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Pokétropolis VR Sign-ups

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Skillfulness, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Pokétropolis VR Sign-ups

    I thought we could use a good, simplistic Pokémon RPG and while I suck at being a GM, I've had this idea I wanted to use for a while. Here we go!


    Pokétropolis VR​

    Is the smashing new internet game from Nintendo! It has everything any Pokémon fan could want. There are classic designs and styles all completely re-mastered for an incredible experience. Pokétropolis is an MMORPG styled game with new ways to battle instantly with anyone over the web. The 3D graphics are second to none and gameplay is reminiscent of your favorite Pokémon Red and Blue. Controls are simple with mouse and keyboard as well as live chat and video. The game includes all your favorite Pokémon including all of the new ones from the Unova Region. We’ve been waiting to release this game for years and the time has finally come! Play Pokétropolis and experience Pokémon in brand-new way!

    Nintendo has a new Pokémon game and you are a happy buyer. The graphics are very realistic and the gameplay does have that good ol’ Pokémon feel to it. Still, there are incredible new advances such as the much more intense Pokémon Battles that can be made much more complex with orders other than the four attacks your Pokémon has. All in all, it’s a Pokémon Gamers dream! And it only gets better.

    One day, as you’re happily playing along, one of the staff members approaches you in the virtual world. They announce that you’ve been selected to test run the new virtual reality upgrade to Pokétropolis. You’ll be able to step into the game without any extra purchases or programs. Seeing no harm and only gain, you snatch up the offer which sets in immediately. Suddenly, you’re no longer sitting in your chair in front of your computer, but you’ve found yourself in the middle of a Pokémon Center! A staff member is waiting for you and they begin to take you through the first steps of Pokétropolis VR.


    Your character gets to play Pokétropolis VR. They will enter the virtual Pokémon world (map is the same as Pokéarth), starting in Kanto, as if it were real. They can hear, taste, see, and feel everything around them. A Zigzagoon’s fur, a hot lava cookie, and even the attacks from other Pokémon are realistic to the extreme. Everything is going smoothly until your character’s second day in Pokétropolis… But we’ll get to that later. For now, all the gameplay exists in Pokétropolis VR. Your character will eventually log off at points in the RPG, but posts will mostly be about Pokétropolis. Now, on to the rules!

    1. All forum rules apply
    2. 5th gen Pokémon are allowed though I’m not familiar with them; help me out if you can
    3. Be nice please. I don’t want vulgar junk. It’ll be more fun this way.

    Sign-up Form

    Name: It works for your Pokétropolis ID too.
    Gender: Shouldn’t be a problem, but I had to add it anyway.
    Age: Range from 12-20 (I know it’s weird >,<)
    Description: Your character is identical to their regular body in Pokétropolis VR, so yeah, only need one description. 2 paragraphs min.
    Personality: This is standard. Spice it up! This is where you really show me your creativity and… stuff. 2 paragraphs also.
    History: Nothing special, just a general past. Only one paragraph necessary.
    Pokémon: You get one to start with at its lowest level (i.e. Torchic). Nickname in parenthesis if you want it.
    Gender: For your Pokémon (species goes above, if that wasn’t clear).
    Attacks: The general four or less. I say ‘or less’ because your Pokémon will be weak to start off.
    Personality: A brief idea of how your Pokémon acts. A single paragraph at most.

    Skillfulness- Robin Barnes and Sear the Growlithe
    SpyroxPikachu- Alexandra "Alex" Slender and Lavender the Skorupi
    Galvanic- Grey Rose and Jayden the Togepi
    Slipomatic- Azel Meldon and Umbra the (Shiny) Eevee
    *Jean Grey*- Diane Diamond and Cecil the Houndour
    Aslynn<3Pokemon- Evelyn Sommers-Night and Seed the Bulbasaur
    wayjun- Phoenix Rising and Blitzen the Joltik
    Aura Wolfe- Mai Harper and Creed the Sneasel
    Son_of_Shadows- George "D.C." Anderson and Amélie the Nidoran F
    FireTheAbsolLord- Neo Atwater and Nixie the (Shiny) Vulpix
    lxdarknessxl- Light Gladius Min and Abby the Absol
    muxiroger- Reynaud “Rain” Apolloson III and Alexander the Pawniard
    Kiruria- Hiroshi "Gon" Tsukimaru and Benten the Dratini
    Ditto123- Chuck Norris and Casper the Gastly
    GoldenrodGirl- Karma Tamaki and Leilani the Pichu
    Serenus- Kimberly "Kim" Decouverz and Seel
    Pokefan0234- Kitridge Katdrige “KitKat” and Minion the Stunky
    deltakurumiru4 Kari Kami "KK" and Razor the Sewaddle





