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Pokémon with Your Friends and in Your Family?

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My mom knows nothing of it...
My dad mocks Pokemon by saying "Pika pika... me Pika mi culo!" << Latinos should get this!
My sister tells me to grow up.
My friend/coworker reminisces on Gen 1 Pokemon
My niece loves em.
and My babe battles me once in a while!


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My family (especially my parents) think they are for kids, however, my brother and sister are into Pokemon.

I do have a couple irl friends who I can talk about Pokemon with, though they don't like Pokemon that much now. I have a few other friends who used to like Pokemon, but have grown out of it.


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My friends who used to like Pkmn, grew out of it and won't look beyond the original 151 Pkmn


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Man you guys are lucky my entire family hates all video games. It kinda sucks but lucky i have friends that love pokemon.


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My parents only know the originals.
Dad 151
Mom 251

My sister knows through DP, although she has more or less quit.

My little step-brother knows a lot of random pokemon, he collects the cards but doesn't really play the games. (To complex)

And I really only have one friend who games the current gens with me. It's depressing.


burning it down
I have a few friends who used to play but nowadays say it's too childish etc. I think one of my friends does still occasionally play and watch the animé. A lot of people at my school think it's only for kids and stuff like that. No-one in my family plays (as far as I know).


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My best friend used to play pokemon and be as obsessed with it as me, but he's lost interest. We're COD buds now :D I have maybe 3 or 4 irl friends who play it too, but we can't talk about it at school, as we will be mocked for weeks. And we already are xD

Btw, Rank up ^^

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My mom & dad know nothing about pokemon, besides the fact that its a cartoon.
My older brother knows the original 151 and some of the Johto Pokemon.
My younger brother is still a little into Pokemon, he bought Platinum but quit before the E4. He still plays my files when he has to.
And I have random friends that still play.


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Still looking for a forum member who's grandparents play or even know about Pokémon. o_O

My parents only know the originals.
Dad 151
Mom 251
So they can even name every single one of the 151 and 251 first Pokémon? Some parents you have, respect!


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Still looking for a forum member who's grandparents play or even know about Pokémon. o_O!
My grandmother knows about them, seeing as I always used to play on them on the GBA, so she'd often ask about it, and in future would say, "are you still playing with them Pokemanz?" She may have forgotten about it by now, but there was a time when she would ask me about them.

Anyway, my family and closest friends all know that I play Pokemon, in fact some people who aren't that close probably do. My older brother still gets involved occasionally, he's had a game from every gen and played through them, and I've introduced him to PO, so he's been on there a bit. My little brother doesn't really care anymore, and none of my friends play themselves. So it's basically just my brother.


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my brother plays but fails. i remember beating half the game for him in his pearl lol. in terms of gen IV, i have a friend who bought it as his first pokemon game, but lost interest after beating the 8th gym. another friend of mine knows more about pokemon, but is a shameless ****. he doesn't pay for the game and downloads pokemon of the internet. when he offered to vs me i was still gonna agree as i assumed the lv 100's he got off the internet would suck, but he hacked them to have perfect EV's(not beyond what is possible though). apparently though he is 1 win 2 losses against someone else at my school who bought the game(and doesn't hack). other than those two my other close friends don't have a gen 5 game, but said they enjoyed the first gen of games. though i do know of others with pokemon black/white.


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My sister was the only one in my family that played Pokemon with me. We had a few trading card battles, and we also played the games together (mostly trading). My brothers and Mom used to bug us about it. My Dad, however, used to stay up all night playing my sister's Yellow (without saving over her file) when he was getting ready to work nightshifts for the week. I guess he kept trying to beat the game in one night. XD

In elementary school I didn't have the game when everyone else in my class was playing it. T_T When I finally got Blue, the Pokecraze was dying, so in middle school none of my friends played it. Then in high school I had new friends who were anime/manga fans, and played video games. Last year at school they were playing B&W together, but I didn't get the game because I was worried about school and such. I regret not getting Black earlier than I did!

Now, my older sister recently graduated from college, and now she's home for a vacation. Haha, I got her back into Pokemon, me thinks! We watched the 1st episode of B&W on DVD, and she was glad that the animation was better (since she was studying animation). She also thoroughly enjoyed Team Rocket's serious attitude!

Now she wants to help me complete my Pokedex since I'm still playing. So she's been playing Ruby again so I can get some Hoenn Pokemon. And we watched the new Black&White episodes the other day! ^_^ So yeah, I'm a happy Pokefan!

Oh my... Hope this post isn't too long! ^^;


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My grams tried playing but her eyes fail her and she ends up using the wrong moves like ALL THE TIME!
My dad calls them poke mans and is always Asking me what level I'm on. I always have to tell him that it isn't like that.

My sister dosnt like it, and responds because its pokemon.

My neighbor plays it, but I don't really hang out with him much anymore.

Some of my friends used to play it, and one of them recently started ruby over.

Black Frost

My closest friends either play Pokémon themselves or don't mind if anyone plays it. However, I wouldn't tell anyone from my class that I play it because most of them would label me a nerd and laugh at me (which is a sad thing for 21-to-23-year-old people, but meh).

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My sister likes Pokemon, but more for the characters and the games. She loves playing as Pikachu and Jigglypuff in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and we have a blast playing Pokemon Rumble. :3
Hopefully some day she'll enjoy the main series games with me. ;___;
I currently one irl friend who plays Pokemon, good thing she's one of my two best friends! 8D


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me, my cousin, and my little sister all play against each other, helping each other out, it's fun.
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