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Pokéventure Fun Park (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Skillfulness, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Pokéventure Fun Park (PG-13)

    Pokéventure Fun Park

    Enter at your own risk​
    ~ Sign-ups ~
    ~ Discussion ~

    It is a warm and cloudless day. The high is around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and no rain is the forecast. The day is perfect for some fun at the one year anniversary of the Pokeventure Fun Park. The tall silver gates will open at 8 in the morning and the eager visitors swarmed at the entrance 10 minutes before opening time. There is a buzz of excitement in the air as guests chat amongst each other to kill the time before being let into the park. Guards and staff stand at attention in preparation for the big event and the rides could be heard in the background going on their preliminary run. All kinds of people have come for this day from all kinds of places. Some are the rich who paid to secure a spot for publicity and others are simply lucky contest winners. Nothing brings people together like the joy of an amusement park. As the clock ticks down, anticipation builds and finally the large clock towers chimes 8. There are cheers from the throng and some shoving to get to the front of the group. Attendants start checking individuals into the park. Today will be a memorable day.

    What these people fail to know is the danger lurking beneath them. A beast below the park is disturbed. The presence of so many people angers it. It emits a low growl and shifts in frustration. Today, things will be different.


    The Players:
    Skillfulness ~ Carmen "Caramel" Frias
    Schade ~ Zackary "Zack" Lascelles
    Monster Guy ~ Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone
    VampirateMace ~ Stavros "Silver" Donovan
    .Aerodactyl. ~ Begonia "Betsy" Elizabeth Bloom
    Tangeh ~ Cael Lancaster
    Psychic ~ Patricia "Artemis/Art" Holt
    Shampoo Thief ~ Brady Bishop
    HM02gon ~ Melvin "Mel" Agate
    TheGOAT ~ Keith "Mac" McArthur


    Carmen "Caramel" Frias: Main Entrance

    So this is it, Pokéventure Fun Park, thought Carmen, standing within the crowd. The tall gates had little decorative designs of playing Pokémon on them to make it look fun and inviting. There was a smell of greasy food being cooked that made her stomach growl, despite having had breakfast at the hotel. Bluejay was perched on Carmen’s shoulder and he tugged at her hair impatiently.

    “Ow! Cut it out. The park won’t open any sooner if you-“ But she was cut off by the sound of a bell chiming. Glancing at her watch, it was in fact 8 AM on the dot and the silver gates swung open. The people let out a great cheer and began shoving each other left and right trying to get to the front. Carmen grunted as a large man nearly shoved her to the ground. She quickly took Bluejay from her shoulder and into her arms so she wouldn’t lose him.

    “Yikes, this is ridiculous!” she snapped as someone stepped on her toes. With her Minun in her arms she began to shoulder through the mass of bodies, issuing an ‘excuse me’ every few feet. She waited patiently behind a family of four before being let into the park. Once she was up, she handed over her ticket and signed waiver. Bluejay started to whine and struggle in her arms, eager to get to the rides.

    “Settle down you, uh, do you need anything else from me?” Carmen directed to the worker.

    “We just need to search your bag for any electronic devices,” the young woman smiled. Carmen gave her bag over; it only had a hairbrush, headband, trainer’s license, some snacks, hand sanitizer, a notepad with pen, a bunch of cash, over the counter pain reliever pills, and mints. She usually packed less, but her mom insisted on the snacks and hand sanitizer which took up the most space. The woman seemed satisfied with her search and returned Carmen’s black bag.

    “Please, enjoy your stay.” Carmen nodded in thanks and went through the small turnstile into the main entrance of Pokéventure Fun Park. There was a large avenue with little shops along it leading toward the center of the park. Other paths branched off of the main one and Carmen knew she would need her map as she was prone to getting lost. Screams of joy could already be heard from ride goers and music was thick in the air. The entire park felt charged with excitement.

    “Alright Bluejay, how about we see to Spinda’s Twirly Teacups first, eh?”
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2015
  2. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Zackary Lascelles
    Main Entrance
    Affected RP'ers:
    None ​

    Zack had awoken early the day of the grand anniversary. He was a bit too anxious to rest, and was excited about spending the next few days at the famous park. He had never been there before due to his busy schedule and whatnot, and the thought of actually being there seemed unreal to him, even as he laid in the bed at the hotel. therefore, he had awoken early, and took Cosmo out for a walk in the sunrise, like they sometimes used to do at home. They had walked through the shopping district, and had stopped at a cafè that opened early. For breakfast, he had eaten a small baguette, and had a large Swirlix Shake. As he wasn't the type to hasten in any situation, he had sit there, relaxing in the momentary abscence of others, as it was too early for any of the shops to open. Cosmo seemed relaxed as well, and laid next to the chair Zack sat on. They hadn't really planned the day out, but he had decided he would just stroll around the amusement park to look at the variety of attractions before attending any rides or whatnot. After all, he was there to relax, and hadn't really set as a personal goal to try every ride in the park. If anything, he kinda wanted to ride the Spinda’s Twirly Teacups with Happy.

    As the morning sun began to ascend, more and more people came out on the streets. Though it seemed to only be 3 or 4 people there, it came more people over an almost unnoticable amount of time, before the streets were fully packed. Had he doozed off? Maybe.. Wouldn't be the first time. Zack and Cosmo left the Cafè, and headed towards where most of the Mareep horde was going; to the park entrance. The crowd was worst right in front of the entrance, and it only seemed to come more and more people. Zack didn't want to get smooshed before even getting the chance to enter the park, so he decided to wait it off a short time until the crowd had disappeared into the park. He didn't really bother to be amongst the first people to get in, so he signaled Cosmo, and the two of them entered a Boutique instead, which contained some of the finest fashions from a faraway region.

