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Poképals: The mysterious legendary pokemon!

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Poképals: The mysterious legendary pokemon!

Hi this is my first story! Hope you enjoy!
Chapter 1: The mysterious pokemon!
Pikachu skipped along the footpath. "lalala" sung Pikachu with joy.
Pikachu closed her eyes and started to sing a relaxing song when she heard a trash can fall over. In a flash she opened her eyes and fell face first over the bin. "Ow" whined Pikachu. She stumbled to her feet and looked down the alleyway. "Hello? Who did that? It was very mean!" said Pikachu. She jumped back as a persion and about 10 meowths ran out the alleyway. "What was that for?" Pikachu wondered now getting crept out. "ROAR!!" said te mysterious Pokemon. Pikachu slowly approached to where the sound came from. In a flash a wind blew pikachu straight back that she even landing in the trash can. Pikachu then blacked out as she heard a whoosh and a roar. Pikachu awoke in her neat comfortable bed. "Yawn, how long was I out for?" Said Pikachu stretching. "About 2 hours" said Oshawott. "What about that Pokemon?" asked Pikachu. "What Pokemon? We saw you in a trash can that was it" replied Aipom. "now Pikachu, how about you and your friends go and play outside while I cook you some soup?" asked Raichu, Pikachu's mum. "Sure!" yelled Chimchar jumping around. So pikachu and her 5 best friends Bulbasaur,Chimcar,Aipom, Piplup and Oshawott ran outside to play. "Tag your it!" said Aipom running away from Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur ran over to Chimchar then tagged him. Chimchar went flying backwards. In a sudden a thunderstorm blew up. "Woa! What the? But te weather was fine a minute ago!" said Osawott getting scared. Pikachu sent a lightning bolt at the sky! Piplup ran over to Pikacu. "Pikachu what are you doing?" said Piplup getting worried. In a zoom thunder struck on Piplup. "Ahhh!" yelled Piplup fainting. "Ahh I hate the rain" yelled Chimchar soon fainting. All of a sudden they heard a roar and a blue pokemon flew past and the thunderstorm stopped. "Oh my! Kids what happened? Are you okay?" yelled Raichu. Bulbasour carried Piplup to Raichu and Aipom carried Chimchar. "Mum, when I landed in the trash, I heard a roar and a pokemon flew away, and right now with the storm we heard a roar and a blue pokemon whipped past us!" explained Pikachu. "Oh my! It must be. I must tell Watchdog about this! The legendary pokemon have awoken!" said Raichu. "Huh? Legendary Pokemon!" screamed all the kid pokemon.
The next day they all went to the library where Watchdog sat reading all day about Legendary Pokemon. "Oh miss Raichu! How do you do? What do you need today?" said Dr. Watchdog. "The legendary pokemon, Tornadous and Thunderous have awoken! They have even hurt the kids!" explained Raichu panicking. "Oh my, but first I need to hear what the kids saw... where are the kids?" asked Dr. Watchdog.
"KIDS!" screamed Raichu panicking. "Hey guys! I found a book!" said Aipom. Aipom looked around wondering. "Guys? Where are you?" asked Aipom as she walked around. Aipom saw that the window was open. "They must be out there!" said Aipom running out the window that led into the jungle. "Aipom! DON'T LEAVE!" they all yelled chasing after her. Raichu heard the kids voiced then ran to the window. By the time she got there in time the kids were out in the jungle looking for Aipom. "Oh no" said Raichu when Watchdog just arrived to her. "We got to go after them!" said Watchdog jumping out the window. Aipom climbed up a tree to look for them. Bulbasaur used Vinewhip on Aipom and sent her flying onto the ground. "ooff!" said Aipom crying. "Sorry but it was the only way we could get you down" said Piplup. Watchdog and Raichu caught up with the kids. "hey kids stay there! We're coming to get you!" they yelled. But in a flash a hurricane happened and a tree fell to block the path. A green pokemon flew past and chased the kid pokemon.
"WOAH!" they yelled running as fast as they could.


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Sorry, but chapters need to be two pages minimum in word/etc to be posted here. This falls short in part due to poor paragraphing (e.g. when someone different begins to talk you'd want to start a new paragraph, and for forums to leave a line of spacing between paragraphs for presentation sake).

Check out the rules first before reposting please. Closed.
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