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Pokémon XD: Enigma Shadow

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by The Great Butler, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    Pokémon XD: Enigma Shadow

    As the title suggests, this is loosely based on "Gale of Darkness." It uses a mix of original and existing characters, and.....well, read it and find out. ;manafi;

    I will say that I'd rate it PG for now, for some violence.

    With that, let the fic writing commence!



    “On this dark and stormy night in Larousse City, two champions are about to meet. We are about to see one of the greatest battles in history!”

    The announcer’s voice boomed over the crowd assembled in the arena. The location was the Battle Tower, an arena for world-class Pokémon battles based in Larousse City. This night, the champion, Rich, was going to face off against a brand new challenger who had won his way up the ranks with record speed.

    “And now, the challenger. Hailing from the beautiful city of Altomare, he is perhaps the biggest threat to our champion’s title we’ve ever yet seen. Now entering the arena……..Adio!”

    The elevator on the right-hand side of the arena rose, and a young man with a leather jacket and spiked yellow hair stepped off. The MC approached him.

    “So, challenger, you have a shot that only few people get. You’re gonna throw down with our long-time champ! How’re you feeling?”

    “I’m extremely confident. I know how this ‘champ’ battles, and I’m gonna take him down!”

    The audience responded with lukewarm applause, for the champion was very popular.

    “The crowd ain’t quite feeling you, Adio. Maybe they’ll get into it once they meet our champ. From Phenac City in Orre, it’s the super champ of unrivaled elegance! Now entering the arena………the champ………..RIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”

    The audience exploded with loud cheering as the left-hand elevator came up and Rich, a person with smooth blue hair and an elegant suit entered the arena. Both competitors headed to the center of the arena.

    “So, champ,” the MC began, “Your challenger’s a handful, I can vouch for that. How do you plan to handle him?”

    “Same way I handle everyone else,” Rich replied. “Dazzle with power and swift knockouts!”

    The audience cheered again.

    “Let me explain the rules of the match. Each trainer has examined the opponent’s team and using that information, chosen one of their Pokémon to hold in reserve. This is a five-on-five Double Battle match. The first trainer to lose all five of their Pokémon loses, and the winner is the champion. In case of a match that’s too close to call, a panel of three referees will review footage of the match and decide the winner. Do you both accept the rules?”

    Both trainers silently nodded.

    “Good. Then go to your respective sides and prepare for battle.”

    Adio stood at the arena’s right side, Rich at the left. The stage was set.

    “Adio, as the challenger, you shall select your initial two battlers first. Now! Will the champ’s elegance top Adio’s raw power? Will there be a changing of the guard here at the Battle Tower? Let’s find out! TITLE MATCH! Adio versus Rich! Let the battle begin!!!!!!”

    The audience erupted in cheers once more.

    Pkmn Trainer Adio---vs.---Tower Champ Rich

    “Time for my glorious victory!” Adio taunted. “Sharpedo and Camerupt, go!”

    Adio threw two Poké Balls. A Sharpedo, a shark-like Dark and Water Pokémon, and a Camerupt, a camel with the Fire and Ground types, appeared.

    “Annnnnnnnnnnnnddddd we are off!” the announcer exclaimed. “Adio leads with the Brutal Pokémon, Sharpedo, and the fiery Camerupt!”

    “So you use those two, Adio?” Rich said. “Let’s do this. Ludicolo and Milotic, go!”

    Rich threw his Poké Balls. The dancing Ludicolo and the beautiful Milotic appeared. As anyone who faced Rich knew, these were not opponents to be messed with.

    “Rich leads with two Water types, Ludicolo and Milotic! Many a challenger has felt the wrath of these foes!”

    “I’m not afraid of your water power, Rich! Sharpedo, Crunch!”

    Adio’s Sharpedo lunged at Milotic with fangs bared and crunched. Milotic recoiled from the hit.

    “Adio scores a strong hit to Milotic!”

    “Alright, challenger, playtime’s over! Milotic, Surf! Ludicolo, use Thunderpunch!”

    Ludicolo and Milotic lept to the attack. Ludicolo’s fists crackled with electricity, and it delivered a super-effective blow to Sharpedo. Immidiately after that, Milotic launched a massive wave of water to both Camerupt and Sharpedo.

    When the water receded, both challengers were fainted.

    “Double KO for the champ! Adio needs to get his act together quickly!”

    “Arrrgghhh!! Return, Camerupt and Sharpedo!”

    Adio recalled the two fainted Pokémon, then threw two more Poké Balls.

    “Flygon and Metagross, go!”

    The dragon-like Flygon and the metal spider Metagross appeared.

    “Adio brings in Flygon and Metagross! How will the champ resp—“

    Suddenly, a blast from outside rocked the tower. No one knew right away what had happened.

    “Hold the phone, folks!” the MC interrupted. “What the hey’s going on??”

    “Wishmaker Tower was bombed and is on fire!” the announcer shouted.

    Mass hysteria resulted. Many audience members fled the arena.

    “Wishmaker Tower…..my parents and fiancee……NOOOOOOOOO!!!” Rich cried. “I must go help!”

    “Wait there, chump!” Adio yelled back. “You leave, you forfeit!”

    “Uh……..” Rich obviously was struggling with the decision. “I will…….I…….I…….FORFEIT!!!”

    “Then Adio is the champ.”

    Rich rushed out of the arena with Milotic and Ludicolo. When he finally got outside after several long minutes, a horrific sight greeted him.

    The grand, exquisite Wishmaker Tower lay in ruins. It had collapsed.


    “Rich…….” Someone approached him. “There is some happiness here.”


    “Their bodies were already recovered. They were inches from escaping when the tower collapsed.”

    “Wha……wha……WHY!!!!?!?!? ………Ludicolo….Milotic….let us try to help……”


    “Lotic, milllll……..”

    And so, Adio became the champion of the Battle Tower. Rich was so devastated that he left Larousse and returned to his hometown of Phenac City, where he lived in seclusion for four years. But the fallen champion will rise again….and with his companions, a new legend will be born………….

    Just a small note, I created the character of Rich as the brother of Wallace from R/S/E. They're twins, so Rich looks exactly the same as Wallace does.
  2. -Yoshi-

    -Yoshi- Yoshi!!!

    Pretty good. I like the plot and the characters, the scenery is very good as well. One thing I like the most is the combination of the movies and Orre. I wonder what will happen next. Keep it up, and write as good as you can.
  3. pharaohguy530

    pharaohguy530 The one and only.

    Cool. An XD story....Can't wait for more. Keep it up.
  4. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    Thank you for the reviews. Believe you me, if you liked the prologue, you'll love it when I hit my stride.

    [SPOIL]Might as well throw a little in. Chapter One will also be set at the Battle Tower and follows Rich's comeback attempt. Three characters will join him, and the beginnings of the biggest Shadow Pokémon conspiracy yet start to appear.[/SPOIL]

    I should also say that Chapter One came out at over FIFTY pages, so it'll come here in spurts over the next few days.

    Oh yes, and I apologize for not mentioning this earlier: Orre places do play a pretty important part, but Orre itself is not explored.
  5. Deathborn_606

    Deathborn_606 Power of the mind

    I wonder if the destruction of Wishmaker tower is caused b yCipher or some other shadow pokemon organzation. Anyhow considerating that could one fo the shadows be Jirachi? Great work so far and eagerly awaiting Chapter 1.
  6. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    [SPOIL]Yup, Jirachi does play a role. A perhaps inconsequential one, but a role nonetheless. And this is bigger than anything Cipher could ever do alone---let that be your hint!

    I also drew some inspiration for this chapter from the excellent "Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door," so if it looks a bit familiar, that's why.[/SPOIL]

    CHAPTER ONE: The Return of Rich

    The two men exited the Larousse City-South City monorail quietly, but were soon surrounded by people who recognized them.

    “Rich!!!! You’ve come back at last!”

    “We missed you so much!”

    “And Steven from Hoenn is with you??? This is so awesome!”

    Rich and his friend Steven, a gray haired young man wearing a sharp black suit, stood surrounded by cheering fans.

    “Thank you…..thank you…..it is good to be back,” Rich told the crowd.

    “We’ll meet and greet at another time,” Steven said, “but we have business we must attend to, so please let us go for now.”

    The crowd obliged and parted. Rich and Steven calmly walked through the station, and out.

    “I’ve forgotten what a lovely city this is…..it’s been so long.”

    “You’re right, Rich. I haven’t been here in a while myself.”

    “So I guess we should head right to the Tower and sign up?”


    The two trainers ventured through the city toward the Battle Tower. Some people recognized them, but mostly their trip went uninterrupted. Soon, the grand tower stood before them. It reached into the sky and had an elegant plaza out front. Many tourists came to see the grand fountains.

    “Wow,” Rich said. “It gets grander every time I see it.”

    Steven agreed, then the two went towards the entrance. Before they could go in, a tall man with wild white hair, tight purple clothes and a purple cape exited.

    “Rich…..you have returned at last….may your quest be successful. Fufufu….I bet we will see each other again.”

    The mysterious man then rushed off, leaving the stunned Rich and Steven.

    “Rich…..who was that person?”

    “H-his name is Nascour. He isn’t someone you want to associate with, trust me.”

    The two shrugged, entered the tower, and went up to the front desk.

    “Hello,” Rich said to the secretary at the desk. “We’d like to sign up for the next tournament.”


    “It is me, indeed. I’m planning a comeback, and if you don’t mind, I’d like to get in quickly.”

    “Sure! It is a great honor to see you again, sir. Take the red conveyor to Tucker’s office and meet with him about signing up. Good luck!”

    Rich nodded his thanks, then the two friends stepped onto the conveyor belt.

    “Ahh…..I feel so good being back. It doesn’t erase the memory of what happened here four years ago, though.”

    “What exactly did happen, Rich?”

    “Steven, it is a sad tale but one you should know. I was in a match to defend my title when Wishmaker Tower was bombed. My parents and fiancee were in the tower, and died when it collapsed. I was so broken that I couldn’t battle any more, so I went home to Phenac and secluded myself until now.”

    “Oh my…that is quite sad. Well, we’re here, so let’s perk up and not miss our stop!”

    The two got off the conveyor and knocked on the office door.

    “Come in!” a gruff sounding voice yelled from inside.

    Rich and Steven entered the office. Tucker, a bizarre man who wore wings and an athlete’s uniform, sat behind the desk.

    “This better be good. I’m busy, you know!” Tucker began to scold. His mood quickly changed when he realized who he was dealing with. “Wait, aren’t you Rich, the famous Tower champion? And Steven, the former Pokémon League superstar?”

    “The one and only,” Rich replied. “Actually, the two and only, but still.”

    Tucker pressed the intercom button on his desk and talked into it. “Hey, Jamie darling? I think you better get in here and see who’s here to enter the tournament.”

    “Right away, sir,” a woman’s voice responded.

    The woman came in quickly. She wore a red business uniform and had blonde hair. She also had a very smart air around her.

    “Jamie, you know those legendary trainers hailed as two of the strongest I’ve told you about? Rich and Steven?”

    “Yes I do, Tucker, sir…”

    “They stand before you.”

    “W----wow…I-I am honored to make your aquaintance, sirs.”

    “No problem,” Steven told her.

    “Now you guys, you want to enter the tournaments in my tower?”

    Rich and Steven nodded.

    “Excellent. We need big draws like you two here to pull in some moolah, you feeling me? Yeah….so all you have to do is fill out this form and sign it. We need your names, all six Pokémon on your team, and your signature. Then you’re all set.”

    The two quickly filled out and signed the forms.

    “Great. Now, Jamie, show these two to their rooms.”

    “Right away, sir. Steven, Rich, please follow me.”

    Jamie exited the office. Rich and Steven followed her, and soon were on an elevator going up the tower.

    “There are some rules you must follow,” Tucker’s assistant told the two. “First of all, what Tucker says, goes. His judgement is final in all matters here. You will use the consoles on the walls in your rooms for several things. You can view the tournament tree, reserve a match, and contact Tucker if you need him. Do you understand?”

    “Yes, we do,” Steven said.

    The elevator stopped and the three got off. Jamie handed Steven and Rich each a numbered key.

    “Excellent. Then use these keys to get into your rooms. Please enjoy your battles.”

    Jamie got back on the elevator and left.

    “Well, Steven….good luck. I hope we get to battle each other!”

    “Hahaha, I do too. That would be a great match. Good luck, pal.”

    The two shook hands, then headed to their rooms. Once in his room, Rich immediately sat down at the console and activated it.

    “I better check out the competiton before I sign up.”

    He selected the tournament tree, which appeared on the screen.

    +++++++++++++Battle Tournament Lineup++++++++++++++++++++
    RICH vs. PETER
    ROD vs. LAURA
    CHIP vs. EIN

    “Hmmm…interesting. Let me see about my first opponent.”

    +++++++++++++++++Roller Boy Peter+++++++++++++++++++++++
    -Skiploom -Zangoose
    -Mawile -Girafarig
    -Espeon -Lairon
    A team with low potential.
    Emphasizes Attack power.
    Focuses on offense over defense.

    “Huh. This shouldn’t be too bad, so I’ll enter right away.”

    Rich pushed some buttons on the console, then Tucker appeared on the screen.

    “Hey there, son!” Tucker greeted him. “Ready for a match, are you?”

    “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

    “You checked out your opponent’s team?”


    “Great. Now, this kid shouldn’t be too big a challenge for a guy like you. He’s a bit green, so do your best to teach him the ropes, got it?”

    “Of course, Tucker.”

    “Excellent. All I need now is the three Pokémon you will battle with.”

    Rich thought to himself. “Let’s see. I don’t want to mess this up, obviously….so I shall choose…” Then he spoke aloud to Tucker. “Tucker, I will battle with Blaziken, Milotic, and Tyranitar.”

    “Finished! Now, come right to the arena. Yours was the first scheduled match anyway. And hey, good luck out there.”

    “Thank you, Tucker.”

    Rich switched off the console and left the room.

    The atmosphere in the arena was electric. No one knew what it was, but something big was going to happen. Tucker himself normally didn’t MC the first round matches, but something tonight was different.

    “Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the new Battle Tower championship tournament!” he shouted, even though he held a microphone. The crowd responded with cheers. “And tonight, our first match is gonna be one great one, I promise you. A moment that has been waited for for years is finally upon us!” More cheers. “Let’s get to the battle. Battling out of the blue corner, our newest challenger was once hailed as a man among men and one of the strongest trainers in Larousse City, nay, the WORLD! Put your hands together for our very own comeback kid, the master of elegance, the trainer of exquisite power….here he comes…….RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    The audience exploded in cheering so loud it rocked the stadium. They had waited years for Rich’s return, and now their idol had come up from the left hand elevator and entered the arena.

    “Rich, son, what’s it feel like to be back here at last? The crowd loves you!”

    “Nerve racking, really. I don’t want to let my fans down…thank you, thank you.”

    “Make it a great show, son. Now opposing Rich, out of the red corner…a first timer here, so give him some love, folks! Here’s the skating wonder, Peter!”

    The right elevator came up and Peter skated into the arena. The audience cheered, but not as loud as they did for Rich.

    “Peter, I don’t know what I should say. You’re matched against one of the best we’ve ever seen.”

    “Even if I lose, I see it as a learning experience.”

    “Great attitude there. Take your places, trainers!” Rich and Peter took their spots on the colosseum floor. “And now, let’s get it on! Round 1 match! Rich versus Peter! Let the battle begin!!!!!!!!!!!”

    The bell rang as the audience cheered loudly once more.

    Pkmn Trainer Rich ---vs.----- Roller Boy Peter

    “Alright, let’s do this! Blaziken and Milotic, go!”

    Rich sent out Blaziken, a Fire-and-Fighting type that looked like a huge chicken, along with Milotic.

    “Rich leads off with Blaziken and Milotic! We know the power these creatures have!”

    “Well, OK, then I’ll go with Skiploom and Lairon!”

    The flower-like Skiploom and armored Lairon appeared on Peter’s side.

    “Peter sends out Skiploom and Lairon!”

    “Alright, Milotic, use Ice Beam!”

    Milotic reared back. A ball of ice formed near its mouth, which it shot at Skiploom.

    “Skiploom takes a brutal hit and is down!!!”

    Skiploom tried to get up, but fainted and collapsed.

    “No! Skiploom, return!” Peter withdrew Skiploom and threw another Poké Ball. “Girafarig, go!”

    Girafarig, a bizarre Normal and Psychic type with a small head on its tail, appeared.

    “Peter sends out Girafarig to replace Skiploom! Can he overcome Rich’s awesome power?”

    “Lairon, use Iron Defense!”

    Lairon’s body briefly shone with a metallic glow. It had increased its defensive power.

    “Lairon muscles up its defense!”

    “No problem. Blaziken, return!” Rich withdrew Blaziken voluntarily and threw a new Poké Ball. “Tyranitar, go!”

    Tyranitar appeared on Rich’s side. It was a huge Pokémon with a large body and exceptional strength.

    “And Rich counters with Tyranitar!! That’s one foe that should never be underestimated!”

    “Milotic, Surf!”

    Milotic launched a huge wave of water at both foes. When it went down, Lairon had fainted.

    “Lairon, return!” Peter withdrew Lairon.

    “Peter’s down to his very last one! He needs a miracle now!”

    “Girafarig, use Stomp!”

    Peter’s Girafarig jumped at Tyranitar and tried to stomp on it.

    “Tyranitar, Counter it!”

    Tyranitar caught the Girafarig, spun it around, and threw it across the stage. Girafarig struggled to its feet……then collapsed.

    “No! I-I’ve lost…..” Peter recalled Girafarig.

    The bell rang and the crowd cheered. The battle was over.


    “Rich is the winner!!”

    Tucker congratulated Rich as Peter left the arena.

    “Rich, we expected nothing less from you. What a dominating performance! How’re you feeling right now?”


    “Excellent to hear that, son! Folks, we might have a titanic battle coming soon if he keeps it up! Stay tuned!”

    To be Continued.....
  7. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    The next morning, Rich awoke and immediately went to the console to see the results of all the first round matches

    ================================================== ===
    +++++++++++++Battle Tournament Lineup++++++++++++++++++++
    RICH vs. ROD
    EIN vs. MARC
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++
    ================================================== ===

    “Well, looks like Steven won his match too. Wait….Ein??? E-Ein’s here? Uhhhhhh………guess I won’t worry about that. Let me check out this Rod.”

    +++++++++++++++++Bug Catcher Rod+++++++++++++++++++++++
    -Yanma -Masquerain
    -Dustox -Aipom
    -Noctowl -Altaria
    The average team this tournament.
    Skilled at enfeebling, then attacking.
    Emphasizes Speed.

    “I know exactly how to defeat this guy.”

    Rich then rang up Tucker, who appeared on the screen.

    “Hey there, Rich! Are ya ready for your Round 2 match?”

    “I sure am. This time, I want to battle with Slowking, Alakazam, and Tyranitar.”

    “Gotcha! Come on down to the arena!”

    Tucker disappeared from the screen.


    “And now, the first of the Round 2 matches! In the blue corner, the master of artistic battling! Rich!!!!!”

    The crowd cheered as Rich came up on the left-side elevator.

    “Rich, you won the first round match very easily. What are your thoughts on this one?”

    “I think it might be a fun battle.”

    “Alright. And now, out of the red corner is a champion of Bug types! Please welcome Rod!!!”

    Rod came up on the right-hand elevator to a chorus of cheers.

    “Hey there, challenger. Did you see Rich destroy his last opponent?”

    “I sure did.”

    “Did you work out a strategy for this battle?”

    “I did my best, but he’s tough.”

    “Good luck to both our battlers. And now, it’s battle time! Round 2 Match! Rich versus Rod!!!!! Let the battle begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    As the crowd cheered again, the match bell rang.

    Pkmn Trainer Rich ----vs.---- Bug Catcher Rod

    “Take this, Rich! Noctowl and Yanma, go!”

    Rod threw his Poké Balls, releasing Noctowl and the worm-like flying Yanma.

    “Rod opens with Yanma and Noctowl on his side!”

    “Alakazam and Slowking, go!”

    Rich sent out the fox-like Alakazam and the Water and Psychic type Slowking.

    “Rich counters with Alakazam and Slowking!”

    “Alakazam, Ice Punch!”

    Alakazam’s fists sparkled like ice, then it delivered a super-effective hit to Yanma. Yanma fainted.

    “Yanma is down!!!”

    “Aaaaaagh! Yanma, return!” Rod recalled Yanma, then threw another Poké Ball. “Altaria, go!”

    Rod sent out Altaria, the dragon bird known for its elegant cloud-like wings.

    “Rod sends out Altaria, but will it be enough?”

    “Noctowl, try a Faint Attack!”

    Noctowl faded into shadow, snuck up to Alakazam, and delivered a super-effective hit. Alakazam fainted, too.

    “Alakazam faints right back!”

    “Great hit, Rod! Come back, Alakazam!” Rich withdrew the fainted Psychic-type. “Tyranitar, go!”

    The massive Tyranitar appeared on the field.

    “Rich sends out his Tyranitar! What a battle!”

    “Slowking, finish this! Blizzard!”

    Slowking opened its mouth and fired a blast of ice and snow at both Altaria and Noctowl.

    Both Pokémon fainted.

    “Whoops! I lost!” Rod recalled his team.

    The bell rang to end the match.


    “Go Rich! Go Rich! Go Rich!” the crowd chanted.

    “Whoa! Another great win for Rich it is! Your thoughts on the match?”

    “Rod, you have a lot of potential, but you need to diversify your team. I played upon your over-reliance on Flying types to win.”

    “Some words of wisdom from the comeback kid. Will he keep it up, maybe to the championship??? We’ll find out next time----“

    “Hold it right there! Rich, you’re ours now!”

    Three men in differently colored uniforms with helmets lept from the crowd into the arena.

    “Hold the phone, people! Looks like three goons want a piece of our superstar!” Tucker shouted with his typical dramatic style.

    “You dishonored us, remember? Now we’re back for revenge!” the blue-uniformed one said.

    “Cipher? Why are you three Cipher Peons here?” Rich responded.

    “Hahahaha!” the green one taunted. “Cipher disbanded when Greevil was arrested, but master Nascour tried to bring us back. You defeated us then, so Cipher fell apart for good. We have nothing to do with Cipher now!”

    “Bluno!” the red one yelled. “Battle him! Verde and I will go look for the other ones!”

    “Right away, Rosso!” Bluno answered. Rosso and Verde ran out of the stadium.

    “Rich. You destroyed us before, but now it’s different. Get ready for battle!”

