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Pokémon with Your Friends and in Your Family?

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None of my family have ever been Pokémon fans.

However, I do have many friends who grew up with the games as I did and so they are the ones I can talk to about it if I want to.

I am a newer gamer however; I never played Gold/Silver/Crystal (or at least, I don't think I did.) I think the first game I ever got was Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team for the GBA.


Fall Apart.
My twin sister loves Pokemon, and so does my older sister.

The top 2 eldest aren't fans, but my best friend is a fan aswell. ^.^


Pokemon's #1 Fan
I have a neighbor who Ive known for ages and is like a brother to me and we still addictively play Pokemon. I also have at least 5 other friends who play it(3 of whom bring ther DS's to high school) and several others who arent afraid to admit they still like Pokemon, but dont play the games.

I dont have any siblings or super close family members who play Pokemon ecxept for my 10 and 7 year old second cousins. I remember helping one of them with their Platinum game during a visit at Christmas.
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old geezer
My younger brother is the only person I know who plays, altthough not as avidly as me. He doesn't care about EVs and perfect stats, only level 100 and legends. We battlE a lot, and unless I let him use his mewtwo I almost always win.


Mes amis
Back in the 90's, every kid in my neighborhood played Pokemon, collected the cards, and watched the anime. Nowadays, my brother still plays Pokemon, and 2 of my cousins do as well. I also work as a nature camp counselor in the summer, and sometimes I'll give campers (some of whom are just getting into Pokemon) advice on what moves to use, how to train, etc.


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I have some good friends who still enjoy Pokemon, one who I see at school a lot, so sometimes we'll talk about Pokemon. We trade or battle sometimes if we're hanging out at each other's places.


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my little brother,who's 5 years old is getting in to pokemon. i have a few freinds that play it and my cousins play it aswell


Canines rule!
My sister plays in spurts which usually don't last more than a month or so. She also says the anime is stupid now :( My mom knows that I love pokemon, but I'm not sure she knows the extent (read: obsessed). I've got a couple friends at school who play, but they use cheating devices and I don't.

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I got my friend into pokemon. She found a shiny Bellsprout after about 2 months when she wasn't even hunting. I was rather jelly.


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Ya both my two brothers and sister play. But its no fun playing with them becuase they dont like to battle. Im oldest. my cousins play to and we have two on two battles. pretty fun


c l a r i t y
My brother used to play Pokemon games but he seems to have laid it off due to his latest obsession, Transformers.

My mother doesn't believe in the series at all, even mispronouncing "Pokemon"!

So I guess I am the only Pokemon-crazy part of my family!


teh wild card
most of my friends play pokemon and my brother used to play but he gave all his stuff to me when he got older.
but when he gets drunk he mysteriously seems to have an intrest in it again :p


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Me my sis and my friend used to love pokemon together but now that we grew up im the only one who still loves it.


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I am 22 now and the majority of my friends are about that age too and they all play pokemon, some more than others, but all love the game.


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My sister used to play but she dosen't any more. My cousin who's the same age as me(15) still plays though, and we have lots of fun. =)


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I joined the craze at Red/Blue with some friends. One of my sisters didn't get into Pokémon until Gold/Silver, and my other sister finally gave in during the Ruby/Sapphire era. While both my sisters are moreover Persona fangirls now, they still enjoy playing Pokémon at times.

I have cousins that still play Pokémon a lot, too. They were awestruck when the first saw me play the Pokémon White Version I imported from Japan. "What are all these cool new Pokémon?"


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My younger brother and my younger sister. Play Pokémon. They also go on this fourm.


Oofa, almost everyone in my family loves it.
2 younger sisters, 2 younger brothers, and my Ma.
Of course, now they're all stuck on LoZ, but hey.
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