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PokéNexus: The Pokémon Society

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Light-The-Archangel, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. Light-The-Archangel

    Light-The-Archangel Best of All Time

    PokéNexus: The Pokémon Society

    Around the same time last year, one of the fastest growing Wi-Fi clubs/tournaments, "D/P Warzones" was created by Pichu Bro.1. With over 100 members before Diamond and Pearl's release in the US, the tournament would've been a success. Unfortunately, though, the guidelines were a bit sketchy and the entire situation lacked good leadership. After a few months and no battles going on, the website slowly became inactive and members started leaving.

    Many times, groups of members of the original D/P Warzones tried to revive the tournament, but they all fell to the same threat of inactivity. Gradually, with each revival, membership grew fewer and fewer.

    Here we are now though, with full intention to make one of the most entertaining and long-lasting tournaments on Wi-Fi today! The new and improved D/P Warzones is getting a complete overhaul of the original, taking its best aspects and improving those that needed it. These improvements can only be made with your help, though. We could use some input on whether or not things are the best they can be, and not too powerful or too weak.

    So come on over to PokéNexus, the current home of the new D/P Warzones. Help us out and become a part of one of the greatest up-and-coming Wi-Fi clubs/tournaments today.

    1. All Serebii Rules Apply

    2. Absolutely No Flaming

    3. Have Fun!

    The Teams:

    Team Coronet:

    Leader: Stewie - FC: 3308 1529 3332

    Members -

    Black Label - FC: 0902 9689 0346
    Uzumakikunai - FC: 4940 2670 7021

    Team Hex:

    Leader: Pinksizzors - FC: 3995 3826 6886

    Members -

    Gin Taichou - FC: 5283 7891 3326

    Team Enigma:

    The King: Jordon (Devil's Gemini) - FC: 4553 7410 6632

    Members -

    Yaho0 - FC: 2320 2607 6076
    Ookami - FC: 4768 3918 5495
    Dan - FC:
    Elecbull (Shango) - FC: 4682 6318 9464
    WeirdAdz - FC: 1590 1992 3568

    Team Phoenix

    Master: Sesshomaru - FC: 1418 3186 4154

    Members -

    Inukashi - FC: 2620-9147-9677
    Jason - FC: 2749 7574 3202
    Pokoton - FC: 2356 1908 2345
    Mitch - FC: 2921 6416 5051
    GrassMaster04 - FC: 0988 8229 4372

    The Team Types

    Coronet: Types- [​IMG], [​IMG], [​IMG], [​IMG]

    Hex: Types- [​IMG], [​IMG], [​IMG], [​IMG]

    Enigma: Types- [​IMG], [​IMG], [​IMG], [​IMG]

    Phoenix- Types: [​IMG], [​IMG], [​IMG], [​IMG]
    Banners And Userbars

    Thanks To ~.:Northern Lights:.~

    Thanks To BlazingFury

    Thanks To RainbowIslands For The Banner

    Signing Up:

    You Can Sign Up Here or go to the link in my sig for the real forums.

    PS: I will Keep A List Of All The Members On Each Of The Teams Here!

    Sign Up Sheet

    Serebii Name:
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2007
  2. Yaho0

    Yaho0 Whys you in my room?

    Me and Jordon are on Team Enigma, we get swampert all to our selves *hugs duel type team exclusive*

    Come on people and Join :D
  3. Light-The-Archangel

    Light-The-Archangel Best of All Time

    Sign Up Sheet

    Serebii Name:

    Good Luck And Have Fun! ^_^
  4. undefeated_shellos

    undefeated_shellos Grand Elite Master

    Can I be Team Phoenix leader, its me Sesshomaru.
  5. Light-The-Archangel

    Light-The-Archangel Best of All Time

    Of Course You can be! But You have to post that on The Real Forum.
  6. Gin_no_Soyokaze

    Gin_no_Soyokaze Steel Type Trainer

    Since nobody else really cares much about the steel types and you named me leader, I want to change the title. Instead of Leader Gin, it should be Gin Hime, Gin Sama, Gin Taichou, Empress Gin, ect. Leader is such an ugly word. (Gawd. I sound like the fifth chair of Kenpachi's squad.)
  7. Sniper123

    Sniper123 Good Eye Sniper

    Hey, this is Black Label from the site just here to tell any future members to join and here's why.

    It's so worth it if you are an expert of battling and such or a beginner.
    If you consider yourself an expert then here is a way to prove it, there will be tournys with the added benefit of a poke prize. If you are a beginner then here is a way of learning from the people from your team and get advice through your wins and your losses to get better.

    It's a a fun community. When this site gets up and running you will meet some great friends there. Everyone there isn't going to flame you severely. The last two attemps at this resulted in conversations between us and through that I can say the people there are......interesting.

    This also lets you have the chance to use guys you wouldn't use normally b/c of the type restrictions. Not every team will have the same Skarm/Gyara/Hera/Infernape,etc.

    And finally the #1 reason to go is.................. b/c I am going to be there! What are you waiting for! GO!
  8. totallylost

    totallylost That one guy...

    The teams now have members and our functioning. This is the perfect time to join, you can get to know everybody and welcome all the new members. It will be kinda like being a parent...you watch your child grow. BTW....'tis I! Stewie!
  9. Light-The-Archangel

    Light-The-Archangel Best of All Time

    The Best Team To Join Is Enigma! Anyone could tell you I was and I still am the coolest Warzone Leader. :D
  10. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to let you guys know that advertising other forums here is not allowed, even if it is part of your club. However, you are allowed to PM the link to new members or members who want to join. Maybe add that to the post? Just a suggestion, though, you don't have to. :p Anyways, yeah - please leave the forum link to PMs instead, okay? :) Thanks!
  11. Light-The-Archangel

    Light-The-Archangel Best of All Time

    No Problem! Thanks For Telling us! :)
  12. uzumakikunai

    uzumakikunai Moar Dratini

    can i join up?

    Serebii Name: Uzumakikunai
    FC: 4940 2670 7021
    Team: Coronet (if i have to actually put in my pokes, tell me.)
  13. undefeated_shellos

    undefeated_shellos Grand Elite Master

    gosh no one wants to join Phoenix? Join Phoenix, for we are like fire we will blaze thru our oponents.
  14. Light-The-Archangel

    Light-The-Archangel Best of All Time

    Of course you can join! All we ask is that you are an active member.
  15. totallylost

    totallylost That one guy...

    Nice to have you aboard. However you will have to join the site and register for the team their. ;munchlax;
  16. Light-The-Archangel

    Light-The-Archangel Best of All Time

    Can all the members that are "free agents" please join a team. It gets extremely complicated to remember everyone that is not on a team.

    ;417;Thank You;457;
  17. Gin_no_Soyokaze

    Gin_no_Soyokaze Steel Type Trainer

    Be sure to join Team Hex, with me. I love to hang out with the other team members and talk. Don't be scared by the name.
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2007
  18. Light-The-Archangel

    Light-The-Archangel Best of All Time

    This is good for all new pokemon trainers. They'll learn how it feels to be in real competitive battles.

    We just got a new banner! ;457;
  19. undefeated_shellos

    undefeated_shellos Grand Elite Master

    I like the banner it is cool, perhaps I should put it in my sig and advertise at other sites
  20. ExperimentaL

    ExperimentaL Kiwi?

    Hey guys, ExperimentaL here (duh)! Glad to see everyone's joining up.

    I'll see what I can do to re-work the outline and make it more similar to the original Warzones, for those of you that know/remember it.

    Donations for prizes will be optional and always accepted.

    Looking forward to chatting and battling with everyone in the future.
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