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PokéNav Plus Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Psynergy, Dec 21, 2014.

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  1. Since I'm someone who dosen't breed to get egg moves/rare abilities/etc. in these games, the DexNav is a godsend for finding these things. :)
    I have to say, I will be disappointed if it's removed in the future.
  2. I have not posted in ages (years literally) on these forums, but with this new feature I'd like to share my experiences:

    I love the fact that the DexNav makes it possible to get hidden ability pokemon as well as some rare items such as the lucky eggs. Also the chance of getting pokemon with good IV values and egg moves is great, however in the end it is better to breed to get that perfect pokemon.

    What mainly interests me is the controversial claim that with the DexNav one has a higher chance of encountering shiny pokemon. As soon as i heard this I tried it by chaining eevee's and after a dex level of 200 and a chain of 160 consecutive encounters (with the occasional different pokemon in the same chain) I encountered a timid shiny eevee with 31 IV's in special defence, special attack and speed. The only thing it did not have was its hidden ability, making the most viable eeveelution a Jolteon.
    This of course fuelled my drive for chaining, hoping to encounter a shiny eevee with its hidden ability for a magic bounce espeon. And now I am at a DexNav level of a whopping 850 with a latest chain of 230, all without encountering any more shinies. After doing some more research I found that the DexNav mechanisms are not yet fully known, especially when it comes down to shinies: some say you can chain and bulbapedia claims that after a chain of 40 pokemon with the DexNav one has a chance of 0.5% per encounter to get a shiny, without referencing any source. Others say that there is just a general higher chance of encountering shinies with the DexNav, much like with the friend safari, whereas this would be about 1/564 (without the shiny charm I think). Of course there are also the people that just say the DexNav makes no difference at all, there simply being a bias towards people that actually had succes wiuth the DexNav posting while others do not.

    Truth be told I do not know what to believe. I am still hopeful that at least the general increase in shiny encounter rate is true. Otherwise I will be killing another 3.2k eevee's on average before I encounter my second shiny one (which will probably not have the luck of a good nature on top of good IV's and its hidden ability). What I do know is that chaining becomes rather easy when one gets a high DexNav level. In fact, I believe the chances of the message popping up that you couldn't find your pokemon decreases as well the higher level you get: when I got a DexNav level of 700 I managed to find a pokemon every time untill I had no pp left at a DexNav level of 850 (wasn't keen on continuing the chain any further anyway). When it comes to IV's and hidden abilities I believe I have hit the cap a long time ago: getting the occasional 3 IV 31 Hidden ability eevee happens occasionally, but I still encounter a 0 IV 31 pokemon with regular abilities.

    What I want to get at is that the DexNav feature definitly needs more attention, as 4 weeks after the release of the game many things are still unknown about it. It would be nice to prove/disprove shiny hunting with the DexNav for once and for all.
  3. CrusherTheFeraligatr

    CrusherTheFeraligatr Strider: Spider King

    I got a ha poocyhena from it, that was pretty awesome.
  4. HM02gon

    HM02gon Waiting...

    I've been pretty lucky with the DexNav. Although no shines, 3 of my team members have 3 perfect IVs of 31, even if they're not in the best stats. I was able to find them all mid game and over leveled too, so I didn't have to train them all the way from the ground up. My Numel (now a Camerupt) had its HA too, which essentially is useless for me b/c I'm using him as a special attacker, but who cares. As long as it's actually possible to find strong HA Pokemon then I'm good.
  5. saPower1000

    saPower1000 FLIP ALL THE TABLES

    My Post at the top works for the Desert as well, though not to the same effect. It almost seems impossible to chain past 20, as that's as high as I got in a Cave (which follows the same format).
  6. Sbouto

    Sbouto Universal

    I tried my luck at chaining after stumbling on a couple youtube videos describing how to do it and I tried chaining for a shiny Swablu since I've been trying to get one since Gen 4 but always messed up with the PokéRadar. I didn't realize that not encountering the random DexNav pokémon reset the chain so I had a search level of about 120 when I started chaining properly and I found a shiny Swablu after around 60 encounters. I don't know the exact chain because I caught a few with egg moves or IVs so I can't tell based on just PP used. It seems like it does increase shiny chances but I'm thinking it only goes to a fixed chance like in Gen 4 with the PokéRadar chances cutting off at 1/200 after a chain of 40. We'll just have to wait until someone goes into more detail surrounding the DexNav.
  7. Sovietryan

