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PokéRadar & Chain Fishing Thread

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Well this is discouraging. My chain keeps breaking after about 6. I keep reeling it in too slow =/


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Well this is discouraging. My chain keeps breaking after about 6. I keep reeling it in too slow =/
Have you tried going by sound only? I tend to get longer chains while e-reading.


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HELP my pokeradar dont work

The PokeRadar will not work if:
- You are on your skates.
- It is not charged with the right amount of steps.
- You are not within a patch of grass/flowers.


What are the best routes for chain fishing?


Talk about luck.
I was able to catch a shiny Pancham via using the Poké Radar with only a chain of 2.
If thats not luck, then I don't know what is. :p


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I randomly encountered a shiny zangoose in a horde on X
First shiny I've caught in about 15 years of playing Pokemon
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I think edges are safer to get the targeted pokemon, but the problem comes after you fainted it...
I'm chaining a Plusle with a Static lead and I tried to go in the edges. 100% of the time, it's a plusle, but 20% of the time, the chain breaks there because no other oatch of grass is shaking, so there is always a risk that I really don't like. It had always been like that... yeah.

For chain fishing, I just don,t know what I'm doing wrong, maybe I'm not enough concentrated because I can't do a chain more then 30. I always push too slow or there is nothing bitting. And I was wondering: will a status like Sleep on my Suction cup pokemon will make it's ability useless or less efficient ? Because I'm fish chaining Poliwag, it used hypnosis (I couldn't escape) and the 2 other times I tries to fish, nothing bit.


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I was also wondering if the pokemon with sunction cups be fainted and still work?


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i got my first masuda method shiny. it took me about 12 boxes which is i believe roughly 360 eggs? i got my timid shiny charmander :) i'll finally have my shiny mega charizard Y


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REed a Jigglypuff and fainted it...
I caught 2 shiny mincinnos and a shiny sawk today, while hunting for ditto and riolu :p Oh well, they're shinies! I did happen to tip a lot before hunting and gave a lot of o-powers to random people, but idk if it makes a difference.

Edit: Make that 2 shiny sawks -.-'
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i was breeding a team of pokemon on Y version for my X version (my ditto happens to be jap) and i bred my noibat with it and the 1st egg came out shiny. i love it, but every time i try for a musada method on anyone else i end up with so many filled boxes lol
So I talked to the consecutive fishing guy he said his record was 7 I go fish forever get no shinies and he said I had a chain of 77 and game me 20 dive balls. Does this just happen sometime or do I have the worst luck in the world?
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