    After spending a short amount of time in the Boutique, without actually buying anything. (He would instead send pictures of desired clothing to his personal assistant, Lucinda, who would use Teleport with her Beheeyem in order to quickly get to his location to make the purchases on his behalf). It seemed that the huge flock of people in front of the now opened gates had now shrunk to a size where it could actually be possible to enter the park. The enthusiasm of the place was electric, and one could not resist being smitten by the happy go-lucky atmosphere of the place. Feeling that he had all the time in the world, Zack decided the first thing they would do, was to locate the Spinda’s Twirly Teacups.
  3. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Stavros “Silver” Donovan
    Location: Main Entrance
    Pokemon: Razor (Scizor), Charlotte (Charmeleon), Quartz (Carbink*)

    Sliver scanned the crowd around him as they waited for park to open. There sure were a lot of people here today. He'd returned Razor to his pokeball, rather then risking getting separated in the crowd on the way here, but he couldn't help wondering how the overly serious bug would have reacted.

    The clock-tower struck 8, and they started admitting people into the park. Admission was easy when you had a free ticket, but security still insisted on searching his pack for electronics. Their policy was unusually strict. Were they afraid people might capture memories on their cameras, or what?

    After squeezing his way out of the crowd entering the park, he managed to find a less crowded spot. He fiddled his pokeballs. He was pretty excited to go on rides, but Razor probably wouldn't care for that. And there were too many people right now to bring out Quartz. So, Charlotte it was, “Charlotte, come on out!”

    The flame stickers on the pokeball capsule shimmered violently as he threw the ball, simulating a flickering flame. Charlotte emerged in a red stream of energy, “Charmeleon!”

    She looked every which way rapidly, looking very excited. He held up his map, “Okay, what do you say we go on some rides? Lets see. . . you could go on. . . Journey of Rayquaza. . . Chansey’s Carousel. . . that might be a good idea, not starting things too fast. You want to ride the Carousel?”

    “Char,” complained Charlotte, but Silver started off, and she could only follow him.
  4. .Aerodactyl.

    .Aerodactyl. Well-Known Member

    "Betsy" Begonia Bloom
    Location: Main Entrance

    Betsy yawned, rubbing her eyes awake and sat up in bed. She glanced over at the clock, and realized, regrettably, that she had overslept. With less than an hour until the park opened, Betsy sprang out of bed, looking for her suitcase. Instead, she saw all of her clothes strewn hal- hazardly about the room. Her suitcase, ripped open rather than unzipped, was half overturned, moving on it's own.

    "Sphynx!" Betsy moaned as she ran forward.

    The Pokemon inside responded with only a twitch of her ear, but didn't heed her trainers call. Instead, Betsy pulled the Meowth out by her tail , too much protesting. Betsy didn't have to ask what was going on, Sphynx was a master of getting out of her pokeball at will, and Betsy already knew what she was looking for: her ribbons. Betsy had sworn that she wouldn't let her spoiled feline Pokemon prance around the park with them, Betsy was embarrassed enough as it was at having even a hint of a co-ordinator past, she didn't need Sphynx flaunting it for everyone to see.

    Sphynx gave a swat at Betsy, but for once didn't use claws. Betsy unceremoniously dropped her, which got a yelp from the pokemon.

    "I said NO ribbons!" Betsy fumed, "First, you don't participate in ANY of the battles on board the ship, and now you're terrorizing my stuff?"

    "Meowth..." Sphynx cooed, prancing on all fours to Betsy's side, she began to rub against her leg, purring.

    Betsy knew immediately that she was trying to suck up. Sphynx always tried to be nice when she couldn't find what she was looking for, but Betsy also knew that the next step after this if she didn't get what she wanted would be to terrorize something. Betsy was used to it, but lately Sphynx had taken to swatting at Ijori and Kenya, which Betsy couldn't well have. With a sigh, she dug into her pockets, pulling out a contest ribbon affixed to a beautiful silk bow and kneeled down to tie it on.

    After another forty minutes of getting ready, in which Betsy took too long to find an outfit that she hoped said "I just threw this together in five minutes", Betsy was rushing to the main entrance of the gate. She heard the 8:00 chime minutes before, and knew people were already filing in. Ijori stayed peacefully asleep in his ball and Kenya, her Spearow, she had released to let her stretch her wings (something she had done on the boat ride to Hoenn from Unova frequently). This left her only Sphynx, who she carried now as she rushed into the entrance. She was embarrassingly out of breath when she got there, and was surprised to find that they were searching through her bag, taking out her c-gear and the new custom coloured pokegear she carried. She showed her ticket for the free pass, and was pointed out that she had yet to sign the waiver. Only once she had signed it, and her electronic possessions taken under promise of reclaiming once she left, was she released into the park.
  5. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone
    Main Entrance

    Leo impatiently waited in a really long line for the park to open. He had arrived early out of excitement, but if he knew he would have to be standing around bored, he would have come later. There sure were a lot of people here today, which he figured would be case considering how big the one year anniversary would be. Finally the clock struck eight, and they started to let people in. The line moved quickly considering the amount of people in it.

    Admission was easy when you had a free ticket, but security still insisted on searching his pink backpack for electronics. He left all his electronic stuff back at the hotel room. He understood the reason why they had to hold on stuff, but he was still a little worried what would happen if his mom decided to randomly call him on his pokegear, and he couldn't answer...

    He didn't dwell on that for too long. It was finally time to enter the park. After squeezing his way out of the crowd entering the park, he managed to find a less crowded spot. He opened up the map he got along with his ticket to figure out what ride to go on. First he saw the Fairy Ferris Wheel, then frowned when he saw no Pokemon were allowed on it in it's description. He figured it was probably because the cars were too small, but it was unfortunate. He thought Lucky would like to fly outside next to him, but chances are they probably wouldn't allow that. He decided he would go on that later. The next thing that caught his attention was the Furret drop. That looked exciting, and they would probably allow a Togekiss on it. After deciding on that he put the map away, took out Lucky's pokeball, and released the Pokemon inside.