    Pkmn Trainer Rich ---vs.--- Mystery Troop Bluno

    “Time for my revenge! Grumpig and Muk, go!”

    Bluno released the Psychic-type Grumpig and the poisonous Muk.

    “Bluno leads off with Grumpig and Muk!” Tucker said, narrating as usual.

    “Fine! Slowking and Tyranitar, come back out!”

    Rich sent Slowking and Tyranitar back into battle.

    “Rich counters with Slowking and Tyranitar!”

    “Slowking, Psychic!”

    Slowking aimed a powerful blast at Muk. It was so powerful, Muk fainted.

    “Another one-hit KO for Rich!”

    “Whatever. Muk, return!” Bluno recalled Muk. “Marshtomp, go!”

    Bluno released Marshtomp, a Water and Ground type.

    “Bluno sends out Marshtomp!”

    “Tyranitar, attack with Dragon Claw!”

    Tyranitar wound up and took a powerful slash at Marshtomp.

    “Tyranitar hits Marshtomp with a brutal hit, but Marshtomp is still standing!”

    “Marshtomp, use Shadow Rush!”

    The crowd gasped. Shadow Rush was a forbidden attack.

    Marshtomp dashed at Slowking and rammed right into it.

    “A big hit against Slowking!”

    “Tyranitar, finish it with Earthquake!”

    Tyranitar jumped and stomped on the ground, shaking it violently. Marshtomp and Grumpig were knocked out by the impact.

    “Oh noooooooooooo!! My Shadow Pokémon was defeated!!” Bluno recalled his defeated Pokémon and fled the arena.


    “Go Rich! Go Rich! Go Rich!”

    “Wow,” Tucker said in amazement. “You defeated that goon like he was nothing! This kid’s just too strong, folks! Stay tuned!”


    Later that night, Rich and Steven were in the tower’s cafeteria eating dinner.

    “Did you win your match, Steven?”

    “Yeah, I did. Frankie wasn’t too tough—my Steel types ran right through his Rock types. But who were those guys who ambushed you after your battle?”

    “Those guys were once members of Cipher, the criminal organization that tried to take over the world three times. Twice in Orre, once in Hoenn. In Hoenn, I defeated them. It would appear they’re in a new organization now….”

    “Mr. Champion…….” Another voice spoke up, and a tall lady with dark blue hair approached the table.

    “Yes? What can I do for you?” Rich asked her.

    “My name is Anabel,” she began. “I am the owner of the Battle Tower, and I have some very important information to tell you.” Anabel sat down. “I understand you would like to know who those three goons were?”

    “Yeah, I would…”

    “They were from Enigma Shadow…..the terror group that bombed Wishmaker Tower four years ago.”

    “Whhaaaat??? Th-those guys were behind that? If I had known that……”

    “Now, I understand your anger but wait. They’re only Shadow Peons, the lowest ranking members. Speaking of which, did they use a strange Pokémon in battle?”

    “Yeah…a Marshtomp that used the Shadow Rush move.”

    “Ugh. I knew it…….listen, I know you guys have a history of clashing, but you need to see my father Ein about this.”

    “E-Ein?? As in Cipher Admin Ein??? This is a trap, I know it…..”

    “Please, Rich…..this matter must be dealt with. Please trust me.”

    “Uh……alright, I guess. Steven, let’s go.”

    The pair got up from their table and followed Anabel. A few minutes later, they stood inside a lab in the tower.

    “Papa? Mama? Are you here?”

    A tall man with slicked back hair the same color as Anabel’s entered the room along with a woman wearing a pink ball gown.

    “Anabel….I am pleased that you brought Rich, as I requested,” the man said.

    “Ein? Venus? What is all of this??” Rich wondered aloud.

    “Rich, I know we battled when we were in Cipher,” the woman, Venus, told him, “but we’ve straightened out. Both of us.”

    “And I understand you battled someone using a Shadow Pokémon here?” Ein asked him.

    “I guess. It was a Marshtomp that fought using Shadow Rush.”

    “Yes……see, I briefly was a member of Enigma Shadow. I created that Shadow Marshtomp along with some others. I quit when I learned just a small part of their plan, but it would appear someone else made more Shadow Pokémon after I left. I need you to undo what’s been done.”

    “Well, I’m honored that you look to me for this….but how do you expect me to do it?”

    “Well, first of all, I’ll tell you what I know. Their plot involves two legendary Pokémon: Ho-oh and Jirachi. Using the power of these two, they somehow plan to take over the world.”

    “That’s horrifying!” Steven interjected. “Something must be done!”

    “Agreed,” Ein continued. “I know nothing more than that, but I know someone who can tell more. Victoria, the head of the museum in this city, is an expert on Ho-oh and Jirachi. She can help us.”

    “Well, can we meet her?” Rich asked him.

    “Yes, and we can do it right now.”

    Ein pressed some buttons on the wall, then a woman with black hair appeared on a screen. Rich was taken aback by her striking green eyes.


    “Ein! Good to see you,” the woman answered. “What can I do for you today?”

    “Victoria, I have two friends who would like to learn the legends of Ho-oh and Jirachi.”

    “Oh, alright. I can do that. Are they there?”

    Rich and Steven stepped in front of the screen.

    “Oh! My students are Rich and Steven, the famous trainers? Excellent! Now, you two, listen carefully because these legends are extremely important. Ho-oh is the legendary Rainbow Pokémon. It is said to roost in a region called the Metalico Islands. It also plays a part in the legend of Kyogre and Groudon, whose feud at the beginning of time wiped out all but just a little life on the planet. The legend says that Ho-oh protected the few living things that survived. To meet Ho-oh, you need the Element Plates: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, and Pearl. One must bring all five Plates to the location where Ho-oh roosts, Sulfur Hill in the Metalico Islands, to awaken it.”

    “Wow….” Rich was in awe of the woman’s knowledge.

    “Moving along, Jirachi has the ability to grant wishes. It is also hidden somewhere in the Metalico Islands, but no one knows quite where. If Jirachi’s power fell into the wrong hands, it could be devastating.”

    “So we must try to defeat Enigma Shadow to keep them away from Jirachi and Ho-oh?” Steven asked.

    “Exactly. Their purposes are evil, and they will stop at nothing to get their way. I fear the worst if they get their hands on even one of the two.”

    “Well, Victoria, thank you for this.” Ein told her, then she disappeared from the screen. “Now, Rich, let me see your PokéNav.”

    Rich handed Ein the small egg-shaped device. Ein opened the back, tinkered with the inside, closed it, and gave it back to Rich.

    “Rich, I have modified your PokéNav and added a new feature. When you Snag a Shadow Pokémon, it’ll be added to your list. It will list the name of the Shadow Pokémon, the location where you Snagged it, and the trainer you Snagged it from.”

    “Snagged? Snagged from trainers??”

    “Oops, I got ahead of myself. Take this, too.” Ein handed Rich a device that looked like a shoulder pad with an electrical cord. The cord led to a silver glove. “Please, put it on.”

    “Uh….OK.” Rich put on the device. “What is it?”

    “It’s a Snag Machine that I built. If you use the glove to throw a Poké Ball, it’ll be transformed into a Snag Ball. With a Snag Ball, you can Snag a Pokémon from its trainer in battle.”

    “What???!?! You expect me to go around stealing Pokémon from others?!”

    “Oh no, of course not….to a point. I want you to Snag only the corrupted Shadow Pokémon away from the criminals that use them.”

    “Well, alright…..but how will I tell which ones are Shadow Pokémon?”

    “With this.” Ein handed Rich a device that looked like a pair of binoculars. “That’s a Shadow Scope. If you look at a Shadow Pokémon through it, it will appear to give off a black aura that regular Pokémon will never have.”

    “Actually,” Anabel spoke up, “I’ll do that. I’m going with him!”

    “Anabel?!?!?” Ein was shocked. “I can’t say I approve of you going along on such a dangerous quest.”

    “I understand, Papa, but I can’t stand what Enigma Shadow is trying to do. I wish to see them punished with my own eyes, and I trust Rich to be the one to do it.” Anabel took the Scope from Rich.

    “I guess……but please be careful.”

    “I promise, Papa.”

    “Good. Now, Rich, one more thing. I registered myself, Venus, and Victoria in your PokéNav’s Match Call function. If you ever need any of us, do feel free to call. In fact, try calling Victoria now.”

    “Alright, Ein, I will.” Rich opened the PokéNav, selected Match Call, then selected to call Victoria.

    “Hello?” Victoria’s voice was on the other end.

    “Hello, Victoria, it’s Rich. I was just testing my PokéNav.”

    “Alright. Have fun out there. I’m rooting for you to become champion! Bye!” Victoria hung up.

    “Great, it worked. It’s late. Go to bed, all.” Ein said.

    “OK. Good night.” Rich, Steven, and Anabel left the room.

  8. pharaohguy530

    pharaohguy530 The one and only.

    A new snagger! How exciting! Also the return of Bluno, Rosso, Verde. Ein and Venus...together?!? Never would have expected that...Overall, I can't wait for more. 10/10.
  9. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    [SPOIL]In this section I took a huge liberty with a certain move. It's not something I do often, so please take it with a grain of salt. I also created a new Pokémon to make its debut here, so enjoy![/SPOIL]

    The next morning, Rich awoke and immediately went to the console.

    “I gotta find out what’s going on and who my next opponent is.”

    ================================================== ===
    +++++++++++++Battle Tournament Lineup++++++++++++++++++++
    RICH vs. ASHLEY_______________________STEVEN vs. EIN
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++
    ================================================== ===

    “Whoa. If I beat this Ashley, my final wll be against either Steven or Ein. But I gotta beat Ashley first, so let me check her out.”

    +++++++++++++++++Super Trainer Ashley+++++++++++++++++++++
    -Arcanine -Espeon
    -Starmie -Exeggutor
    -Huntail -Walrein
    A good candidate to finish first.
    Uses strong and straightforward attacks.
    Raises Pokémon in a well balanced way.

    “Wow. This girl’s going to be a lot tougher than Rod or Peter were. Let me see…….yeah, I’ve got it.”

    Rich pushed the buttons on the console to bring up Tucker.

    “Hey there! Y’all ready for your semifinal match?”

    “I sure am, Tucker.”

    “I got some stuff I want to tell you before you pick your battling team. You gotta battle here right away, because we want to get in both semis and hold the final tomorrow. You feeling me?”

    “Got it. Now, I’d like to battle with Ludicolo, Tyranitar, and Slowking.”

    “And that’s that, then. Come right on down!”

    Tucker disappeared from the screen. Rich then left the room.


    “Now, it’s time for the semifinals!!! For the first of the two matches, we have the elegant master against a trainer who’s studied all around the world! First to enter the arena…..all the odds makers say he’ll make the finals! Hailing from Phenac City in Orre, it’s the famed superstar……RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICH!!!!!!!”

    The crowd erupted in a chorus of “Go Rich! Go Rich! Go Rich!” as Rich came up on the left side elevator and entered the arena.

    “The crowd just keeps getting to love you more and more! What are your thoughts on this upcoming match?”

    “I really want to win, obviously, but Ashley is definitely a worthy candidate to win the whole thing. That’s how I see it.”

    “Some even-minded words from Rich. Now let’s bring in his opponent. She’s traveled the world to hone her skills and now has come here from afar with hopes of a championship. She comes from the town of Waterloo in the snowy hills of Johto! Put your hands together for…..ASHHHHLEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!”

    The crowd cheered as Ashley, a young blonde girl in red, entered the arena from the right side elevator.

    “So Ashley, you are about to battle someone who is probably one of the world’s most famous trainers. What’s going through your mind right now?”

    “Well, Tucker…..obviously, I’m nervous. But I shall battle to win using all the talents I’ve learned!”

    “This is shaping up to be a great battle! Semifinal Match! Rich versus Ashley! Let the battle begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Pkmn Trainer Rich ---vs.--- Super Trainer Ashley

    “Are you ready, Rich? Then let’s do it! Espeon and Walrein, go!”

    Espeon, a Psychic type that looked like a purple cat, and the walrus-like Water and Ice type Walrein appeared on Ashley’s side.

    “Ashley begins the battle with Espeon and Walrein!”

    “Good play, Ashley! Ludicolo and Tyranitar, go!”

    Rich sent out Ludicolo and Tyranitar.

    “And Rich counters with Ludicolo and Tyranitar! Who will win???”

    “Espeon, attack with Psychic!”

    Espeon aimed a psychic blast at Ludicolo, and the dancing Pokémon took a strong hit.

    “Whoa!! Espeon comes this close to KO’ing Ludicolo!”

    “Ludicolo!! Fight back! Solarbeam!!”

    Ludicolo focused. Shiny spores began to glimmer around the pineapple on its head, then it shot a massive beam of light at Walrein. The attack was too much—Walrein fainted.

    “And Rich knocks out Ashley’s Walrein! This battle is full of big hits!”

    “Oh no……looks like that didn’t work. Walrein, return!” Ashley recalled the fainted Walrein. “Go, Arcanine!”

    Ashley sent out Arcanine, a Fire type that looked like a huge red dog.

    “Oh my!!! Ashley sends out the powerful Arcanine!!”

    “Tyranitar, Crunch!”

    Tyranitar flew at Espeon with fangs bared. The Crunch caused Espeon to faint too.

    “Things aren’t looking good for Ashley! Espeon is down!”

    “Come back, Espeon!” Ashley removed the Espeon from battle. “Arcanine, use your Extremespeed!”

    Arcanine dashed at blindingly fast speed at Ludicolo. The impact caused the weakened Ludicolo to faint.

    “What a battle this is! Ludicolo goes down!”

    “Ludicolo, return!” Rich was the one withdrawing a fainted Pokémon this time. “Go, Slowking!”

    Rich replaced Ludicolo with Slowking.

    “And Rich brings in Slowking!”

    “Tyranitar, use Rock Slide!”

    Tyranitar launched a flurry of rocks at Arcanine---but the attack missed its target.

    “Arcanine, now use Earthquake!!!”

    Arcanine stomped the ground to cause a powerful shock wave. Both Tyranitar and Slowking collapsed from the impact.

    “Oh!!! Could this be it for Rich!??! Both Tyranitar and Slowking are down!!! If one doesn’t get back up by the count of ten, Rich loses!”

    “Come on! Slowking! Tyranitar! Fight!”

    Slowking struggled to its feet to the audience’s pleasure, but Tyranitar remained down.

    “Slowking is still standing, but Tyranitar’s outta here!”

    “Return, Tyranitar!” Rich withdrew Tyranitar then focused on his slipping odds of winning. “Slowking, this is your big chance! Surf!!!!!!”

    Slowking launched a massive wave of water at Arcanine. The audience held its breath as the wave subsided-------and Arcanine had fainted.

    “Oh! What a great battle I’ve had, despite this loss!”

    The bell rang to end the grueling match.


    “Go Rich! Go Rich! Go Rich!” the audience chanted.

    “I’m stunned…..Rich, only a true master could have pulled off that amazing comeback. Well done, son. Ashley, you have got nothing to be ashamed of. You showed a lot of guts in your battle and came this close to winning. But as it stands, it’s Rich in the finals! Stay tuned!!!

    The two trainers withdrew their Pokémon and left the arena.

    A few minutes later, Rich was in the Pokémon Center to heal his Pokémon from the harsh battle.

    “So you came that close to losing, Rich?” Steven asked him.

    “Yeah, I did. She was really, really tough.”

    “I can vouch for that,” Anabel added. “I battled her once back when I was a Frontier Brain. Let’s just say I never gave away an Ability Symbol so quickly.”

    “I still have it, too…….” Ashley walked up to the three.

    “Oh, hey there Ashley,” Rich greeted her.

    “May…may I ask you three something?”

    “Well, sure,” Steven answered.

    “Are you three on an adventure? I heard you are….”

    “Yes, we are, but not until the end of this tournament,” Anabel said. “Why do you ask?”

    “I’d like to join you. I want to travel with other experienced trainers to improve my skills.”

    “Well, your skills don’t need to much improving after that whooping you gave me before, but I think the rest will agree to take you in. Am I right?” Anabel and Steven agreed with Rich. “Well then, welcome to our little group!”

    “Oh, thank you,” Ashley was grateful. “I will try not to get in your way too much.”

    “Don’t worry about it. Speaking of which, Steven, isn’t it almost time for your match?”

    Steven looked at his watch.

    “Oh my! Yes it is! I’ll see you three later!” Steven rushed off.

    “Rich? Your team is all ready to go.” The nurse handed Rich back his six Poké Balls.

    “Thank you. Now, Anabel, Ashley……I have exclusive box seats on the arena floor for Steven’s match right now. Want to join me?”



    “Then let’s go!”

    The three rushed off to the arena.


    “Isn’t this exciting, having seats so close?”

    “Really, it is, Rich!” Ashley agreed.

    Down on the arena floor, the match was about to start.

    “Now, folks, it’s time for the second semifinal! The winner of this match will battle Rich in the final, so let’s get it on! First to enter the arena…..he was once the League Champion in Hoenn. But all the time, he’s the forerunner for trainers of the Steel type! From Mossdeep City………Steven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “Go Steven!” Rich shouted.

    “Good luck out there!” encouraged Anabel.

    “We want you to win!” yelled Ashley.

    “So Steven…..” Tucker got in Steven’s face like he did with all the trainers. “What’s going through your mind right now, knowing that if you win you face your good friend in the finals?”

    “I’m not even thinking about that, Tucker.”

    “Oh, alright. Now let’s meet his opponent. He’s the trainer with the brain to invent new strategies, attacks, and even a new Pokémon that is recognized by the Pokédex! Here he comes…….EIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNN!!!!!”

    “I’m conflicted, for obvious reasons….” Anabel said.

    “I understand, Anabel,” Rich comforted.

    “Ein, you know that this guy isn’t messing around. Are you ready to battle him?”

    “Oh, sure. I’m certain he’ll give me a good challenge.”

    “OK! Now, let’s find out who’s going to face off against Rich in the finals! Semifinal Match! Steven versus Ein!! Let the battle begin!!!!!!!!!!!”

    The match began with the bell.

    Super Trainer Steven --vs.--- Lab Chief Ein

    “Alright, Ein, prepare yourself! Armaldo and Metagross, go!”

    Steven released the Rock-and-Bug type Armaldo and Metagross, a Steel and Psychic type that looked like a huge metal spider.

    “Steven has sent out the heavy hitters Armaldo and Metagross!”

    “Pelipper and Rhydon, go!”

    Ein countered by sending out the Water and Flying type Pelipper and the Rock and Ground type Rhydon.

    “And Ein brings in Pelipper and Rhydon!”

    “Armaldo, Rock Slide!”

    Armaldo launched a flurry of rocks at Pelipper, delivering a strong hit. Rhydon wasn’t fazed much by the attack.

    “Pelipper is hit hard, but Rhydon takes little damage!”

    “Pelipper, counter that with Surf!”

    Pelipper used the huge wave of water to attack both of Steven’s battlers. Armaldo fainted from the hit, but Metagross didn’t seem hurt that much.

    “Armaldo is down!”

    “Come back, Armaldo!” Steven withdrew Armaldo. “Go, Skarmory!”

    Steven replaced Armaldo with Skarmory, which looked like a metal bird.

    “Steven brings in another Steel type, Skarmory!”

    “Metagross, use Meteor Mash!”

    Metagross’s claw began to glow in a blue shade. Using that claw, it delivered a super effective hit to Rhydon. Rhydon fainted.

    “Rhydon goes right down in response!”

    “OK, Rhydon, return! Go, Alumineon!”

    Ein sent out Alumineon. It looked like an Espeon with steel armor.

    “Whoa! Ein sends out the newest Pokémon, the one he created, Alumineon!”

    “Skarmory, now use Drill Peck!”

    Skarmory flew up and dove at Pelipper in a corkscrewing motion. Pelipper took heavy damage and fainted.

    “Pelipper has fainted! How will Ein respond?”

    “Metagross! Earthquake!”

    Metagross stomped the ground to produce a shock wave. Alumineon took a strong hit but barely survived.

    “Wow! I don’t know how Alumineon endured that!”

    “Alumineon, Thunderbolt!”

    Alumineon’s body crackled with electricity, then it blasted Skarmory with lightning. Skarmory fainted.

    “It’s down to one all!”

    “Skarmory, return! Metagross, finish with Earthquake!!!”

    Metagross repeated its earlier attack, except this time Alumineon fainted.

    “Urrgghhh…..you have outsmarted me…..”

    “That’s it! Steven is the winner!!”


    The three friends in the audience cheered for Steven in his victory.

    “Well, well, well! Look what we have got here! Steven is the winner and will face off with Rich in the finals! Your thoughts on the match?”

    “Alumineon….a new Steel type? I must get it!!!”

    The crowd laughed in response to Steven’s joke.

    “Oh, our finalist thinks he’s a wiseguy! Well, we’ll see how wise he is when he battles Rich tomorrow in the finals. Staaayyyy tuuuunnnne----“

    “Ahahahaah! I knew we’d find you here, Ein!”

    Verde and Rosso, the two Shadow Peons who fled the arena earlier, dropped from the ceiling and faced Ein.

    “Come on, brain boy!” Verde taunted. “Hand them over!”

    “What do you fools want? Hand what over?”

    “You know what we want, traitor,” Rosso answered. “We want that Snag Machine you have along with the plans for the ultimate Shadow Pokémon!”

    “You want THAT??? The plans for the Shadow Pokémon so strong it can’t be defeated? The one I was going to make for Queen Shadow???”

    “That’s right, Ein!” Verde continued. “Give them over and no one gets hurt!”

    “Well, that’s too bad! You two aren’t getting the plans for that nor are you getting the Snag Machine! I already gave away the Snag Machine anyway!”

    “You did what?!” Rosso was shocked. “Well then, that’s a bit of a kink in our plan. No matter, though. We’ll just cart you off to Shadow Chief’s lab instead!”

    “Not if I have anything to do with it!” Steven faced the Shadow Peons. “I’ll battle you both myself!”

    “Hahaha. Surely you jest,” Verde remarked. “Our Pokémon are far too powerful for you to take on your own!”

    “But you won’t win if I’m involved!!!!”

    The crowd reacted in shock when Rich jumped on stage and stood next to Steven.

    “Now you two creeps will feel a double-barrelled blast of pain! Let’s battle!”

    Pkmn Trainer Rich and Super Trainer Steven
    Shadow Peon Rosso and Shadow Peon Verde

    “Be careful, Rich! You can do it!” Anabel called out.

