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Pokémon you like which you feel are very often forgotten.

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Fushiki, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Fushiki

    Fushiki Golden Orchid

    The question is pretty simple. Are there any Pokémon you like a lot but, at the same time, you have the feeling are very often forgotten?

    I'll provide to start with one of my personal favourites to make an example... Maractus, which objectively is not one of the most popular Pokémon out there. I think it looks really dreamy and, personally, I can't resist to its festive attitude.

    So... What about you?
    It can be any Pokémon, as long as you have the feeling it gets often forgotten.
  2. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    Dhelmise. It’s not the anchor, as most people think it is, but rather the seaweed, which I think is pretty clever. It’s seaweed that’s become possessed by a ghostly force and attached itself to an old, rusting anchor.
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  3. wolf jani

    wolf jani Nobutasu

    Tranquill. I think it looks really cool. But many just see it as a forgettable regional bird.
  4. LusoTrainer

    LusoTrainer Retro Trainer

    Farfetch'd, Primeape, Porygon and Ledian.
  5. derekrandall

    derekrandall Well-Known Member

    Wow, you got me there. I literally feel like I have never seen this Pokémon before. How can I call myself a Pokémon mega fan?! I’m so confused. Hahaha.
  6. shoz999

    shoz999 IT WAS ME! SETETH!

  7. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    Unfezant as well. I think it's kind of cool that the male and female versions each have a different form, something all the other regional birds don't have. I used a female Unfezant in both my playthroughs of Black (the original) and Black 2.
    janejane6178, Fushiki and wolf jani like this.
  8. Ignition

    Ignition Incineroar wins yet again (proud of my son)

    I feel like everyone forgets Alola Geodude and its line exists since they were the only Alola Forms not officially revealed
  9. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    With Porygon, it's mainly the scandal of the seizure incident
  10. shoz999

    shoz999 IT WAS ME! SETETH!

    To be honest, I think the Porygon line is a well-known Pokemon line despite that one episode. To be more accurate, this a Pokemon line that just refuses to be forgotten in the Pokemon Adventures Manga, the Pokemon TCG, official competitive Pokemon tournaments where this Pokemon's line is a way too common sight thanks to eviolite and finally GameFreak has given this Pokemon a lot of love with two trade evolutions in the past and more recently have given it in the hands of Colress and Gladion. If anything, I think that episode controversy may have actually popularize Porygon even further to Pokemon audiences.
    NovaBrunswick, Fushiki and wolf jani like this.
  11. LusoTrainer

    LusoTrainer Retro Trainer

    I wasn't even thinking about the anime. I just think it's usually forgotten (I think the correct word would be 'overlooked') by fandom in general. Same for the rest.
    Lunalah, MockingJ, shoz999 and 2 others like this.
  12. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    Porygon wasn’t the cause of the infamous seizure-inducing scene, it was Pikachu. So by that logic, Pikachu should be banned. XD
    shoz999, Fushiki and wolf jani like this.
  13. janejane6178

    janejane6178 XY over SM (ew) ANYDAY!!!! <3 (Anything actually)

    Spritzee and Aromatisse
    shoz999, Fushiki and wolf jani like this.
  14. Missingno.Fan

    Missingno.Fan Well-Known Member

    I forgot Yanma existed until Yanmega came out.
  15. GymTrainerAlex

    GymTrainerAlex Breeder

    I love Ekans and Arbok, they are one of my favorite Pokémon .

    Though they seem to be forgotten, I still always trade an Ekans that I breed into each game to raise so I can have one; along with a few Egg Moves or Tutor moves.

    Sometimes wish the old misquote from 4Kids that Seviper evolved from Ekans/Arbok had been true, because I like Sevipee too. Lol
    Lunalah, ƁTS_fan, MockingJ and 3 others like this.
  16. Sham

    Sham On the right road

  17. NovaBrunswick

    NovaBrunswick Canada Connoisseur

    I always remember when Meowth used to cosplay as Sunflora in the earlier series of the anime. Maybe Sunflora is his favourite Pokemon.
  18. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army Staff Member Moderator

    I can think of a few. Audino and it’s Mega seems to be forgotten all the time. I’ve never seen anyone use Audino in any of its forms and after BW, the anime has even ignored it. Same thing for Basculin which is the only other Pokémon to have three standard Abilities with two being exclusive to each of its forms. Event Rockruff is the other Pokémon. Out of the regional birds, Ducklett/Swanna and the Pidove line are rarely mentioned. For regional rodent/mammal, no one talks about Sentret/Furret, Bunnelby/Diggersby, or Bibarel that often. Bidoof is remembered mainly for the memes and its status of being an HM slave. The Vivillion line is also quite forgotten as no one really ever trades for the patterns anymore, the two event patterns were only released to the public through events once, and Viola being the only 8n game Trainer to ever use one. Alola could have been a region where it could be found quite easily given the climate and the fact that XY said that Vivillion and its line were found worldwide as a way to explain all of the patterns.
  19. Auraninja

    Auraninja I'm ready to Smash

    Corsola is one with my heart.

    I liked how Hoenn gave it some lore where it is the foundation of Pacifidlog Town.
  20. Xuxuba

    Xuxuba Well-Known Member

    Frosslass i believe. I haven't seen that many trainers using it in the anime nor the games, even though it has an amazing design.

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