy from this fight. Shifting her focus onto the boy, she noticed that he had heterochromia, and raised an eyebrow in questioning. But then, out of nowhere, an idea assaulted her, and she was quickly back into thinking about ideas for future stories that she might write instead of actually paying attention.
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Elliot/Jason Trey
Sandgem Town
Current Team: Piplup
Badge Count: 0
Ribbon Count: 0

"That's pretty much why I asked you, yeah!" declared the boy, obviously excited by the idea of what was clearly his first battle. "Go, Ducklett!"

The duckling fluttered forth, its expression indicating that it was happy to be of service. Elliot smirked, taking a moment to eye Ducklett. It was obviously a Flying-type, but its blue coloring also hinted to its Water-type heritage as well. Having seen his father battling Ducklett's evolved form, a graceful white Pokemon called Swanna, Elliot already knew what types of Pokemon gave his father's Pokemon trouble.

This was not one of them. A single Thunderpunch from Lexius's Infernape was enough to defeat them. Nonetheless, it would do as a beginner's battle.

"Your choice is this Ducklett, then?" Elliot commented, holding up Piplup's Pokeball. "So be it. Piplup, fight!"

Elliot's new Piplup appeared in a burst of white light, standing before Ducklett and immediately recognizing the duckling as its first opponent. Piplup quickly puffed out its chest and put its wings on its sides, trying its best to look important.

"Now, then...I grant you the first move," Elliot said to Ducklett's trainer.

It was time to see how this boy did his battling, and just how he could be overcome.


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Taylor Lightwood
Route 202
Current Team: Treecko
Badge Count: N/A

Ellie Toews
Route 202
Current Team: Pichu
Badge Count: N/A
Ribbon Count: N/A

"Taylor, that's like the fourth Pokemon you've scared off since we started out. What are you doing to them? Showing them that nasty scar on your forehead."

Taylor scowled, shoving at the flop of blonde hair on his head. "No. They probably took one look at you and decided that I had to be super strong to be hanging around with someone as crazy as you, Elles."

The red tinge of fury that coloured Ellie's face vanished in a moment, replacing it with a chalky white that made Ellie's ocean blue eyes stand out. "Don't call me that," she said, her voice a hoarse whisper. "Mitchell used to call me that."

Oops, Taylor thought as Ellie turned away from him and began combing her way through a patch of tall grass, keeping a wary eye out for any wild Pokemon. He knew that the subject of Ellie's ex-boyfriend was a touchy one and it made him angry to know that someone had cracked her hard exterior and twisted her so thoroughly. Even though Ellie got on his nerves, Taylor knew she didn't deserve it.

"Hey, Ellie, wait!" Taylor called, running to catch up with the basketball player. He had only taken two steps, however, when he felt his leg jerk out from underneath him. With a yelp, Taylor fell, his hands coming up to brace himself against the dirt. He kicked his feet and twisted, just enough to see a tall, red bug-like Pokemon staring back at him. It had a long black mustache and long thin-blades for arms. "Ellie!" Taylor shrieked, trying to kick his leg free from the Pokemon's grasp.

"Pichu, use Volt Tackle!"

A yellow blur came flying over Taylor's body, electricity sparking feebly around its tiny form as it tackled into the Pokemon. As Taylor scrambled backwards on his hands, he felt something slide from his back pocket. He scooped up the Poke Dex that he had stashed in his shorts earlier and aimed it at the mysterious creature.

"Kricketune, the Cricket Pokemon, and the evolved form of Kricketot. It conveys its many emotions with the melodies it composes."

"Taylor!" Ellie came skidding to a halt beside the hockey player, one hand resting on his shoulder and the other on his knee. Her long blonde hair had been pulled back into a ponytail and her eyes were full of concern. "Are you alright?"

Shakily, Taylor nodded and then glanced back at the Kricketune that had attacked him. Ellie's Pichu was firing small torrents of electricity at it. With one final cry, the bug Pokemon took a swipe at the yellow mouse, who avoided the attack easily, before taking to the air and disappearing into a group of trees nearby.

"Good job," Ellie murmured to her Pokemon as it scampered back to his trainer. It clambered up onto her shoulder and nuzzled her cheek, making Ellie smile. She scratched him once behind the ears before standing from her crouch, her knees popping audibly as she straightened her legs.

"C'mon, Tay," she said, moving to stand in front of him and holding out her hands. Taylor glanced at her wearily, coming to his sense slowly, before taking her outstretched hands and allowing her to help him to his feet. In comparison, Ellie's hands were much smaller than his own, but they were calloused and worn from years of playing basketball and it was a familiar feeling for Taylor.

"Thanks," he muttered, ducking his head and pushing a hand through his hair.

"No problem, hot shot," Ellie replied. She bumped him neatly with her hip and nodded towards the open road. "Now c'mon. I hear there's a contest in Jubilife City and I think I'd like to try my hand at one of those."
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OOC: I probably won't post badge count, ribbon count, and roster stuff unless I make changes in it.

Sherry Wilson
Route 202

I was glad that I had gotten a pokedex. I looked up the pokemon that I had encountered in route 201 and learned that it was a bidoof, a normal type. I wasn’t really interested in it and looked up zorua and was surprised at what it could potentially learn. Although dark typings were somewhat rare, I did have to be careful as they were weak against bugs and fighting pokemon. I checked the stats on my zorua and read that it was a she and that she was better with speed and attack than she was with defensive. So she was a quick sweeper, not meant to take a lot of hits. I pressed few buttons and it soon came up with a list of moves that zorua knew and I was surprised it knew fake tears already, not that it did any good since it wasn’t useful if she didn’t know any special attacks. This also meant I would have to work on her quite a bit before even challenging a gym. I pressed a button and pulled up a list of moves that zorua was capable of learning and dark pulse caught my eye. Although I didn’t know how to teach moves, this move was a definite must teach to zorua.

I closed the pokedex and pocketed it in the backpack that I was carrying with me. Although pink wasn’t my color, I wasn’t really going to complain as my parents did buy it. I did kind of wish it was white instead. I walked into route 202 and was surprised to see several trainers and pokemon spread out over the route. I wasn’t really interested in catching a new pokemon, but I figured I would train my zorua up a few levels and then hopefully start teaching it dark pulse when I had access to a computer. I wandered into the grass and started looking around for some wild pokemon to battle. I was focused on training up zorua, but something was nagging me in my mind like I was forgetting about something. I ignored it as I could always figure it out later. For now, I need to find some pokemon to train zorua. Scratch and leer could only do so much along with pursuit. I’m pretty sure that in the long run, scratch and leer would be forgotten as some of the moves down the line would work much better with zorua.