    “Steven, battle!” Ashley encouraged.

    “Hahahaha! Ah, we meet at last, Rich! I am honored to face you, but we shall win! Go, Combusken!”

    Rosso sent out Combusken, the pre-evolved form of Blaziken.

    “And Steven, you will pay for your foolishness! Go, Grovyle!”

    Verde threw a Poké Ball and released Grovyle, a Grass type that looked like a large lizard.

    “Oh, alright! Now you will pay for what your organization did four years ago! Alakazam, go!”

    Rich sent out his Alakazam to battle.

    “This battle shall be swift! Claydol, go!”

    Steven used Claydol, a Ground and Psychic type that floated above the ground.

    Back in the crowd, Anabel glared at the Shadow Peons’ battlers.

    “What’s wrong, Anabel?” Ashley asked her.

    “Those Pokémon….something seems wrong about them…..Rich!!!”

    The crowd gasped as Anabel jumped into the arena next.

    “Rich!! Listen! That Combusken and that Grovyle! I think they’re Shadow Pokémon!”

    “What? How can you tell???”

    “Look through the Scope Ein gave us!”

    Anabel held up the Scope, and Rich looked through it. A black aura surrounded both of the enemy Pokémon.

    “Whoa! So you monsters ARE using Shadow Pokémon! Time to whip out and try my new Snag Machine!”

    Rosso and Verde lept back in horror.

    “He has the Snag Machine?! Uh-oh…..” Rosso said.

    “Steven, I want you to weaken the two with Rock Slide, then I’ll try to Snag them,” Rich whispered to Steven.

    “Gotcha. Claydol, Rock Slide!!”

    Claydol threw some rocks at Grovyle, which took some damage, and Combusken, which was hurt more.

    “Good job, Steven! Now….Snag Ball, go!”

    Rich took out a Poké Ball and using the glove, threw it at Combusken. The Snag Ball captured Combusken then fell to the floor.

    The Snag Ball rocked several times…..then glowed red. Combusken had been Snagged.

    “Yes! I did it!”

    Rosso was less enthusiastic. “My Shadow Pokémon was Snagged??? Noooo…..”

    “Now I have to do this myself??! Grovyle, Shadow Rush!!!”

    Grovyle reared back, then fiercely charged……at Rich. Its impact knocked him down, but he swiftly got back up.

    “Rich, be careful!!” Ein shouted. “Shadow Pokémon aren’t afraid to attack people!”

    “Try a dirty trick like that, do you? Claydol, Hyper Beam!”

    Claydol focused, then blasted a powerful beam at Grovyle. The attack inflicted severe damage.

    “Snag Ball, go!”

    Rich threw another Snag Ball, this one at Grovyle. It captured the Grass type……..

    ….and successfully Snagged it.

    “All right! We caught them both!”

    “Arrgghhh!! This can’t be possible!!”


    Rosso and Verde fled the arena as the crowd erupted in the chant of “Go Rich! Go Rich! Go Rich!” once more.

    “Wow…..” Tucker spoke up now, but had been eerily silent during the battle. “Rich steals the show once more in a stunning double battle versus two Shadow Peons! Two star trainers against two rogue thugs, what more could we have asked for to chase Steven’s great battle with Ein? Tomorrow it’s Rich versus Steven in the finals!! Stay tuned!”


    That night, Ein and Venus joined the foursome for dinner.

    “Thanks again for your help before, Rich. I am now convinced more than ever you are the one to bring down Queen Shadow’s empire and stop their mad plot once and for all.”

    “Aw, shucks, Ein. I’m pleased to have you compliment me like that…..”

    “Who knows what those freaks would have done if you and Steven hadn’t stopped them,” Venus commented.

    “I don’t think we want to think about that,” Steven answered.

    “Hey, chump! Yeah, you, freakshow Rich! I’m talking to you!”

    Adio walked up to the table. His appearance hadn’t changed in four years, nor had his attitude.

    “What do you want, Adio?” Anabel bitterly asked him.

    “Shut up! He can talk for himself!”

    Adio then grabbed Rich by the collar, dragged him from the seat, and held him up in the air.

    “What—what do you want from me?” Rich choked out.

    “Punks like you don’t belong in MY Battle Tower! Listen, you. If you value your life and that of your friends, you will lose your next match. Then Steven, you will lose to Miror B. in the qualifying match. If I have to actually deal with either of you fools myself, I will do horrible things to all of you. Be warned, losers!”

    Adio dropped Rich to the ground, kicked him in the face, then ran off.

    “Rich, are you okay?!?” Ashley helped him back up.

    “Ugh….my face is a bit bloody, but I am fine otherwise.”

    “What a punk!” Anabel remarked. “Just between us, since we’re friends…..I never liked him. Rich, ever since you left and he became champ, our fan base has dropped way down. Most of them left because they misssed you and hated him.”

    “Really. Well, that’s just fine. I’m not going to throw any battles. Let’s see that jerk try to do anything!”

    The next morning, as was his routine now, Rich awoke and went right to the console. He obviously forgot that only one competitor remained, so he was a bit surprised when instead of the tournament tree, his opponent’s profile appeared instead.

    +++++++++++++++++Super Trainer Steven+++++++++++++++++++++
    -Skarmory -Claydol
    -Aggron -Cradily
    -Armaldo -Metagross
    A team certain to be in the top three.
    Uses strong and straightforward attacks.
    Emphasizes Attack, but neglects Speed.

    “Wha-? Oh yeah, I forgot. This is the final match! And I know what I should use, too.”

    Rich pressed the buttons to bring up Tucker.

    “Ha! Hey there, son! You know what your next match is, right? It’s the finals! If you win, you get a shot at the Tower Superstar. If you beat him, you’ll battle the champ! What are you gonna battle with this time?”

    “Milotic, Alakazam, and Ludicolo.”

    “Alright! Come on down to the stadium and get ready!”

    Tucker disappeared from the screen, and Rich left the room.


    “Hahahahahaha!!! Welcome one and all to the Battle Tournament Finals! Two trainers are about to throw down in what promises to be an epic match! They’re two of the biggest superstars on the circuit, so let’s get ‘em in here! First, from Phenac City, the former champion of the Battle Tower, the master of distinctive elegance……RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”

    The audience chanted “Go Rich! Go Rich! Go Rich!” as Rich came up on the left side and entered the stadium.

    “Rich! This is the final battle for you, and it’s the gate to the championship tower! What’s going through your mind right now?”

    “I want to win….really, really bad.”

    “Hahaha!!! Cool and calm, that’s the Rich we know. Now, we’ll bring in his friend and foe! From Mossdeep City, the steely Super Trainer, the battler with the iron-hard will…..STEEEEEEVEEENNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!”

    The audience cheered for Steven as he entered the arena from the right side.

    “Hey there, Steven! I’m sure you know how Rich battles. How confident are you that your Steel types will break his team and earn you a shot at the Tower Superstar?”

    “A good trainer is always confident that they will win.”

    “Whoa…..wise words from Steven. And now, let’s get it on!! FINAL MATCH!!!!! Rich versus Steven! Let the battle begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Pkmn Trainer Rich ---vs.--- Super Trainer Steven

    “We’re pals, but we gotta battle! Milotic and Alakazam, go!”

    Rich sent out Milotic and Alakazam to battle.

    “Rich has begun with Milotic and Alakazam!”

    “Yes, we shall wage a grand battle, Rich! Go, Aggron and Metagross!”

    Steven released Aggron, a huge Steel and Rock type, along with Metagross.

    “And Steven brings out Aggron and Metagross! Two heavy metal rockers if I’ve ever seen them!”

    “Alakazam, Fire Punch!!”

    Alakazam’s fists glowed with red fire, then it punched Metagross for heavy damage.

    “Metagross takes a good whack from Alakazam!”

    “Milotic, Surf!”

    Milotic used the Surf attack to blast both its foes with water. Aggron couldn’t take the attack and fainted, but Metagross still was able to battle.

    “Aggron has fainted!”

    “Aggron, come back!” Steven withdrew Aggron. “Go, Claydol!”

    Steven replaced Aggron with Claydol.

    “Claydol comes out to battle now!”

    “Metagross, fight back! Use Shadow Ball!”

    Metagross formed a black blob, then hurled it at Alakazam. Alakazam fainted.

    “Alakazam goes down!”

    “Return, Alakazam! Go, Ludicolo!”

    Rich removed Alakazam from battle and replaced it with Ludicolo.

    “Ludicolo has entered the battle!”

    “Milotic, Surf!”

    Milotic attacked once again with a blast of water. Metagross took more damage and finally fainted, while Claydol barely stayed in the battle.

    “Metagross has fainted and Steven’s down to one!”

    “Metagross, come back! Claydol, Explosion!!!!!”

    The crowd held their breath. Steven’s tactic meant only one thing—he was going to sacrifice Claydol to take out Rich’s Pokémon and force a judge’s decision on the winner.

    Claydol launched a massive blast from its body. All three onstage Pokémon fainted from the massive attack.

    “Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!!!!! Look at this!! We have got a tied match! All the Pokémon on both sides have fainted!! Rich, Steven, come together in the middle of the arena!”

    Rich and Steven recalled their Pokémon and went to the middle of the arena.

    “Great battle, Steven….no matter who wins….I’m exhausted!”

    “You put up one heck of a battle, Rich. You definitely are deserving to win.”

    “Looks like no hard feelings are existant between these two, that’s for sure. While we’ve been talking, the referees have reviewed footage of the match and decided the winner. It was real close, I know that. The winner is…………………..RICH!!!!”


    “Go Rich! Go Rich! Go Rich!”

    “Rich is the winner of the Battle Tournament in a thrilling battle that went down to the judge’s decision! And what a match it was. Steven, you did about as well as one can do and not win. You have done well and made an excellent showing. Let’s have a hand for Steven!” The crowd cheered. “Rich, Rich, Rich. I don’t think a single soul in Larousse didn’t expect to see you here. As the winner of the Battle Tournament, you now get a chance to crack the Ultimate Tourney Tree. Stay tuned and see if Rich doesn’t go all the way to the championship!”


    Late that night, Steven and Rich were in Rich’s room watching TV and resting.

    “And now for the news that’s shaken Larousse City. Rich, the famous Battle Tower champion from years ago, has returned,” the reporter said.

    “I guess this will be about our match, Steven.”


    “….And reports from the Battle Tower have shocked a lot of fans. A confidential source known only as “Dark Ball” reported to us, in a story that is a HBS exclusive….”

    “I have got a bad feeling about this….” Rich feared.

    “According to our reports, Rich has been caught giving his Pokémon illegal strengthening substances to enhance their abilities for battle. These reports have destroyed the reputation of the once-legendary champion, as our reporter KC Sunshine brings us.”

    “Yes, Harvey, the furor has been unbelieveable. About a thousand people, I’m not kidding, have demanded refunds from the Tower for their tickets. I fear that if we don’t get a word from the fallen champ soon, there’ll be a riot!”

    “WHATTT?!??!?!?! Steven, you know that’s a lie!”

    “Of course! Who could have done this???”

    “….I don’t know, but we gotta go outside. I’ll go now, you get Anabel and meet me there.”


    When Rich stepped outside the Tower, the security guards could barely keep the crowds away from him. The people shouted horrible things at him, but he somehow stayed calm. One of the guards handed him a microphone.

    “Listen up, people! You probably heard the report that I had been giving my Pokémon illegal substances to strengthen them. I’m here to set the record straight. I never gave my Pokémon any such substances, and I never will. I open myself willingly to get them tested and the results announced publicly to prove my innocence. I hereby issue a warning---“Dark Ball” had better come forward before his “secret” causes me to sue HBS for so much money that they reveal him.”

    “Hey, hey, chump! We meet again!”

    Adio lept on the stage.

    “So you were giving your Pokémon steroids, huh? Well, that don’t surprise me one bit! I always knew you were a cheater, you dirty weasel….”

    Rich glared at Adio. “Dark Ball”’s idenitity suddenly became painfully obvious to him. “You…..you did this! You monster!!!”

    Rich lost his cool and lunged at Adio. The two began to fight fiercely on the ground until security guards pulled them apart.

    A few minutes later, Adio, Rich, Steven, and Anabel sat in Tucker’s office.

    “So….Rich, you attacked Adio?”

    “Dang right I did. That creep went forward with a false claim that I used illegal enhancers to win my battles. He did so because I didn’t throw my match with Steven.”

    “Whaaaat? Is this true?” Tucker asked Adio.

    “Totally false, man! This chump is trying to discredit me for his mistakes!”

    “Actually,” Steven added, “Adio is the liar. I witnessed him threatening us if Rich didn’t throw the match.”

    “I did, also.” Anabel agreed.

    “I can’t sort this out, kids…I really can’t. Since I can’t, Adio, I am going to fine you $20,000 for issuing the report. Rich, I am fining you $30,000.”

    “What?” Adio lept up. “That guy assaulted me, Tucker. I want him banned from the Tower!”

    “Cool it, Adio. You don’t run the events here, I do. I find little evidence to prove anyone’s claims, but I cannot allow this behavior to go on here. Therefore, I am issuing a fairly even-handed punishment to all parties involved. Now go to bed already!”


    Rich didn’t sleep at all, and was exhausted in the morning. Still, he went to the console to reach Tucker.

    “Hello there, Rich. I guess you know what’s gonna happen now, right?”

    “Yeah, I think….”

    “You’re gonna battle the Tower Superstar, Miror B.! If you beat him, you face off against Adio for the title. Take a look at Miror’s profile first, will you?”

    ++++++++++++++Tower Superstar Miror B.+++++++++++++++++++++
    -Ludicolo -Armaldo
    -Exploud -Sudowoodo
    -Shiftry -Nosepass
    The perfect, invincible superstar!
    Has moves for powerful combinations.
    Raises Pokémon in a well balanced way.

    “Select your three to battle, Rich!”

    “I want to battle with Ludicolo, Alakazam, and Blaziken.”

    “OK….got it….and….done! Get ready and come on down!”

    Rich left the room.


    “Oh yeah, folks! This is our post-tournament playoff time now! First let’s bring in the tournament winner, the former champion aiming to retake the title! Now entering the arena……..RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICH!!!!!”

    The audience cheered their hero on as he entered the arena.

    “Hey, hey Rich! There’s something else I forgot to tell you before. A few other ex-champions tried to regain their titles in the past. None have succeeded. You now stand just two battles from being the very first champion to lose and regain the title. How does that feel?”

    “I really don’t feel anything right now, Tucker.”

    “Hahaha! Always humorous, he is. Now, here comes the infamous disco master! The ultimate afro….the dancefloor king…..now entering the arena…..the Tower Superstar, MIRROORRRRR B.!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    A disco ball dropped from the celing and mulitcolored lights began circling the arena. A tall man with a huge red-and-white afro, yellow platform shoes, and an open denim shirt came up on the right elevator, jive-walked into the arena, and struck a disco pose. He was playing to the crowd.

    “Fuhohohohoho!!! Listen to this crowd, they are hungry for the grand dance you and I shall now have!” Miror B. grandstanded. “Rich, this is the end of the line for you! DJ Jimmy T.!”

    “Yes, sir!” the blue-afroed DJ answered. “Awwww yeah, let’s rock!”

    “Let the music play!!!!!”

    Pkmn Trainer Rich ---vs.--- Tower Superstar Miror B.

    “Ludicolo and Alakazam, go!”

    Rich sent out Ludicolo and Alakazam into battle.

    “Rich opens this important battle with Ludicolo and Alakazam!”

    “Fuhohohoho! Go, Armaldo and Sudowoodo!”

    Miror B. sent out his Armaldo along with Sudowoodo, a Rock-type that looked like a small tree with no leaves.

    “Miror B. responds with Armaldo and Sudowoodo!”

    “Alakazam, Psychic!”

    Alakazam blasted Armaldo with a psychic attack.

    “Armaldo takes a hit from Alakazam’s psychic power!”

    “Ludicolo, Surf!”

    Ludicolo attacked using the massive wave of water to hit both of Miror B.’s battlers. Both of them fainted at once.

    “Whoa!!!! Miror B. loses both his Pokémon at once!!”

    “Oh no no no no no, this won’t do! Return, Armaldo and Sudowoodo!” Miror B. recalled the fainted Pokémon. “Go, Nosepass!”

    Miror B. released the Nosepass, a rock type with a large red nose.

    “Miror B. sends out Nosepass, but is it enough???”

    “Alakazam, Psychic again!”

    Alakazam repeated its earlier attack, blasting Nosepass.

    “Nosepass is down to its last chance!”

    “Let’s finish this! Ludicolo, Solarbeam!”

    Shiny spores gathered around Ludicolo’s head, then it blasted Nosepass with an intense beam of light. Nosepass fainted.

    “I can’t keep up with this tempo! What a no-no!!!!!”

    The end of match bell rang.


    “Go Rich! Go Rich! Go Rich!”

    “I don’t believe what I just saw, folks! Miror B. has gone down! Next up, Rich against Adio for the title! What’s gonna happen? Stay tuned!”


    That night, the friends gathered for dinner as usual.

    “So, Ein….after the next match, I guess we’ll depart. Have you discovered any good leads on their plot?” Rich asked.

    “I have been contacted by a colleague of mine, Professor Philena Ivy. She says strange Pokémon have been seen on Sapphire Isle in the Metalico Islands.”

    “Wait, there, chumps!”

    Adio walked up to the table.

    “What do you want this time?” Rich angrily asked him.

    “I thought I warned you that I didn’t want to battle you. I guess I need to pound a lesson into your head the hard way.”

    “Watch it, Adio,” Anabel warned. “Remember that I own this tower and I can ban you from it over whatever Tucker says.”

    “Hahahahahahahhahaha!! I’m just gonna ignore that. Rich, I’ll give you one last chance. If you show for the match, you are to lose right away. If you give me any resistance, you’ll pay horribly. Good night, losers!!!”


    Rich awoke the next morning, even more determined to take down Adio and teach him a lesson. He went to the console and brought up Tucker.

    “Hey hey hey hey there, Rich!! You know what your next match is, right? It’s THE TITLE MATCH!!!!!!! Here’s your opponent!”

    ++++++++++++++++++Tower Champ Adio+++++++++++++++++++++
    -Sharpedo -Camerupt
    -Metagross -Venusaur
    -Hitmontop -Flygon
    The invincible, unbeatable champion!
    Uses strong and straightforward moves.
    Raises Pokémon in a well balanced way.

    “Rich, for this battle, you will choose five Pokémon, OK? What’s the word?”

    “Alright. I will choose Milotic, Ludicolo, Alakazam, Blaziken, and Tyranitar.”

    “Gotcha. See ya in a few!”

    Tucker disappeared from the screen. Before Rich could leave the room, his PokéNav began to ring.

    “I wonder who that could be???”

    Rich opened the PokéNav, then opened the e-mail he had received.

    SENDER: Anonymous
    SUBJECT: LiStEN uP!!!!

    RiCH, iF yOu wAnt to SuRviVe, HeEd mY fUtUre InStruCtioNs.


    “Wha??? Who knows who this person is……but I can’t worry about that now. I’ve got a match!”

    Rich closed the PokéNav and left the room.


    The crowd was electric in the stadium. It was so crowded, many spectators had to stand in the back.

    “All right!!!!! Welcome, one and all, to the biggest day in the history of the Battle Tower!! There ain’t just bragging rights on the line this time, there’s THE TITLE and the ONE MILLION DOLLAR purse up for grabs too!!!!!! First, we’ll bring in the challenger. Ladies and gentlement, bask in the glow of a true superstar for the ages! The one….the only…….RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    The crowd erupted in massive cheering for their hero as he entered the arena.

    “Rich, four years ago you stood on the opposite side of the arena and ended up forfeiting your title because of some outside event. I don’t know why you left, but I really think you should have stayed.”

    “That should not concern you, Tucker.”

    “Well it does. What exactly happened?”

    “I don’t want to talk about it.”

    “Well I do!!”

    Tucker probably could have pressed longer, but the crowd began to boo him.

    “Aw, whatever, you party poopers. Good luck in the match, Rich. His opponent is the same one he faced four years ago. Will the title change hands again? Now entering the arena….the champ……ADDDDIIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”

    Something astounding happened then. As Adio entered the arena…..the crowd booed him.

    “Whoa. Adio, I don’t think I've ever seen a crowd this hostile!"

    “Aw, well, that because they cheer for chumps like Rich!!! I’ll tell you what happened four years ago. He gave up his title to make a foolish rush to try and help his love! What a loser!”

    The crowd booed Adio even more. On the other side of the arena, Rich was both silently seething at Tucker and Adio’s rudeness and weeping at the reminder of the events of four years ago.

    “Oh my. We might just have a riot here if we don’t give these folks what they want, and that’s a big battle! And now….will Rich retake the title and become the first ex-champion to do so? Will Adio win the title through battling and not a forfeit? Let’s find out!! TITLE MATCH!!!! Rich versus Adio!!!! Let the battle begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Pkmn Trainer Rich ---vs.--- Tower Champ Adio

    “Yeah. You’re going to see my full power, Adio! Go, Milotic and Ludicolo!”

    Rich sent out Milotic and Ludicolo.

    “Rich leads off this time with Milotic and Ludicolo!”

    “Go, Sharpedo and Camerupt!!”

    Adio sent out Sharpedo and Camerupt, the same two he used four years ago.

    “Adio follows with the same two he battled with four years ago! What will happen??”

    “Sharpedo, Crunch!!”

    Following the same pattern he did in their last battle, Adio had Sharpedo attack Milotic with Crunch.

    “Sharpedo crunches Milotic for a good hit!”

    “Ludicolo, Thunderpunch! Milotic, Surf!”

    Ludicolo delivered an electrically charged punch to Sharpedo, then Milotic attacked with Surf. Both Pokémon fainted from the dual attacks.

    “Adio loses two at once!! What will happen???”

    “Sharpedo, Camerupt, return! Go, Venusaur and Metagross!!”

    Adio withdrew the fainted battlers. He replaced them with Venusaur, a Grass and Poison type, along with Metagross.

    “Adio replaces those two with Venusaur and Metagross!”

    “Venusaur, use Frenzy Plant!”

    Venusaur attacked Milotic with a powerful root whip. Milotic took too much damage and fainted.

    “Rich loses Milotic! What a battle!!”

    “Return, Milotic! Alakazam, go!”

    Rich released Alakazam to replace Milotic.

    “And he sends out Alakazam!!”

    “Metagross, Aerial Ace!”

    Metagross tucked in its legs, floated into the air, and charged at Ludicolo. The hit was super-effective, and Ludicolo fainted.

