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Pokéventure Fun Park: Sign-ups

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Skillfulness, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Pokéventure Fun Park: Sign-ups

    CONGRATULATIONS! You have been selected to win a free ticket to Pokéventure Fun Park for our 1 year anniversary! You are one of 100 lucky persons randomly selected to attend our 1 year anniversary event. We are very excited to have you visiting us this June 15th 2015 to celebrate our opening one year ago. Included in this letter is one admission ticket for June 15th and information on our location. We hope to see you soon!

    The Pokéventure Fun Park was completed and opened one year ago, as your letter states. It was built on a small island southeast of the Hoenn region, just north of Route 134, and it was an immediate hit. They offered half price on their opening day and people from every region visited to enter the park talked so highly about. Since so few amusement parks exist in the Pokémon world, news of a new park spread like wildfire and there was an exciting gimmick to it as well. Not only were Pokémon allowed to enter the park, but there were rides and games specifically meant for trainers and their Pokémon. The park even earned an award for being the first park to create rides for Pokémon. Famous trainers, breeders, and coordinators alike gave great reviews of the park on its opening day and even some Gym Leaders took a day off to enjoy it. All in all, Pokéventure Fun Park was a revolutionary amusement park in the Pokémon world.

    There was a slight controversy surrounding it back in the days of its construction though. While it is widely known and accepted that Pokémon are used for labor, there were some accusations that Pokémon used in the construction of Pokéventure Fun Park were mistreated and overworked. The park owner, Jennifer McLean, assured people they treated their Pokémon with as much respect any other company or trainer would. Some workers were questioned and all attested to the fair treatment of their Pokémon so allegations were dropped. There were still some suspicious parties that wished to question the leading Pokémon scientist of the park, Dr. Brent Fletcher, but he also assured the Pokémon chosen for the park were well trained and their comfort was his top priority. Despite some unsupported claims, Pokéventure Fun Park is generally considered a family friendly vacation spot and is notably safe, fun, and innovative.

    On this day, you received a colorfully decorated letter from the park letting you know you’ve won a free ticket for their 1 year anniversary. It came with a map of the park, a VIP ticket that allowed quick access to rides as well as one free night at their hotel, and guidelines on which Pokémon could participate in which rides. You prepare for the journey out and plan on staying the night before the anniversary day. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make friends with other lucky winners or just enjoy a day of fun with your Pokémon. Whatever your plans were, what actually happened that day was beyond unexpected.

    Miles below the park, something sinister is stirring.


    Pokéventure Fun Park Guidelines
    Pokéventure Fun Park is an exciting experience for you and your Pokémon, but in order for everyone to stay safe and have fun we all must follow some basic rules. First: Any Pokémon not on the approved list for a ride cannot go on that ride. This is a strict policy and is for everyone’s safety. Second: If your Pokémon is behaving dangerously you will be asked to return it to its Pokéball. We may ask you to leave the park if your Pokémon is acting up enough to cause safety concerns. We do not wish to prevent anyone from enjoying themselves, so we ask that you bring Pokémon you have trained well and are comfortable taking public places with many people. We would also ask that you only have one Pokémon out at a time to avoid crowding the park. Third: Electronic devices must be checked in upon entry to the park. If any are found on your person in the park you will be escorted out. Some rides are electronically fragile and others depend on trained Pokémon to operate that are sensitive to manmade electronic devices so we ask that all attendees leave their electronics at the entrance. Devices will be taken care of and we apologize for an inconvenience this creates. Fortunately, electric Pokémon are still welcome at our park, only manmade devices will interfere with some rides. Finally, we ask that you sign a waiver affirming that we cannot be responsible for the safety of your or your Pokémon while at our park.

    Pokéventure Fun Park Map
    *To see a list of Pokemon body types, visit this website

    Journey of Rayquaza: An exciting roller-coaster that lets you soar through the air like the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza with your Pokémon. Thrilling drops with twists and turns all around; our prized ride.
    Accepted Pokémon: Pokémon between 3 feet and 7.5 feet and 20 to 400 pounds with the following body types; consisting of a head and base, bipedal tailed form, consisting of head and legs, quadrupedal bodies, with a single pair of wings, bipedal without tails, with multiple pairs of wings, and those with insectoid bodies.