    Name: Robin Barnes
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15

    Description: Robin has a thin, fit figure weighing approximately 115 pounds and standing in at 5 feet 5 inches. Her skin is fair, but often tanned from being outdoors a lot. Her hair is a shade of sandy blonde and she has a few natural highlights. In length, it barely gets past her ears and she has bangs that come straight across her forehead. Her eyes are a beautiful sea blue, deep and bold. She has a smile that can look warm and friendly or sly and foxy, depending on the situation.

    When it comes to attire, Robin likes to wear comfy clothes. Her favorite outfit is no different. It starts with a pair of dark blue jeans that are slightly baggy, but fit snuggly around her waist. Her shirt looks like any old black tee-shirt from the back, but the front is something amazing. Robin and her friend Sage made a beautiful, colorful design that they both put on a shirt; Sage a white one and Robin a black one. The design is a series of geometric shapes, both hollow and filled, that seem to explode from one point in the center with every color. It fills just about the whole front of his shirt and it’s very striking. Other than that, Robin almost always has a short golden cross necklace and plain diamond studs. Her shoes are a pair of plain black TOMS, a company that donates a pair of shoes for each one they sell.

    Personality: Robin is a person who can see all possibilities. She loves to try new things all the time and she explores everything she can. She looks forward to having any sort of adventure. She really loves excitement and takes plenty of risks to get some. Robin can hardly stand still and does anything to keep from getting bored. She’s got a “go with the flow” attitude and dislikes rules and regulations. It’s maddening to her if she can’t do what she wants to when she wants to. She completely despises being bossed around and, in fact, prefers to be in charge. Robin is very impulsive. She makes decisions with only thinking about one outcome. She has quick solutions to every problem that only put her into another one. Robin gets in trouble a lot. She reacts to things as they happen rather than worrying about the future or past. Still, she has some raw talent that helps her through every bump in the road of life. Aside from all that, Robin is an extremely dedicated Christ follower. She’s fair, kind, loyal and everything else that goes along those lines when she isn’t getting in trouble.

    Robin is involved with everything. Enjoying the center of attention, she has to have a certain amount of charm. She’s a ball of energy that is generally liked by everyone. She’s spontaneous and optimistic. She can treat almost anyone friendly, but it’s dangerous to get on her bad side. Once crossed, she holds quite a grudge and plenty of spite. Robin is rambunctious, the definition being; noisy, very active, and hard to control. Despite this, she’s gained a considerable amount of discipline and responsibility. Because she gets in trouble, she knows she must pay for her actions. Therefore, she developed a sort of independent attitude. Still, she finds it fulfilling to help others who deserve it, even if it puts her at a disadvantage. Robin manages to make it through life being the way she is.

    History: Robin has had an easy, average life. She grew up with her Auntie Katie when her father died in the war, her mother having died at childbirth. She was only three then and while her parents would’ve raised her well, Auntie Katie did just as good of a job. She taught her to be a good girl and raised her with love and care. Robin’s has always gone to church and school and nothing all that exciting, aside from church events, ever happened in her life. That is, until she got Pokétropolis…

    Pokemon: Growlithe (Sear)
    Gender: Female
    Attacks: Ember and Bite
    Personality: Sear is the same as Robin in just about every aspect. She’s impulsive, optimistic, responsible, independent, and all around likable. She likes to be in charge and hates to be wrong. In fact, she’s pretty prideful and can be stuck-up or spiteful when she’s accused of being incorrect. Still, Sear can be convinced and humbled by her trainer. They make one heck of a pair.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2011
  2. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    DARNIT you stole my "Virtual Reality game" bit! XD I might sign up, but no promises, cus I suck at pokemon RPs.
  3. Galvanic

    Galvanic The Only One

    I re-posted my sign-up.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2011
  4. Son_of_Shadows

    Son_of_Shadows Well-Known Member

    Skill, mind if I reserve? I could do with something simple like this. I already have the Pokémon in mind... The first form of an old friend from a previous RPG you ran, if memory serves.