    “Ludicolo is down, too!! How will Rich respond???”

    “Come back, Ludicolo! Go, Blaziken!!”

    Rich threw a Poké Ball. Blaziken appeared on the battlefield next.

    “Blaziken replaces Ludicolo!!”

    “Alakazam, Psychic!”

    Alakazam knocked out Venusaur with a blast of psychic power.

    “Venusaur has fainted! This is one intense battle!!!”

    “Venusaur, return! Flygon, go!”

    Adio released Flygon to take Venusaur’s place.

    “Flygon has entered the battle!”

    “Blaziken, Flamethrower!”

    Blaziken shot a powerful blast of fire from its mouth at Metagross. It did a lot of damage, but Metagross still remained in battle.

    “Metagross takes a heavy hit!”

    “Metagross, use Earthquake!”

    Metagross stomped the ground to produce a shockwave. The impact defeated both Blaziken and Alakazam.

    “Another double knockout for Adio! Rich is down to his very last one!!”

    “No! Alakazam….Blaziken….return…..”

    Rich withdrew the fainted Pokémon, then stood for a moment with his eyes closed in reflection. He thought of how he had started as a trainer……his first battle…….when he first became Tower champion……then a voice sounded in his head.

    “Rich…..I know you can do it….I believe in you…..”

    His eyes snapped open and he gazed out into the crowd. There, he thought he saw Maria, his late fiancee, cheering him on. She had striking blue eyes and wavy black hair. Rich rubbed his eyes to try and regain his senses.

    “Is Rich gonna send out a battler or not??” Tucker shouted. This snapped Rich back into reality.

    “Uh, yeah! Tyranitar, go!!”

    Rich threw a Poké Ball, and Tyranitar appeared.

    “Rich has sent out his Tyranitar!!”

    “Flygon, Dragonbreath!”

    Flygon blew a blast of horrid breath at Tyranitar. It didn’t do much damage, though.

    “That attack didn’t do much!”

    “Tyranitar, we can win! Earthquake!!”

    Tyranitar jumped and pounded the ground. The shockwave did not hit Flygon, but it caused Metagross to faint.

    “Metagross goes down!!”

    “Metagross, return! Flygon, use Shad---uh….”

    The crowd gasped.

    Out in the box seats, Anabel and Steven were watching the battle.

    “Steven, did he just start to say ‘shadow’?”

    “Yeah, I think he did.”

    Anabel took out the scope and looked at Flygon through it. Sure enough, a black aura surrounded it.

    “Rich!!!” she screamed. “It’s a Shadow Pokémon!!!”

    “Ah ha!! So, Adio, you are cheating!!”

    “Adio’s using a Shadow Pokémon??!!” Tucker bumbled.

    “Arrgghhhh!! Forget this! Flygon, Shadow Rush!!”

    Flygon reared back and dashed at Tyranitar. The attack did a medium amount of damage.

    “This is just a street fight now, folks!”

    “Tyranitar, Dragon Claw!”

    Tyranitar slashed Flygon for heavy damage.

    “Flygon, attack!!!” Adio was desperate.

    Flygon dashed straight at Rich and knocked him into the side wall of the stadium.


    Anabel lept onto the stage.

    “Rich, are you okay?????”

    “Ugh…I’m fine….Snag Ball, go!!!!”

    Rich threw a Snag Ball at the Flygon. It was scooped up…….and Snagged.

    “Yeah! I Snagged Flygon!”

    “Arrrgghhhh!! No…..how could I lose my title??!?!?!”

    The bell rang as a horde of fans lept the rails and ran to see their hero.


    “I don’t believe it, folks!!!! That was truly the most exciting, thrilling, downright fun battle EVER!!!! Fans are storming the arena because Rich has won the title!!!!! Let me get in here, people. Flashy promoter dude coming through!!!” Tucker shoved his way through the crowd to Rich. “Hey, hey, champ!! It feels right for you to be called that! Your thoughts on the match, son?”

    “That was a good battle. But Adio got what was coming to him!”

    “Whoa! Trash talking from the new champ! Let’s get the old champ in to find out what he thinks….wha? Looks like Adio left the arena, folks! Can’t say I really blame him. Anyway……gotta give you somethin’, champ! Here it is, the belt!!” Tucker handed Rich a large belt with a shiny gold Poké Ball on it, which Rich put on. “Well, people, the legend grows! Rich becomes the champ once again and wins the million dollar prize! Until next time, see ya!!!”


    Rich, Ashley, Steven, and Anabel stood in Ein’s lab later that day.

    “I sincerely congratulate you, Rich.” Ein told him. “But it just opens more mysteries. Why did Adio have a Shadow Pokémon??”

    “I wish I could tell you,” Rich answered. “He might be a filthy double-crossing cheat, but I wouldn’t think he’d be in cahoots with them.”

    “Well, we won’t worry about that now. Your next destination is Sapphire Isle, where Professor Ivy is waiting for you. She’ll fill you in on what’s happening there when you arrive.”

    ”Excellent. I guess we should pack----“ Rich’s PokéNav began to ring. “Must be our creepy Deep Throat type source again. Let’s check it out.”

    SENDER: Anonymous
    SUBJECT: HeY Hey ChaMP!!!

    LisTen to ThiS RiCH!!! It IS a SoNG TuCKer WrOtE!!!!!

    File: tuckersong.mp3

    “Whuh???? I guess……” Rich clicked on the link, which began to play the song. The lyrics were all incoherent jibberish, however. “What the heck is this thing???? And who is this psycho---“

    Suddenly, the song began to play again----backwards. Horrified, the group listened.

    My name is Tucker
    I'm one baaaaaad mother---(Shut your mouth!)
    I'm the one serving Queen Shadow
    For her plans are grand and great......

    “What!?!?!?” Anabel was horrified. “Tucker…..he’s in their nasty gang? I trusted that guy…..”

    “No time for that!” Steven warned. “We gotta go see a certain promoter dude with this right now!!”

    The four dashed out of Ein’s lab without another word, and stormed down the halls to Tucker’s office. Once there, they rang the bell.

    “Who is it????” Tucker shouted from inside.

    “It’s Rich, and I need to see you right away! It’s an emergency!!”

    “Alright, come in!”

    The four almost beat down the door, they rushed in so quickly.

    “Hey, champ! What can I do for ya today??”

    “Don’t pull this with me, Tucker. I heard your song and the subliminal message. So you’re a Shadow Admin??!?!?”


    “I heard it too.” Ashley agreed.

    “Whuh…..whoa!!!! This ain’t good!!”

    Tucker rushed right past them out of the office.

    “Well, where would he go?” Steven asked.

    “Only one place,” Anabel answered. “The arena. He practically LIVES there.”

    “Then what are we waiting for??? Anabel…Steven….Ashley….LET’S GO!!!!”

    The four dashed out of the office.


    A very short time later, they came up on the left hand elevator into the arena. Only a few spotlights shone on the stage, otherwise it was dark. Tucker stood in the middle of the field with his fists clenched in rage.

    “Tucker, you dirty dog!” Rich shouted. “We’ve cornered you now, fiend!”

    “Rich….you have betrayed me,” Tucker began. “I allowed you here to battle, but nooooooo! You just had to stick your nose in my business, you plumb idiot!” Tucker turned toward the group with anger in his eyes. “”Now….you four know far too much. I ain’t crazy about doing this, but y’all gotta be takin’ a little dirt nap now.”

    “Go ahead and try it, you demon!” Rich stood firm.

    “Hahahahaha…..you, Rich….you think you’re a hotshot, don’t you? Well, I got news for you. There ain’t but one superstar in this tower. Before, now, forever…..it is I, Tucker!!! Now you’re gonna be putting you’re money where your mouth is, son! Prepare yourself for a thorough thrashing on the battlefield!!!!!”
  10. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    Pkmn Trainer Rich ---vs.--- Shadow Admin Tucker

    [Tucker backflipped into the air, landed, and struck a grand pose]

    “You will feel the power of a true master, Rich! Go, Swampert and Salamence!!!”

    Tucker threw two Poké Balls to release Swampert, a Water-and Ground type. Along with Swampert came Salamence, a huge Dragon and Flying type.

    “Tucker, this battle will be the start of my revenge against Enigma Shadow for what they did! Milotic and Ludicolo, go!”

    Milotic and Ludicolo appeared on Rich’s side of the field.

    “Salamence, use Dragon Dance now!”

    Salamence roared and flapped its wings. The move was meant to make successive moves stronger and faster.

    “Ice Beam, Milotic!”

    Milotic reared back, then blasted an icy beam at Salamence. The hit, super effective against both of Salamence’s types, defeated the dragon.

    “The score is one to nothing in my favor, Tucker!”

    “Hahahaha!! Keep on battling, son! You know I love a good tussle….even if I know I’ll win! Return, Salamence!” Tucker withdrew Salamence from battle, then threw another Poké Ball. “Jolteon, go!”

    Jolteon, an Electric type, came out on Tucker’s side.

    “Ludicolo, Solarbeam!”

    Ludicolo blasted Swampert with a massive beam of light. Another supereffective hit, and Swampert fainted.

    “Two to zip!”

    “Well, Rich, you’re stronger than I anticipated. I ain’t concerned though! Come back, Swampert!” Tucker recalled Swampert and threw yet another Poké Ball. “Xatu, go!”

    Xatu, a bizarre Flying and Psychic type, appeared.

    “My turn now, sucker! Jolteon! THUNDER!!!!!!!”

    Jolteon’s body crackled with electricity, then it blasted Milotic with a massive attack. Milotic fainted.

    “Hahahahahahaha!!! Two to one now, hotshot!”

    “Ouch! Milotic, return!” Rich removed his fainted Milotic and threw a Poké Ball. “Tyranitar, go!”

    The massive Tyranitar appeared on Rich’s end of the stage.

    “Haha……think I’m afraid? Xatu, attack with Aerial Ace!”

    Xatu flew up and dive-bombed Ludicolo. Ludicolo fainted from the strong hit.

    “Tie game, Richie! Two for me, two for you!”

    “Arrghh! This isn’t over, Tucker! Ludicolo, come back!” Rich recalled Ludicolo, then threw a new Poké Ball. “Blaziken, go!”

    Rich replaced Ludicolo with Blaziken.

    “What is he doing??” Anabel wondered aloud.

    “Trust me, Anabel!”

    “Wahahahahaha!!! Jolteon, Thunder!”

    “Blaziken, Protect!”

    Blaziken encased itself in a shell of green light. The Thunder attack bounced right off the shield.

    “What??!??! Xatu, Psychic!”

    Xatu blasted a powerful psychic ray at Blaziken, but the shield still held.

    “Yes! It worked! Now, Tyranitar, use Rock Slide!”

    Tyranitar launched a flurry of rocks at both of Tucker’s battlers. They both took hard hits and fainted.

    “What is it now? Four to two I think….”

    “Well! I’ll tell you, Rich, it ain’t over yet! In this sport, it’s only over when the fat lady sings, and she ain’t singing yet! Return, Jolteon and Xatu!” Tucker withdrew the two fainted Pokémon and threw one last Poké Ball. “Whiscash, go!”

    Whiscash, a Water and Ground type that looked like a fat catfish, appeared on Tucker’s side of the battlefield.

    “Whoa! Rich, wait!” Anabel interrupted. “It’s a Shadow Pokémon!”

    Sure enough, a look through the scope showed a black aura surrounding the Whiscash.

    “Tucker, I’m taking you down! Blaziken, Sky Uppercut!”

    Blaziken hit the Whiscash with a strong jumpng uppercut.

    “Ha, yeah right! Whiscash, Earthquake those fools!”

    Whiscash didn’t attack, though. Instead, it turned around and attacked Tucker.


    “Heh, your Shadow Pokémon attacked you? Tyranitar, Crunch!”

    Tyranitar crunched down on the Whiscash with sharp fangs. Whiscash barely could stay in the battle.

    “Alright, it’s time! Snag Ball, go!!!!!!!!!!”

    Rich threw a Snag Ball at Whiscash. The fish Pokémon was grabbed by the Snag Ball, which fell to the ground and began shaking…….

    …..then Whiscash was Snagged.

    “Yeah!!! That’s four Snagged so far!”

    “Wha-what???! I, Tucker…the invincible superstar trainer….how can this be……”


    “Rich…..I can’t believe you’ve beaten me. Unfortunately for you, I was just a diversion. More powerful Shadow Pokémon are being made right now. Can you beat them? Somehow I doubt it. Farewell for now!”

    Tucker ran in panic out of the arena.

    “Mister Champion!!!”

    All turned in surprise as Jamie, Tucker’s assistant, walked up to them.

    “Thank you for defeating that awful, awful man.”

    “Wha---???” Rich was shocked.

    “So….you…were the one who sent those e-mails?” Steven asked her.

    “Yes, it was me. You see, one day about three months ago I accidentally walked in on Tucker when he was speaking with Nascour, the leader of Enigma Shadow. I knew he was a grave danger, but I was powerless to stop him. Once I saw you battle, Rich, I knew you were the only one who could oppose him and win.”

    “Why, thank you, Jamie……I guess we should start packing to go to Sapphire Isle now, then!”

    “Wait, hold up. Look at this thing I found on Tucker’s desk.” Jamie held up a disk with the words “SPP Report 1” on it.

    “What is it?” Ashley asked.

    “I don’t know exactly. I believe it contains some kind of data on their plans.”

    “Hey, this works,” Rich said. “See, look at this thing I have.” Rich pulled a red and white box out of his pack and held it up. “I designed this. It’s the Famicom Advanced Viewer. I just flip open the screen….” Rich flipped open the screen. “Then I put the disk in…” He took the disk from Jamie, popped open a compartment on the Viewer, put the disk in, and closed it. “Bingo!”

    A document appeared on the screen.

    REPORT #1

    Shadow Pokémon are battle machines created by closing the doors to their hearts. These creatures, while they are abnormally powerful, may act strangely at times. They may use different moves than commanded, or even attack trainers directly, be them an opponent or even the Pokémon’s own trainer. This is called “Hyper Mode.” While in Hyper Mode, a Shadow Pokémon will sometimes disobey if not allowed to use Shadow Rush, as stated above. On the plus side, Hyper Mode causes Shadow Rush to become even more powerful. It bars the usage of items on the Pokémon, however. To end Hyper Mode, simply call out the Pokémon’s name. This has a downside, though. Calling by name will cause the locked door of the Pokémon’s heart to open slightly. More research is needed on this topic.


    “Whoa.” Steven reacted. “So I guess that explains why Whiscash attacked Tucker, and why Rich was attacked by Flygon and Grovyle earlier.”


    Meanwhile, in a large chamber somewhere outfitted in lush red velvet…….

    “Tucker, I’m disgusted at you.”

    A sinister figure cloaked by shadows stood at the top of a very short staircase. Tucker cowered in fear in front of her.

    “P-please…great Queen Shadow….”

    “No begging, Tucker!” Queen Shadow responded. “Did you not read the file on that disk I gave you?!”

    “N-no….the work of battle promoter is very busy…..”

    “Enough!!!!!!” the queen thundered. “Tucker, obviously you do not have enough skill to use Shadow Pokémon reliably yet. Go to Shadow Chief’s lab and train. I expect vast improvement from you.”

    “I understand, Queen Shadow!”

    Tucker saluted, then dashed out of the room. Right after that, Nascour appeared on a huge video screen anchored on the wall and the ceiling.

    “Your honorable highness Queen Shadow! Please find me worthy of your presence….”

    “Yes, Nascour. I’m a bit angry right now. Tucker lost against Rich because he couldn’t handle Hyper Mode correctly.”

    “I have heard. I do bring good news however.”

    “Excellent. Report at once.”

    “I got word from Dakim. He has seized control of Sapphire Isle’s Pokémon Academy with his squad. We believe that one of the Element Plates may be there.”

    “Wonderful. Make sure Dakim succeeds. What about the search for Jirachi?”

    “We haven’t found it yet, Queen Shadow. We shall continue the search.”

    “Fine. Anything else?”

    “I spoke with Shadow Chief. He found some heavily encrypted data from Ein’s old files. We believe it may be the ultimate Shadow Pokémon we sought.”

    “Now that is truly excellent! Thank you for reporting, Nascour.”

    “Of course, Queen Shadow. I’m off.”

    Nascour disappeared from the screen. Queen Shadow turned to a television on her desk, which had news footage from the Battle Tower playing on it.

    “Rich….you do not know what you have done….I shall crush you…..”


    Rich, Anabel, Steven, Ashley, Jamie, Venus, and Ein stood at the docks of Larousse’s harbor.

    “Rich, I know you can do it,” Venus encouraged.

    “I have some things I need to tell you,” Ein said. “When you Snag a Shadow Pokémon in the Metalico Islands, it will automatically be transferred to my lab here for purification. The yacht here, I chartered it for you. He’ll take you to any of the Metalico Islands at any time you wish. Just show him this pass…” Ein handed Rich a pass for the yacht. “Please…be careful, Anabel….good luck.”

    “I cannot thank you four enough for defeating that horrible Tucker,” Jamie thanked. “I shall take over running the Battle Tower, but all tournaments will be suspended until you return.”

    “Rich….Steven….Anabel….I am so honored that you have allowed me along on your quest,” Ashley said nervously.

    “No problem,” Steven answered. “We will need as much help as possible to defeat Enigma Shadow.”

    “Well then, what are we waiting for?” Rich wondered aloud. “Let’s go!”

    The four boarded the yacht. As it began to leave the harbor, they waved to Jamie, Ein, and Venus.

    “There they go….I hope they succeed.” Ein trailed off.

    Rich defeated Adio and retook the title that was rightfully his. Along with Steven and new friends Anabel and Ashley, he travels to Sapphire Isle to take the fight to Enigma Shadow’s turf. But what does Queen Shadow have planned for him?

  11. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    [SPOIL]When I originally wrote this, it was right after seeing "Revenge of the Sith." So I based some of it on said movie.[/SPOIL]

    CHAPTER TWO: A Lesson in Sapphire

    Two days later, the yacht arrived at Sapphire Isle. As the four heroes disembarked, they took a moment to drink in the beautiful scenery.

    “Wow. This place is 360 degrees different that a lot of other big cities,” Rich commented.

    “Yeah, it is,” Anabel agreed.

    “Why don’t we check out what’s going on here for a little while?” Ashley asked.

    “Good idea, Ashley,” Steven said, “but we must meet Professor Ivy at once----“

    “And here she is, my friends!”

    A woman with long purple hair walked up to the four. She had a very cool, calm air about her.

    “I am Professor Philena Ivy,” she said. “Ein told me you were on your way. How did it go in the Battle Tower, Rich?”

    “Quite well, Professor, but we should find a better place to talk. It is way too hot out here.”

    “Agreed. Follow me.”

    The four followed Professor Ivy. About 15 minutes later, they arrived at her lab, entered, and sat down.

    “It’s so much better in here, wouldn’t you agree?” Ivy asked.

    “Yes, it is,” Rich agreed. “Now, where were we? Oh, yes, the Battle Tower. I did succeed in defeating four trainers, the Tower Superstar, and Adio. I got the title back, but……..strange things happened. Steven and I battled three Shadow Peons there, each of which used a Shadow Pokémon. In addition, Adio used a Shadow Pokémon in battle too.”

    “I was aware of the Shadow Pokémon, but not that they were so prevalent. You were able to Snag them, I understand.”

    “Yes, most of them. I got Combusken and Grovyle along with Adio’s Flygon. But the first Shadow Peon I battled, he used a Marshtomp, that guy got away. Uh….oh yes, it turned out that the promoter, Tucker, was a Shadow Admin. I defeated him and Snagged his Whiscash.”

    “Tucker was in it too…..that is truly chilling. Now, allow me to get to the point. I have spotted some strange Pokémon here, too. In fact, just yesterday I saw a huge muscle-bound man battling with a Regirock.”

    “Whaaaaaat?” Anabel said. “Regirock…it is one of three Pokémon embedded in the legend of Kyogre and Groudon’s battle. After Kyogre and Groudon were calmed and ended their battle, the earth still had an imbalance of elements. To try and bring balance to the earth, Rayquaza, the sky Pokémon, created three elemental Pokémon: Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. These three were meant to bring about peace, but then they began to battle amongst themselves. Eventually they were sealed away by Rayquaza.”

    “I can’t imagine that Enigma Shadow awoke the real three,” Steven continued. “Perhaps they got them another way?”

    “But how?” Ashley asked him.

    “I don’t know.”

    “Anyway,” Ivy interrupted, “I fear Enigma Shadow’s plans for these islands, but I haven’t a clue how or where to stop them. There is one, however……the ruler of the Metalico Islands, Lawrence. He knows a lot about Enigma Shadow’s history, and none is better informed than him about where they might go on these islands.”

    “That’s all good,” Rich said, “but how do we meet the man? He’s a king, he doesn’t have time for peons like us!”

    “There is one way. He regularly holds Pokémon Beauty Contests in front of his palace. Winners get an exclusive audience with him that day.”

    “Well, then I must enter the next one. When is it?”


    “Whoa! Then I better……..Milotic, come out!”

    Rich opened Milotic’s Poké Ball, releasing the Water-type.

    “This Milotic….I have raised it since I was a child. Wallace and I each received a Feebas as a pet for our fourth birthdays. I took meticulously good care of it, feeding it PokéBlocks and grooming it. That Feebas….is now the Milotic you see before you.”

    “It is a beautiful Pokémon,” Ivy said. “But it takes more than outward appearance to win here. You need skill to dazzle the judges, too.”

    “Don’t worry. I’ll come up with something. Aren’t we gonna win that contest tomorrow, Milotic?”



    The next day, crowds gathered at Sapphire Palace for the Beauty Contest.

    “I haven’t seen Rich since last night,” Anabel said.

    “I haven’t either,” Steven answered. “I wonder if he’s even here?”

    Up on stage, a man in a tuxedo entered.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another Pokémon Beauty Contest decreed by Chancellor Lawrence! Today’s three contestants all have a chance to win an audience with our supreme ruler himself! Let’s get it on with our first contestants, May and Beautifly!!!”

    May walked out on the stage and released Beautifly, a butterfly-like Flying and Bug type. An upbeat tune began to play, and Beautifly danced elegantly in the air.

    “Beautifly, Silver Wind!”

    Beautifly did a backflip and scattered a shiny silver power from its wings. The crowd cheered in response.

    “Now, finish with a Fly move!”

    Beautifly flew straight up in a corkscrewing motion, then elegantly glided back down.