    Chansey’s Carousel: A variety of Pokémon themed seats populate our gentle, two-story carousel. A good way to wind down after a day full of incredible rides.
    Accepted Pokémon: All Pokémon under 10 feet are allowed. There are seats available for every type of Pokémon.

    Secret Submarine Adventure: A fun underwater ride where your Pokémon swims along your side to explore fantastic scenes of ancient temples and exotic Pokémon species. Pretend to be a member of Team Aqua in replica subs!
    Accepted Pokémon: Only water type Pokémon smaller than 300 pounds and 6 feet are allowed. Glass prevents them from injuring themselves on the accessories of the ride.

    Haunter’s Fun House: Be prepared to be spooked. Haunter will take you through his fun house with scares around every bend. Lights will go out, baddies will jump at you; you and your Pokémon will be at Haunter’s will.
    Accepted Pokémon: No psychic types allowed. Any Pokémon under 300 pounds and 7 feet is allowed.

    Spinda’s Twirly Teacups: Get your spin on! Sit down in a teacup with your friends and spin spin spin! Try to hold it in as you get dizzier than a Spinda on this fun ride.
    Accepted Pokémon: Any Pokémon under 10 feet, any weight is allowed. Teacups can accommodate all types and all weights, but there is a size limit.

    Drifblim Sky Lift: Enjoy a relaxing balloon ride by our majestic Drifblim, trained to provide a safe and comfortable voyage across the park. Hop aboard and sit back while you are carried through the sky.
    Accepted Pokémon: Any Pokémon below 200 pounds is allowed. Any Pokémon type is allowed.

    Bumper Boulders: Hop into a bumper car shaped as your favorite rock or ground type Pokémon to bounce and crash into your friends! A classic amusement park ride.
    Accepted Pokémon: No Pokémon are allowed on this ride.

    Fairy Ferris Wheel: A large ferris wheel with an incredible view of the park. The large wheel takes you high in the sky to give you a sense of awe and amazement.
    Accepted Pokémon: No Pokémon are allowed on this ride.

    Big Tree Swing: The mythical tree of life sits at the center of our park and has been turned into a fun swing ride! The braches spin round to take you in the air at high speeds for a thrilling ride.
    Accepted Pokémon: Any Pokémon between 3 and 7 feet and 20 and 200 pounds is allowed with the following body types; consisting of a head and base, bipedal tailed form, consisting of head and legs, quadrupedal bodies, with a single pair of wings, bipedal without tails, with multiple pairs of wings, and those with insectoid bodies.

    Furret Drop: Known for being quite lengthy Pokemon, we have modeled this ride after a staff favorite. This 100 foot tower takes you high in the air only to be dropped into an exciting freefall that will surely make you scream. Hope you can hold down your lunch!
    Accepted Pokémon: Pokémon between 4 feet and 7.5 feet and 50 to 250 pounds with the following body types; consisting of a head and base, bipedal tailed form, consisting of head and legs, quadrupedal bodies, with a single pair of wings, bipedal without tails, with multiple pairs of wings, and those with insectoid bodies.

    Mew’s Flight: One of the rarest Pokémon, considered merely a myth by some, has become a legend at the park. Ride this rollercoaster with the floating legendary as it takes you through crazy corkscrews and loops that will leave you wanting more.
    Accepted Pokémon: Pokémon between 3 feet and 7.5 feet and 20 to 400 pounds with the following body types; consisting of a head and base, bipedal tailed form, consisting of head and legs, quadrupedal bodies, with a single pair of wings, bipedal without tails, with multiple pairs of wings, and those with insectoid bodies.

    Fun carnival games and food stalls can also be found throughout the park so make sure to visit every corner!