    Come to think of it, this gives me the idea to resurrect an old RP I was in... Maybe.
  5. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    @lxdarknessxl: Oops... =^_^= Well, good to know you might sign up.

    @Galvanic: I'm going to put you on PENDING. First of all, your personality sections needs more, at least 2 paragraphs. Also I'd just like to see more detail in general. Get more descriptive with Grey's attire and history. Cover every detail. Give me your best! Also, I changed a bit on the description part that you should check out.

    @SoS: Of course you kin RESERVE! Glad to have an RPG with you again (feels... nostalgic). Excited to see the first form of that old friend ;)
  6. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Reserve me please or no reservations?

    anyways, if reservations are allowed, I'm going to go ahead and post name of the character I'll be making and starting pokemon. (btw, plot seems slightly similar to something I read on fan-fiction.net in relation to VR)

    I will post a full sign-up sometime when I'm not being dumped with school work. But at least I have the names.
    Azel Meldon
  7. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    ^There are indeed reservations and you now have one! I'm supposed to be studying now, just goes to show ya ^,^ Looking forward to your SU.
  8. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Ah this looks very cool, could you reserve me a spot? Also a question: if someone picked a Pokemon like Pikachu but you also wanted a Pikachu could there be two?
  9. Ditto123

    Ditto123 ~Word~

    Reserve please?
    Chuck Norris (I use it in all my rpgs though with different descriptions)
    Casper the Gastly
  10. Skeith

    Skeith (◕‿‿◕)

    Hrrm this has caught my attention and I may well sign up for it, it just depends on how well my uni workload goes. Quick question though would a Meowth with Theif/Pay Day be alright for a starter and will we be limited to regional pokemon or will we be able to find pokemon in logical places in other regions (e.g. Wurmple and Sewaddle in veridian forrest?)
  11. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    @SpyroxPikachu: RESERVED and yes, two people can have the same Pokemon. Both starters and other catches later in the RPG.

    @Ditto123: RESERVED. Chuck Norris. Ha!

    @Skeith: That's a fine starter. As to wild Pokemon... I'm gonna say... logical. After much debate, it just makes more sense. For the most part, Gen 1 Pokemon populate most of the Kanto region and so on. Pokemon from different regions are rare. That's the only rule I'll put on it.
  12. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Whew finally done c:

    Name: Alex Slender (Real name is Alexandra but she calls herself Alex)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 13

    Description: Alex is a rather short girl that weights a very small amount with beautiful brown hair; her hair is about medium length and always has a small blossom in it. She has beautiful icy blue eyes that hide all her feelings. Her eyes are always covered by her pretty black glasses and she always carries a camera with her. The camera is inside her small blue, green and purple bag when she’s not using it. Inside her backpack she also carries her sketchbook, pencil crayons and many pictures of flowers. Her Skorupi; Lavender always rides on her shoulder.

    Alex wears a plain looking white top with a black scarf wrapped around her neck in a fashionable way. And with these items she also wears skinny jeans with black boots that go up to her knees, They are lace up down the front all the way up and down. She also wraps a blue bracelet around her wrist; it is the Greek evil eye, which wards away evil or bad luck as she calls it. Her alternate outfit is her winter coat which is a plaid blue coat with white and lighter blue plaid designs on it. With this she wears a winter toque with two hanging strings that look like braids.

    Personality: Alex is a very optimistic person who can see all sides of a subject. She loves to draw and write and is very nerdy in many ways. She loves to read and always carries books with her; most of them being mystery and suspense books. She loves to learn and usually get all her knowledge from books. This being said she is very smart and is very ahead of her age group in smarts. She is said to be at a grade 12 reading level. Her attitude ends up being happy unless you get on her bad side, if this was to happen she’ll most likely be very angry and try to avoid you. But she is very friendly and loves to make new friends.