    “A hand for May and Beautifly! Let’s get the judges’ ratings on that performance……….8.9, 9.0, and .9.0!!! A total of 26.9! Well done!” The crowd cheered as May left the stage. “Next up…..Jimmy T. and Bellossom!”

    Jimmy T., the afroed DJ from Larousse, walked on stage and released his Bellossom, a Grass type with a leaf skirt. A tropical disco beat began, and Bellossom danced perfectly to the music.

    “Awww yeah! Now jam it up with Razor Leaf!”

    Bellossom spun three times, then launched a flurry of leaves. The crowd responded well.

    “Great! Show ‘em your awesome funk now! Petal Dance!”

    Bellossom spun around faster and faster. As it spun, a flurry of rainbow-colored petals surrounded it. The crowd loved this move.

    “Great work, Jimmy and Bellossom! Let’s check in with the judges. The scores are…9.5…10….and 10!!! A total of 29.5!!! Congratulations, Jimmy!” Jimmy T. walked off the stage. “Only thing that’ll beat that is a perfect 30. The next contestants…..Rich and Milotic!!!”

    “Whoa!” Anabel was surprised. “He is there!”

    “Go Rich!” Ashley shouted.

    Rich entered the stage and took a bow. Then he took out a Poké Ball and opened it, releasing Milotic. A different disco song began, and Milotic elegantly “swam” around the stage.

    “Good job so far! Now, dazzle them with a Hydro Pump!”

    Milotic stood straight up on its tail and launched a jet of water into the air. The sun reflected off the water, making a dazzling effect. The crowd cheered.

    “Alright! Finish our routine with Mirror Coat!”

    Milotic glowed like a mirror. The combined effect of the sun on the mirror and the water hitting it made Milotic appear in exquisite rainbow colors. The crowd cheered even louder for this.

    “Wow! What a performance from Rich and Milotic! Judges? They say……..10……….10………” The crowd noticibly held its breath. “The final score is………………..TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rich wins!!! Congratulations!!”

    A few minutes later, Rich, Anabel, Steven, and Ashley stood inside the throne room of the palace.

    “Now, our honored guests….please welcome the Supreme Chancellor of the Metalico Islands, Lawrence!” one of the guards said.

    A man wearing a black robe with a black hood shuffled into the room and bowed. The hood obscured most of his face except for some of his nose and his mouth.

    “Welcome, my guests……I am Lawrence. Some call me a king….but I prefer the title….Supreme Chancellor….”

    “We are honored to stand in your presence, sir,” Rich said.

    “Ah…I feel honored to be in your presence, Rich….word of your accomplishments has reached us even in our faraway land.”

    “We need your help though, sir,” Anabel added.

    “Oh? I see I have more than one great trainer here today….what may I do for a lovely young lady like you, Anabel?”

    “You see, sir……we heard that strange Pokémon were spotted here on Sapphire Isle.”

    “Wha---what?? I am not sure I understand what you mean…..”

    “Shadow Pokémon,” Steven explained. “They are strange Pokémon that attack people.”

    “Hmmm…..that certainly is frightening, but it is a bit hard to believe…..”

    “It’s true, sir,” Ashley answered. “We encountered several at the Battle Tower in Larousse City.”

    “If it is true….it is quite scary….but I may be able to aid you. You see…..I am not only the Supreme Chancellor of the Metalico Islands…I am also recognized as one of the foremost Pokémon collectors in the word. You might say…..that I have a bit of an eye to spot good ones and bad ones. Speaking of which…..Rich and Anabel…..would you be open to a battle with me?”

    “You want us both to battle you??” Rich asked.

    “Yes….I will use six of my best Pokémon, you two use three each. It sounds fair to me…..”

    “Challenge accepted, sir!” Anabel was eager for battle.

    “Excellent….please, step down into the center of the room….”

    Rich and Anabel stood on the left side, Lawrence on the right.

    “Now….let me see if your powers are adequate to trump my collection….let us battle!”

    Pkmn Trainer Rich and Tower Maiden Anabel
    Supreme Chancellor Lawrence

    “I shall choose first………Houndoom and Jumpluff, go!”

    Lawrence threw two Poké Balls. They released Houndoom, a Dark and Fire type that looked like a vicious black dog, and Jumpluff, a Grass and Flying type with white puffs around its round blue body.

    “They are nice, sir…but we shall triumph! Go, Milotic!”

    Rich released his Milotic into the battle.

    “And I shall aid Rich to win! Go, Alakazam!”

    Anabel threw a Poké Ball, releasing her Alakazam.

    “Alakazam, we haven’t had a battle like this in a while, but we can do it! Ice Punch!”

    Alakazam delivered an icy punch to Jumpluff, knocking it out.

    “No! This cannot be….Jumpluff, come back!” Lawrence withdrew Jumpluff and threw a new Poké Ball. “Aggron, go!”

    The huge Steel-and-Rock type appeared on Lawrence’s side.

    “Muh huh huh…..now, Houndoom….Sunny Day!”

    Houndoom looked straight up and howled. A strong sunlight flooded the area.

    “Milotic, Surrrrr---uhhh….”

    “You began to say it, so you must use the attack. I apologize, Rich….but that’s the rule….”

    “Surf, Milotic!”

    Milotic launched a huge wave of water at Houndoom and Aggron, but neither took that much damage.

    “You slipped, sir…..my Sunny Day halves Water attacks…..muh huh huh…..Aggron! Solarbeam!!”

    Aggron reared back, then fired an intense beam of light at Milotic. The attack, pumped up by Sunny Day, defeated Milotic right away.

    “So you’re gonna play it that way? Milotic, return!” Milotic returned to its Poké Ball. “Blaziken, go!”

    Rich sent out the Fire and Fighting Blaziken.

    “Anabel….” Rich whispered. “He’s using Sunny Day to pump up his Solarbeam and fire attacks. We’ve gotta use Fire and physical attacks to win. Do this now…..” Rich whispered a strategy to Anabel.

    “Ahh….okay….got it! Alakazam, Protect!”

    Alakazam encased itself in a green shield of light.

    “Blaziken, hit with Earthquake!”

    Blaziken stomped the ground to cause a massive shockwave. Anabel’s Alakazam wasn’t hurt by the attack due to Protect, but Houndoom and Aggron were knocked out by the move.

    “What……Houndoom, Aggron….return!” Lawrence recalled his fainted Pokémon and threw two more Poké Balls. “Umbreon and Slaking, go!!”

    Umbreon, a Dark type that looked like a black cat, appeared along with Slaking, a huge Normal type that looked like a fat, lazy ape. Despite this appearance, Slaking was a tough foe.

    “Umbreon, Faint Attack!”

    Umbreon faded into shadow, then tackled Alakazam for heavy damage. Alakazam fainted.

    “Uh……Alakazam, return!” Anabel removed Alakazam from battle and threw another Poké Ball. “Snorlax, go!”

    The huge Normal type Snorlax appeared on the field.

    “Slaking, Hyper Beam!!”

    Slaking began to yawn, then it fired a massive beam at Blaziken. Blaziken was blown away by the attack.

    “I’m down to one…..Blaziken, return….” Rich recalled Blaziken and threw his final Poké Ball for the battle. “Ludicolo, go!”

    Ludicolo appeared and looked immediately ready for battle.

    “Ludicolo, Focus Punch!”

    Ludicolo focused, tensed up, and punched Slaking incredibly hard.

    “Umbreon, use Secret Power!”

    Umbreon tackled Snorlax, doing some damage. The sunlight faded after the attack.

    “Snorlax, Brick Break!”

    Snorlax stood up and charged at Umbreon. The attack did massive damage, causing Umbreon to faint.

    “Grrraaahhhh!!! Umbreon, return!” Lawrence recalled Umbreon from battle, and he threw his last Poké Ball. “Salamence, go!”

    The massive Salamence appeared on the field and roared to show off its power.

    “Slaking, Hyper Beam again!”

    Slaking just yawned and wasted its turn instead.

    “Salamence, use Aerial Ace now!”

    Salamence flew up and charged at Ludicolo, causing it to faint.

    “No!! I’ve been defeated, Anabel……..”

    “Rich, I shall avenge you! Snorlax, Brick Break!”

    Snorlax charged at Slaking and rammed it, causing it to faint.

    “Ah….Anabel, you are a feisty one….Slaking, return!” Lawrence recalled his Slaking. “Salamence, Dragon Claw!”

    Salamence slashed Snorlax with sharp claws, doing a good amount of damage.

    “Snorlax, I think we can win! Body Slam!”

    Snorlax body slammed Salamence, doing strong damage. Salamence was stunned from the hit.

    “Salamence!!! Attack with Hydro Pump!”

    Salamence blasted Snorlax with a strong jet of water. Snorlax barely could stay in the battle.

    “Snorlax, time to finish it!! Body Slam!!!”

    Snorlax repeated its earlier attack. This time, Salamence fainted.

    “Muhhhhhhh……h-how can this be…..your powers are indeed adequate….”


    “Anabel….” Rich was stunned. “That was excellent work!”

    “Thank you, Rich.”

    Lawrence walked over to the victorious pair.

    “You two…your power is truly superb, how you worked together to defeat me……..Rich, may I have a word with you in my private chamber?”

    ”I guess, sir. Is that okay with you guys?”

    Steven, Anabel, and Ashley nodded, then left the room.

    “Follow me, Rich……”

    Lawrence entered a chamber through a door in the back of the throne room. Rich followed him in.

    “Please….take a seat…..”

    Lawrence and Rich sat down in comfortable vinyl chairs in front of a huge blue orb. The orb appeared to have some sort of liquid flowing in it.

    “Your Highness…..I am honored to be here, but why have you called me?”

    “Rich, my friend……I understand you are battling the terror group called Enigma Shadow?”


    “Do you know the legend of Enigma Shadow? The tale of their origin?”

    “No, I don’t….”

    “It is a tale passed down through many generations here in the Metalico Islands. The Enigma Shadow….it is a dark power so strong it could spell the end of the world if used incorrectly……...few have possessed this power in all history ….the first Shadow Lord….the founder of Enigma Shadow….he had the power….” Rich stared in disbelief at Lawrence. “Lord Artes was his name. He had so much power, protect those around him from all harm….”

    “What?! Now, you gotta be making this up…..”

    “I do not lie, Rich…..Lord Artes reigned supreme over much of the world….for a time, all was well….then one day….he was double-crossed by one of his loyal servants….”

    “What happened?”

    “One of his servants used the only thing that can defeat the Enigma Shadow—the Justice Light…..the Light is a power contained within a mystical staff said to be hidden here in the Metalico Islands. Unfortunately, the servant used the Light power wrong, and after he delivered a fatal blow to Artes, Artes in his last moments used the Enigma Shadow to destroy all within his empire.”

    “You say the Shadow can protect people from harm? How is this possible?”

    “No one really knows….it is said that since the death of Lord Artes, not a single one has had the power in the same extent he did…..but…..”

    “But what??!?!”

    “I have fear. Fear that the full fury of the Enigma Shadow will soon be unleashed….I sense the presence of someone in the process of aquiring the full power that has slept since Artes…you see, to gain the power of the Enigma Shadow…one must meditate in its mindset for a very long time….sacrificing all……..I am surprised you are not involved in this, Rich.”

    “Why would you say that you think I’d be dedicated to this evil power? I have better things to do.”

    “You….Rich, I sense something….you….you have someone who you are very close with, who you would not want to be harmed ever.”

    “I say this with all respect, sir….but you’re crazy. The last one I loved….she…she was killed by Enigma Shadow!”

    “Hm. Perhaps you do not even know about these feelings I see yet.”

    Suddenly, one of Lawrence’s servants charged into the room and interrupted the meeting.

    “This better be good, Jupiter,” Lawrence said to the servant.

    “It’s an emergency, sir!” Jupiter replied. “A faction under the Enigma Shadow Administrator Dakim has taken control of the Pokémon Academy!”

    “What??!” Lawrence jumped up. “This is outrageous! Rich……I beg of you, go to the Pokémon Academy and end their occupation. I fear the worst, that I do….”

    “What is happening?” Rich asked.

    “The head of the Academy, Grubba….he is the one they’re after. He has thorough knowledge of all legends relating to what Enigma Shadow wants! You can take a train from here to the Academy…”

    “I will do it, sir.”

    “Excellent….now, please hurry and defeat them! If you do….fufufu….who knows what could be in store for you….”

    Rich rushed out of the chamber.

    At the Academy……….

    “Dakim, why have you not succeeded in your mission yet?”

    A huge muscle-bound man stood in front of a video screen, on which was Nascour.

    “Master Nascour, Grubba will not give up the Sapphire Plate to us. He has holed up in his office and is threatening to defeat us if we come after him,” Dakim replied.

    “I trust you, Dakim,” Nascour said. “For now, I request that you send a battery of your troops to Shadow Chief’s lab to aid in the construction of our flying warship, the Dark Lugia.”

    “Don’t you think I need them to hold our position here?”

    “I have confidence in your abilities. Send all but Skrub to New Island….and I authorize the use of any technique to get that Sapphire Plate from Grubba, but he is not to be critically harmed, understand? You may rough him up a bit to soften him, but nothing past that.”

    “Got it, Nascour. What about this airship?”

    “Lord Regidon commissioned it with permission from Queen Shadow. It will be used to accelerate the hunt for the Element Plates and Jirachi.”


    Rich stepped off the train at the gates of the Academy along with his friends. Someone frantically ran up to them.

    “Rich!!! You have arrived at last!!! Chancellor Lawrence let us know you were coming!!”

    “Calm down, sir,” Rich answered. “What is going on here?”

    “Dakim…that fiend….he took over the Academy! All the students are trapped inside, even the young ones!”

    “Do you know why?” Steven asked him.

    “Not quite……he was raging about something called a Sapphire Dish….”

    “The Sapphire Plate!” Anabel gasped. “That is required to awaken Ho-oh!”

    “Let’s go, then!” Ashley encouraged.

    The four rushed into the Academy….

    Inside, the lobby seemed abandoned. Not a soul was around.

    “Wha---? For a building under attack, this place is strangely empty.”

    “Gee, you think, Rich?!” Steven replied sarcastically.

    “Enough, guys,” Ashley said, taking a lead role in the mission. “I once studied here, so I know the way around. We probably should go to Grubba’s office first, right?”

    “Good thought, Ashley,” Anabel answered.

    “It is on the eighth floor of this building. There’s an elevator right here.”

    The four entered the elevator.

    “Eighth floor, going up!” Rich joked, then he pressed the eighth floor button.

    The door closed, and the elevator went up…….


    On the eighth floor, the door opened and the four stepped out of the elevator.

    “It’s all quiet here too…..” Rich said.

    “See those big doors in front of us?” Ashley asked.

    “Yeah,” Steven answered.

    “That’s Grubba’s office. Let’s go!”

    They walked up to the doors.

    “Well, here goes nothing….who knows what waits behind these doors…” Anabel said, then pressed the button to open the doors.

    The doors opened with dramatically slow speed…….

    Inside, a hostile scene greeted the heroes.

    “Give it over already!!!”

    Dakim stood with his back to the doors. In front of him was a smaller man wearing a suit jacket and bow tie.

    “I told you once, twice…a thousand times---NO!” Grubba replied.

    “You just don’t get it, do you? The Sapphire Plate is necessary to Enigma Shadow’s plan, therefore you must give it to me!”

    “If you want it so badly, I will battle you for it!”

    “Dahahahahaha!! I would crush you, so I decline your challenge!”

    “Then you do not get the Sapphire Plate. Period.”

    “Gaaaahhh!!!! This is getting us nowhere! Grubba, you shall learn what happens to those who oppose us!”

    Dakim forcefully slugged Grubba in the stomach, knocking the Academy Head to the floor.

    “Urrrghhhh…..you…you coward! How could you refuse my battle challenge??”

    “Did you actually think you could win??! Dahahaahahaha! Now, since you aren’t cooperating, we shall be taking you to Shadow Chief’s lab instead!”

    Suddenly, Dakim paused and swung around.

    “Huh? Who are-----aaaaccckkkkk!!!! You’re the fools who messed with Tucker in Larousse City!”

    “You couldn’t be more right, Dakim!” Rich countered.

    “We’re here to shut you down!” Anabel added.

    “Shut me down?! Dahahaha!!! You fools actually think you can take me down? Tell you what. If you defeat my underling, I’ll give you a shot!”

    “He is a coward….” Ashley thought.

    A Shadow Peon in a gray uniform entered the room.

    “Master Dakim summons me!” he said.

    “Skrub, the ones who defeated Tucker have come. You are to battle and defeat them.”

    “Right away, sir. Rich….prepare to lose! En garde!”

    Pkmn Trainer Rich ---vs.--- Shadow Peon Skrub

    “I shall choose……Golem and Hitmonchan!”

    Skrub threw two Poké Balls, releasing the Rock and Ground type Golem and the Fighting type Hitmonchan.

    “Rich!!!” Anabel cried out. “I see a black aura around Hitmonchan! It’s a Shadow Pokémon!”

    “Alright, then! Milotic and Slowking, go!”

    Rich sent out his Milotic and Slowking.

    “Hitmonchan, Mach Punch!”

    Skrub’s Hitmonchan delivered a quick jab to Milotic, doing some damage.

    “Time to respond! Milotic, attack with Hydro Pump!”

    Milotic blasted Golem with a powerful jet of water. Golem fainted from the hit.

    “I wasn’t prepared for that. Golem, return!” Skrub recalled Golem and threw another Poké Ball. “Medicham, go!”

    Medicham, a Psychic and Fighting type, appeared on Skrub’s side.

    “Slowking, Psychic!”

    Slowking blasted Hitmonchan with psychic power, doing a lot of damage.

    “That’s it! Snag Ball, go!”

    Rich threw a Snag Ball at Hitmonchan. It grabbed the Fighting type and fell to the floor….rocked once….rocked twice….

    …..and glowed red. Hitmonchan was Snagged.

    “All right! I got Hitmonchan!”

    “Arrgh!! Medicham, Thunderpunch!”

    Medicham hit Milotic with an electrically charged punch that did some damage.

    “Slowking, return!” Rich recalled Slowking and threw a Poké Ball. “Tyranitar, go!”

    Tyranitar appeared and roared.

    “Tyranitar, Aerial Ace!”

    Tyranitar jumped and tackled Medicham, defeating it.

    “No…no…..Master Dakim, I’ve failed you……”


    “M-Master Dakim….”

    “There is no need for explanation, Skrub. You did your best. Rich! What makes you think you can mess with Enigma Shadow like this?!”

    “I’d rather fight then let you fiends do your evil unopposed!”

    “Dahahahahaha!!!! You may have beaten Tucker…you may have beaten Skrub….but I, the great Dakim, will stop your meddling right here!”

    Pkmn Trainer Rich ---vs.--- Shadow Admin Dakim

    [Dakim stomped his feet and roared loudly, making himself become more and more angry]

    “You will learn your lesson, Rich! Solrock and Claydol, go!”

    Dakim threw two Poké Balls, releasing Claydol along with Solrock, a Rock and Psychic type shaped like the sun.

    “Claydol and Solrock, eh? Milotic and Ludicolo, go!”

    Rich sent out Milotic and Ludicolo to battle.

    “Milotic, Surf!”

    Milotic launched a huge wave of water at both Claydol and Solrock. They took heavy damage, but both survived.

    “Claydol, Sunny Day!”

    Claydol waved its arms, summoning strong sunlight.

    “Rich…” Ashley whispered. “He’s battling like Lawrence, I bet.”

    “You’re probably right……Ludicolo! Solarbeam!”

    Ludicolo blasted Claydol with a massive beam of light, finishing it off.

    “I intended that! Claydol, return!” Dakim recalled Claydol and threw a new Poké Ball. “Shiftry, go!”

    Shiftry, a Dark and Grass type with a white and green body, appeared.

    “Solrock, now you use Solarbeam!”

    Solrock spun around, then fired the massive light beam at Milotic. Milotic couldn’t take the hit and fainted.

    “Dahahahaha!! Ain’t so strong now, are you?” Dakim taunted.

    “This isn’t over! Milotic, return!” Rich withdrew Milotic. “Go, Blaziken!”

    Blaziken replaced Milotic on the battlefield.

    “Blaziken, use Flamethrower!”

    Blaziken blasted Shiftry with a jet of fire. The attack, amped up by Sunny Day, defeated Shiftry.

    “I didn’t expect that…..Shiftry, come back!” Dakim removed Shiftry and threw a Poké Ball. “Go, Magcargo!”

    Dakim released Magcargo, a Fire and Rock type.

    “Ludicolo, attack with Solarbeam!”

    Ludicolo blasted Solrock with Solarbeam, causing it to faint.

    “No! No no no!!! Now you’ll feel my power! Return, Solrock!” Dakim withdrew Solrock. “Go, Regirock!”

    Regirock, a large Pokémon with a body of stone, appeared.

    “Rich!!!!” Anabel cried out. “There it is! The one Professor Ivy warned us about---the Shadow Regirock!”

    “Dahahahaha! Regirock, Earthquake!”

    Regirock created a shockwave that did some damage to Ludicolo but defeated both Blaziken and Magcargo.

    “I wanted this! Magcargo, return!” Dakim recalled Magcargo.

    “Blaziken, come back! Go, Slowking!”

    Slowking appeared out for Rich.

    “Ludicolo, Surf!”

    Ludicolo hit Regirock with Surf, doing some damage.

    “Dahaha!!! What a wimpy move! Regirock, Shadow Rush!”

    Regirock charged at Ludicolo, defeating it. The attack also did some backlash damage to Regirock.

    “Ludicolo, return! Go, Tyranitar!”

    Tyranitar came back into battle for the first time after Skrub.

    “Slowking, Blizzard!”

    Slowking launched an icy barrage at Regirock, doing some heavy damage.

    “Regirock, Shadow Rush!”

    Regirock hit Slowking for good damage, plus some backlash.

    “Alright! Snag Ball, go!”

    Rich threw a Snag Ball at Regirock. It grabbed the Shadow Pokémon, fell to the floor…….

    …..rocked once……

    …rocked twice…..

    ..and burst open, releasing Regirock. The Snag failed.

    “Dahahaha!! Mine will not go easily! Shadow Rush!”

    Regirock hit Slowking again, but because of the backlash, Regirock fainted.

    “Gwaaahhhhhhh!!!! How can I lose like this??!!”


    “Rich. I don’t think you understand what you are doing. Lord Regidon and Queen Shadow are forging the final deeds for our plan to pay off as we speak. Your efforts are futile. I’m pulling out for now, but beware….you will soon feel the fury of Enigma Shadow and our warship, the Dark Lugia!”