    (Any suggested rides will be considered by the GM)


    Ok phew that was lengthy. Sorry for any typos, I tend to miss those, but there shouldn't be too many. So yeah, your character is a lucky winner and you get to go to an amusement park for free, yay! Unfortunately, on the day you visit something goes horribly wrong and things will start to get interesting. Anyway, let's get these sign-ups started!

    But first, some RPG rules!
    1. Just follow the Serebii RPG rules and we shouldn’t have any problems
    2. Have fun! It’s always a goal of my RPGs to make sure everyone is actually enjoying themselves, so do me a solid and have a blast!

    SU Form
    Name: Simple enough, brownie points if you have a clever nickname

    Age: Between 18-65 please, you are a contest winner and have to be an adult

    Gender: Yeah that one

    Appearance: A couple paragraphs giving a physical and material description, like your characters body and then clothes and accessories

    Personality: Again, a couple paragraphs depicting how your character acts, play psychiatrist with them for a bit

    History: Finally, couple paragraphs on what your character went through before getting where they are today

    Other: Bluh

    Pokemon (up to six)
    Species: You know this

    Gender: Again, duh

    Nickname: Not needed, but prevents confusion

    Personality: Quick blurb, doesn’t have to be as much as your character

    History: Again, probably won’t be as long as your characters

    Appearance: Only if anything stands out about them

    Other: Bluh

    Writing Sample: This is just a little intro to your character as they arrive at the hotel on the island of Pokeventure Fun Park. I’d like to make sure you have quality writing that will carry our group to possibly see the end of the RPG. Doesn’t have to be long, I’ll have mine up as a sample, though it is a little lengthy. I don't expect as much from you guys, no worries.


    Name: Carmen “Caramel” Frias

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Carmen is a Hispanic female with a nickname appropriate to her skin tone. While incredibly dark, she has skin bronze enough to set her apart as a minority. She is not very tall, simply 5'4'', and weights around 120lbs. Her hair is a natural, warm shade of black and it is incredibly thick. Still, it stays mostly straight and has a soft texture. Regarding length, it is short, but not pixie cut short. The longest strands of hair just barely brush her shoulder and she has straight bangs across her forhead. Her hair frames her almond shaped face and nearly perfect complexion. Acne from teenage years has scarred her face only slightly, but it’s only noticeable in the right light. She has emerald green eyes, inherited from her mother, and a small button nose. Her lips are also small relative to her mouth and her smiles always start as a smirk to the left side of her face. Her overall build is nothing too muscular, but she does work out from time to time.

    Carmen prefers to wear what’s comfortable. For her, that’s a pair of sneakers, jeans, and a top long enough to cover her belly. Generally, she has scruffy hand-me-down clothes, but she doesn’t mind them being used as long as they’re comfy. For her trip to Pokeventure Fun Park, she will be wearing a worn pair of dark, flair cut blue jeans and her favorite pair of grey sneakers. Her top is a dark red, sleeveless piece. It has a very slight v-neck with some rope threaded between the two sides (eh, fashion?). She also brought a black jacket with hood and many deep pockets in case it becomes cold. Concerning accessories, she has a simple black purse with some necessities and a cute blue and white checkered headband in case she feels like it's a headband kind of day. She always wears a small golden cross necklace, a green, purple, and brown friendship bracelet made for her by her younger sister on her right wrist, and a black analog watch from her younger twin siblings on her left wrist.

    Personality: Carmen is a sassy individual. Before she even gets to know people she is being sarcastic. She still doesn’t like making a bad impression though, deep down she is a people pleaser and only wants to see others happy. Since she’s used to sacrificing her own comfort for family, she will do the same for strangers to make them feel cared for. Someday, she will make a great mother, but until then, she’s still a troublemaker and a partier. Being a middle child showed her the mistakes her older siblings made, such as drugs and alcohol, but she also felt neglected leading her to attend questionable parties and often push the limits of how much trouble she could get into.

    Her rebelliousness doesn’t make Carmen do dumb things though. Sure she gets in trouble, but she enjoys finding her way out of it and rarely gets caught. This is in part thanks to the many friends she makes. Since Carmen is always willing to help out others, she gets on a lot of peoples’ good side. Although, this has led her to help out some people with more sinister purposes and her trust in others is very minimal. Still, she grew up in a family where faith is important so she tries to live in a way that would please God.

