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Pokémon X & Y: Worldwide Release

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No, sadly enough I don't know that!

The mediamarkt doesn't give anything tough.

I'm going to send an mail to Game Mania and ask if they give anything.
If they don't I'll switch to Bartsmit or Toys Xl


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Preordered my copy of X yesterday!! I almost cried. I haven't been this excited for a Pokemon game in a long time!


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I think the Pokemon CoroCoro will reveal are the previously annouced Oorotto, an electric type poodle, a rock and ground type stegosaurus, a rock and fairy type iguanodon, a steel and water type car, an ice type snowman, a fighting and ground type turtle, Torkoal's new fire and steel type evolution, Gogoat's Grass type preevolution, a normal type shrew, and a grass and bug type grasshopper.


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So I was talking to a friend from GS here in the US, and there are no plans for a midnight launch here sadly, but she thinks that Nintendo World here might (and they do) have a event party for the release. Oddly though we and our friends won't make it cause Ironically, the release day of the game titles lands on the same day as New York Comic Con, but idc, I got mine at GS ready to be bought. Also from what I've been hearing, Best Buy and Toysrus might also be planing as special bonus here in the US too!


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Not really a surprised since I don't think Gamestop ever did a Midnight Launch for a Pokemon game and they only open up like a Hour or two early...


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It wouldn't make much sense for them to, since most buyers of Pokemon are little kids, who are hopefully asleep.


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Nintendo Direct willmtalk about upcoming games formthis year, so expect some new Pokemon X and Y news.


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Some new game footage is always good. Looking forward to it!

By the way, this broadcast will air at 3pm UK time / 4pm CEST / 7am PT.


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yeah that's the way you do it. Probably there is an announcement somewhere on nintendo.com about it and telling you more info.

omg where?!!

lol nvm :p

Wow!!! Well this should be good then, A Direct, followed by corocoro leaks and then a week after that the Pokemon Game show thing will go live and hopefully we'll learn more stuff from the Demo :D
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I'm really hoping for more info on version exclusives from either corocoro or the upcoming nintendo direct. I haven't decided on which game I want to get, X or Y. The only thing we know now is just version exclusive pokemon. I like clauncher but I also like yveltal. But what about version exclusive cities and what not, besides verison exclusive pokemon? But I'm really hyped this week. I'm starving for news.


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Japan will probably focus on the upcoming Pokemon Game Show/Expo for its Pokemon XY section

That's a good shout actually, I forgot it's so close now. But if it is then then odds are it will just me more info on when and where and what to expect.


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@Chomper4 is NOT a reliable source. To know it, that user spammed the blog of Masaaki Iwane to try to get spoilers about the Pokemon Anime in April 2012.

If there's a Nintendo Direct, it will be later this month. It's hoighly likely that there will be a Pokemon Direct before release in September. However, Nintendo are unpredictable (we can guess when CoroCoro is released, but not when Nintendo released "Direct"s.

And we have a surprise from the UK...

99,9% of the time, AAPF released information of Japan. But today, the new info is tabout merchandise game related (and only game, not anime) about the new games. (It's basically Nintendo 3DS merch).

The surprise is that the merch says Gotta catch em all! The surprising part is that they are doing this the first time in ... 11 years!!!! In a game with 700+ Pokemon ! (try to catch all, 10 year old).
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