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Pokémon White 2 Rate My (Future) Team

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Pokémon White 2 Rate My (Future) Team

Hi there, I plan to play Pokémon White 2 in the near future and I have this as my planned team. I'm going to play it on an emulator, so I can't do trade evolutions. I might change it a bit after I beat the Elite Four:

Arcanine @Charcoal
Intimidate / Jolly
~ Flare Blitz
~ Outrage
~ ExtremeSpeed
~ Wild Charge

Starmie @Mystic Water
Natural Cure / Modest
~ Surf
~ Thunderbolt
~ Ice Beam
~ Recover

Serperior @Miracle Seed
Overgrow / Adamant
~ Leaf Blade
~ Dragon Tail
~ Return
~ Swords Dance

Magnezone @Magnet
Sturdy / Modest
~ Thunderbolt
~ Flash Cannon
~ Tri Attack
~ Volt Switch

Espeon @Twisted Spoon
Synchronize / Timid
~ Psychic
~ Shadow Ball
~ Calm Mind
~ Morning Sun

Flygon @Soft Sand
Levitate / Adamant
~ Earthquake
~ Dragon Claw
~ Rock Slide
~ Dragon Tail


Serperior @ Light Clay
Nature: Timid
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe (Optional)
~Light Screen
~Giga Drain

- Serperior's great speed gives you the opportunity to set-up both dual screens.
- Giga Drain for Stab and recovering HP.
- Taunt to prevent Pokemon from setting up.

Your team is too offensive which is why I suggested this set. :)


Psyched Up
Staff member
I need to add that such set would be useful only on PWT.

The thread starter won't be battling anyone, his only opponents will be in-game opponents, and the only in-game opponents that needs to be battled using a more Competitive set like that are in PWT.

For pure in-game, a hyper offensive team is fine.

IMO, a more in-game focused set would be this:

Adamant Nature
~Leaf Blade
~Aqua Tail


Yeah, I'd agree that you should take out Dragon Tail from Serperior's set since it's fast and frail and Dragon Tail has negative priority.
I don't think you'd be needing Dragon Tail in-game at all (I never had to use any shuffling moves). Flygon would do better with Crunch or Fire Punch
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