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Pokémon X & Y: Worldwide Release

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Lugia 88

    Lugia 88 Well-Known Member

    I'm going to wait for Pokemon Z(unconfirmed but possible) why I want a game that has both X and Y mega forms not just limited to the game version. Also these games better have a way to catch Lugia and Ho-oh instead of transferring them over threw pokemon bank.
  2. ebevan91

    ebevan91 Well-Known Member

    Waiting for the 21st is so hard :(

    That's when my 3DS is supposed to get to my house.
  3. ShikabaneHime13

    ShikabaneHime13 Well-Known Member

    So I attended the launch event in NYC at Nintendo World and the line stretched a couple blocks! I got there early enough in the day with friends to get a good spot and be amongst those that got a launch event wristband to attend the event and purchase the games. I will upload pictures soon or link to my photos on image share or something. But I was pleasantly surprised. At the event, we got all of the pre-order bonuses including the GAME pokeball game case, the Gamestop timeline poster (For those that pre-ordered both games), the Target legendary pins and dogtag necklaces. This makes me wonder if come next month for the Legend of Zelda release for the 3DS, if we'd get some of the Europe exclusives a well (like that ultra cute treasure chest music box).

    But the event was really nice, though it could've been better organized. As many people as there were, when it came time to line of outside of the store for one's turn to purchase (there were color-coded wristbands for certain timeslots, ie. blue/white stripes for midnight, black for 12:30 and so on), it was basically a flash mob to get to the doors and it was like being a sardine in a can. And after my friends and I made our purchases and left, the line for the post- launch event purchasers stretched all the way around the block. It was nice to see how many people turned out for the release.
  4. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    And when/if they don't, you'll still probably manage somehow.
  5. silver_phoenix

    silver_phoenix Fluffy Pokemon Trainer

    I'm getting my Pokemon X and 3DS today! So excited!
  6. Delpianodylan

    Delpianodylan Member

    Love the world wide release!
  7. Sylpheon

    Sylpheon ❀Sylveon❀

    They said it was released World Wide, but didn't a few people get the games a bit earlier?
  8. Kreis

    Kreis Still Dirrty

    Don't bump old threads.
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