    In a flash of light, the fun loving Fairy type appeared by Leo's side. Doing a twirl, and striking a pose for no reason at all. "Toge toge kiss!"

    Leo giggled, and stroked Lucky's head feathers. "Hey Lucky! You wanna have some fun?"

    The Togekiss nodded, then answered as though the answer to that question was the most obvious fact in the world. "Togekiss!"

    "Come on, let's GOOOO!" Leo pumped his fist in the air, then started off with Lucky in tow.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2015
  6. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Zackary Lascelles
    Main Entrance
    Affected RP'ers:
    None, but feel free to interact with him if you spot him ​

    The park was amazing! So far, Zack had been pushed aside 7 times, almost tripped and fell over 4 times, and he only wanted to hide in a dark corner every 20 minutes now, as opposed to all the time as he did when he first entered the park. He had called back Cosmo, and sent out Happy, who retaliated towards anyone who bumped into her by bumping into them back. They deserve it, Zack thought with a gloomy mine. But, this was no time to be anti-social. Though he didn't know anyone here, it was obvious that he was going to have some fun, at the very least. Being around Happy made it somewhat easier, as Cosmo had been just as scared as he was at first. Happy was more.. Happy.

    They eventually found the Spinda’s Twirly Teacups ride, and the line wasn't as huge as anticipated. It seemed the moving teacups hadn't been devoured by the huge horde of people yet, which made it better to stand in line for it. As it was their turn to enter, they had Blissey stand up for meassurements to make sure she could join the ride. she could, and the two of them were guided to one of the silly-looking cups. As they were seated, and the cups started moving around in a Spinda-ish fashion, Zack caught himself thinking about the fact that he got very, very dizzy in rides like these. Maybe a bit too late to be worried about that but.. Eh. Happy was living up to her name, where she was flailing her stubby arms in the air while laughing hysterically, and Zack could swear she laughed harder whenever the screams from the other cups reached them. Zack himself was just sitting there, being pushed into Happy's side by gravity as the very fast moving cups obviously tried to murder him. It was a funny contrast, seeing his gloomy and confused face next to the smiling, cheering blobby Pink Pokemon. His otherwise attractive face probably didn't look too well just about now either...
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2015
  7. .Aerodactyl.

    .Aerodactyl. Well-Known Member

    Location: Spinda's swirly teacups
    Affected: Zack

    Betsy realized once she was in the park that she had never really bothered to look up anything about the attractions. With nothing better to do, she decided to just stroll for now, waiting for something to catch her eye. Sphynx had now jumped out of her arms, sour at her for having been so roughly handled while she had been running to the main entrance. Still, at least she was totting along faithfully beside her instead of making a scene.

    She passed by something called "Furret Drop" which looked both exciting and terrifying at the same time. One look at Sphynx made her shake her head however, there was no way her pampered Meowth would go near anything that extreme. Betsy was secretly grateful, as she wasn't really sure she could handle a ride like that anyway.

    "Well, what do you want to do?" Betsy asked "This trip is supposed to be about pokemon bonding."

    Sphynx didn't give any indication of having heard her, and instead took the time to groom herself. Betsy rolled her eyes, scooped up the pokemon (which earned her a bat on the nose) and started walking towards the nearest attraction. She didn't catch the name of it, but it looked mild enough. Just a bunch of giant teacups, very lady like. Sphynx had to like this one.

    "The least you could do is try..." Betsy sighed.

    Betsy absent mindedly stroked Sphynx as they waited in line, which seemed to agree with her somewhat. She looked around at other trainers and their pokemon with mild pangs of jealousy. There was people here from every region, and so many colourful and impressive pokemon. Even some of the kids younger than her had fully evolved pokemon, and she could have sworn the 12 year old five people behind her had three badges. Betsy hadn't been able to get a single one of her pokemon to evolve, she suppose she had an excuse for the other two, having just go them, but Sphynx she had had for years. It's not like Sphynx didn't want to, Betsy was just a lousy trainer. She had gotten a trainer card, but the only battles she had managed to find were with a few sailors on the boat ride over from Unova in her off time, and those had been mixed results, as Sphynx had been less then accommodating.

    Still looking around, Betsy was surprised to notice a Blissey. Well not necessarily a rare pokemon, it wasn't common for them to be in the company of trainers. She instantly recognized the man accompanying him as Zackary Lascelles. With her mother, and now sister as models, she had endured many a conversation about fellow models. Although she had never met him, she was almost certain her sister Dianthus might have shared a modelling gig or two with the handsome young star. Betsy wasn't thrilled about the idea of hanging around with the modelling crowd, but she was curious about the Blissey. She loved normal types, and was considering jumping in line to ask him where he got her, but then they were filing in for the ride. He was lost somewhere in the crowd and Betsy ended up picking a cozy looking teacup with Sphynx near the end. A couple of kids crammed in with her, both pokemon-less, and Betsy held Sphynx tight in her arms. The ride started simply enough, with the teacups gently moving, but before long Betsy realized this was NOT the mild ride she had thought as they teacups spun faster and faster. Sphynx wailed in protest and Betsy fought to keep her in her arms while simultaneously trying not to squish the two kids on board with her. They were screaming with delight, and it took everything in her not to scream in terror. When the ride finely ended, Sphynx bolted for it, bumping right into that big pink delighted Blissey. Shaking and dizzy, Betsy emerged from her tea cup trying to stand straight while mumbling her apologies.

    "Sorry Mr. Lascelles..." Betsy stammered, her cheeks red from embarrassment as much as dizziness.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2015

    REAL DADS Shampoo Thief

    Brady Bishop
    In line for the teacups
    Affected: Whoever!

