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Pokémon X & Y Music Appreciation Thread

Playing the game atm and loving the trainer music. Love the incorporation of drums to amp up the sound.


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I just got the game, and I am really surprised with the music! It's really great, and I think it might be better than Gen 5 already!


Dancing Mad
So after being sort of underwhelmed by a lot of the music, I reached Shalour and for the first time in a while I got shivers from listening to the music. It sounds so dramatic and mystic, like something from Okami - I love it.

Seems like this is where things really start to get going. The Tower if Mastery also blew me away with its soundtrack and right now I'm just enjoying the excellent surfing music. Immensely glad that they brought back the graceful 3/4 time signature motif after Gen V's disappointing efforts.
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I spent about 10 minutes today listening to Route 1's theme. Wow.


Holty crap, the route 8 Theme is GLORIOUS! Like wow, It's one of my favorite route themes of all time.


I'm really loving the music !

I'm also glad they added in that guy that plays the song unwavering emotions in one of the towns.

Erron Black

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I have listened to some of the music before hand and was Amazed at how wonderfully the music sounded. I of course am waiting to hear the E4 and Champion theme, Want it to be a surprise! Better be great like all the other themes are!


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i love the theme when you meet your friends its really cute! i also love the gym leader theme like its so awesome???


1 more day ^^
I really like the opening theme, wild battle, and trainer battle music.


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I've been really enjoying the music in these games so far. I like the title screen and bike themes a lot and spent some time just listening to them over and over. IMO, the wild Pokemon and trainer battle themes are also pretty good and sound very exciting. Lastly, I think many of the locations in Kalos have just beautiful music. Santalune Forest and Camphrier Town are a couple of favourites.


Dreaming of Greece
I really like the Power Plant music. And can't forget the Team Flare Grunt Battle theme - that is just fabulous.

Colton S

Beware Bewear
The Team Flare Grunt theme, rival battle, and gym leader themes are all great! GF really out did themselves.


Oh, hey, Big Zam!
I love pretty much all of the music in this game, it no longer seems like it is being restrained by the hardware.


Flare Grunt + boss are great.
So is Gym Leader theme.

Was a tiny bit disappointed with Yveltal's theme, but it's still great.

Hope the E4 and Champion themes are good.
Probably will face them tomorrow.