    Dakim and Skrub fled the room. Grubba struggled to his feet from the floor.


    ”Take heart, sir,” Rich said. “It’s over.”

    “Oh! You’re Rich! And Steven….and Anabel!! And….Ashley, is that you??!”

    “Yes, Mr. Grubba…” Ashley said shyly.

    “I’m pleased that such an all-star lineup came to my aid! Rich, the legendary Battle Tower champion….Steven, the former Hoenn League champ….Anabel, one of the Frontier Brains…and of course Ashley, who graduated here at the top of the class in 2000!”

    “Wow,” Steven said in awe. “You’re really bright, Ashley! That isn’t easy to do!”

    “Aw, thanks, Steven….”

    “Why have you even come to this island region, anyway?” Grubba asked.

    “It’s a long story. Steven and I returned to Larousse to compete in the Battle Tower tournament, my comeback. There we encountered several Enigma Shadow members and their bizarre Shadow Pokémon. Anabel and Ashley joined us there, then we battled the Shadow Admin Tucker, who was moonlighting as the battle promoter. Afterwards, Professor Ein sent us here to meet Philena Ivy about Shadow Pokémon sightings on the island. After we met with her, we battled Chancellor Lawrence at his palace. He privately conferred with me on the origins of Enigma Shadow after Anabel and I defeated him, then we came here.”

    “Lawrence……Rich, please keep it under your hat that I told you this, OK?”

    “OK, Grubba.”

    “The Metalico Islands are not a truly united region. Each island is a separate state, and each one sends its governor to the Island Congress to decide matters. We are only united by a loose constitution, but I have suspicion that Lawrence is trying to make the region an empire under his rule. Ever since he became governor of Sapphire Isle, he has accumulated too much power, tipping the balance in his favor. That is why he has the title Supreme Chancellor.”


    “There is more to this. I fear he is plotting against my homeland, Port Emerald. The governor of Port Emerald, Bloomfield, has declared his island’s independence from the constitution. Lawrence is not happy about that in the least.”

    “Truly frightening,” Steven commented.

    “Continuing that thought, I would like to accompany you to Port Emerald. I need to see Bloomfield about the matter.”

    “Fine with me,” Rich answered. “Let’s g----wait, what’s this?” Rich picked up a shiny object from the floor. “Oh. Dakim must have dropped this…it’s one of those disks, like the one Tucker had.”

    “Let’s look at it,” Anabel said.

    “Agreed.” Rich took out the Famicom Viewer and popped the disk in.

    REPORT #2

    Shadow Pokémon can be made in two different ways. A Pokémon can be captured and be seperated from its nature using a scientifical process. Also, using DNA, a Shadow Pokémon can be made from scratch in a cloning style process. This is how three of the toughest Shadow Pokémon were made: Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. Using the cloning process, an invincible Shadow Pokémon is a real possibility.


    “Chilling…” Ashley said.

    “It is,” Grubba replied. “Before I forget, I have something to give you.” Grubba held up a shiny blue gem. “This is the Sapphire Plate, the item that Dakim was looking for. I am going to give it to you.”

    “Wha??!” Rich was stunned. “We can just have it, like that?!”

    “Of course. I’d rather you have it than those crooks.”


    Deep in Queen Shadow’s lair, Nascour was on the video screen.

    “Nascour, how can it be that Dakim lost?!??!!”

    “I honestly do not understand it, Your Highness. We gave him Shadow Regirock, but it just wasn’t enough.”

    “This is highly troubling, Nascour. We must recalibrate our plans if we are to succeed.”

    “I agree. Spenser has taken Port Emerald, and I have commanded him to hold the island while we plan. The Dark Lugia is coming along well, and…..we found some data in that file.”

    “Report at once…”

    “It probably is the ultimate Shadow Pokémon guide we had sought. What has been decoded so far is promising—it says that some kind of important DNA is hidden on a place called Faraway Island.”

    “D-did you just say Faraway Island!?!?!?!”

    “I did, Queen Shadow.”

    “That place…I’ve heard incredible rumors about a legendary Pokémon that inhabits it! Have that DNA collected at once!!!”

    “Right away. I’m off.”

    Nascour disappeared from the screen.

    “This is perfect….Rich, you will meet your end by my hands…what you have done is unforgiveable……”


    The friends stood at the docks of Sapphire Isle, ready to bid the island farewell and go to Port Emerald.

    “I see you encountered the Regirock I saw,” Prof. Ivy said. “Unfortunately it got away, but hopefully you will see it again.”

    “I certainly hope so,” Rich replied.

    “Thank you again for saving me, the Academy, and our island,” Grubba added. “I look forward to getting to Port Emerald.”

    “I think we all do,” Steven said. “Let’s g---“


    Ein ran up to the group and caught his breath.

    “Papa? Why are you here?” Anabel asked.

    “I-I’ve been looking for you! But by the time I got here, you had already gone off to the Pokémon Academy to battle Dakim. Anyway, I’ve come to give you a few things, Rich. First, let me see your PokéNav.” Rich handed Ein the device, which Ein opened, tinkered with, and gave back. “I’ve added two upgrades. First, your Match Call will now be able to work anywhere in the world with enhanced reception. As well, I have added a function that will cause it to signal whenever a Shadow Pokémon is in your vicinity. Finally, please take these…….” Ein handed Rich a bag full of green-and-blue Poké Balls. “I designed these Poké Balls. They’re stronger than regular ones for Snagging, but still not foolproof. Good luck!”

    “Thanks, Ein!” Ashley thanked. “Let’s go to Port Emerald!”

    Rich, Ashley, Anabel, Steven, Prof. Ivy, and Grubba boarded the yacht to Port Emerald.

    After meeting Prof. Ivy at her temporary lab and then Supreme Chancellor Lawrence, our heroes traveled to the Pokémon Academy and defeated Shadow Admin Dakim. But this is just the easy part. Can they handle the challenges being developed by the mysterious Lord Regidon and Queen Shadow? And what is the ultimate Shadow Pokémon being pursued?

  12. pharaohguy530

    pharaohguy530 The one and only.

    Awesome! Engima Shadow...This is such a good story. I can't wait for more. Rich is so lucky....Keep it up!
  13. Crazy_Crazy_Totdile

    Crazy_Crazy_Totdile RoyalGlutius Maximus

    W.O.W. This is a true fan-fiction. You set the standards for me now:D I love your descriptions, and length. I feel so in-depth when I read it!!!


    'Nuff Said:D
  14. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    Thank you for the kind reviews. I've got much more up my sleeve yet, so do keep on reading. :)

    To be honest, I originally wrote this having not seen either Jirachi Wish Maker OR Destiny Deoxys, I simply based some of the legends and settings around things I read on the 'net, and I used Colosseum's Realgam Tower as the model for the Larousse Battle Tower in this fic. The rest of the legends I created on my own.
  15. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    CHAPTER THREE: The Riddle of Port Emerald

    The group was on the yacht ferrying them to Port Emerald, discussing their adventures.

    ”Isn’t it amazing?” Rich wondered aloud.

    “What?” Anabel asked him.

    “How this all began. It was Steven and I going to battle in a tournament…..now we’re involved in saving the world..”

    “Isn’t that a bit of an exaggeration?”

    ”Not quite, Ashley,” Prof. Ivy replied. “You see, once Ein notified me that you were coming to Sapphire Isle and why, I did some research on the topic. This is the tale………as you know, at the beginning of time Kyogre and Groudon were involved in a duel to the death. Once they were stopped, all was peaceful....but then….one hundred fifty years ago, a crooked magician named Gino created a dark power he called the Enigma Shadow.”

    “So that’s what Lawrence was talking about…..”

    “Eventually he became more and more power hungry. He took the name Lord Artes, combining the legendary Pokémon Articuno and Moltres. Using the Enigma Shadow, he built an empire that encompassed much of the world. Also, he tried to revive Groudon and Kyogre, but failed. His star shone for a thousand days, then….one of his former magician assistants and advisors, named Derby, rebelled. Using his own magical powers, Derby created a staff containing a power called the Justice Light. Derby and Artes built up their forces and met in a climactic battle at Waterloo in Johto….”

    “My hometown?!” Ashley exclaimed.

    “Yes. Artes and Derby dueled fiercely until both of their Pokémon squads were exhausted. Artes forfeited….but it was a bluff. He viciously attacked Derby with his Enigma Shadow powers, knocking away the Justice Light from Derby’s grasp. Before Artes could deliver the finishing blow, a bystander heroically rushed in, picked up the staff, and used the Justice Light to defeat Artes. It is said that before he died, Artes uttered a spell meant to keep his powers alive until someone else could claim them, then cast his entire empire to break apart. Today, it would appear that the Enigma Shadow terror group is interested in awakening his power to rule.”

    “That…” Steven was speechless. “I-I don’t know what to say….”

    “Just keep it under your hats. Say, before we get to Port Emerald, Bloomfield’s office, and my lab, why don’t some of you have a battle?”

    “Great idea, Professor. What do you say, guys: me and Anabel against Steven and Ashley, each trainer only usng one Pokémon?”

    “I agree,” Steven answered. “Let’s do it!”

    Rich and Anabel stood on one side of the ship’s large cabin, Steven and Ashley on the other.

    Pkmn Trainer Rich and Tower Maiden Anabel
    Super Trainer Steven and Super Trainer Ashley

    “Come on! I choose…….Milotic, go!”

    Rich threw the Poké Ball to release Milotic.

    “We’ll do this just like how we beat Lawrence! Go, Scizor!”

    Anabel sent out Scizor, a Steel and Bug type with menacing iron claws.

    “So you’re using those two? Fine! Aggron, go!”

    Steven deployed his Aggron.

    “I think I can do this! Go, Exeggutor!”

    Ashley used Exeggutor, a large Grass and Psychic type that looked like a coconut tree.

    “Milotic, Hydro Pump!”

    Milotic attacked with a powerful blast of water, but Aggron dodged the move.

    “Scizor, attack with Silver Wind!”

    Scizor blew a shiny dust at Exeggutor. The attack did a lot of damage, but Exeggutor survived.

    “Time for a counterattack! Solarbeam!”

    Ashley’s Exeggutor blasted Milotic with a strong beam of light. Milotic fainted.

    “Arrghhh!!! Anabel, win this one for me!”

    Rich recalled his fained Milotic.

    “Ahahaha! Aggron, Water Pulse!”

    Steven’s Aggron blew circular waves of water at Scizor, doing some damage.

    “Silver Wind again!”

    Scizor repeated its earlier attack, defeating Exeggutor.

    “Steven, good luck!”

    Ashley recalled her Exeggutor.

    “Aggron, we need to win this battle! Iron Tail!”

    Aggron swung around to hit Scizor with its heavy tail.

    “Scizor, Counter!”

    Scizor caught Aggron’s tail using its iron claws, then spun Aggron around and threw it. Aggron was defeated.

    “Ah…..that was an excellent battle, even in defeat!”


    Anabel and Steven recalled their Pokémon.

    “That was good for a quick battle to pass the time,” Ashley said.

    “It sure was,” Rich agreed.

    “We should be there soon,” Grubba added.

    “This is the captain speaking,” a voice suddenly blared over the loudspeaker. “We have arrived at Port Emer----wait! Something’s wrong!”

    Steven and Rich rushed into the captain’s room.

    “What’s going on, sir?” Rich asked.

    “There appears to be some kind of hostage situation involving Enigma Shadow at the harbor. The wire says that two Shadow Peons have taken over the port and are demanding an ‘Emerald Plate.’”

    Steven looked through the binoculars in the captain’s room.

    “I can see them!!” he exclaimed. “Rich, we must stop them!”

    “Yes, we must! Captain, pull this ship up to that one, then allow us to leap aboard and battle.”

    “As you wish….”


    In the harbor, Bluno and another Shadow Peon stood aboard a ship with the entire crew cowering behind them. They held bullhorns to speak to the crowd on the land.

    “This is the last time we’re gonna say it!” Bluno shouted. “We have come on orders by the great Queen Shadow!”

    “Give us the Emerald Plate and we’ll go!” the other peon added.

    A large man in a red suit stepped forward.

    “I keep telling you, we don’t have anything like that!”

    “Ah, Governor Bloomfield,” Bluno replied. “You are quite the foolhardy one. Queen Shadow told us it was here, and—“

    “Hold it right there!!” Steven yelled. The yacht had pulled up to the Shadow Peons’ ship, and Rich and Steven stood on the deck facing the crooks.

    “Ah, Rich and Steven! I never thought I’d see you again after the Battle Tower fiasco!”

    “Bluno, you know these people?” his companion asked.

    “Why yes, Hoyt, I do.”

    “What gives you two the right to come here and mess with us?!?!?” Hoyt burst out.


    “We come in the name of Chancellor Lawrence and the Island Congress!” Rich interjected.

    “Ahahah….” Bluno taunted. “You think we fear him?”

    “That’s it! Rich, time to battle!”

    Steven and Rich jumped from their yacht to the ship for the battle.

    Pkmn Trainer Rich and Super Trainer Steven
    Shadow Peon Hoyt and Shadow Peon Bluno

    “Go, Grumpig!”

    Bluno threw a Poké Ball and released his Grumpig.

    “I’ll add……Torkoal, go!”

    Hoyt sent out Torkoal, a turtle-like Fire type.

    “All right! This will be easy, Steven! Go, Mi---….” Rich began to reach for Milotic’s Poké Ball but stopped. “Wait…I can’t use Milotic because it fainted in the practice battle before….well then, I’ll send out Tyranitar!”

    Tyranitar appeared and roared to show off its power.

    “Claydol, go!”

    Steven paired his Claydol with Tyranitar.

    Anabel stared at Torkoal.

    “Rich!! Torkoal is a Shadow Pokémon!”

    “Thanks, Anabel!” Rich responded, then whispered a strategy to Steven,

    “Got it! Claydol, Rock Slide!”

    Claydol launched a flurry of rocks at both opponents. Grumpig took some damage, and Torkoal took more.

    “Grumpig, Ice Punch!”

    Grumpig hit Claydol with an icy punch, doing a good amount of damage.

    “Torkoal, Shadow Blitz!”

    Torkoal withdrew into its shell, began spinning, and struck Tyranitar twice for good damage.

    “What??! What was that attack?!” Rich wondered.

    “Gaaahahahhaah!!” Hoyt taunted. “It is a brand new Shadow attack we just created! Like it? Hope so, ‘cause there are more out there!”

    “Whatever! Snag Ball, go!”

    Rich threw one of Ein’s special Snag Balls at Torkoal. The ball burst open with a flair, grabbed Torkoal, fell to the floor, and began rocking…..

    …the ball glowed red, indicated a successful Snag.

    “All right! There’s a Snag!”

    “Ahhh……Bluno, help me!”

    “Claydol, attack with Hyper Beam!”

    Claydol blasted Grumpig with a strong beam, defeating the Psychic-type.

    “We just can’t handle this! Return, Grumpig!” Bluno withdrew Grumpig and threw his only other Poké Ball. “Marshtomp, go!”

    Marshtomp appeared for Bluno’s side.

    “Rich!” Anabel cried out again. “There’s the Shadow Marshtomp from the Battle Tower!”

    “OK! Tyranitar, Seismic Toss!”

    Tyranitar grabbed Marshtomp, jumped into the air, and flung Marshtomp down.

    “Marshtomp, Shadow Rush!”

    Marshtomp charged at Tyranitar and did some damage.

    “Snag Ball, go!”

    Rich threw another Snag Ball at Marshtomp…..

    …..and successfully Snagged it.

    “Yes! I finally Snagged Marshtomp!”

    “Oh no!!! Master Spenser will punish us!!!”


    Anabel and Ashley had been watching the battle, and they lept aboard following Rich and Steven’s victory.

    “It doesn’t matter that you defeated us,” Bluno explained. “Our boss on this job is already elsewhere on the island and he’s gonna grab a really rare Pokémon for Queen Shadow along with the Emerald Pl—“

    Two police officers cuffed the Shadow Peons.

    “You’re under arrest. Time to go downtown.”

    The Peons were lead away, then Bloomfield approached the group.

    “Rich, and Steven….I am pleased that you have freed our harbor from those awful men! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Bloomfield, the governor of Port Emerald.”

    “Pleased to make your aquaintance, Steven and I are.”

    Anabel and Ashley joined the three on the ship.

    “Steven and I are?!” You sound like Yoda!” Anabel joked.

    “That was good, Anabel…” Ashley whispered to her.

    “Anyway….” Steven said, getting serious. “We came here to see you, actually.”

    “Important matters, I know. Grubba contacted me before you departed Sapphire Isle. Come to my office, we’ll talk there.”


    A few minutes later, Rich, Steven, Anabel, Ashley, Grubba, and Prof. Ivy sat in Bloomfield’s office. Bloomfield himself was sitting behind his desk.

    “So, my friends….what is it you came to see me about?”

    “Well, two things…” Rich began. “First of all, we’re investigating the organization that sent those troops that were at the harbor, Enigma Shadow. Simply put, they’re looking for the Element Plates to awaken Ho-oh.”

    “Ah, yes, I do know that legend. I believe they plan to take over the world?”

    “Yes,” Steven replied. “As a means to that end, they’ve created Shadow Pokémon that don’t hesitate to attack people.”

    “What?! I guess that’s what that Marshtomp and Torkoal I saw at the harbor were?”

    “Exactly,” Ashley told him.

    “I see…..is there anything else I need to know?”

    “Well,” Grubba spoke up, “We wanted your take on the situation with Chancellor Lawrence……”

    ”Oh, that?!? Let me tell you kids, this island’s descended into a state of lawless chaos since he became head of the Island Congress. He’s too concerned with getting more power for himself then properly running the islands besides Sapphire Isle. Not only has this island gone to seed, but nearby Ruby Island is collapsing too and I fear for Pearl Key next. Listen, do what you must on this island, but I seriously am powerless to help you if anything bad happens.”

    “Well…” Rich said. “Thanks for the help and the warning. We’ll just check out the happenings here and be on our way,”

    “Good. Before you get going, I’d recommend you visit the Pokémon Center to prepare for the inevitable battles.”


    The group, minus Grubba who had stayed behind at Bloomfield’s office, was walking down the road to the Pokémon Center.

    “I don’t understand what Bloomfield meant,” Rich commented. “This seems like a nice tropical town to me.”

    “Remember,” Steven reminded, “even the best of appearances can hide the worst of circumstances. I’m sure that Bloomfield wasn’t making that stuff up, so we must stay on guard.”

    They arrived at the Pokémon Center. As soon as the doors opened, trouble greeted them.

    “Stop!! Thief!!” someone screamed, then a Shadow Peon rushed out holding a small brown Pokémon that somewhat resembled a Sudowoodo. In the process he also knocked down Jimmy T.

    “What? What’s happening?!” Anabel shouted.

    A girl ran up to them.

    “That man, he stole my Bonsly!!”

    “Bonsly??” Ashley wondered.

    “It is one of the newly discovered Pokémon,” Prof. Ivy said. “And this is Lynn, a student of mine. I gave her the Bonsly along with another new Pokémon, Munchlax, as her first two. Are you OK, Lynn?”

    “Yeah…” Lynn whimpered. “But…..I don’t want them to do bad things to my Bonsly!”

    “Lynn, my friends and I will find your Bonsly and return it safely to you,” Rich comforted. “All we need to do is heal our
    Pokémon and we’ll head out.”

    “Th-thank you…..Rich!?!??!”


    “I’m so glad you’re the one who’s going to help me! I’m a big fan!! Please…let me come with you!”

    “Aw, thanks for the compliments…..yes, you can come with us to find Bonsly.”

    “Thank you!!!’

    “No problem.”

    Rich, Steven, Anabel, and Ashley went up to the desk and handed the nurse their Poké Balls.

    “If you don’t mind,” Steven said, “we need those back right away.”

    “No problem,” the nurse responded. “We have new Restoring Machines that can do it in a snap.”

    The nurse placed the Poké Balls into an odd device. They glowed white, then the nurse took them out and gave them back to their respective trainers. Right at that moment, Rich’s PokéNav received a call.


    “Rich, it’s Ein!” the caller said. “Listen, I forgot a couple of things I wanted to give Anabel and Steven when we met on Sapphire Isle, so I’m on my way to Port Emerald.”

    “Got it. When should I look for you?”

    “Don’t worry about it. I’ll meet you after you’ve wrapped business there. Bye.” Ein hung up.

    “Well, I guess we better get going,” Rich commented to the others.

    Before they could go, a man in a farmer’s outfit rushed in.

    “Professor Ivy!! It’s horrible!!”

    “What? What is it?”

    “Poachers! They went into your forest and one of them had Lynn’s Bonsly!”

    “Whaaaaaaat!?!?!!?!?? Rich….you know what this means. You and your friends must save my lab and this island!!”

    “We accept the mission, Professor!”

    “Wait!” Lynn cried out. “I’m going with you!”

    “Alright,” Steven said. “Let’s go!”


    The group stood at the entrance to the forest from Ivy’s main lab. Rich consulted his PokéNav’s Shadow Detector, which told him there were Shadow Pokémon in the area.

    ”Well,” Anabel commented, “that means Enigma Shadow is definitely in the east.”

    They began to walk eastward, but then a large, dark-green bug Pokémon with intimidating pincers jumped the five.

    “Whoa! A Scyther!” Ashley shouted. “But wait….it’s shiny! A different color than normal!”

    “Wait….” Rich got an idea. “Lynn, are you ready for battle?”

    “Yes, why?”

    “Go! Battle and catch that Scyther for yourself! Better you have it than Enigma Shadow!”

    “Good luck, Lynn!” Steven encouraged.

    “OK….” Lynn nervously stepped forward. “I can do this! Munchlax, go!”

    Lynn threw a Poké Ball that released Munchlax, a small brown Normal type. The wild Scyther jumped forth to attempt a Fury Cutter attack.

    “Dodge, Munchlax!” Munchlax dodged the attack. “Now, Mega Punch!”

    Munchlax jumped up and punched Scyther firmly in the face, knocking it back. Scyther tried to Slash Munchlax next.

    “Mega Kick!!!”

    Munchlax dodged under Scyther’s blades and kicked it squarely in the stomach, knocking it down.

    “This is your chance, Lynn!” Anabel called.

    “Alright…uh….Poké Ball, go!!”

    Lynn threw a Poké Ball at the Scyther. The Bug and Flying type was grabbed by the ball, which then fell to the ground and began rocking.

