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Pokémon with Your Friends and in Your Family?

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Pokémon with Your Friends and in Your Family?

Just out of curiosity, how do your friends and family think of Pokémon? Do you have any "irl buddies" whom to talk about Pokémon, possibly play the games and watch the anime with?

I used to have. I think I'm old for a Pokémon fan now. I don't think if I'm even a fan or just your annoying nostalgia fanboy. :D I played R/B/Y with a couple of friends somewhere in the late 90s / early 2000s. When G/S game out, I only had one friend left to play Pokémon with. After that, I took a break myself, then game back, took another break, and here I am again finding myself enjoying the newer games... I need to get a Gen V game also; maybe I wait for the third installment or something.

I have no friends left with enthusiasm towards Pokémon that I know of. I don't really have the nerve to ask people if they're into it. :) Many might be. There's one friend of mine with whom I occasionally talk something about the games, but he's not a "fan" by any means. Just a casual player (like me?).

Surprisingly, when I was in the army a few years ago, I had, like, 5 roommates who still played the games!

This thread came to mind as the day before yesterday, I was enjoying breakfast when I was visiting my mother. I played there in the breakfast table. I went to grab some food and left the DS there on the table. There was a random encounter battle going on, with my level 54-ish Staraptor battling a similar Machoke at Victory Road. I told mom to push the FIGHT button and then use either Fly or Aerial Ace. When she had OHKOed that Machoke with an Aerial Ace, I asked her, "How did the first Pokémon battle of your life feel?". She answered something like, "Nothing, luckily I didn't get hurt". :D She couldn't care less about Pokémon in general, and I doubt she could even define what Pokémon is if she was asked. It's the same with my whole family actually.

What about you guys? Have friends or family interested in Pokémon?


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Well, I'm a big Pokemon fan. I work at this Gamestop-like place, and when people ask me about games (in regards to me playing them), I straight-up tell them I don't really play anything except Pokemon.

In my family, it's not anything except a little joke my parents like to tease me about. But my sister's been a fan as long as I, just she's not as into as I am. But she's very enthusiastic about the first three gens, and I like to talk to her about her own parties and stuff, since she has HeartGold and is waiting for the Ruby/Sapphire remakes. So I have that with my sister.

And with my friends, I have a few friends I can Pokemon spazz with, although to varying degrees. My girlfriend got into Pokemon because of me, and is really into her Black version, but it's more of a pass-time to her, and only plays when I play with her (or when she's bored and feels like playing it). And then my best friend is a pretty big fan, and we talk about it a lot. We're both writing Pokemon fanfiction right now, and he's thinking about joining serebii to post it (because of me). We play together sometimes too, even though I live in Japan and he's in Florida. And then another friend of mine is also into Pokemon, and I sometimes have brief Pokemon discussions with her, but it's just cos she's a part of that Asian stereotype and plays a bunch of games. She's also a bit stuck on the first two gens, never finishing anything since Silver version. She does buy all the new games though, just never finishes them. And another friend of mine, who is the boyfriend of another friend of mine (they're both in Florida, except she was in Japan for a good year while he was in Florida), and we have pure Pokemon discussions almost every time we talk. And there's this other girl, who's a friend of mine as well, and we sometimes talk Pokemon too.

So I talk about Pokemon a lot, I just happen to be the only one who's only game is Pokemon. Everyone else plays other games (barring my girlfriend. She only plays Pokemon too, but only rarely.)


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My older brother bought pokemon black like 2 months ago. Hes too busy with work that hes still in desert resort trying to catch a moxie sandile lol

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No friends of mine like Pokemon.=/
But 1 of my Cousins and my Brother used to play.But My Youngest cousin (He's 20 =P)still plays.
And I can talk to him about shinies,Ev's...etc.


I have quite a few friends who play Pokemon so I talk to them about it. ^^ As for family, my Dad sometimes takes interest in my DS, so he knows, my brothers aren't really interested anymore. D=

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My brother and step brother both play, but they'll probably stop in a few months :L

As for my friends, I think they just accept I have weird habits and move on. It's not like they don't do anything that's not considered the norm, like my best friend and her "twitter friiiieeennds."


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Several of my relatives and my brother play Pokemon. I'm considered the best source of knowledge in my family for everything pokemon related for the games. They all are rather casual and I tend to easily beat them in battles, except for one relative who is well known to try different tactics....some of which have worked. Although last time we all met up and battled, I beat them all with at least 4 pokemon remaining.


