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Pokémon UNITE General Thread


Comes out of Nowhere
I've been playing Dragonite for about a week ago, and I must say that the developers of Pokemon Unite really do a good job at trying to make every Pokemon fun to play. Dragonite is fun to play. It takes a while to actually get to your full potential with it, but when you do it's really rewarding.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I pretty much lost interest in this game and keep forgetting to check in daily to get the bonuses. It just isn’t that exciting for me and the clothing is the only thing that I like in the game itself.


Paragon of Summoner
Post game stats had all the other players down as having kills and assists. Just no points scored from any one of them. That was a random matchup with 7 other people. Rarely bother with cpu games.

If any take central after I’ve called it, I just get on with it. Not worth getting wound up over. It’s just a game after all.

Yeah. I always call out central, but every time when people don't call it out or go on different paths upon taking central, i just report them for disruptive behavior and harassment since they keep preventing me from evolving early. like Ishiftyounot says, it's up to the individual reporting to decide. If these types of players want me to suffer, i'll suffer them back with a report. They shouldn't be going to central when someone first called it. These types of players need to balance the paths out. if the paths are unbalanced, then there's a good chance that 1 goal zone will be scored by the opposing team.

After i take central, i always go on the bottom and then i go back to central. if there's an opposing team scoring, i may drop what i'm doing, react fast, and rush on over to the goal zone

These matches are tough if ppl lack teamwork and cooperation. if this continues, they need to go back to basics and learn more. I know there's a lot of weight and burden from these types of players. i'm not the one who's holding back the team. All they're doing to me is take all the heat from them, but no help and assistance.

All I can say is that i'm starting to lose trust in these random people who lack teamwork and cooperation. I perfer playing with people that shows teamwork, cooperation, and communication.


The Meme Supreme
I've still been avoiding ranked like the plague, keep thinking I'll get back to it someday and reach Master a second time but honestly with how matchmaking is? I'll probably pass, even though it'll be easier to climb out of Veteran now than it will be to climb out of an even lower rank the next time they reset them. But hey, I like doing the odd CPU match in my spare time, playing random characters and having fun with it rather than getting annoyed by bad teammates in ranked mode. I showed my friend the game yesterday since she'd never seen gameplay before and I wanted to buy the new Greedent, Slowbro and Blastoise holowear (which I did) and that was a blast, but there's not a lot really pulling me back into the game. The Battle Pass hasn't been super exciting since the original one with Pirate Cinderace, I get a shedload of Aeos Tickets without anything to really spend them on (most of my items are level 20 and I've not felt the need to push them to level 30) and if the next 3 characters are Gallade / Blaziken / Wobbuffet then I'm not in any rush to buy them.

Still enjoying the game though, so that's cool. Dragonite is insanely fun to play but definitely seems a bit overtuned, same as Tsareena although she's a character I need a bigger screen for (playing on Switch yesterday reminded me of how much I enjoy the game on that rather than mobile, but damnit mobile is just so casual-friendly). Would like to play some Greedent at some point since my game has only registered the one non-CPU match I had on it (which I lost, so... oof) and I want to try out Pikachu with the new Unite buff. Beyond that? Happy to go with whatever and see who I like playing as going forward! Maybe find some folks to play with if I ever get back into the game routinely (which for now ain't happening, but it's nice to dream!)


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We should just play together someday. i know how hard it is to get master rank by yourself because people who don't show teamwork and cooperation can hold you back and there will be a lot of weight and burden on you. as long as i don't get unwanted people to central which i always get at most, but most people head to central when they pick out a different path other than central and unmarked path / area in the battle prep.

The other part is that we need to communicate by voice chat outside of the game such as facebook massager and discord.

doing CPU matches won't get you much coins and energy compared to random ones. i only do quick CPU matches when it's necessary.

The other part that people should know is that drednaw always comes first before rotom, but sometimes these people never come and just get caught up on scoring and defending the goal zone on their paths. everytime i see a spawn timer on drednaw and rotom, i always quick chat to gather near where drednaw is or need backup and then people never come. all i see is that opposing team try to steal drednaw and ignoring the fight while me and 1-2 teammates are taking down drednaw with no other teammates watching where the opponents are coming from so i tend to drop attacking drednaw and ward off the opposing pokemon.

They really need to nerf down the score shield so bad now cuz obviously i've seen people do a quick score with low energy and then avoid conflict and refuse to fight. it's not fair that way. it's just a score & run tactic, but these types of players need to learn how to fight real. they can't just keep doing this type of stunt every time.