    To sum up, Carmen likes to help others and will whenever she can, to a fault. Helping others has gotten her in tight spots so trust is something she struggles with. She also spends time around people whose morals she may not agree with, but it gives her a thrill to be out doing things she would be busted for doing if her mom found out. She will only feel guilty when she gets caught though, a trait she feels ashamed of but cannot change about herself. But, quick and resourceful, she is far from the day when she has to worry about the consequences of her actions, at least that’s what she hopes.

    History: Carmen grew up in a home with 4 older siblings and 3 younger ones. Her mother, Marth, stayed at home and ran a bakery in Azalea town while her father, Vincent, traveled a lot, working for a technology company called Embedded Tech. While her mother had to bustle about taking care of 8 children and running a shop, Carmen would wander the streets and make friends with other kids her age. Some of these kids talked about an underground Pokemon battle arena where they made some extra money helping out the trainers. A young Carmen, then around 7 years old, eagerly attended one of the fights.

    After watching intense Pokemon battles, way past her bedtime, Carmen decided she wanted to grow up to do the same. Each night there was a battle she would go to help the trainers in any way she could, money notwithstanding, and made a name for herself in the underground battle ring. “Caramel, the little sprout hoping to grow into a Vilplume someday,” was how they talked about her. Friends came and went, each having their impact on Carmen’s personality. She distrusted those who condemned her for her supporting illegal fights because they did not accept her for who she was. Amazingly, her siblings seemed to care little about her life, but her father supported her every step. He found out about the fights one night when she came home late, but simply told her to be careful not only for her sake, but for her family and Pokémon. He even promised not to tell mom. Carmen decided then to always live by her morals and not let circumstances change them.

    At 14, she began participating in the fights. She often had to sneak away from her fawning little siblings to keep them safe, but it didn’t stop her from training and solidifying her name in the underground Pokémon fighting rings. Older fighters remembered the “little sprout” and many desired to see her succeed. Carmen got a lot of advice on how to beat opponents and bet train her Pokémon, but every now and again she made an enemy. It happened often enough to decide a secret identity was in order, not uncommon for the kind of folk she spent time with. She called herself The Vile Mistress and was very careful to keep her family uninvolved. Her mother was so busy and she had more than enough siblings to offer help around the house. Slowly she rose in fame and became well-known in the underground fights. Today, she participates in tournaments around the world, keeping it under wraps in front of her entire family, minus her father. The way she sees it, this is her career and it supports itself so her family has nothing to worry about, though she is away from home as often as her father now. Her free ticket to the Pokeventure Fun Park was unexpected, but by no means unwelcome.

    Other: Even though she insists her nickname annoys her, she enjoys being called Caramel by her friends. Her birthday is the day after the 1 year anniversary so she considers the trip an early birthday present. Her siblings are (in order youngest to oldest) Vanessa and Joseph (twins), Camila, Carmen, Mia, Samuel, Benji and Luis and she knows all their birthdays, gets them a gift every year. Her favorite color is green, she loves to wear headbands, and her favorite drink is cream soda. Despite being Hispanic, she knows almost no Spanish.

    Species: Arcanine

    Gender: Female

    Nickname: Sear

    Personality: Sear is a spunky girl, similar to her trainer. The two sass each other to no end. Sear has a bit more showoff bravado though and this gets her in over her head quite often, only to be bailed out by her team. She never lets it get to her though; the only thing that really brings her down is when she fails someone in need be it teammate or stranger. It’s a trait she picked up from her trainer. Sear is cocky but cool, always enjoying herself and always on guard for trouble.

    History: Sear was the first Pokemon Carmen owned. When she saved up enough money for a Pokeball, she knew exactly what kind of Pokemon she wanted and so Sear was caught when she strayed from the pack. At first she was bitter about being captured, but she enjoyed Carmen’s enthusiasm, sassiness, and desire to help others so she warmed up to her quickly. Together, they have won many underground battles and she eventually evolved through all the training they went through. These two are closest of all the team.