    Sovietryan New Member

    I have had no luck with dexnav chaining
  8. saPower1000

    saPower1000 FLIP ALL THE TABLES

    So, I went on to Serebii and wanted to know the chances of a Dexnav Vulpix having a Charcoal hold item. The correct percentages weren't on there, so I did a small amount of testing. A few things I noticed (as I had to get my Vulpix Dexnav level up a bit) were:
    1) Rawst Berry is not a 100% item in ORAS, and doesn't seem to appear at all on either Dexnav or normal Wild Vulpix
    2) Based on how the percentages work in the game (1%/5%/50% without compoundeyes and 5%/20%/60% with it), Dexnav Vulpix have a 50% chance of holding a Charcoal
    3) Because I was using a Compoundeyes Pokemon and the rate was a low end (50 Vulpix to 22 Charcoal being 44%) It appears compoudeyes DOESN'T have an effect on DexNav items, and that they have a fixed percent. I will test this more with Vulpix, as well as with a Shuppet I found with DexNav that was holding a Spell Tag (5% chance). It would be interesting to see if Dexnav items have a higher rate of appearance than normal encounters if it is possible for the Pokemon to hold the same item in both cases.
    4) It appears Chaining with Dexnav for Shiny Pokemon is a myth. Based on what people have said, you should be guaranteed a shiny at a chain 41, which has not happened to me at a chain of 50. More testing. Much Numbers. Wow.
  9. Charmanderz

    Charmanderz Well-Known Member

    I just received my shiny charm a few days ago and have already caught a shiny Eevee & Vulpix using the DexNav. Even if getting a high level chain doesn't increase your shiny chances after a certain point, it still will help get a "better" Pokemon, with the HA or special egg move.
  10. saPower1000

    saPower1000 FLIP ALL THE TABLES

    There was talk about Dexnav Increasing the chance by a set amount, which is possible. I was solely talking about Chaining, which seems to be a common thing that people are saying "guarantees a Pokemon at a certain point", which simply isn't true. There are still a decent amount of unknowns, but that one seems to be debunked now.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2015
  11. Alexander18

    Alexander18 Banned

    Same here, I find annoying and difficult to do. I prefer chain fishing than dexnav chaining.
  12. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    Had a shiny Poochyena after a DexNav chain of around 15-20.. Heck yes.
    Have had 999+ RE with Zigzagoon... Mostly hordes for Speed EV's, but NO EFFING DICE there though...
  13. Phillies

    Phillies Well-Known Member

    I am trying to chain for a shiny Zorua but after every encounter I get the "It can't be found nearby. Try looking in a different spot!" message. Is there anything I can do to make it happen less often? Is it just that rare to encounter?
  14. saPower1000

    saPower1000 FLIP ALL THE TABLES

    1) Have a high DexNav Number. I usually start searching around 30 to reliably get items.
    2)Have repels. I actually found that using the D-Pad to face in a different direction, but not move from the same spot actually counts as movement of 1 tile (with regard to the DexNav), so you can feasibly change direction, then hit the search button again.

    What's confusing about this is that it's not really chaining based on what people say. Locormus stated that they caught a *Poochyena at 15-20, while it has taken others 120+ to even encounter a Shiny in this way. Some have hit in the middle, and some haven't found one at all. Based on this, it seems like a set % is used in the Dexnav that boosts the rate, as even with the 23 friends used in that experiment, it hasn't been proven that actual DexNav chaining increases the odds until it reaches a rate of 100%.

    What I would like to see is testing done WITHOUT the Shiny Charm for numbers, and then WITH it, to compare.
  15. Phillies

    Phillies Well-Known Member

    My problem is the game won't let me chain the Zorua at all. I'll find 1 or 2 and then the "It can't be found nearby. Try looking in a different spot!" message pops up. I spent a couple of hours the other night trying to chain Zorua but ended up encountering more Poochyena than anything else. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to increase the odds of encountering Zorua.
  16. MonMonCandie

    MonMonCandie Radio - On Air!

    I've been trying to chain a shiny Ponyta all day (Search Level 139; no Shiny Charm; and I'm pretty sure I've been chaining well over 20+ on separate occasions) and I haven't had any luck too. I've looked at all the available guides online and I'm still so unlucky! I do find using the PokeNav a lot easier than...the Radar, but the chances are still of finding anything is so slim (as it probably should be, but still).

    This is probably why I don't really give a crap about shinies, but god, I want to at least own a shiny of a Pokemon I really like. lol

    Sorry for ranting. It's been a long, shiny-less day.
  17. saPower1000

    saPower1000 FLIP ALL THE TABLES

    When the "It can't be found nearby. Try looking in a different spot!" message pops up, literally just change direction, and then hit the search function for Zorua again. You need to have repels for this to work effectively (so another wild Pokemon doesn't break your chain).

    If Zorua is a Dexnav only Pokemon, it will take some time to get its level up, as at lower levels its harder to find one.

    And again it would be more accurate to call this searching than chaining, as it doesn't seem like the chances are even close enough where the rate actually would increase.

    Read the Second Post of this thread, I have put some info there that may help you.
  18. MonMonCandie

    MonMonCandie Radio - On Air!

    @saPower1000: Well, I've just read it and I'm going to try out your advice. I'm still a little mad about how much time I wasted yesterday, but oh well. Haha.
  19. Phillies

    Phillies Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help.

    It takes awhile. I chained a shiny Persian the other day and I didn't get one until my search level was in the 600's.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 17, 2015
  20. cryuel

    cryuel Well-Known Member

    I got a shiny Skitty as part of my shiny Badge quest (it was Badge #2), although as such I didn't have a Shiny Charm and wouldn't recommend doing it so early, especially not with enough for Super Repels. xD I really do wish that it sparkled in the overworld, much like the radar did.
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