    Brady anticipated a huge crowd and long lines for the park upon its opening, so he instead decided to wait a bit for it all to die down. Reading through the rules of the park, he noticed electronic devices weren’t allowed inside. That is strange, he thought to himself. He was pretty dependant on his phone, and didn’t like the idea of not having it all day. He left it on the nightstand and left his room, headed downstairs to the exit that lead to the beach. It was about 8 AM, and right about now, thousands of people would be attempting to squeeze in through the parks entrances. He walked down to the sand and felt the warm sand between his toes. It was a bright and sunny day, and a warm breeze was blowing in off the water. He took out his Heliolisk’s pokeball, and released the pokemon. He knew Chopper would love to bask in the sun for a bit. The large lizard almost immediately spread his frills in order to catch as much sun as possible. Spitz, Brady’s Joltik, had crawled up onto Brady’s shoulder, and was excitedly hopping side to side. Brady sat down in the sand, leaning against Chopper’s side, using his frills as an umbrella from the sun. He pulled out a map of the park to see what they should check out first. Noting the limitations on some of the rides, he made a mental list of the attractions all three of them could enjoy.

    There’s Chansey’s Carousel, he thought, and Haunter’s Fun House, the Teacups, the Skylift, and.. nope that’s it for all of us. Chopper can ride with me on the Ryquaza ride, the Tree Swing, and the Mew one too.

    The more exciting rides were made for the larger sized pokemon, Brady realized. But maybe if he kept Spitz in his pocket, no one would be the wiser. He wouldn’t like being left out, he knew. After a while of beach lounging, Brady decided enough time had passed since opening that they wouldn’t have too much trouble getting in. He returned Chopper to his pokeball for the time being (much to the heliolisk’s annoyance) and headed towards the front gates.

    After getting through the entrance, he let Chopper back out. The pokemon gave him a sour look, but followed him nonetheless as they explored the park. People were everywhere, it reminded him a bit of his home city of Lumiose at lunch time. He was blown away by the diversity of pokemon that he saw. There were creatures of all shapes and sizes and types. And seeing pokemon riding on roller coasters was immensely entertaining. He couldn't help but laugh at that. He wondered if battling was allowed in the park, or maybe if there was a designated area. He would check the map later. In the meantime, he got in line for the teacup ride since it was the closest to the entrance and he knew his little Spitz would be allowed on.

    As he waited, he watched as dizzy people and pokemon exited the ride. He couldn't help but laugh a bit as a very spooked Meowth ran right into a Blissey. It was pretty clear the cat did not enjoy the ride.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2015
  9. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Zackary Lascelles
    Main Entrance
    Affected RP'ers:
    Aerodactyl ​

    That ride was not safe for work! The deathtrap had the Swirlix Shake Zack had earlier use Play Rough in his stomach. Luckily, the worst part of the ride seemed to be over, and the cute, deceiving Teacup started to slow down, moving around in a normal pace, which didn't really make matters any better. Happy seemed to be sad that the ride was closing to an end, or for the lack of screaming now. Either way, the Teacup of Doom finally stopped, and Zack had to support himself to the railing toeven stand up. His head was spinning, and his stomach was about to go all out Exploding Graveler on him. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he was slamed in the face by one of Happy's Softboiled-move. It kinda helped, and the confused, sick feeling disappeared as the egg exploded in glittery energy and sparkles. He really did have to teach Happy to use that move right. "Uhm.. Thanks" he sighed. "Bli-bli.." Happy started, before a Mewoth came flying, seemingly out of nowhere, and hit her like a bullet before being bounced off next to her feet. She stopped in her tracks, and didn't budge her head, still looking foreward in her usually cute smile, except now it just looked downright terrifying. She slowly tilt her head to look down at her feet where the Pokemon had landed, still with the creepy smile, and Zack was scared she would finally explode in some sort of rage.

    "..Ssey?" she said, staring down at the Meowth at her feet with a smile that made Zack cringe. The Meowth seemed somewhat scared as well, but that was maybe because both it and its trainer had been on the recent Teacup Massacre. The Meowths trainer came tumbeling over behind the Meowth, and seemed just as bad as Zack had been just a moment ago. "Sorry Mr. Lascelles..." she said. she looked very embarrassed and sick. She knew him? Well, he was famous, so maybe she had seen him on Tv or something. It wasn't often he got recognized in public, but he did enjoy it. "No worries, miss...?" Zack said, awaiting her name. She looked pretty cute, and the first thing he noticed was how short she was. she had brown hair, which seemed to have been in a whirlwind of disaster, which seemed reasonable enough due to the ride they both just endured. She looked fairly average, despite wearing seemingly expensive clothing. she knew fashion, and therefore, she knew Zack. Happy had picked up the Meowth, and used her Softboiled-Move again, smashing her egg in its face in order to heal it. "She, uh... Means well" Zack said before the girl started introducing herself.
  10. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Cael Lancaster
    Park Entrance -> Journey of Rayquaza

    Cael had thought that showing up at the park entrance at the time stamped on his ticket would give him plenty of time, but he found himself pushing through the crowds just to get through the gates. He and his four pokemon had already had breakfast at the hotel after getting up and getting ready, and now they all rested contently in their pokeballs, blissfully unaware of the chaos their trainer was trying to endure getting them into the park. He'd tried to fix his short blonde hair with hair gel before leaving, but he was sure it was just going to get messed up again after all of this. Oh well, heck if he was going to go preen himself instead of heading straight for the rides. He'd opted for a black t-shirt advocating the pokemon league, and jeans with deep pockets so that he could comfortably fit his wallet and room key. They had zippers as well, to ensure nothing fell out on what he hoped would be some crazy rides.

    Fortunately since he didn't bring a bag or any electronics they didn't stop him at the front gates, and he walked into an area with less of a crowd so he could release his golduck, Dover. He clicked the great ball open, and the water-type appeared. Dover looked around, then pumped a fist in the air with a "Gooool-duck!" of excitement as he realized where they were.