    The only things she hates are drowning, fire, clowns, islands and heights. She has Isolophobia which is fear of being alone. When she is alone she will begin talking to herself which freaks a lot of people out. She has many conversations with herself most being quite one sided so it looks like she’s a little bit crazy. She always carries a camera with her, because she is scared something will happen to her. And if anything happens to her so wants the footage to be released so that someone can come help her.

    History: Alex was born to a mild family. She never had many rules when she grew up, it was just get up for school and get good grades. At the age of 4 she was already on the internet, when she was young she spent her time playing games like Tetris and Breakout. But when she turned 13 she became more into Role Playing Games and found Poketropolis. She found the use of real time based action to be rather interesting and found the Pokémon and people to be very caring and lovable.

    Pokémon: Skorupi (Lavender)

    Gender: Female

    Attacks: Bite, Poison Sting

    Personality: Lavender is very loyal to her trainer and loves to protect her. She’s very pessimistic and kind of hates to do things. She is very intelligent and hates to be criticized but she also loves when people comment her. She is kind of prideful and can usually hold her tail very high in pride. She treats Alex like her huge sister that was separated at birth though one is huge.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2011
  13. Galvanic

    Galvanic The Only One

    Hmm, its too bad... I wanted to emphasis he not so obvious befits of Virtual Reality, but a change presents a challenge. I'll change...
  14. Galvanic

    Galvanic The Only One

    I tried to take your criticism to heart, and fixed errors.

    Name: Grey Rose

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Grey is a tall vivacious teen. His active life style has tanned his skin to match the color of bronze or copper. He adorns the same black hair, worn in a short style to minimize his morning routine, and green eyes as his actual self. He wears a tight white tank top with a loose fitting dress shirt, owned in multiple colors, over his tank. His clothes are casual but can pass for formal if he buttons up his shirt. At first glance, he looks ordinary with a “plain” face and nonchalant attitude. His arms and legs are rather long, but compared to his torso, 5’ 11’’ height, and sportsman muscle he looks ordinary.

    His Pokétropolis appearance varies only slightly in the fact that he wears a belt and a backpack. His backpack is a one-strap satchel with two pockets on the side, but looks brand new. He rarely uses his backpack, not to make his journey harder, but because he forgets that he has certain items. His belt is the standard for carrying pokeballs since he sees no use in buying into the newest technologies.

    Grey has a pessimistic personality that clashes with Jayden’s at almost every moment. I a sense he sees the glass as half empty. When he experiences joy, he hides it, for psychological reasons unknown. When he smiles its only a small twitch of the corners of his mouth or played of as a yawn. He criticizes others every time he opens his mouth, and offends people when he only wants to help. He is very intelligent but can’t seem to connect with others in a social way, the way Jayden can. Grey wants to have friends but can’t fit in sometimes.

    Jayden is the only thing that has made him laugh in the past 3 years. If it wasn’t for Jayden’s joy he might not have any friends at all. Jayden has a polar personality that seems to complete Grey as a person. Together they share sly looks, gestures, hidden jokes, and other moments that others seem to miss between the two. Jayden has a clingy habit; she hides in Grey’s backpack when she should be in her pokeball. Together they almost finish each others thoughts, calm each other’s rage, and share a joyous bond.

    Jayden was a gymnast, in the real world, and could have gone to the Olympics. About three years ago, on route to an important competition, he was in an accident. A person was severely injured on his bus and another died in the oncoming car. His parent immediately pulled him from the sport entirely, claiming they were economically unsound. Jayden lost his passion in life, but soon picked up a Gameboy and found another. In Pokémon, he was able to achieve a goal and could become the best at something, becoming champion and so on. He was slipping in his academic marks, so his drastic parents enforced a punishment limiting his out door time. He was getting stir crazy until he was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, Pokétropolis.

    Pokémon: Togepi (Jayden)

    Gender: Female

    Attacks: Charm, Metronome, Mirror Move

    Jayden is very optimistic, almost to the point of being a cliché. She is very attached to Grey, partly because she thinks he can’t interact with humans without her, but mostly out of love. She acts as a go-between with Grey and most people, and wins the heart of most. He send off a negative first impression but Jayden has a way of letting people see the real him. She only gets mad at one thing: an opponent making one of her teammates faint. The cute egg, Jayden, turns into a bite-sized ball of fury. She has compassion toward all Pokémon, but her ideals switch when she sees defeat. Together Jayden and Grey can weasel in and out of most situations. Jayden’s charm can be a ticket in, but Grey’s demeanor can be a ticket out.
  15. Alliance

    Alliance Re-Arrival

    woo! Pokemon VR!
    Reserve me a spot, will ya? I don't have time right now due to homework.
    BTW, my character is Evelyn Sommers-Night, and she has Seed the Bulbasaur
  16. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    @SpyroxPikachu: Oh man I was so confused because you have the same avatar as SoS @.@ Anyway, good job with the sign-up, you are ACCEPTED.