Paragon of Summoner
Well i'm not gonna ask why and what it is cuz i know your have your own reasons why. to me, i still play the game even if it means playing with my friends and get the missions done together.

i dunno why people don't balance the paths out and every time they take central without a mark and wasn't even called out from me, i still report these kinds of players. i don't know what their problem is because it's getting (extremely) annoying for those that called out central first. i'm being fed up with those kinds of behaviors. these kinds of players need to start listening and cooperate. if they can't do that, then they need to back to basics and learning that teamwork. cooperation, and communications are the key to winning the matches not just ignore the orders to retreat or assist during the match and head out on their own without a path and area mark in the battle prep screen.

All I can say is that if they don't add a limit to the set path / area screen and put in some kind of no entry invisible wall to central to prevent unwanted people from going there, it's gonna make the match tough to win even if i wanted to evolve early in the match, but people should not be preventing a teammate from evolving early in the match. it's just downright cruel and painful that way. if they want central, they need to call it out in the battle prep screen. if not, then they're gonna get reported for harassment and disruptive behaviors via following a teammate and kill steal a wild pokemon without calling it out and a central area mark and preventing a teammate from evolving early.


Paragon of Summoner
Every time when they release new pokemon, they tend to be overpowered while the old pokemon are getting diminishing returns at every new pokemon they release.

a lot of people are demanding nerfs at this point. I wasn't too sure about nerfing down dragonite since i haven't seen any complaints about it aside from hyper beam being too powerful with dragon dance. The other nerfs we needed are greninja, wigglytuff, crustle, zeraora, absol, talonflame, snorlax, gengar, and greedent.

The reason why is because they're getting overused right now. Greninja on the other hand still needs a nerf. Wigglytuff's shields wasn't nerfed down completely and it was hard to beat. Crustle on the other hand, it's shell smash and the shield from unite move and people can use these just to avoid their deaths even though it's getting too overused (or abusive) Talonflame on the other hand, well a lot of people still using fly, but it still needs to be nerfed down although in my previous matches with them, it's getting too abusive to avoid fights just to score and keep the team in the lead and not to mention flying over walls and obstacles to avoid fights and deaths. Absol, Gengar, and zeraora on the other hand, their overall power needs to be nerfed down esp absol's crit rate or at least make super luck not stack with crit rate increase such as scope lens and razor claw. Greedent, well they need to nerf down covet's speed and the amount of HP recovered.

Items need to be nerfed down as well such as Score shield, goal getter, and eject button. The reason to nerf down score shield is that people can abuse it to score small amount of points and then just run without a fight and not to mention that it's getting too abusive. My Idea on nerfing down score shield is add a cooldown per short amount of points scored, at least a long cooldown for that. Goal Getter on the other hand, it was fine the way it is before and now people use it the same as score shield, but i rather have the item reverted back the way it was plus short duration. Eject button on the other hand, i don't see how it will get nerfed down just because it's getting overused, but my friend found it that way and the item isn't meant to be used to pursue your opponents and going through walls and obstacles.


The Meme Supreme
Trevenant huh? I definitely did not expect that! Makes for the third Grass type in four releases which is funky (and another Grass/Ghost type after Decidueye) but everyone feels quite distinct and has a different in-game role so I dig it. Another Defender is a bit... odd? We've not had a new Speedster added since Zeraora (who came with the game) which suggests to me they're not sure what that role is actually meant to do. But that's cool, plenty of time to add those!

Trevenant looks to have a pretty funky moveset - I see Curse, Horn Leech and Wood Hammer with a currently-unknown fourth move (unless it was the draining move used before Curse in the trailer, but I thought that was Curse). Could play as a pretty funky bruiser-type character like Leoric in Heroes of the Storm - absolutely wrecking anyone with a high health pool and being pretty difficult to take down. Horn Leech looks like it shoves so it does have CC at least, maybe mobility will be its weakness? Who knows honestly. It's cool though, I'm pretty excited! Also means we're getting a balance patch most likely - could see Dragonite and Tsareena be tuned down a bit, not too sure who else is overpowered at the minute? Garchomp could use more buffs, Ninetales and Cramorant could use a buff, maybe buff Blissey and Gengar a bit (or rework Gengar somewhat at least). Beyond that I don't actually know, the meta seems pretty balanced at the minute? Revert the crit changes to Crustle/Garchomp? That'd be cool.


Paragon of Summoner
Garchomp is fine as it is. blissey needs more buff since it gets targeted more easily. Gengar still needs a nerf though. As I said about crustle, it needs a nerf, just shield health and duration and shell smash's speed that needs to be nerfed. Talonflame's fly isn't completely nerfed down because people can exploit it by scoring and avoiding fights or rather a score & run strategy and fly over walls and obstacles so it's not just fly, but the overall power. Absol on the other hand is that overall power and crit rate needs to be nerfed down.