    "Heck yeah, buddy!" Cael cheered, then gestured him over so he could read the paper park map he'd grabbed from a lady at the entrance. "Alright, where first? ...Okay, better question, which roller coaster first?" Dover pointed enthusiastically at the Journey of Rayquaza - probably because it was the bigger one on the map. It was the park's star attraction, after all. "Perfect! Okay, we can do that together, and the other one, plus the submarine and the drop tower. I'll do the smaller rides with the other guys." Zero the glaceon was too short for the thrill rides, and he didn't think Sorrel, his mellow meganium, would be interested. His skarmory Topaz could obviously already fly, so the roller coasters wouldn't be too interesting to her anyways. As such, it worked out that he would get to spend the best parts of the day with his closest ally, Dover. "Okay, roller coaster!" Cael yelled in excitement and took off running through the crowds, Dover on his heels.

    ...Unfortunately, there was already a line when they reached the star attraction. "Aw, c'mon..." Cael complained, trying to look over the heads of other people to see how long it was. Dover stood with his arms crossed - he was hardly the most patient of pokemon, and Cael prayed he wouldn't have to ruin the day by scolding him and returning him to his ball so that they didn't get kicked out. He'd already explained the consequences to Dover, so for once the golduck stood still without much more than a sigh of annoyance.
  11. .Aerodactyl.

    .Aerodactyl. Well-Known Member

    Affected: Schade

    Zack looked just as good in person as he did on a billboard, and to Betsy's chagrin, his stylish clothes still seemed to make him look cool without making him look snobbish. Still a bit dizzy, but at no risk of throwing up, she tried to straighten up and managed to wave a blush of her face when she stumbled.

    "No worries, miss....?" Zack said but before Betsy could answer, the Blissey aimed and charged off some kind bedazzling attack at Sphynx's face. Perhaps Betsy should have been more distressed, but it was kind of satisfying to see Sphynx finally get some consequences for her snobbish demanding attitude. Besides, the Meowth didn't even look injured, in fact she looked positively healed, but thoroughly, thoroughly offended.

    With a mighty hiss she swat at the Blissey, which Betsy knew probably felt no more than a tickle since Sphynx was so weak and Blissey were so defensive. Never the less, the Meowth was dropped and Sphynx, for the first time her life, scrambled up Betsy's legs into her arms for sanctuary. Betsy was momentarily touched, before wincing in pain as Sphynx dug her claws in to assure she wouldn't be going anywhere else.

    "She uh, means well..." Zack said.

    Betsy stuttered a moment before speaking. "She's marvellous, must be really strong!"

    Indeed, for such an attack she had to be a trained pokemon. Did this model also do battles? Why was this Zackary getting cooler and cooler by the minute? Before Zack could even answer, she found herself unable to stop from asking a bombardment of questions.

    "I've seen very few trainers that have Blissey around, I mean, I assume you train her, she seem's strong... have you battled then? Where did you get her?"

    Betsy reached out a hand to touch the Blissey on the head, and only then realized she hadn't even introduced herself.

    "Um, I'm Betsy..." She hesitated, considering if she should mention her last name "...Bloom. I'm from Unova, I've seen a lot of your modelling stuff."
  12. HM02gon

    HM02gon Waiting...

    Melvin (Mel) Agate
    Location- Main Entrance

    Mel looked down at his Poke-Gear.

    “Crap, already 8:30”, he said, meaning to speak to himself but making his usual mistake of saying it out loud. He was beginning to see what looked like the park as the clouds cleared away. It would be only a few minutes now, even though he was loathing every moment of it. He decided to deny the free night in a hotel offer, since he lived about an hours flight from Route 134 and would rather not stay in some overly-swanky hotel full of intoxicated teenagers and roaming bastards. 8:34, he read his Poke-Gear again. The park was getting bigger from his perspective every minute. He could clearly see the specialized landing platform for those who choose to ride on flying Pokemon rather than take the boat.

    “Alright Tarri,” He said, rubbing the bright green dragon's neck. “Ready to take us down?”

    “Fura!,” Tarri loudly squawked in response, obviously a lot more excited than he was. He gently guided her down to the landing platform, where he quickly slid off her back and returned her to her Great Ball. He proceeded to gather his bearings. The park entrance has 2 massive metal gates with images of cute baby Pokemon playing carved in the grating. Although it was a half hour past opening, people were still swarming in. Mel decided to play it cool and follow the crowd.

    He didn't need to wait in the ticket line, because he had his VIP pass. That shed off a few (unfortunate) minutes to his wait time. As he neared closer and closer to security, the final stop before the park itself, he could hear loud, somewhat childish music playing and could smell the holy of holies- nachos. Off in the distance he heard the sounds of people and Pokemon screaming.

    He was next in line. As he handed the woman his bag full of art supplies, he asked her, “You guys got a roller coaster here?”

    “Yes”, she responded hurridly, handing him back his bag and refusing to even make eye contact. “I'll need your Poke-Gear,” she stated, pointing to the metal device on Mel's wrist.

    “Oh... okay,” He said unsurely, showing it to her.

    “Ugh, my gosh,” She moaned. “Like, I need you to take it off.”

    “Um... sure,” he said, handing her the device.

    “Gosh, does nobody read the rules around here,” she grunted to herself, taking the device and putting it in a sealed plastic bag. “And I'll need you to sign here,” she said, handing him a sheet of paper.

    Mel read over the sheet of paper. “So you guys just take all electronic devices?”

    “And you'll get them back. We are required to apprehend all devices that may disturb the complex high-tech mechanics of the rides to ensure your maximum safety here at Poke-Fun Park,” She said in a monotone, like it was a speech she had recited at least 20 times already.

    Mel shrugged, signed the papers, and handed them back to the woman, eager to leave her presence. He walked past the metal detector and was enveloped in a colorful energetic and friendly seeming new world. He watched trainers of all sorts walking around with all kinds of Pokemon. He recognized the Pokemon immediately, having completed his dex a few months back. But the trainers- he had never experienced such diversity and individuality. He was curious which ones were the contset winners and which ones were just there for fun.

