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Pokétch Pronounciation??


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Pokétch Pronounciation??

How do you pronounce Pokétch? I don't know how to pronunce it.. Some time's I call it "Pokeech" or "Pokech" And sometimes "Pokee-itch"... Yah.. Call me weird.. It's confusing.. I always had trouble pronouncing it. :(
Thanks to anyone that helps.



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I always thought the english name was either going to be Pokétech or Pokéwatch so I just called It "pokee-tech" Since it was similar but there is no "e" In the blank space "Pokét_ch".. :(

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I don't know if it helps much, but I think you pronounce it like Pokéwatch but without the "wa" from watch or you can pronounce Pokéwatch ( I prefer Pokéwatch to Pokétch).


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I tried to ponounce it Po-ketch but it doesn't roll off the tongue like most of the other 'Poke-' words that Game Freak made. So, I call it the Po-keh-teck or just the watch. Either way, it's still better than Poketch imo.


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Alright..... Now I'm stuck between 2 pronounciations... And believe people can help me out on this one...
1: "Pokeech"
2: "Pokech"...

Anyone willing to help me out here?
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Poh-Kay-Tek. That's how I say it.