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The only person I know in real life who plays Pokemon besides me is my brother's friend


My nephews used to play it, but they've "grown out" of it now. They're 9 and 10... and I'm 20. Whatever, lol. Other than that, my parents tease me about it because I love it as much now as I did when I was 6/7.

As for friends, I had one or two at school, but no one really talked about it because it wasn't considered 'cool'. I'm in University now and I found out last year that three of my house mates play Pokemon, so now I have friends irl who play along with me. It's a lot more fun having people you live with to trade with etc. We get pretty competitive about it. It's also nice not to be judged for still playing as an adult. Turns out we're all big kids ^^


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I have loads of friends into Pokemon :p

Im in college/university and everyone knows Pokemon and like it coz its an art school, everyone likes cartoon, games and animes

I got my pal to register here (LilWooper) coz I'm always on Serebii at school

As for my family..they like it aswell
I get new eps and cant watch 'em until dad says so xD so we can all watch 'em as a family, nya~


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As for my family..they like it aswell
I get new eps and cant watch 'em until dad says so xD so we can all watch 'em as a family, nya~
haha, same here.
I was watching Kanto Grand Festival eps the other day and 'Thinning the Hoard' was starting and I was like, "DAD! THE EPISODE'S STARTING!!!!" and he's in the room in literally one second and he's like, "Did I miss anything?!?"

and so I don't go off-topic . . .
I have some friends IRL that play Pokemon . . . to be exact, only three. A lot of my classmates play it, but they're not my friends though xD
And I have one best friend that says Pokemon is stupid :(
And I have another best friend that used to play Pokemon

But my whole family loves Pokemon; even my cousins. I visit Missouri every year to have a Pokemon Championships with 'em xD.

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Many of my friends play pokemon like me. And this kid I know actually brought Gold to school to play. There are probably more pokemon fans out there that I don't know about.
As for family my older sister used to play-she got me into pokemon, but stopped after the 1st generation. I have no idea how far she got.


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I have an older brother that plays Pokémon when a new generation comes out, but he doesn't play it avidly like I do.

As for friends, I used to have a cousin that would play it but he doesn't anymore.

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Well my younger brother lost interest and he's one of those COD Nerds that makes fun of Pokemon nerds. It's funny cause sometimes I watch the Anime on Boomerang (the original Kanto one, with Misty and Brock), and my brother lays down and watches it with me and asks questions and stuff, but then as soon as it ends, he runs away and says "That was gay." and I just laugh seeing as tomorrow he'll do the same thing.

My cousins used to play Gold/Silver with me a ton back then when we first played Pokemon, then all of us stopped and it ended there.

Then my new neighbors moved it (well, we rented our guest house to them), and luckily, the dude that's my age is really into Pokemon, he had Emerald and FireRed (FR had a sh!tload of awesome Pokemon that he collected since he was a kid), and he gave the two games to me since my cousin gave me his Gameboy, because my neighbors Gameboy broke a few months ago. So he said, "oh here, I have these two games, I like em but my Gameboy broke", so I started playing them and I got into Pokemon again.

None of my cousins except for one really like it, except he never shows that he likes it, but I remember when we were kids he was the biggest fan of em and he shows how much he knows now even if he tries hiding it. I have two cousins (one a bit older than me, one that's my brothers age), from my moms side that really really like Pokemon and know more about it than I do, but they live in Vegas so we rarely ever talk :(

tl;dr, I have two cousins that play it but live far away, but luckily one of my neighbors likes it but we don't ever really talk about it.


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My little brother still plays a lot. My older brother, not quite as much any more. I know a guy at school who plays pokemon, but tried to quit (because he thought it was like a drug or something). He failed.


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My two brothers play it as much as I do. My younger brother plays soul silver and white, but my older brother only plays until FireRed/LeafGreen. He doesn't like the DS games, but whenever he sees us plays them he says "Ooooooooh, that's cool." whenever he sees a new feature. Whenever I say the name of a 4th or 5th gen pokemon/item/move, I put a huge emphasis on it :p
Two of my friends also play it. One I don't talk to that much but she plays a lot of them all the time. She doesn't have a 5th gen game yet but when she saw mine she said she was jealous.
My other friend is really close. We used to play soul silver together but my mom said to give it to my brother so I don't play soul silver anymore. But he has white so I can play that with him. I always beat him ^^
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