    An overly-friendly looking woman in what looked like to be a flight attendant's uniform handed him a map. He opened it up, and proceeded to release Avani from her ball. She, like her trainer, was in the mood for something fast paced to start the day, and both their eyes were immediately were drawn to Journey of Rayquaza, which seemed to be the main roller coaster of the park- the kind of ride that has a 4 hour wait by noon.

    Back when he lived in Unova, his parents would take him to the amusement park in Nimbasa City. His sister, being a girl and already having hit her growth spurt, was allowed on everything, including the roller coaster. But Mel was too short and had to wait with Jessie, who couldn't ride anything either due to her health conditions.

    He didn't want to wait. He made a straight route for the roller coaster. However, it seemed that just about everyone else in the park had the same idea by the time he arrived. Row after row of trainers accompanied by their Pokemon were waiting to ride.

    Maybe this wasn't the best idea after all..., he thought to himself. But he knew that the line would just get longer, and who knew? Maybe it would go by quickly. He hopped into.line behind a tall blonde haired kid with a Golduck.
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  13. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Carmen "Caramel" Frias
    Location: Drifblim Sky Lift

    “So Bluejay, what say we go on the Drifblim ride next?” Carmen asked her Minun. He looked thoughtful for a moment then nodded in agreement. After the Spinda Teacup ride, where a couple of visitors ran into each other in dizziness, the duo crossed the main avenue of the park to play some carnival games. Carmen knew they were rigged to lose but playing them was fun nonetheless. They had passed a few other rides; the big Ferris wheel, the drop ride, and the park’s main attraction, a large suspended roller coaster, was just off in the distance. She wasn’t sure how much she would like roller coasters, but she wanted to take Sear on the other one first. From the map it looked a little tamer than the Rayquaza ride.

    “The Drifblim Sky Lift looks like it takes us close to the Mew roller coaster so I think Sear and I will ride that,” she mused out loud.

    “Mi minun,” Bluejay pouted.

    “Ah don’t worry, we’ll go on some other rides too. I just think Sear and I could use some time together too. You don’t get all my attention today,” Carmen retorted sticking her tongue out at the electric Pokémon. He returned the favor as the two entered the short line for the Drifblim Sky Lift. It looked like 3-4 people got on at a time, Drifblim were pretty stronge after all, and it was Carmen’s turn to get on after a short wait. Bluejay hopped on her shoulder to get a better view as they slowly rose in the air with the other park guests.
  14. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Zackary Lascelles
    Spindalicious TeaCups
    Affected RP'ers:
    Aerodactyl ​

    The girl seemed just as dizzy as Zack had been just moments ago, and she stugled a bit in keeping her posture as she prepared to introduce herself. She looked like she was blushing for some reason, but that might just have been his imagination. "She's marvellous, must be really strong!" the girl said, looking over at Happy, who was now standing next to Zack, staring at something with her usual smile, which now had a less eerie undertone. This girl clearly did not know much about Normal-Types, or Blisseys, at least. Everyone knew that a Blissey's physical battle capabilities were so laughable it wasn't even funny. He didn't use Happy for battles very often. And did she really think a Softboiled-Move looked like that? The egg should magically float over to the target Pokemon, healing them! Not be smashed in their face like a pie at a lame comedy show on Broadway! Well, good news for him though, as she probably didn't notice how odd-behaving Happy really was.

    He was about to open his mouth when the girl bombarded him with questions. "I've seen very few trainers that have Blissey around, I mean, I assume you train her, she seem's strong... have you battled then? Where did you get her?" So many questions at once!! This girl was so energic, it was difficult keeping up with her.. He took a deep breath before answering her questions, one at a time. "Why, yes. Blissey's are somewhat rare, at least in the Hoenn Region. I obtained her at the Kanto Safari Zone. I do not use her for battles often, and she's not as strong as she looks.". After the speech, he noticed that Happy had turned her grin towards him, with "Why have you betrayed me, master?!" written all over it. "I'm sorry, girl. That was mean." he said, placing his arm around her shoulders in an apologetic fashion. She seemed to accept his apology, and went back into staring at something no one else could see. The girl also wanted to pat Happy on her head, and proceeded to do so, to which Happy didn't even budge, or seemingly even notice.

    "Um, I'm Betsy..." The girl hesitated for some reason. "...Bloom. I'm from Unova, I've seen a lot of your modelling stuff.". Well, that explains it. Zack was well known in the Unova region, as it was his home region after all. She showed hints of blushing again, and Zack pretended not to notice. "Well, yeah. My career started in Nimbasa City, after all. In fact, I got my very first Pokemon from the city's Gym Leader, Elesa." He then proceeded to show off the Bolt Badge in his badge case. He usually didn't brag about defeating Gym Leaders, as he didn't have that many badges yet, but it worked well to prove the point.

    "So.. Bloom, was it?" Zack said thoughtfully. The name sounded familiar. "Do you have any relatives in the business?" he asked. He was sure he had heard the name before from gigs and whatnot.
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    REAL DADS Shampoo Thief

    Brady Bishop
    Driftblim Ride
    Affected: Skill

    The line for the teacups moved faster than Brady was expecting, and before he knew it he was packed into a cup with his Heliolisk at his side. Chopper looked skeptical of the ride, and was inspecting the machinery curiously as the bar was locked into place. His head darted back and forth as he sniffed the teacup in different spots. Meanwhile, his Joltik was settling into his pocket, his head sticking out to get a view. A buzzer went off, and slowly the ride began to move. They began turning, and Brady could feel himself getting pushed to the outside wall. Chopper’s head continued to dart back and forth, as if trying to keep ahead of the spinning. Eventually the ride got too fast for Chopper, and he gave up and let his body be pressed into Brady’s. It was hard to tell if he was having a good time or not, but Brady sure was! He laughed as his Heliolisk shut his eyes in defeat and leaned against him.

