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PokéNav Plus Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Psynergy, Dec 21, 2014.

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  1. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    PokéNav Plus Discussion

    After questions about where to discuss DexNav it's become apparent that there's no designated place to discuss the features of the PokéNav Plus. Discuss the different features it offers here, such as the convenient AreaNav and the popular DexNav. As always, all forum rules apply, and failure to follow the rules may result in infractions.
  2. saPower1000

    saPower1000 FLIP ALL THE TABLES

    Alright I guess I'll start this off with a few things I found helped with DexNav searching in non-grassy areas:

    I was in the Unown Mirage Cave and was having trouble maintaining my shiny chains, as they are extremely hard to keep in Water and Caves, because the Pokemon moves AND if it spawns on a spot that you are on (recently found if it spawns too close as well), it simply runs away.

    However, I had a couple of ideas based on testing I had done in the past, and just tested them in ORAS to help with Dexnav Shiny Chaining in Caves and Water specifically to VERY GREAT effect. (It essentially cuts down on item usage, and creates a sort of safe zone for chaining). This is mainly for people who use Dexnav in Caves and in Water, as it is much harder to chain in these places than in grass, though it can be used for grass too. So just in case you all want to try it out, I thought I'd share.

    While chaining for Shiny Unown I found that using the search feature takes a very long time, as caves do not have a higher encounter rate when using Dexnav (based on my experiences). Because of this I thought "I wonder if the D-Pad trick works in this game, and if it works for the Dexnav?" In case you do not know what it is, the D-Pad trick is utilized to cause an encounter by tricking the game into thinking you are walking, without actually moving any steps. To pull it off, lightly tap in any direction BESIDES the one you are facing (but go in a cyclical pattern as it's easier to control) and your character will turn in that direction without moving. I learned that by doing this, one can cause a Dexnav Pokemon to usually appear faster than using the search function. However, you must have a Repel of some kind active, as doing this without a Repel can also cause a normal encounter to happen (Repel steps are not used up doing this trick, as the counter only goes down when you actually move to a different tile). By doing this in areas with only one or two Pokemon, you can greatly increase the amount of Hidden Pokemon encounters without wasting steps (and in the case of the Unown cave, there are ONLY Unown, so I always get an Unown encounter ). And since the Pokemon is being found via Dexnav (any kind of shaking spot or Pokemon hidden in the ground, water, etc.) the chain continues.

    Edit: I tested the D-pad trick with the Search Function, to see if the "trick" effect carries over to the search function, and it seems like it does. I tested it standing on one tile (changing direction clockwise, and after abut 6 times of it saying the Pokemon couldn't be found, the search feature picked up a Unown).

    The Second thing I tested and was elated to see return is the TM PP trick. The best way to utilize this trick is in conjunction with the D-Pad trick and Synchronize when chaining. The way this trick works is simple. Teach any TM move to a Pokemon of your choice, as long as it can also learn a different TM not already on its Moveset (I'll use my Synchronize Espeon as an example). It knows Hidden Power (Dark, Specifically for Unown) Psychic, Dazzling Gleam and Shadow Ball. Step 1) I continually use Hidden Power until it has 1 PP left (have not tested this yet with 0 PP) Step 2) After the battle, I teach Protect over Hidden Power which only has 1 PP left. Step 3) after I teach Protect, I RE-TEACH Hidden Power OVER Protect. By doing this, all of Hidden Power's PP is restored, without the need of any items or O-Powers. This can be done indefinitely with any TM moves as long as both moves are TMs (meaning you can continually alternate between them). This way, you can keep your Synchronize Pokemon as your lead and never be worried about PP.

    I have just started using these tricks, and so far I have increased my short chains of 1-4 because of bad spawn locations to 5-15+ where I can comfortably continue chaining even with the speed up that Hidden Cave and Hidden Water Pokemon get after the 4th/5th Pokemon in a chain. Hope this helps all of you out too and happy hunting! :D

    Note: Chaining does not seem to increase the chance of a shiny. Rather, it seems to increase the chance of higher levels, IV's Rarer abilities/Hold Items/Moves etc. It does not seem to increase the Shiny Rate continually, so it's been speculated that it has a fixed amount.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2015
  3. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    it's ok I guess

    too bad the DexNav will be gone forever after ORAS
  4. Ulicies

    Ulicies Mild Monk

    I feel strongly that the DexNav, and perhaps the AreaNav as well, will become standard for all future DS (Dual Screen) Pokemon games. The DexNav is now the definitive method for acquiring Egg Moves/HA's/Shinies, while the AreaNav consolidates every possible feature you could need while browsing a map screen.

