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Pokémon with Your Friends and in Your Family?

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My sister who is a year younger than me, plays Pokemon. When each new game is released, we go on release date to pick them up.
Also, a majority of my closest friends play Pokemon, albeit not as much as I. We're all graduated from High School, and we still play Pokemon. And of my friends who is a year a head of me at the college I'm going to, plays Pokemon somewhat competitively. She still has me help her get certain Pokemon that are more than difficult to get.
Some of them like it, some think it's for sissies. screw society


J.J. Swatt
Well my younger brother lost interest and he's one of those COD Nerds that makes fun of Pokemon nerds. It's funny cause sometimes I watch the Anime on Boomerang (the original Kanto one, with Misty and Brock), and my brother lays down and watches it with me and asks questions and stuff, but then as soon as it ends, he runs away and says "That was gay." and I just laugh seeing as tomorrow he'll do the same thing.

Deep down, those people know they like it.


The Essential One
I know people in school who play Pokemon, but I rarely if ever play against them. And then there's some of my friends that play, but I either rarely see them or we have better things do to. My sis plays, but she's usually a Generation behind because she takes one of my old games when I'm done with so we won't spend money on them. And that's why I rarely battle now days.


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My little brother still plays a lot. My older brother, not quite as much any more. I know a guy at school who plays pokemon, but tried to quit (because he thought it was like a drug or something). He failed.

Haha, go figure! Same with me, I think. Gotta catch 'em all! @_@ Whatever drug they poured into the games seems to kick in with me time and time again... I'm 23 as well and as much of an original fan as a Finn can be, and I'm still playing them...

And yes, I guess there are many closet fans out there. We just don't know about each other since we're too afraid to tell we still play Pokémon. :)

Btw, I can imagine you people playing against some school mates and winning hands down, then going, "Bah, amateurs! >_>" on them. :D
My parents are not big Pokemon fans. However, they never discouraged it in anyway, but they never got into it themselves or anything. My mothers a little tech. challenged and my father works too much for him to really do anything with us.
However, my best friend is the biggest Pokemon fan I've ever seen so much so that she even directed me towards this site. ;/
I have a younger sister who plays it a lot now. My youger brother used to play it alot and we used to play the trading card game.
Overall, Pokemon in my household isn't a very faimly oriented thing.

Cheez Puf

Just lurking.
I have a few friends who play; they're the reason I got back into it after a period of time of not playing. We all play Black and White together on a pretty frequent basis, and talk about pokemon on a frequent basis too.


Pokemon addict
My two friends and their cousins play pokemon still which is pretty cool, except they play it off and on. My youngest cousin and his brother play it sometimes too. I'm the only one I know that plays it more regularly.


Don't Mess With Me
I recently got my boyfriend back into Pokemon, and I'm helping him learn how to battle competitively. Aside from that, we watch the anime together (I have the first two seasons on DVD, we don't watch the new crap).

My dad and I will watch the show together (we always have) and he will join me in a round of mini-games from Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2.

I have a couple of friends irl that I can talk to about Pokemon, and sometimes play with. But it seems like less and less people my age like it, or are ashamed to talk about it/play it now (they just tell themselves they're too old for it).

I do, though, have a group of people at my school that all sit around battling, so I join them now and then.


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I have 2 friends who play pokemon one of my friends brother plays too, everyone in my family doesn't play and my cousins make fun of me for liking pokemon, I'm the only person who knows anything about competitive though.


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I'm nineteen and I have at least three buddies I know that play Heartgold in college. I also have a younger brother and a few cousins that I can play with. I know I have more friends that play, they just don't have this gen games or too afraid to admit it. Personally I really don't care if people know I play... Judge me for that and its you who has the problem friend ;)
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Meowth City

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I don't have many friends that play Pokemon - a lot of them have moved away now :( But one of these days, I'm gonna get my family into Pokemon. The closest thing I have is my mom likes to watch the anime and that's about it XD


High in the Sky
My younger brother plays Pokemon and he is signed up on here and my cousin plays it too, But I beat him in a battle everytime even if he did use half a team of legends.

My friend got me into the games and then quit and now he makes fun of me for playing Pokemon but I don't care. No-one else apart from that :(


I'll do my Lilliest
Just this afternoon, my family and I watch the new BW eps
Took long that we ate lunch. it was the ep of Gothitelle

Dad quickly finished his food (I was in the living room with my sis) and said 'Restart that ep!' xD

Then nightime..after I took a shower, my sis and my dad were still watching the eps and I was like 'I havent seen those yet! Wait'
So yeah.. That is all, nya


Face Oblivion
No, I'm a loner.

No-one I know plays it anymore, and take the mickey out of me now.
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