    The ride began slowing to a stop, and the bars lifted up to let them off. Brady and Chopper stumbled off the ride. Brady laughed again as he watched the pokemon stumble a few times as they exited.

    “Well guys,” he said to his two pokemon, “what are you feeling next?”

    Chopper gave him a side eye making it pretty clear he didn’t want another ‘thrilling’ ride. Brady looked around and saw the entrance for the Driftblim Skylift.

    “Well, how about this one? A nice, relaxing ride above the park?” His Joltik seemed excited by the idea so he made his way towards the ride, his heliolisk a few feet in tow. The short line moved quickly, and soon he found himself being lifted in the air. In the same basket with him was a hispanic girl, he guessed to be around his own age. On her shoulder sat a Minun who seemed very excited for the ride.

    “Do ya think we are making the Driftblim nervous, with all of these electric pokemon on board and all?” he said to the woman somewhat jokingly. While his Joltik was excited to be seeing the park from such great heights, his Heliolisk was more focused on the pokemon carrying them.
  16. .Aerodactyl.

    .Aerodactyl. Well-Known Member

    Betsy Bloom
    Location: Teacups
    Affected: Schade

    Betsy listened as Zack talked about his Blissey. She knew they were strong defensively, but wasn't aware that they had such low attack stats. She guessed her pokemon were just so weak and untrained in comparison, it made the Blissey seem that much stronger. None of her team had ever really fought a proper battle. Even Sphynx didn't have much experience, as her battling was all contests where her strategy was dazzle and impair her opponent. She wasn't one to get her paws dirty.

    Betsy was super impressed with the badge though, and the fact that Elesa gave him his first pokemon. Guess he wasn't just a pretty model face after all. Her mother, and even her sister, wouldn't be caught dead battling. This guy was getting cooler every minute.

    "So, Bloom was it?" Zack asked, "Do you have any relatives in the business?"

    Betsy really didn't want to talk modelling, but she just met the guy and already bombarded him. She figured it was best to be polite.

    "My mother, Rose Bloom, and my older sister, though my mother less and less these days. She's working on her own fashion line, I think she had you on a list of candidates she was considering contacting for the reveal. She's a fan of your work."

    Truth be told her mother was not only a fan, but often commented on how unfortunate it was that she hadn't had a son like him. She was sure her mom would have traded her for a strapping young male model any day.

    Sphynx, whose iron claw grip bad not slackened, was stirred suddenly by a slow rumble. Another flush of red cheeks and guilt, Betsy realized that sound was Sphynx's stomach. In her rush to get ready this morning she hadn't fed anybody. And what of her igglybuff, Ijori?

    Releasing one of her arms from Sphynx she reached for Ijori's pokeball (the feline pokemon remained fix to her upper half with her claws despite the lack of support). Letting him out in a burst of red light, the baby igglybuff was in tears before he even fully materialized.

    Betsy's spirts sank even lower. Some trainer she was... And in front of Zackary Lescelles no less. If her mother hadn't already disowned her for dropping out of school she would now.

    Scooping Ijori up in her free arm, now juggling both pokemon, she turned to Zack but didn't dare look him in the eye.

    "Do you know where to get some food here? I didn't grab a map."
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  17. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Stavros “Silver” Donovan
    Location: Main Entrance > Chansey’s Carousel > Mew's Flight
    Pokemon: Razor (Scizor), Charlotte (Charmeleon), Quartz (Carbink*)

    Silver and Charlotte wove their way through the main avenue, around the clock tower, and back to the Chansey’s Carousel, passing lots of stands and games along the way. The Carousel's happy music got louder with every step. Soon they were looking up at the massive two story ride. Charlotte grumbled and gazed off towards the Mew's Flight roller coaster. After a short wait, they were ushered onto the ride by attendants. There were saddled poekmon statues and benches painted with bright pictures of pokemon. Kids rushed for their favorite statues. Silver sat down on one of the benches and Charlotte hopped up next to him, snuggling her head into his side.

    There was click and a slight lurch, then the ride started to rotate slowly, the pokemon statues bouncing along with the tune. After the two minutes was up, they were herded off the ride, and Silevr turned to Charlotte, “See, wasn't that fun?”

    “Char,” replied Charlotte tugging on his shirt and pointing at Mew's Flight. Silver sighed, “You really want to go on the roller coasters, don't you? Let me see. . .” he consulted the map, “Yeah okay, it looks like they'll let you on that.”

    They had to backtrack a little ways along the main entrance, then take a short path to the ride. The line was pretty long, but Silver imagined the Journey of Rayquaza line was probably even longer. Silver looked down at Charlotte, “You sure you want to wait in this line? We could come back later after most people have already ridden it.”

    “Char,” insisted Charlotte, though she probably didn't understand very much of what he'd said, and was just focusing on what she wanted.
  18. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Cael Lancaster
    Journey of Rayquaza

    The line was pretty long, but to Cael's relief it definitely seemed to be moving. Fortunately this seemed to appease Dover, and the golduck kept well-behaved in anticipation of the ride. Looking to kill some time, Cael made eye contact with the guest behind him - a young man the same height as Cael with reddish-blonde hair. "Is this your first time at the park?" Cael asked to break the ice. The park was only a year old, but he'd heard it had been really popular since its opening. Surely some of the locals would come here regularly? Cael would if he had the time and the opportunity. "This is our first ride!" He grinned over at Dover, who gave a thumbs-up back at him with a webbed claw. "I'm glad they let us bring pokemon to the park, because the contest only gave me one ticket, heh." ...Actually, now that he thought about it, didn't the ticket come with a VIP pass as well? He supposed he could have gone into the shorter line, though hopefully it wouldn't be too much of a difference this early in the day.