    The ball glowed red. Lynn had caught Scyther.

    “All right!! I did it!”

    “Good job, Lynn!” Rich congratulated.

    “Thanks! Now let’s go find those Shadow Pokémon!”


    The group began their walk again, with Lynn fawning over her Scyther’s Poké Ball. Soon, they encountered a young man whose bug cages blocked the path.

    “You there!” Rich called out.

    “What? What do you want?”

    “We’re searching for something in this forest, and your cages are blocking our path. Could you kindly move them?”

    “No, man! I’m searching for a rare shiny Scyther in this area! Wait your turn!”

    “A rare Scyther? We already caught it.”

    “Whaaaaaaaaat?!??!?? Just for that, I’ll use my Shadow Pokémon on you!”

    Pkmn Trainer Rich ---vs.--- Bug Maniac Ken

    “My sweet Bug Pokémon, defeat this punk! Go, Pineco and Pineco!”

    Ken threw two Poké Balls, releasing two Pineco.

    “This’ll be a snap! Blaziken and Alakazam, go!”

    Rich sent out Blaziken and Alakazam.

    “Alakazam, Fire Punch!”

    Alakazam hit one of the Pinecos with a fiery punch, defeating it.

    “Oh, my……Pineco, return!” Ken withdrew Pineco and threw another Poké Ball. “Clefairy, go!”

    Clefairy appeared on the field.

    “A Shadow Pokémon!” Anabel called out.

    “Thanks, Anabel! Blaziken, Flamethrower!”

    Blaziken defeated the other Pineco by blasting it with a jet of fire.

    “Agh….Pineco, come back! Clefairy, Metronome!”

    Clefairy began waggling its finger, then it used a Hydro Cannon attack that knocked out Blaziken.

    “Blaziken, return! Alakazam, Ice Punch!”

    Alakazam punched Clefairy with an icy fist, not only damaging it but freezing it solid too.

    “Snag Ball, go!”

    Rich threw a Snag Ball at the Clefairy. It scooped up Clefairy, fell down, rocked……

    …..and glowed red.

    “All right!”

    “My sweet Pinecos……..no….”


    “Y-you mean thing!! You’ll pay for this!”

    Ken ran off.

    “Well, Rich…” Steven said. “Looks like he didn’t know anything. Should we press on?”

    “Of course.”


    Deeper in the forest, an old man with a long white beard and a staff was speaking with a Shadow Peon. Nearby was Lynn’s Bonsly, crying in a cage.

    “I’m proud of you, Stanley,” the old man said.

    “Thank you, master Spenser,” Stanley replied.

    “You have done well. As soon as we get the word from Nascour, we will move out. Queen Shadow will be quite pleased that you got that Bonsly and will likely give you a Shadow Pokémon.”

    “What about the Emerald Plate and that Rich guy?”

    “The Emerald Plate search was unsuccessful. We could not find it anywhere on this island. As for Rich, we need not worry about him. If he shows before us, we will defeat him handily.”

    “Oh well, then here he is!!!”

    Rich and his friends stood at the mouth of the clearing, having heard the entire conversation.

    “Ah, Rich. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Spenser, a Shadow Admin. I cannot believe Anabel has joined you.”

    “You and Tucker betrayed me and all the other Frontier Brains!” Anabel responded.

    “Aehehehe…..you do not know how wrong you are, Anabel.”

    “Bonsly!!” Lynn cried out.

    Lynn tried to run over to Bonsly’s cage, but a Furret sent out by Stanley knocked her back.

    “You two are dirty fiends!” Rich angrily said. “I’ll take you both on!”

    “Ahehehe. That would not be wise, Rich.”

    “You’re not alone, Rich!” Lynn stepped up beside Rich. “I’ll battle with you!”

    Pkmn Trainer Rich and Pkmn Trainer Lynn
    Shadow Admin Spenser and Shadow Peon Stanley

    “Furret, time for battle!”

    Stanley’s Furret stepped onto the field in front of him.

    “And for this battle, I shall choose…..Crobat!”

    Spenser threw a Poké Ball, releasing his Crobat.

    “Tyranitar, go!”

    Rich sent out Tyranitar.

    “Um….go, Scyther!”

    Lynn released her newly-caught Scyther. It hit the field with a shine.

    “Crobat, Sludge Bomb!”

    Crobat blasted a stream of sludge at Tyranitar, doing some damage.

    “Furret, use Strength!”

    Furret forcefully slugged Scyther, doing decent damage.

    “We can do this….I can do this! Scyther, Fury Cutter!”

    Scyther slashed Furret, doing heavy damage.

    “Good job so far, Lynn! Tyranitar, Rock Slide!”

    Tyranitar launched a flurry of rocks at both opponents, defeating both of them.

    “Ahehehehe….good move, Rich…but it is futile..Crobat, return!” Spenser recalled Crobat and threw another Poké Ball. “Slaking, go!”

    Slaking appeared and roared.

    “Furret, come back! Go, Breloom!”

    Stanley released his Grass and Fighting type Breloom.

    “Scyther, Fury Cutter again!”

    Scyther slashed Slaking for decent damage.

    “Slaking, Brick Break!!”

    Slaking punched Tyranitar with amazing power, knocking it out.

    “That’s fine! Tyranitar, come back! Go, Blaziken!”

    Rich threw a Poké Ball and Blaziken appeared in a burst of light.

    “Breloom, Mach Punch!”

    Breloom swiftly punched Blaziken, doing light damage.

    “Blaziken, use Sky Uppercut!”

    Blaziken hit Slaking with a strong uppercut, doing heavy damage.

    “Scyther, another Fury Cutter!!”

    Scyther slashed Slaking again, finishing it off.

    “Ah….you two are quite strong. Slaking, return! Go, Lapras!”

    Spenser sent out his Lapras as his final Pokémon.

    “Rich, that Lapras is a Shadow Pokémon!”

    “Thanks, Anabel! Blaziken, Flamethrower!”

    Blaziken used the fiery attack on Breloom, causing it to faint.

    “They’ve beaten me, Spenser!”

    “Don’t worry about it, Stanley! Lapras, Horn Drill!!!!!”

    Lapras delivered a brutal drilling attack to Scyther, defeating it.

    “Scyther, come back! Munchlax, go!”

    Munchlax appeared, and Spenser stared at it.

    “Ahehehehe….that would make a good companion to our Bonsly!”

    “You can’t have it, and my Bonsly isn’t yours! Rich, finish this guy!”

    “Right, Lynn! Blaziken, Sky Uppercut!”

    Blaziken hit Lapras with an amazingly strong punch, stunning it.

    “This is it! Snag Ball, go!!!!!!!”

    Rich threw a Snag Ball that grabbed Lapras, fell, rocked…..

    ….and glowed red.

    “Aww yeah!!”

    “Ahehehe. You have indeed bested me….”


    “Rich and Lynn. The bond you two share with your Pokémon is marvelous, I must say. But you will not defeat Enigma Shadow, and that’s a fact! Farewell, until we meet again!”

    Spenser and Stanley fled the forest, then Prof. Ivy and Ein rushed into the clearing.

    “Oh, Anabel! I’m so glad you’re safe! And Rich, of course!” Ein remarked.

    “Papa, it’s so good to see you again!”

    “Have the invaders that compromised my lab been defeated?” Prof. Ivy asked.

    “Yes,” Lynn replied. “Rich and I did it together. I also caught a shiny Scyther and got my Bonsly back!”

    “Well done, Lynn. You should be ready to go off on your own now. As for you, Rich, your next destination is Ruby Island. You must investigate the reports of strange happenings at their trademark casino.”

    “Got it, Professor,” Steven replied. “Ein, what about that stuff you wanted to give us?”

    “Yes, thank you for reminding me. First, Steven….” Ein took out a Poké Ball and handed it to Steven. “This is my Alumineon. After I saw you battle in Larousse, Steven, I decided you should have it.”

    “Really? I can just have it?”

    “Yes. I think you are a truly worthy trainer, and your handling of Steel types is excellent. Now, Anabel. I want you to have this.”

    Ein took out a golden Poké Ball with the letters “GS” carved into it and handed it to Anabel. She held it and stared at it.

    “Papa…..what exactly is it?”

    “It is the GS Ball, a legendary Poké Ball given to me by Kurt from Azalea Town. Professor Oak had it before him, and before that Prof. Ivy owned it. What it contains is unknown, as no one has ever been able to open it. It is said that one with a pure heart will hold it when the world’s darkest hour comes, and that person shall be able to open it and summon the Pokémon inside. I know you have a pure heart, Anabel, and I get a feeling that you will be able to use it when the time comes.”

    “Well, thanks.”

    “By the way,” Rich added, “looks like Spenser dropped one of those disks along with an odd green key. See? Let’s look at the disk first.”

    Rich took out the Famicom Viewer from his bag and put the disk in.

    REPORT #3

    This is an urgent report from Port Emerald. We have landed and searched the island, but we cannot locate the Emerald Plate. All that has been found is a strange green key. To avoid further wasting of time, I urge that we hunt the other Plates first and get this one last.

    Shadow Admin Spenser
    Port Emerald

    “Uhhhh….this is a problem….”


    “…..and that is our new plan, Queen Shadow. It does not matter that Spenser lost.”

    Nascour once again was conferencing with Queen Shadow in her underground lair.

    “Nascour, times like this are when I appreciate that you and your former Cipher henchmen joined me. That plot is genius, I must say!”

    “Thank you, your greatness. I must be off now, as the Dark Lugia’s construction demands my oversight.”

    Nascour disappeared from the video screen. Queen Shadow pondered for a moment, then pressed a button on her desk. A hologram of a shady looking yellow haired man in a black cloak appeared.

    “Lord Regidon, do you copy me?”

    “Yes I do, Queen Shadow.”

    “Has Nascour briefed you on his plan yet?”

    “I did receive some details.”

    “Excellent. Have you any news of your own?”

    “Why yes, and good news too. Our operatives found the Ruby Plate.”


    “I have directed them to stay and prepare for Rich’s defeat, while I picked up the Ruby Plate and will transfer it to Nascour.”

    “Fair enough.”

    “Also….I have found an apprentice, one that is younger and quite skilled………”

    Suddenly, strange music began playing in the background.

    “What is that infernal racket, Regidon?!?”

    “Tucker, watching that Numa Numa Dance video on the internet again….”


    The heroes, Prof. Ivy, Ein, Bloomfield, and Lynn stood at the docks.

    “That adventure was fun,” Steven said.

    “I agree,” Rich replied, “I must also say…Lynn, you were truly exceptional. Perhaps when this crisis has ended, I would like to take you as my student.”

    “I would be honored to study with you, Rich, but first I’d like to do some training on my own. Maybe we’ll run into each other in the future.”

    “Good idea. Now, let’s go to Ruby Island!”

    Rich defeated Spenser with aid of his new friend Lynn, but did not find the Emerald Plate. Where could it be? As for Queen Shadow, she appears to be ready to ratchet up the pressure on Rich and his friends. Can they win?

  16. -Yoshi-

    -Yoshi- Yoshi!!!

    Very nice chapters Butler. There is no typos and the story is even better than the prologue, many interesting things are happening and their making the story way much better, like the apperence of Alumineon and the GS ball. I'm looking forward to the next chapters, Keep it Up!
  17. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    You would be surprised at the history this thing has. I initially began planning it in 2004 as a Pokémon version of "National Treasure"---the Element Plates would lead to a great treasure buried at the site of the first Pokémon League deep beneath Mt. Silver. I toyed with that, decided it didn't work, then I played Colosseum for the first time in early 2005. As soon as I did, I knew I wanted to use Shadow Pokémon in something, and began linking up the "National Treasure" concept with the Shadows......

    I don't want to say too much more as I might spoil the plot twists I have up my sleeve. Just expect to be shocked. ;)

    Chapter Four should be out pretty soon, I just need to fix the names of some of the XD Shadow Attacks, which had no english names when I initially wrote it.
  18. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    I've nothing better to do right now, so here's Chapter Four ahead of schedule. You Steven/Ashley fans out there---look alive, they get some spotlight love in this one. A certain magician trainer also makes his Enigma Shadow debut here......and the plot thickens! ;)

    CHAPTER FOUR: The Riches of Ruby Island

    As soon as the heroes stepped off the yacht, they could tell Ruby Island was different than the others. Bright lights pointed up into the sky and a single huge skyscraper towered over.

    “Whoa….” Ashley was in awe. “This place isn’t one you would come to to sleep all day!”

    ‘You’re exactly right,” Steven responded.

    “So, guys….” Rich added. “Remember, Prof. Ivy mentioned a casino. I’d guess that tower is it, so let’s go check it out.”

    The others nodded, then they walked to the tower and entered. Rich stepped up to the registration counter.

    “I would like to rent the best suite you have.”

    “Yes….of course…” the clerk answered. “Your name, please?”

    “Richard W. Mistbloom.”

    “We welcome you, mister Mistbloom……your room is the penthouse on the top floor. Here is your key…….”

    The clerk handed Rich a card key, which he took. The four then entered the main lobby and sat down.

    “Your full name is Richard W. Mistbloom?” Anabel asked. “What’s the W for?”

    “Wallace. My full name is actually Richard Wallace Mistbloom. What’s yours?”

    “Anabel Linda Ein.”

    “Huh? Ein is your last name?”

    “Yeah. Ein is my father’s last name, his real first name is Michael but he likes Ein better.”


    “Yo Rich! Fancy seein’ you here!”

    Jimmy T. walked up to the group.

    “Hey there, Jimmy!” Steven greeted. “What’s up?”

    “I’ve been traveling these islands to dance, and I keep running into you all! You know what, Rich? I want to battle you!”

    “A challenge? I accept!”

    Rich got up and took position to battle Jimmy.

    “Good luck Rich!” Ashley called.

    Out in the middle of the lobby, Rich and Jimmy stood at opposite ends facing each other.

    “Four Pokémon on each side. Are you ready, Jimmy?”

    “Awwwww yeah! Let’s rock!”

    Pkmn Trainer Rich ---vs.--- Disco King Jimmy T.

    “Time to get shakin’! Go, Bellossom and Ludicolo!”

    Jimmy threw two Poké Balls, releasing Bellossom and Ludicolo.

    “Go, Alakazam and Ludicolo!”

    Rich sent out Alakazam and his own Ludicolo.

    “Alakazam, Ice Punch!”

    Alakazam hit Bellossom with an icy punch, doing high damage.

    “Ludicolo, fight back! Show ‘em a groovy Hydro Pump!!”

    Jimmy’s Ludicolo blasted Alakazam with a jet of water for a strong hit.

    “Now, you show him what you can do! Ludicolo, Ice Beam!”

    Rich’s Ludicolo answered right back with an icy attack that defeated Bellossom.

    “Waahh!! That ain’t cool! Bellossom, come back! Go, Magneton!”

    Jimmy threw another Poké Ball, deploying Magneton.

    “Alakazam, Fire Punch!”

    Alakazam hit Magneton with the fiery punch, strongly damaging it.

    “Magneton! Zap Cannon ‘em off the dance floor!”

    Magneton focused, then hit Alakazam with a massive electrical blast. Alakazam fainted.

    “You got some good moves, Jimmy! Alakazam, return! Go, Blaziken!”

    Rich replaced Alakazam with Blaziken.

    “Ludicolo, you got the last dance here! Hydro Pump!”

    Jimmy’s Ludicolo repeated its attack on Blaziken, immediately defeating the Fire and Fighting type.

    “Whoa!! Blaziken, return! My most cherished Pokémon….Milotic, go!!”

    Rich threw a Poké Ball and his majestic Milotic appeared.

    “Now it’s your turn, Ludicolo! Fire Punch!”

    Rich’s Ludicolo hit Magneton, causing it to faint.

    “Time to get the groove shakin’! Come back, Magneton! Now, in this harsh battle, I shall use the very first Pokémon I got as a child……Minun, go!!!”

    The tiny Electric type Minun appeared.

    “Ludicolo, get this place dancin’! Rain Dance!”

    Jimmy’s Ludicolo danced around, summoning rain---which was odd seeing as they were indoors.

    “Now! Rock this house, Minun! THUNDER!!!!!!!”

    Minun forcefully blasted Rich’s Ludicolo with Thunder, defeating it. Rich was down to his last one.

    “Return, Ludicolo! Come on, Milotic…..HYDRO PUMP!”

    Milotic reared back, then attacked Minun with a strong water attack. Minun fainted, leaving Jimmy with only Ludicolo.

    “Minun, return!”

    Suddenly, an upbeat disco tune began playing on the hotel’s radio system. Ludicolo, hearing it, began dancing energetically.

    “It’s time for our big grand finale! Ludicolo, Giga Drain!!!!!”

    Jimmy’s Ludicolo jumped onto Milotic and drained its energy. Milotic struggled against Ludicolo’s attack, but eventually fainted and fell to the ground.

    “Jimmy is the winner!” Anabel called out.

    “Awwwwww yeaahhhhh!!!!!! That’s the way I like it, uh huh uh huh!!!!”


    Rich recalled Milotic, then held its Poké Ball in his hand and stared at it.

    “You did well, old friend……there’s no shame in your loss.”

    Jimmy walked over, then pulled out his cell phone.

    “Rich, that was one groovin’ battle, man. Let me register in your PokéNav!”

    Rich entered Jimmy’s number in the PokéNav, then a tall gentleman in a tuxedo and top hat walked up to the group.

    “Ah, Rich and friends, you have come at last. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the governor of Ruby Island, Max Bet.”

    “Mr. Bet, my name is Anabel, and this is Ashley, and Steven.”

    “No need for explanations. Bloomfield from Port Emerald told me you were coming. Allow me to show you to your room.”

    “Alright,” Steven replied. “See you again, Jimmy.”

    “I’ll be lookin’ forward to it!!”

    Rich, Anabel, Steven, Ashley, and Governor Bet entered a grand elevator, then began up to the top floor.

    “My friends….” Max Bet began, “I am sure you would like to know why you were told to come here, no?”

    “Of course,” Ashley answered.

    “I’ll tell you. Besides being this island’s governor, I am also the director of this hotel and casino. You see, strange things have began happening here. Patrons have been spotting Shadow Pokémon, and even worse, it’s been rumored that gamblers who win the Double Header----jackpot on the slot machines and Super 21 at the blackjack table ---have been recruited to their side and given Shadow Pokémon. I want you to find out what’s going on, and drive Enigma Shadow from this island.”

    ”Wow…” Rich said in awe.

    The elevator then stopped, and they got off. Rich approached the big double doors at the end of the hall, and opened them using his card key. The group entered the expansive room.

    “I shall soon be leaving you to your devices,” the governor told them. “This room is perfect. Four beds, one for each of you. There’s also a spa, a mini-bar, and a big screen TV. Please do enjoy your time here…”

    Max left the room, then the four heroes looked at each other.

    “Good thing I won the Battle Tower tournament. That money will go a long way towards paying for this!”

    Anabel and Steven laughed at Rich’s joke, then Ashley picked up the TV remote.

    “I gotta say…..I have never seen a bigger TV than this one, ever!!”

    “Let’s see what’s on,” Steven suggested.

    “Good idea.”

    Ashley pushed a button on the remote, and what appeared to be a news program appeared.

    “This is Ron Burgundy with the breaking news story that has engulfed the entire region. Of course, it is the bombings at the harbor of Port Emerald!”

    “What!!?!?” Rich nearly fainted in shock. “Y-you think….they….were aiming at….us???”

    “Here is what we at MNB know right now. At about 8:55 am today, a series of explosions rocked the harbor of Port Emerald. It appears that a bomb was planted in each of the seven ships in the harbor. Also, witnesses reported battling a shady man nearby who used a Milotic to attack them following his victories. The man appeared to be a member of terror organization Enigma Shadow, but his identity remains a mystery.”

    “I think you might be right, Rich….” Anabel said in horror.

    “We now go to Chancellor Lawrence addressing the Island Congress live. You stay classy, Metalico Islands.”

    Following this statement, the image on the TV changed to that of a dark chamber. A representative from each island sat in a box, with the box seats arranged in a circle around a pit. Lawrence stood on a platform in the middle.

    “My fellow residents of these islands, these are dark days!” he thundered. “The fair harbor of Port Emerald has been attacked in a vicious deed surely that of Enigma Shadow!! I fear….I fear that as we are now, we will be unable to sufficiently protect our lands. Therefore, I am taking emergency powers to keep order and declaring martial law…..”

    Rich picked up the remote and turned the TV off.

    “I can’t stand to watch anymore.”

    “Understandable,” Ashley replied. “Say, me and Steven are gonna go down to eat. You two want anything?”

    Rich and Anabel shook their heads, then Steven and Ashley left the room. Suddenly, Rich collapsed to the floor.

    “Rich!!!!” Anabel shouted, then ran over to help him up. Rich was a mess, crying.

    “I-I….can’t do this…..anymore….”

    “What? What’s wrong?”

    “Anabel…..I know I try to look like I have confidence in myself when I battle….but now..ever since the Wishmaker Tower incident….now…e-every step I take…reminds me of that!!!”

    “I can’t say I blame you…..”

    “And then….this…..knowing that we all came this close to being hit by them too…..I shouldn’t have ever gotten involved in this conspiracy…”

    “Come on, Rich! I’m sure that even if you hadn’t been so hurt by what Enigma Shadow did, you would fight them anyway….think of the Pokémon they’re hurting by turning them to Shadow. Think of what would happen if they succeeded and took over. We’d all be puppets for Queen Shadow, Nascour, and Lord Regidon!”

    “Anabel…….y-you’re right…..” Rich jumped up, recomposed. “You’re really inspiring, thanks! We must stop them at all costs!”

    “Now that’s the Rich I know!!”

    “But……to get into their plot here, we would have to win the casino’s Double Header, no?”

    “Yeah, I’d think so.”

    “There’s no guaranteed way to do that unless we cheat.”

    “Uh….you know what? You’re right. This isn’t good.”

    “Actually…..I’m sure the governor wouldn’t mind if we did cheat a little bit….we both have Alakazams, so……”

    Rich whispered his plan to Anabel, who smiled.


    In a lab somewhere far away, Nascour, Regidon, and another man in a sleeveless trench coat and red cap stood around a hologram of Queen Shadow.

    “I must say that I am impressed with how you had him attack Port Emerald, Nascour.”

    “Thank you, your greatness, but that wasn’t my idea. It was Noland’s.”

    “Yes, it was I!” the red-capped man said. “I figured once Rich heard about it, he’d break.”

    “Good work, Noland. Regidon, what is the status of our other projects?”