    Appearance: Sear has a few battle scars mainly along her legs. There is one large patch of furless skin on her back right leg. She also wears a maroon bandana around her neck when in the ring and a blue crystal necklace outside of battle, a present bought for her on her first big win.

    Other: Moves~ Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Flame Burst, and Crunch

    Species: Minun

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: Bluejay

    Personality: Bluejay is the biggest troublemaker on the team. He is constantly pulling pranks on friend and foe alike. He has as much energy as all Carmen’s younger siblings combined and just loves teasing people and Pokémon bigger than him. He never learns his lesson from pestering others so much, but he is fiercely loyal to Carmen and whomever she makes friends with. He is distrusting like his trainer, but playful and often helps lighten the mood in serious situations. He does not enjoy others being upset so he does his best to comfort others, which he does with mischief whenever possible.

    History: Bluejay once belonged to a bratty rich boy and he was poked and prodded by his owner until he became bored and threw Bluejay away. The boy’s parents simply released young Bluejay back to the wild where he nearly died, chased down by a pack of Mightyena. Weak and injured, he fell into a river and floated a ways before Carmen found him. She brought him back to health and he was immediately fond of her, though not fond of the underground battles. He kind of became a mascot for the team, cheering on his players and jeering and taunting their opponents.

    Appearance: Bluejay has slightly darker yellow fur than the average Minun and also wears a maroon bandana when at underground battles, usually as many bandanas as he can wear actually.

    Other: Moves~ Quick Attack, Electro Ball, Swift, and Thunder Wave

    Species: Noivern

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: Babel

    Personality: Noivern is a business type, always on an agenda and making sure things get done. He is the most responsible on the team and also the biggest softie. For as big and stern as he makes himself out to be, he will often let things slide, such as the illegal fights Carmen gets into. He is the protective type, attempting to prevent too much trouble from happening, but will never fail to bail the team out once they get in over their heads. Though he appears standoffish, he simply worries about hurting those close to him and opens up after tugging on his heartstrings a little.

    History: Babel was a gift from Carmen’s father. He received him on a work trip off in Kalos and trained him as a Noibat for a short time before gifting him to Carmen. As much as she appreciated the gift, Carmen didn’t want much to do with a stuck up bat Pokemon she was pretty sure her father only gave her to keep an eye on her. Babel was persistent though and showed his care for Carmen and the team so she eventually grew to genuinely like him. After a while he even participated in a few battles, despite his dislike of them. He evolved during one fight and with his new, underestimated strength, nearly destroyed his opponent. Since then, he will not fight any opponent smaller than him and is incredibly cautious around young people and Pokémon.

    Appearance: His nose and claws are a slightly deeper red to nearly match the maroon theme of Carmen’s team. Purely a coincidence, but one Carmen was very excited about. His bandana is usually worn on his ankle.

    Other: Moves~ Razor Wind, Boomburst, Dragon Pulse, and Hurricane

    Writing Sample: Bable the Noivern began to descend at Carmen’s prompting. The island was just under a mile away now and their destination stood like a beacon on the island. The hotel was close to the park, a short bus ride away, and it was about 5 stories tall according to the park information. It wasn’t the most noticeable aspect of the park, but at least she could tell where she was supposed to go. The directions were simple to follow once she arrived in Hoenn and Babel was more than happy to make the flight out to the island even though there was a ferry, courtesy of the park, able to take visitors to and from it.

    Since getting the letter with her free ticket, Carmen had looked forward to the trip greatly. She didn’t realize how much she wanted a vacation from work, but when she got the letter, her father suggested she take the rare opportunity. ‘There’s only going to be one first anniversary chica, better go while you can!’ She had laughed with him, and then started clearing her calendar. The toughest part about deciding to go was choosing who got to come with. Sure she could have brought a whole party, but she felt it rude to crowd the park during a special event and she was already a special guest so she didn’t want to impose.