    @Galvanic: I noticed that and I'm sorry I had you change it. Great idea though! This one is perfect (love thier personalities). ACCEPTED.
  17. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Bah Sorry I just really like Drapion ._. And sweet i'm accepted!
  18. Ditto123

    Ditto123 ~Word~

    Name: Chuck Norris

    Gender: M

    Age: 15

    Description: Chuck is 5 foot 7. He is average height for a 15 year old. But he weighs a bit lighter than an average 15 year old, though. Chuck has blond hair that is very messy. No matter how much you comb it, nothing can fix his hair. If someone put a nuclear bomb in his hair, it cannot be any more messy. His face looks like a puppy dog, but don't be fooled, he is trained in MMA for two years. Chuck's eyes are a deep blue color that girls love. It is an even deeper blue than the ocean. Chuck is also intelligent in both book smarts and street smarts. He knows a lot of facts and also can survive on the streets. Chuck is also tanned from the sun. But what ruins his looks is a scar on his cheek.

    Chuck wears blue and white Air Jordans (a type of sneakers) that are autographed by Michael Jordan himself, ripped jeans that reach the ankles, and a black and red Tony Hawk tee-shirt. Chuck always carries a backpack with a cell phone, IPod touch, camera, and laptop. The cell phone is for obvious reasons. The IPod touch is for entertainment. The camera is for sightseeing and the laptop is for random things.

    Personality: Chuck is an odd combination. He is somewhat of a jock and somewhat of a nerd. That led him to be friends with a lot of people. His love for sports and love for knowledge pleases both cliques. Chuck can be an easygoing guy if you aren't totally mean to him. He also never lies. A traumatic experience in his life made him never want to lie. That experience happened at age 15. Whenever someone doesn't want to be friends with Chuck, it is ususally because he told too much of the truth and they got mad. Chuck may stretch the truth, but never lies. He would actually tell you if you had bad clothes, etc.

    Some of Chuck's fears are really high heights, drowning, bugs, darkness, stage freight, and clowns. He cannot stand any of those things, especially stage freight. Chuck hates those things very much. He will freak out when he sees or experiences one. Chuck also loves sports and music. He especially loves soccer and the guitar. But Chuck can get really tired when he plays for a long time. He also forgets long passages of music.

    History: Chuck's past is average enough. He had two parents, was an only child, loved by his family, and he loved them back. Chuck loves pokemon and did well in school. Chuck loves to play sports, especially soccer. He is a great defender. But when he reached 13, his mom died of a heart attack. Chuck was crushed since the last time he saw her, he left while he was angry. The reason that Chuck never lies is because the last thing he said to her was a lie and he didn't want that to happen to other people too. He mourned her death and still does today. Chuck learned MMA so he won't die the same way his mom did. He got his scar from MMA sparring. When he heard of Poketropolis, he hoped that it would make him feel better.

    Pokemon: Shiny Gastly(Casper)

    Gender: M

    Shadow Ball
    Dark Pulse

    Personality: Casper is a trickster, it pranks people for fun. It enjoys making people be afraid. But unlike most Gastlys, it doesn't like to hurt. It loves others' fear, but it hates others' pain. He is a playful trickstar. There is something unusual about Casper. He's shiny! His gas is neon blue and everybody stares at it in awe. It also makes a great battler. It never backs down and always obeys Chuck. Casper would give his life to save Chuck in any situation.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2011
  19. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    Can I reserve a place? I would like to be Phoenix Rising with Blitzen the Joltik/Bachuru.
  20. GoldenrodGirl

    GoldenrodGirl THE!MID!NIGHT!BEAST!

    Could I reserve a spot please? This looks awesome!

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