    The BuzzNav, however, feels more like a unique touch for the Hoenn region (your father's storyline, the reporters interviewing you, etc.).
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2014
  5. saPower1000

    saPower1000 FLIP ALL THE TABLES

    True, but it will still be useful to SR for Legendary Pokemon, as well as one of the hardest non-Legendary Pokemon to get, Unown, because of location.
    Also, I found this: http://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/2o6we0/data_analysis_on_dexnav_chaining_and_shiny_pokemon/

    From what has been said in that link, it seems like chaining is essentially pointless, and that the Dexnav merely boosts the chance to a fixed amount, while chaining only gives you a better chance of finding a COMPETITIVE shiny at best. However, it seems this information is not set in stone, so we'll see.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2014
  6. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    never forget HGSS's touchscreen

    never forget Poke Radar, Dream World, Friend Safari

    just wait for the Youkai Watch cash cow to dry up

    ...as they apply to Hoenn
  7. Shneak

    Shneak this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨

    My expectations are set to this cause I'll be less disappointed when it's gone but I'm also surprised to see Amie carried over from XY. It's not a feature that comparable in usefulness, but there's always a chance of being wrong.
  8. EmphaticPikachu

    EmphaticPikachu A tired little girl~

    them bringing back features in games will be hard to guess, but I hope its popular and lacks an insane amount of work to reinsert.

    The dex nav and area nav are some of the best features of the game lol
  9. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I only care about the DexNav; it really makes finding specific Pokemon easier instead of always having to rely on random encounters. Plus finding Pokemon with special moves is nice.
  10. Ulicies

    Ulicies Mild Monk

    The only aspect of AreaNav that "applies" to Hoenn specifically is the Secret Base feature. Otherwise, the AreaNav is a consolidation of every handy feature ever added to the map across multiple generations. It's the most comprehensive Map we've ever gotten in a Pokemon game. Even if the "PokeNav Plus" won't make a reappearance, the functions of the AreaNav will become the new standard, like flying to every route, and accessing Pokemon locations by route.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2014
  11. Krishnath

    Krishnath Dragon Lord

    I am not surprised to see Amie carry over at all, as it is currently the only way to get the Fairy Eeveelution.
  12. James009224

    James009224 Member

    It will gone when gen 7 comes
  13. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    It would be a heck of a waste to remove Pokemon Amie after they went through the trouble animating all of the Pokemon for it, as well adding additional cries for all of them to use for it. The amount of effort invested into it dwarfs that of any of the past gen exclusive features.

    As for PokeNav Plus, removing it completely would feel like a much bigger step backwards then removing, say, contests. It enhances the core gameplay in numerous ways, rather then simply being a side endeavor like contests, musicals, and the Pokeathlon.
  14. TheMaster327

    TheMaster327 Well-Known Member

    Any tips for desert chaining? The 5th in the chain just goes crazy and runs usually before I get to it...
  15. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Hmm, I had been suspicious of the claims that chaining Pokemon via the DexNav increased the shiny chance. Guess we'll wait a while yet to get a better indication of this however.

    I really enjoy the DexNav feature, and although Game Freak do like dropping features I would like to see it return in later games.
  16. Hero of Truth

    Hero of Truth Lillie Fan

    PokeNav Plus is probably the greatest feature ever in a Pokémon game. You can do everything with it (Fly to areas you 've visited, check who Trainer is available for rematch, find rare Pokémon, watch TV(!), train your Pokémon and play with them) and the list goes on. Whoever thought of that concept must be a genius!

    It will be really a shame if GF drops it. Really. So, I hope not.
  17. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO


    Which is why they should remove it in the first place. If you are given easy access to Egg Moves from the get go, then there is no point in chaining for Egg Moves, and by proxy, no need for Move Tutors, catching multiple Pokémon and paying extra money to buy guides, or discuss online to keep community more connected.

    As for the contests, I would state that the current situation of contests are sufficiently complex enough to return, the problem is, compared to other mechanics contests' complexity increases with the amount of new Moves. Not to mention, most of the current contest elements such as Cosplay Pikachu and Mega Evolutions are simply "worthless"(at least as far as GF is concerned), but not necessary uncomplicated.

    As for amie, while that is true, it actually has the same issues with following Pokémon and contests, the complexity increases by the franchise's growth. While I don't think they'll remove the feature either, that's not because I think it is too complicated to remove, but rather because it helps to bridge the gap between animé continuity and game continuity, which recently GF has been trying to push as part of the game universe due to marketing reasons.

    Rest assured, there will be others to fill up the lost space, if the space is ever gets lost.

    Sun rises, and sun falls. It happens.
  18. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    tbh the whole implementation of the XY touchscreen as "PlayNav" is awkward is all manner of f*ck, and I'll be glad that the next game will remove PokeNav Plus for no reason other than that

    and Berries

    and rematches with Trainer's Eye

    and integrating with DexNav for Pokemon distribution

    other than Flying (which is pretty great, and also accessible from the regular Fly screen), everything else is normal Town Map functionality
  19. kadabrafreak890

    kadabrafreak890 2nd Gen Lover

    I'm really enjoying the new PokeNav Plus features, but I'm wondering what the difference between the Gold crown and platinum crown is in the AreaNav. (Maybe you've caught both genders of each available Pokemon or something?)
  20. Akashin

    Akashin Well-Known Member

    Gold means all Hoenn Dex Pokemon have been caught, and Platinum means you've caught the National Dex additions as well.
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