    “I get my politeness from mom,” she muttered to herself. Babel prepared to land in a small field next to the hotel they were being directed to by a staff member down below. He swooped in circles until they finally touched down. Carmen took her flying goggles off as the staff member approached.

    “Thank you for visiting the Pokéventure Fun Park Island. We can tend to your flying Pokémon if you wish it and you can retrieve them at a later time,” the attendant said with a smile.

    “Uh, no thank you, I can take care of him, but thanks for the offer,” Carmen replied politely.

    “Of course, that’s quite alright. You can get to the entrance of the Pokéventure Fun Park Hotel this way ma’am.” He gestured toward the side of the building and gave a small bow. Carmen gave a quick smile and nod before returning Babel to his Pokéball. She walked around the building to the main entrance of the hotel. The main lobby was large and extravagant without looking too expensive or fancy to alienate visitors. A large fountain with water type Pokémon statues in it sat in the middle of the lobby with the reception desk a ways to the right. Rooms radiated from the center where there was purely open space all the way to the ceiling with a skylight. There was a creamy, aqua color scheme to the place that made it feel roomy and inviting.

    “So, I apparently have a free night here,” Carmen said to the receptionist questioningly, holding out her letter. The mousy looking girl took the envelope with a professional smile and began looking it over.

    “Apparently you do,” she smiled. Carmen glanced at the girls nametag, it read ‘Sophia’. “Congratulations on winning a free admission for the 1 year anniversary. Your room number is 208. Call the desk if you have any questions and please enjoy your stay.”

    “I will, thank you,” Carmen responded as she strode away toward the staircase. Up the flight of stairs and four rooms to the right was room 208. She swiped her key card and entered the small, cozy living quarter. It had an outdoor balcony and mini fridge, she noted first, along with a queen sized bed and bathroom with tub and shower. Carmen flopped down on the bed and heaved a sigh. Her body began to relax as she embraced the vacation experience.

    Skillfulness ~ Carmen "Caramel" Frias
    Schade ~ Zackary "Zack" Lascelles
    Monster Guy ~ Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone
    VampirateMace ~ Stavros "Silver" Donovan
    .Aerodactyl. ~ Begonia "Betsy" Elizabeth Bloom
    Tangeh ~ Cael Lancaster
    Psychic ~ Patricia "Artemis/Art" Holt
    Shampoo Thief ~ Brady Bishop
    HM02gon ~ Melvin "Mel" Agate
    TheGOAT ~ Keith "Mac" McArthur


    explorer of sky
    Cobalt XIV
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2015
  2. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    I have a huge weakness for theme parks. This sounds interesting - I would love to make a reservation if you take those!

  3. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Reservations are indeed an option, it was just a little late when I posted it last night and forgot to include all that stuff. You are reserved.
  4. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Hmm. . . I think I'd like to play as well.
  5. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    You got yourself a reservation. Reserved.
  6. TheGOAT

    TheGOAT Mac-Daddy

    Reservation please :)
  7. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    WIP here. This sounds exciting!

    Name: Zackary "Zack" Lascelles
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Zackary is a tall and elegant young man, though he appear taller at times due to his posture. He have a slim figure, despite being fairly fit in general, due to him working out quite a lot in order to look his best. His skin is fair, and is mostly pale with a slight tan, as he doesn't get that lovely Miami-Tan when outside, but rather the color of a grumpy Darmanitan in a rainstorm, due to being pretty sensitive to sunlight. His eyes are calm and collected, and there is little to no sign of emotion in their icy blue color. He has medium long, dark brown hair, which he keeps in a fashionable style at all times. His eyebrows are curved in a way that gives Zack a flirty and serious look on his face at most times. Many people would consider Zack to be very pretty, and he is well aware of that.

    Growing up in one of the more fashionable cities in both Kalos and Unova, Zack has developed a good taste in fine clothing. He has a special discount in all the boutiques there, and he uses it well. His style consists of mostly elegant designer clothing in dark colors. His regular outfit consists of a long-sleeved magenta-colored shirt which he keeps unbuttoned at top which reveals his chest and necklace, and a pair of slim, dark blue designer jeans. He also wears a pair of matching black formal shoes. His overall outfits are anonymous and elegant, as he gets to try out the newest of the newest fashions in Kalos. He also wear jewlery like rings and bracelets etc. He has a simple black leather bracelet and a silver ring on his right hand, as well as a couple of earrings. He Also has a matching silver necklace with a Key Stone charm.