As for the missions, they need to tune down the ranked match related missions because i'm getting sick and tired of people not cooperating and not helping out with these ranked match related missions such as drednaw and rotom. Every time i say "gather together here" and/or "i need backup", these ppl don't even come, but every time i use those in a quick chat, they need to drop everything what they're doing and help out with drednaw and rotom because they get targeted first by the opponents and then i get a little or no help at all since people just come in late as opponents just come and target both of them. They need to change rotom related missions such as count as ko regardless of the team who claimed it because it doesn't count when the team that claimed rotom is ko'd.

Anyway i did see the dev's letter, but i don't see how this tournament mode would make us feel any better. The only way to know is when we get there.


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Why am I suddenly getting no rank players in Standard.

It depends on who's not doing ranked matches, but i had that happen a lot on my standard matches although if i had to guess, it's the newbies, and ppl that are low leveled, and uncooperative. bot matches started happening a lot now since people are focused on ranked matches so it's hard to get live players in standard matches. same with the 3-loss streak

as much as i'd like to play with you guys. it's just that we need ways to communicate each other (such as facebook messenger and discord) to work together. I'm starting to lose trust and faith in these random people that lacks teamwork, cooperation, and communication since these types of players are scrambling all over and not helping out even with rotom and drednaw. all they do is creep and not take the offensive or play defense after respawning and not to mention ignoring nearby enemy presence when the goal zone is being scored on.

The other change we needed was the surrender votes. people need to start learning that resistance is futile and have no hopes of winning because of their bad performances in the matches. there has to be at least 2-3 green votes to surrender if 1-2 red votes max are in. 2 green votes max if 1 player disconnected and 1 green vote if 2 players disconnected. even if the opposing team gets articuno / zapdos, then they have to learn to surrender, but surrenders should be blocked for the team that ko'd the articuno / zapdos while the team didn't ko articuno / zapdos should force surrender. what i'm saying is that if ppl don't surrender, all they're doing is prolonging their deaths and the match till the end, but in ranked matches, it will get worst because you're feeding the winning team more of the performance points. the other part what i'm saying is that it's just a waste of time prolonging the match till the end. All I can say to these types of players is that they can't win if they can't work together even if it means trying to get a good performance points in ranked matches regardless of how many points they have scored.

another part of the surrender vote change is that block the surrender button when the team is leading even on CPU matches. last time when i was doing a CPU match, my team surrendered to the CPU and it was embarrassing that way.

Force surrender after the opposing team ko's articuno / zapdos would be another thing to have since some people don't even know how to steal articuno / zapdos from the opponents or protect articuno / zapdos till opponents are dead and/or if 1 person from the opposing team is still alive.


The Meme Supreme
Balance patch has arrived alongside Trevenant and a datamined new Pokemon incoming! Dragonite, Tsareena, Lucario and Talonflame got nerfs (sort-of), Garchomp and Gengar got a rework to varying degrees, and Machamp, Decidueye and Charizard got buffs. I have not played any of them yet but I'll give my thoughts anyway, because I own a bunch of these characters (except Trevenant, Garchomp and Charizard) so I will likely end up using them somewhen.


Trevenant is our latest addition to the roster and seems to be a Defender with a focus on repositioning the enemy (like Mamoswine) alongside damage over time effects and self-damaging moves with the reward of greater ability output. It evolves at level 5 and you choose between Wood Hammer and Curse / Horn Leech and Pain Split. From what I've seen nobody is actually talking much about it? Seems like a rather uneventful new Pokemon, which also fits the few impressions I was able to glean from people's experiences - it's got a unique and fun toolkit but it's not broken like the last few additions have been, and since it's not a particularly notable Pokemon its reception is quite subdued. It's still really good though, some people are saying it's solid in 1v2 match-ups and can protect a lane pretty well so I'm optimistic about its inclusion into the game! Might make it a good top laner against the usual aggressors like Tsareena or Lucario.


Dragonite got a mixed set of nerfs/buffs - basic attack range was reduced, Unite move is capped at 50% minimum usage when you use it at close range (or it recharges slower, not too clear on that) and Hyper Beam deals less damage BUT it got a buff to Extreme Speed (it has more range and a lower cooldown). Dragon Dance was untouched so I reckon it'll still be the only choice at that level, but now Outrage may have a chance to shine? Maybe we'll see Dragonite act as more of a mid-range attacker who relies more on its sustain than its mobility and range.

Tsareena had a Triple Axel damage nerf alongside a Stomp healing buff and a cooldown increase to Grassy Glide - the damage nerf may not be too substantial but I hope she remains useable especially at higher ranked play.