    The line moved pretty fast, and soon Cael and Dover were near the front. They could hear the screams of terror and exultation, which served to get Cael and Dover more excited. "Golduck! Golduck!" Dover chanted.
  19. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    Artemis Holt
    Main Entrance

    Artemis squeezed her way to the front of the quick access line, peering past the park staff through the closed gates at the vibrant world before them. The long avenue of silent shops and colourful attractions reminded her of the many festivals she had attended as a Dashing Damsel, when the girls would arrive during set-up. What the park lacked a lot of the character and quaintness of those events, it made up for in extravagance and orderliness.

    As the throng of bodies pushed and shoved, she wasn't sure if keeping Dixie in her Pokeball had been the right or wrong choice. The crowd was thick with people, after all, and a Rhydon probably wouldn't have helped, but having a huge stone beast by her side would have meant a lot less elbows and shoulders in the small woman's way.

    She glanced at the map she had picked up from the hotel, again trying to decide what to ride first. Furret Drop was the closest, and had been beckoning her even from her hotel window, but Journey of Rayquaza was right next to it, and would likely get the longest lines as the day went on since it was the main attraction. Still, maybe she should ride the Drifblim Sky Lift or Fairy Ferris Wheel first to get a good look at the park so as to best decide on a plan of attack for the day. Or maybe she should hit Remoraid's River Rapid Ride so she would have the rest of the day to dry off.

    Art's train of thought was interrupted as the gates opened, and the crowd started moving forward excitedly. She presented her VIP ticket and electronics-free bag to the employee, and headed into the park amidst the chatter of park-goes. Art quickly moved away from the throng, standing next to a face-painting booth.

    "We're in the clear! Come on out, Dixie!" she cheered as the Rhyhorn emerged in a white glow.

    "Don!" the drill Pokemon cried, flinging her arms in the air. Dixie paused and looked around in wide-eyed wonder at all of the people, Pokemon, shops, games and rides. "Dooooon."

    "It sure is a lot to take in," Art replied with a laugh. "I'm trying to decide what to go on first. We should do something we can both ride together, so I'm thinking-"

    "Rhy-DON!" Dixie insisted, pointing a claw at the towering Journey of Rayquaza.

    "Good choice," said Art, smiling. She had never ridden a roller coaster before, and didn't really know what to expect, but anything involving high speeds and crazy heights was irresistible to her.

    The crowd was starting to thicken, but the ride was close enough that getting there wasn't too difficult, even with a giant Rhydon in tow. Art flashed her pass at the quick access line, and the pair cut past the long, twisting line of impatient people and Pokemon baking in the sun, winding up right at the boarding station. They would almost certainly be boarding the next ride.

    As they waited at the little gates, Art checked out their fellow passengers. There were a wide variety of reaction: smiling faces, nervous laughter, shaking hands, even one guy who looked like he was going to wet himself before he even sat down. Art noticed a pale dude with a Golduck and blond- and black-haired guy with a Swampert also preparing to board from the regular line. She leaned over the railing.

    "Hey, you guys have the quick access passes, right? You know, you didn't have to wait in that line!"
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  20. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone
    Furret Drop > Drifblim Sky Lift

    The Furret Drop wasn't far from the main entrance, and even better the line wasn't super long. Of course, it helped that he had a VIP pass to get into a shorter line. When it was finally his turn, a he sat in the seat on board the giant Furret, and buckled his seat belt, then watched a couple of the attendants strap in Lucky. Once all the other guests and Pokemon buckled in, the ride finally started. It started to rise while spinning slowly. When it finally reached the top, it suddenly fell really fast. Both Leo and Lucky enjoyed the fall, and they screamed as loudly as possible. Leo even screamed as loudly as he possibly could.

    After a few minutes, the ride finally finished, the two of them were unstraped and got off ride. "Well, that was definitely exciting! Right Lucky?"

    "Togekiss!" The Fairy type exclaimed excitedly while throwing a wing up in the air.

    "Hehe, come on. Let's go see what else there is!" They walked straight ahead to see what other rides they could go on. First, they passed by an Ice Cream stand. On a whim, Leo decided to order himself a large tub of Ice Cream that was shaped like a Vaniluxe for himself and Lucky to share. After sitting at a bench, and finishing the ice cream, they continued on their way, until Leo passed by a gift shop, and saw an adorable Sylveon plushie in the window, Leo had a large collection of Pokemon plushies at home, and Sylveon was one of the ones he was searching. He hadn't seen it in any store until now, so he knew he had to have it. After entering the shop, and buying the plush toy, the two continued on their journey. Leo carried his newly obtained Sylveon plushie in his arms.

    They then passed by an attraction called the Drifblim Sky Lift. Seeing as he had just eaten Ice Cream, it probably wasn't a good idea to go on a roller coaster and risk losing it. He figured that ride would be gentle enough, and he could probably get a good view of the park from that high up. "Welp, I've decided what I'm gonna go on next." He then pulled out Lucky's Pokeball. "Unfortunately, I gotta send you back. The others need their turn to ride on stuff too. Besides, you can already fly, so this wouldn't be much fun for you."

    With a frown on his face, the Togekiss disappeared into the ball. "Toge..."

    "Don't worry, I'll bring you back out later." The boy put Lucky's pokeball away, then took out Gummy's ball. "Alright Arthur. It's your turn to have fun!"

    In a flash of light the Gallade appeared at Leo's side, giving his trainer a salute. "Gallade."

    "I think you'll like this ride. It's not too scary." He said gently. He knew that his Gallade had been a timid little Ralts once. He tried to act brave now that he was fully evolved, but he never completely got over it. Arthur still wasn't a fan of scary things. He got into the VIP line, which barely had any people in it. He was quickly put into a car with two other people. One of them was a dark haired tanned skinned girl with a Minun sitting on her shoulder, and the other was a guy with buzzed hair, a pair of headphones around his neck, and a Helioisk by his side. With a smile on his face, Leo waved hello to the others using the arm that was carrying a Sylveon plushie. Arthur bowed and did the same. "Hehe, hey guys! Wow! These Drifblim must be really strong if they can pick up all these people and Pokemon!" He said, trying to start a conversation.
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