    “The Dark Lugia is nearly complete, my queen. When it is done, Nascour shall pilot it.”


    Suddenly, two men in lab coats rushed into the room.

    “Master Noland!”

    “What, Paul? What’s got you and Harrison so worked up??”

    “M-master Noland!!!” Harrison said in excitement. “We did it!! XD-02 is complete!!”

    “XD-02?” Queen Shadow wondered.

    “It is the ultimate Shadow Pokémon,” Paul explained. “We used DNA found on Faraway Island to make it.”

    “I am proud of each and every one of you. I shall be coming there to see it with my own eyes quite soon.”


    The next day, after telling Steven and Ashley of their plan, Rich, Anabel, and the others went down to the casino. Rich walked up to the chip counter.

    “I would like to get $40,000 worth of credits over four cards, please.”

    “Yes….....Mr. Mistbloom, we have been expecting you…….” The clerk then handed Rich four credit cards. “Four cards, earch with 10,000 credits on them…..”

    “Thank you.” Rich took the cards, keeping one and giving the others out among his friends, then handed the clerk $40,000. The four entered the casino.

    “Well, which one should we go for first?” Ashley wondered.

    “Let’s do the slot machines first,” Steven answered. “I’ll take this one, so Anabel and Rich…..”

    Rich and Anabel nodded, then released their Alakazams.

    “We’ll wait here,” Anabel told Steven. “You and Ashley have……fun!”

    Steven and Ashley left Rich and Anabel and walked to the slot machines. They sat down, put their cards in the machines, and began playing. They played for about fifteen minutes, then Steven looked towards Rich and Anabel and raised his hand to his face. Rich and Anabel nodded.

    “Ashley……I feel lucky.”

    “You do, Steven? Take a spin, then!”

    Steven pulled the handle on his slot machine. The reels spun, then stopped on three golden Poké Balls. Sirens and bells went off to signify Steven’s jackpot win. Suddenly, a blonde woman walked up to him.

    “So, you’re our latest jackpot winner…..want to meet my friends??”

    “Your friends aren’t members of a certain….organization…..are they?”

    “Oh, we just make these special Pokémon that are really strong………”

    “So Enigma Shadow IS here!!!! I ain’t going anywhere with you!”

    Super Trainer Steven ---vs.---- Beauty Sheila

    “Ohoho……you will learn, yes you will….go, Kirlia and Jumpluff!”

    Sheila threw two Poké Balls, sending out Kirlia and Jumpluff.

    “I choose…..Alumineon and Claydol!”

    Steven released his Claydol and new Alumineon.

    “Jumpluff, use Shadow Mist!”

    Jumpluff waved its arms and created a shroud of dark mist that clouded around Steven's team.

    “Alumineon, Iron Tail!”

    Alumineon hit Kirlia with its tail, defeating the Psychic type.

    “Wow, that thing is strong…just like master Noland told us……..Kirlia, return!”

    “Claydol, Ice Beam!!!”

    Claydol hit Jumpluff with an icy beam, causing it to faint.

    “Nooooooooo!!!! M-master….I’ve failed you…”


    “Waaahhh!!! You’re gonna pay for this!!!

    Sheila ran off, then Anabel and Rich came up to Ashley and Steven.

    “Heh…..I guess our plan worked?” Rich asked.

    “Yes it did, and quite well!” Steven answered.

    “Let’s see…” Anabel thought. “How about Ashley and I hit the blackjack tables next?”

    “Good idea,” Ashley agreed.

    Anabel returned her Alakazam to its Poké Ball, then Steven released Metagross. Anabel and Ashley walked over to the blackjack table and sat down.

    “How many chips you girls want?” the dealer asked gruffly.

    “10 grand for each of us,” Ashley answered. The dealer shoved some chips to her and Anabel, then asked for bets. Each of the four people at the table bet one chip, or $100. The dealer then dealt out cards, giving Anabel a 5 and a 7, Ashley a king and a 3. The dealer himself showed an ace up.

    “Any of you want insurance?”

    They all shook their heads, then the dealer looked at his down card.

    “Too bad! Blackjack!” he exclaimed, flipping over a 10. “Bets for the next hand?”

    Anabel and Ashley repeated their earlier bet. Ashley got a 2 and a 3, Anabel a jack and a 5, the dealer showing a 9.

    “I’ll hit,” Anabel said. The dealer gave her an 8 as the next card, totalling 13. “Hit again.”

    “Busted!” the dealer called, as he gave her a 10. “Now you, blonde lady?”

    “Hit me,” Ashley replied.

    “You’re gone!” was the answer to a 9. The dealer flipped an ace, giving him 20. “New bets, people?”

    Before Anabel placed her bet, she turned to Rich and Steven, and showed a black chip to them. She then bet $5,000. Ashley went in with another $100 bet. As the cards came out, an ace with Jirachi on it landed in Anabel’s hand.

    “Whoa!!! Look at this!” the dealer shouted. “If I deal you another card, and it’s a jack with Ho-oh, you have won the Ultimate Blackjack contest! Here goes!” He dealt another card-----the infamous Ho-oh jack. “You’ve won!!! Congratulations!!!”

    “Wow!! What do I win?”

    “A Shadow Pokémon!”

    “No, I don’t want that.”

    “What?!?!?! This job is nuts….boss must be kidding!” the dealer spun around and revealed himself as a Shadow Peon. “Maybe I can salvage this by beating you!”

    Tower Maiden Anabel --vs.-- Shadow Peon Donald

    “Go, Luvdisc and Chimecho!!”

    Donald sent out his Luvdisc and Chimecho.

    “Time to show you a thing or two! Snorlax and Manectric, go!!!”

    Anabel threw two Poké Balls, sending out Snorlax and Manectric.

    “Manectric, Thunderbolt!!”

    Manectric blasted Luvdisc with electricity, defeating it.

    “This is a joke! Luvdisc, come back! Chimecho, Psybeam!”

    Chimecho shot an odd beam at Snorlax, doing very little damage.

    “Aha, now show him! Shadow Ball!!!”

    Snorlax formed a dark lump, then fired it at Chimecho. Chimecho fainted.

    “Awww! The boss really had it in for me with this job!!!!”


    “Oh, forget this!”

    Donald ran away, then Steven and Rich came up to the table.

    “Good work, Anabel!” Rich said. “You sure did a number on him!”


    “Now what, though?” Steven wondered aloud.

    “Wait…..” Ashley said. “Look at this.” She held up a paper that had fallen on the floor. “’The Great Butler’s Magic Show.’ And it’s tomorrow!”

    “Butler…….” Rich thought. “That name sounds very familiar. I cannot place it though….”

    “It doesn’t matter, really,” Anabel answered. “We’ll go rest and then tomorrow we’ll check it out.”


    Back in the Shadow Pokémon Lab, Queen Shadow stood in front of a tank filled with cloudy blue fluid. Noland, Nascour, Regidon, and the researchers stood behind her.

    “Excellent,” the queen said. She looked up into the tank, which contained a shadowy creature. “I am proud of each and every one of you. This Shadow Pokémon will be our ultimate weapon in this phase of the plan.”

    “Thank you, your greatness,” Nascour answered.

    “Now our plan is nearly complete. We have one Element Plate, XD-02, and the Dark Lugia almost ready for launch. What we need now is Jirachi and the other Plates. Regidon, what is the status of those projects?”

    “Queen Shadow…..we have all of the Element Plates.”

    “What!?!?! Is this true?!”

    “Yes, my queen. Except for the Emerald and Sapphire Plates, we have them all. Nascour has the Ruby, Karen stole the Pearl Plate on Pearl Key, and Brandon found the Diamond Plate at Diamond Rock.”

    “Hmmmm……..Regidon, give them orders to hold their positions even if Rich finds them.”

    “Huh? You mean….you WANT Rich to battle them?”

    “Ahaha…..you will see in time….Noland.”

    “Yes, Queen Shadow?”

    “Add this upgrade to the Dark Lugia.” Queen Shadow handed Noland a piece of paper. “Make sure this is in there. Rich may beat all the Shadow Admins.....but even if he does, he cannot win….ahahahha….”


    The next day, the heroes sat in the stands of the casino’s showroom, waiting for the show to start.

    “I’m excited!” Ashley commented. “I really like magic shows.”

    “Me too,” Rich answered, “but I still have a strange feeling about this...”

    “It’s starting!” Steven told them as the lights went down.

    “And now,” the announcer called, “the man, the myth, the legend! The one and only! Here comes.....The Great Butler!!!”

    A spotlight shone on a tall man in a white suit on the stage. He waved his hands, magically summoning a wand. The crowd cheered for his trick.

    “Thank you!!! I am The Great Butler! I’m here to entertain you with my magic, but I cannot do it without my assistants. Behold!” Butler waved his wand, making a tall box appear. “This box is empty, see?” He opened the box to show the crowd, then closed it. “I shall summon my main assistant from ths empty box!”

    With that, Butler tapped the box with his wand. It transformed into a top hat, which Butler caught. He set it on the floor and waved his wand over it. The hat levitated, revealing a Gardevoir underneath. The crowd went wild.

    “Did you see that?!?” Anabel exclaimed. “That was amazing!”

    “Gardevoir!!” Butler shouted. “And my other assistants, Mightyena and Dusclops!!”

    The hat exploded in midair and transformed into a Mightyena and a Dusclops.

    “Thank you, thank you! For my next trick, I shall defy all laws of science! Go, Tropius!”

    Butler threw a Poké Ball, releasing his Tropius.

    “Now, Gardevoir...Mightyena....Dusclops.....get on Tropius!” The three Pokémon jumped onto Tropius’s back. “Folks, this weight is rather heavy, as you may imagine. Watch as I effortlessly levitate the entire stack!”

    Butler waved his wand, and Tropius began to float in the air with the others on its back. The crowd watched in stunned silence.

    “Behold!!” Butler spun the wand, causing Tropius to effortlessly rotate in the air. The crowd cheered.

    “Thank you! Tropius, come back!” Butler led Tropius down, then returned it to its Poké Ball. For my next trick, I will need two volunteers. Anyone?”

    “Let’s do this, Anabel,” Rich said.

    “Pick us!” Anabel called as they both raised their hands.

    “Let’s see....how about the blue haired lady and her guy friend over there!” Butler pointed straight at Rich and Anabel, who screamed with excitement and ran down onto the stage. “May I have your name, sir?”


    “Welcome to The Great Butler’s Magic Show, Rich. And you, pretty lady?”

    “I’m Anabel.”

    “Rich and Anabel. Give ‘em a hand!” The crowd cheered for Rich and Anabel. “This trick will honestly be death-defying, and I promise you the thrill of your lives! Rich, Anabel, stand on these two platforms here.” Rich and Anabel each stood on a platform on the stage. “Folks, you can see that Rich and Anabel are not protected in any way, shape, or form. They shall be subject to the strength of legendary power! For this trick, I’ll need help from my very special assistant, Regice!!!”

    At Butler’s command, the back of the stage exploded. A platform rose up with the large Regice on it.

    “Ashley...” Steven said. “I have got a real, real bad feeling about this...”

    “I do too.....”

    “As you likely know, Regice is the legendary Pokémon of ice,” Butler continued. “Its freeze abilities are unmatched. What we will do.....is have Rich and Anabel blasted by its ice!!!! That is, ice of negative 150 degrees!!!” The crowd gasped. “And now, the big moment! Five.....four.....three......two.......one...........Regice, do it!!!!!!!!!”

    Regice reared back, glowed with black mist, and blasted a huge beam of dark ice at Rich and Anabel.

    “Metagross and Aggron, stop that thing!!!”

    Steven lept from the crowd and released Metagross and Aggron, who absorbed the attack without harm.

    “Whoa! What are you doing?!?!” Butler cried out.

    “You fiend!” Steven responded. “That wasn’t a harmless magic trick, you were going to hurt them with a Shadow Pokémon!”

    “It all adds up!” Rich added. “The Shadow Admin here is Butler!”

    “Ohohohoho!!!!” Butler laughed. “You kids are quite intelligent! Now, we shall do the grand finale, a spectacular showing of the magic Pokémon show in battle!”

    “Bring it, Great Villain!” Rich jumped off his platform to battle Butler.

    Pkmn Trainer Rich ---vs.--- Shadow Admin Butler

    [Butler holds his hands together, makes two fists, then pulls them apart to make a wand appear]

    “I think I shall give you a taste of my power before I destroy you. Tropius and Gardevoir, go!”

    Butler re-released Tropius, and Gardevoir came up next to it.

    “This won’t be too big a deal! Milotic, Tyranitar.....go!!!”

    Rich threw two Poké Balls, sending out Milotic and Tyranitar.

    “Gardevoir, show them your powers! Thunderbolt!!”

    Gardevoir hit Milotic with electricity, stunning it and doing strong damage.

    “Milotic!!! Use Ice Beam!”

    Milotic tried to attack, but couldn’t.

    “Hahahaha!! See? Thunderbolt paralyzed your Milotic! Tropius, finish it with Magical Leaf!”

    Tropius blasted glowing leaves at Milotic, knocking it out.

    “Milotic.......come back! Go, Ludicolo!” Rich threw another Poké Ball, releasing Ludicolo. “Tyranitar, Rock Slide!”

    Tyranitar launched rocks at both Gardevoir, which took some damage, and Tropius, which was knocked out.

    “Good trick! Tropius, return! Mightyena, it’s your turn!” Mightyena jumped into the battle with a growl. “Gardevoir, Psychic!”

    Gardevoir aimed a psychic blast at Ludicolo, which did an average amount of damage.

    “And now, Mightyena, Crunch!!”

    Mightyena followed up Gardevoir’s attack by crunching on Ludicolo.

    “Ludicolo, use Hydro Pump!” Ludicolo blasted Mightyena with a jet of water. “Tyranitar, Crunch!”

    Tyranitar delivered the powerful Crunch attack, finally defeating Gardevoir.

    “Argh! You are quite skilled, I admit! Gardevoir, return! Now, this is the end of the games for you. Go, Salamence!!!”

    Butler threw a Poké Ball, summoning the massive dragon Salamence.

    “Salamence, Aerial Ace!!”

    Salamence flew up in the air, grabbed Ludicolo, spun around, and threw Ludicolo down. The attack caused it to faint.

    “No! I-I........Ludicolo, come back! Go, Alakazam!”

    Rich replaced Ludicolo with Alakazam.

    “Hahahahah!!!! Mightyena, Crunch again!!”

    Mightyena crunched on Alakazam, instantly causing it to faint.

    “Ahahahah, what’s wrong, Rich? Could it be that one of us is actually stronger than you? Tell you what, I’ll cut you a deal. Forfeit now and join us, and you won’t be harmed!”

    “You.......I will never join you. Never!!!” Rich began to lose his calm. “What you monsters did to me and my family and what you’re doing now....both are despicable!!”

    “Oh, is the Great Rich losing his temper now?” Butler teased. “Go on, fight me. You won’t win.”

    “Yes I will, as I can do some tricks of my own! Gooooooooooo.........Salamence!!!!!”

    Rich sent out his own Salamence, to the shock of all.

    “Rich, you have a Salamence?” Anabel asked.

    “Yes. I deposited Slowking in the PC system last night and added Salamence to my team. Like it, Butler?!?!”

    “It is a fine creature....but no match for me! Mightyena, Frustration!”

    Mightyena glowed red, then charged at Rich’s Salamence. The attack did little damage.

    “Tyranitar, time to win this! Brick Break!”

    Tyranitar punched Mightyena with incredible force, knocking it out.

    “This isn’t over, Rich!! Come back, Mightyena! Go, Dusclops!”

    Dusclops arose from a shadow on the floor to take Mightyena’s place.

    “Salamence, show that magician what you can do! Dragon Claw!”

    Rich’s Salamence attacked Butler’s Salamence with a brutal claw move, defeating it.

    “Hmmm....that isn’t right! Salamence, return! Go, Regice!!!”

    Butler waved his wand, cuing a bolt of black ice that struck the ground, summoning Regice.

    “Rich, be careful!” Anabel called. “That’s his Shadow Pokémon!”

    “Like you’re gonna Snag it!” Butler taunted. “Regice, Shadow Chill!”

    Regice blasted a beam of dark ice at Rich’s Salamence, doing heavy damage.

    “Tyranitar, Rock Slide!”

    Tyranitar once again used Rock Slide, doing decent damage to both Regice and Dusclops.

    “Dusclops, Destiny Bond!”

    Dusclops and Rich’s Salamence glowed with dark light, then both fainted.

    “Ah, clever move! Salamence, come back! Blaziken, go!”

    Rich sent out his last Pokémon, Blaziken.

    “Blaziken, Sky Uppercut!”

    Blaziken delivered a powerful uppercut to Regice, knocking it down to its back.

    “This is it! Snag Ball, go!”

    Rich wound up and threw a Snag Ball at Regice..........

    ...and Snagged it.

    “Yes! We got Regice!”

    “My show is ruined! I have no more tricks!”


    “Noooo.....how can this be??!?! After I was so nice to you and all.....”

    “Huh?” Ashley wondered. “What do you mean?”

    “Take a look,” Butler answered, then took out a shiny flower from his suit pocket. “This is a Time Flower, capable of recording events and playing them back later. When I activate it, Anabel, make sure you watch it through your Shadow Scope.”

    “Alright...” Anabel responded, confused.


    Butler opened the Time Flower’s petals, creating a hologram of when Rich met the governor after battling Jimmy.

    “Whoa!” Anabel shouted, startled. “Butler was Max Bet! The governor!!”

    “Are you kidding??!!” Rich was equally startled.

    “Yes, I posed as the governor of this island to observe you, knowing I would have to battle you. I can’t believe Jimmy beat you but I couldn’t.....”

    “I don’t get it....” Steven said. “I remember the Fake Groudon incident of years ago. Butler, didn’t you become a full-time magician, not to mention your love for Dianne?”

    “You question my love for Dianne?!” Butler grew angry. “I joined Enigma Shadow out of love for her! It is the only way to protect her from the coming disaster! You just wait, Rich. I may have lost now, but I shall return and take great pleasure in destroying you with my amazing magic! And we already have the Ruby Plate, so your efforts were futile!! Ahahahahahahh!!!!”

    Butler waved his wand again, disappearing in a puff of smoke.

    “That....was disturbing,” Rich said. “But look, he dropped another one of those disks.”

    REPORT #4

    Ancient prophecy discovered at Diamond Rock:

    Five stones, wielding the power of the rainbow.....
    They shall be gathered....
    The end is not the end.....
    The true face of evil shall show....
    The seas will rage, the ground crumble, and the sky fall.....
    The Hero of Light will fight against the cataclysm......
    But he alone is not strong enough.....
    An ally will come forward at the darkest hour.....
    He will do a brave deed to aid the Hero....
    And the world shall be balanced again.


    “Whoa,” Rich said in shock. “That’s some heavy stuff there....”

    “It sure is...” Steven agreed. “I gotta unwind after all this. Want to go to White Castle?”

    “What, and end up like Harold and Kumar?!” Ashley joked. “Let’s go back to the room and relax.”

    All agreed, then they left the theater.


    Nascour, Noland, and Queen Shadow stood inside the completed Dark Lugia at the lab.

    “All functions are completed,” Noland reported. “Development went well ahead of schedule, as did testing and reasearch and development.”

    “Excellent,” Queen Shadow replied. “This airship will be what we need to complete the mission once and for all.”

    Suddenly, Donald and Sheila ran up into the airship.

    “Master Nascour!” Shiela yelled.

    “What? What is it?”

    “We were defeated!” Donald whined. “So was master Butler!”

    “Ugh. So I assume Rich got the disk with the prophecy on it?”

    “Yes, master Nascour....”

    “You fools disgust me! Where are the rest of the plans?!”

    “I don’t....”

    “Idiots!! Tear these islands apart until you find those plans! And bring me those fools, I want them alive!!”

    “Yes, Darth......uh, Nascour!!!”

    Donald and Sheila fled the ship after Nascour’s outburst. Suddenly, Noland’s cell phone began ringing.

    “Hello? You.....you what!?!???! Are you serious? You obtained the DNA for that too!??!? Clone it and make a Shadow Pokémon at once!”


    The next morning, the heroes prepared to set off for Pearl Key.

    “Well,” Rich said, “I must say that was a rather interesting leg of our quest.”

    “To be sure,” Steven agreed.

    Suddenly, the image on the TV switched to the news, like earlier.

    “I’m Ron Burgundy, and this is another breaking news report! We are receiving word of bizarre weather conditions from various regions. First, the arid desert region of Orre is reporting heavy rains, as much as a foot every 24 hours. For that we go to Ancha, stationed at the weather lab in Realgam Tower.”

    At that, a blue-haired woman appeared.

    “Yes, Ron, this is completely unheard of for the Orre region. The rains began yesterday and have not stopped since. Meteorologists are baffled by the storm, which did not appear on any radar, instead it just seemingly materialized over Orre yester---“

    The TV went to snow, then Ron reappeared.

    “We seem to have lost our connection with Ancha. While we try to get her back, we have another quick news flash. Chancellor Lawrence, due to the recent rise in violence, has halted all boat travel among the Metalico Islands region.”

    Anabel turned the TV off, then turned to Rich in disgust.

    “Now what do we do?!!”

    “Hehehe. I knew this would come in handy one day. Go, Milotic!” Rich released Milotic, then grinned at the others. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

    “I think I am....” Anabel responded, then she released a Kingdra. “We Surf to Diamond Rock, taking a stop at Pearl Key.”

    “Great! Let’s do it!” Ashley answered excitedly.

    Only two islands remain for the heroes to save. But with the Dark Lugia complete and another ultimate Shadow Pokémon being prepared, it may be too late. Queen Shadow’s plot is quickly progressing---it may be far too late to stop her.....

  19. Silentvibrava

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    I came here from the link. I never knew you had a fanfiction. By the way, I deleted Pokemon Discoveries for total reconstruction.


    It's much better than my grammar, that's for sure. That is a very good thing.


    I like it so far, but I can't really judge it. I only read the introduction part. Besides, it's too early in the story.


    I love your choice of words in the story.


    A little less conversation, and a little bit more detail would be nice, but that's just me. Always note that different reviewers have different thoughts.

  20. The Great Butler

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    Thank you for your review. I'll be looking forward to the new Pokémon Discoveries, I liked that thing.

    Yeah, the lack of description and overload of conversation are my weak suits, I'll admit. I don't like putting lots of description because it ends up feeling forced, and the conversation is due to the fact that having someone walk somewhere isn't as fun to read as it is to watch.

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