Lucario got a Meteor Mash nerf and a reduction on healing from Extreme Speed, whilst Close Combat now heals and grants unstoppable? I think it's overall a solid nerf to a solid early-game Pokemon, and the reduced sustain on Extreme Speed should make it more vulnerable across the game.

Talonflame has a Fly nerf of-sorts? It deals less damage and has a longer cooldown, but the cooldown gets reduced by 40% when you hit an enemy with it. Aerial Ace also heals apparently. So yay, Talonflame's Fly shouldn't one-shot people and using it to escape will not go unpunished, but the heal gives it a smidge more sustain to Flame Charge's mobility.


Gengar wasn't really reworked so much as they swapped what levels it learns its moves - Dream Eater and Hex are now the level 5 moves whilst Shadow Ball / Sludge Bomb are the level 7 moves? Dream Eater was also buffed to have a cooldown reset upon killing an enemy, so that's neat. I don't think it'll change much for our spooky boi since Hex really needs Sludge Bomb to actually be any good - it'll make for a funky mobility move until then I guess? But the Dream Eater buff solidifies it and Shadow Ball by extension as the go-to combo, since Dream Eater + the natural lifesteal at level it gains from its abilities should give it better sustain during its weaker early-mid game.

Garchomp got a pretty solid overhaul on all its moves - Dig now increases Garchomp's defenses alongside the knock up it gets and Earthquake / Dragon Rush / Dragon Claw all slow the enemy either when you first unlock the move or at their +level. Dragon Rush also grants unstoppable at its +level. The ground moves should grant Garchomp better survivability at lower levels and the other buffs help alleviate its need to stick on a target to make use of the basic attack stacks? Might fit better as a bruiser now, don't think it'll be the perfect fix but it is a fantastic start given all the other buffs it received.


Machamp got more general buffs than anyone else - more lifesteal at later levels, range increase on DynamicPunch, Submission damage and self-buffs now activate even where the enemy may not have been stunned and Karate Chop deals more damage. Machop is an early-game threat now! It can actually deal heavy damage now until it gets its mobility move at level 5 which were both buffed themselves, it's rad. Machamp was never really bad, but it just doesn't have the skillset to do well at higher levels of play - maybe now it does? Machop-Machoke stage may still be a bit too squishy, who knows.

Charizard basically gained mobility buffs - Flamethrower and Fire Blast can be used while moving and the Unite move gained range, at the cost of the basic attacks landing a bit slower. Seems like a nice quality of life change without changing too much damage? Charizard should remain the same.

Decidueye gained increased lifesteal, buffed Leaf Storm (not damage, but the hinderance effect), increased damage on Razor Leaf and Spirit Shackle gained stacks like Cramorant's Dive or Blissey's Softboiled! It has 3 stacks of the move now alongside increased range (as if it needed that) which is incredible - Decidueye already dealt insane damage at the cost of worse mobility compared to the other ADC carries, now it gets even more damage! Don't know if the changes will make it more accepted over Cinderace or Greninja at higher levels of play, but it seems fun to play so that's the main thing!

X Attack now also increases basic attack speed whilst Slow Smoke reduces basic attack speed (and also gained a harsher slow and an increased duration). Will these see more play? Maybe! Don't think Slow Smoke will since you'd want it mainly for basic attackers, of which most are ranged and you cannot predict what opponents you'll be fighting. X Attack could see more play since it's a greater buff to a myriad of characters, could be pretty nutty on the likes of Decidueye, Cinderace, Greninja or Garchomp.

Finally, the latest datamined Pokemon is Aegislash, another All-Rounder who seems to evolve at level 5 and level 7 similar to our ADC carries. Moves seemingly include Shadow Claw and King's Shield, beyond that I'm not entirely sure. . I am personally very excited for this addition to the roster and will have to hold out on buying Trevenant so I can buy this dude! Should be dope.


Paragon of Summoner
Gengar doesn't need those kind of buffs. it still needs a nerf. most people got killed by gengar without any countermeasures or spikes like zeraora's discharge and venusaur's petal dance. I don't see why it needs to be buffed.

Talonflame's fly may be nerfed down, but not completely. they still have to remove the effects of flying over obstacles and walls as people will exploit the move to avoid fighting after scoring or rather they would still do score & run strategy and have pikachu's thunder and cramorant's hurricane hit talonflame while it's flying.
Oh, sweet. They put several outfits for Holowear Ticket Exchange, including Decidueye's cloak and Zeraora's... I don't think that's gym wear.

I keep getting Berrylax as Energy prizes so I have a lot to get for free.


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Have you guys noticed about scoring delays lately? it's been happening in matches recently and every time i score, it just gets canceled as if i got attacked or dragonite's outrage effect has ended. My guess it's a bug since i picked up some information and related posts to it (most likely reddit)