    Personality: It isn't that difficult to determine what kind of character Zack is. Being the son of two rich parents does have a somewhat effect on your character. He has been nurtured and spoiled during his entire childhood, though his parents were strict in letting him know that nothing is free, and that you have to work for pretty much everything in life. He is a suprisingly reasonable person that takes nothing for granted. He enjoys the finer things in life, and is not satisfied unless he gets the best of the best quality. He enjoys being the center of attention, though he doesn't crave it. He's a social butterfly that can almost always be found at the hottest parties with the hottest celebrities in the hottest cities in the hottest regions. More or less everyone in the fashion world knows who he is, and he enjoys taking advantage of that. In social settings, he's a flirty individual that can talk his way into anyones arms. He's not that into relationships though, and usually just enjoy the chase. Despite being an intelligent guy, Zack sometimes acts dumb around others, just for fun. The fun part comes when they believe he is just another dumb, spoiled Rich Boy, and he proves them wrong by showing off his intellect.

    He is a fan of everything black and dark, not too evident by his appearance, as he usually keeps it to himself. He enjoys the dark and often take strolls at night if he's not at the latest happening. This applies to dark colors, gothic clothing etc. He also have a more matching aspect to his persona to reflect this. He has a generally cold attitude towards most things, and he does have a dark sense of humor. He can come across as a selfish, arrogant, emotionless d!ck to others. He's the kind of guy that would ominously laugh for himself if someone trips, gets a flower pot in their head from above, or if anyone falls down the stairs. He also have a habit of being a little too ironic and cynical at times, mostly when people annoy him. . Despite having it all, He has a rather grim outlook on life for reasons unknown, even to him. He is also known to have a rather short temper at times, snapping at people with no warning if they do something not acceptable (by his standards). Despite sometimes being an overall creepy character, He is a pretty nice guy once you get to know him. He cares deeply for his friends and Pokemon, and is a very reliable character.

    History: Zackary was born in Nimbasa City in the Unova Region, and lived there during his earliest years with his wealthy parents. His mother is a famous reporter, and his father is a very successful businessman. Despite having it all, his parents were strict in his upbringing, always teaching him how to behave, and about values in life. The last thing his parents wanted, was a good-for-nothing spoiled rich brat for a son, as he already had a few cousins who were like that. They had him enroll at public schools, and even though they weren't around much, they always made sure to have several family vacations throughout the ear to compensate for that. He would often help the housemaids in their work, folding clothes, cleaning, cooking etc. Though it wasn't his favorite things to do, he knew that he learned from it, and that made it good enough to him. Money was never an issue, and he couldn't hear enough of the importance of hard work. Due to this upbringing, Zack grew up to be a rather closed up child, rarely expressing his feelings to anyone; even his parents. This paid off though, as he always managed to get above average results in his schoolwork, despite not having many friends.

    In his sparetime, Zack would always head over to the Nimbasa City amusement park, and watch gym battles with the city's Gym Leader, Elesa. She was his biggest idol growing up, and he wanted to be just like her! Luckily for him, his father had some contacts, which had some contacts, which had some contacts, which managed to get him modeling within the gyn, under the supervision of Elesa herself. Zack was in seventh heaven! He quickly discovered that modeling was something he really enjoyed doing, and had a growing talent for. Although his parents weren't too excited about his choice in hobby, they let it be, since it gave him something to do while they were traveling for work. Zack aspired as a model throughout the years, and when he was 15, his fathers work required the family moving to the Kalos region, so that he didn't have to travel so much. Luckily for him, his experience had gained him quite the reputation, and Elesa managed to score him a contract over there as well; he would be the front figure of the Lumiose Boutique Coture's new lines of clothing, which fit him good, considering his family was going to move there anyway. As a parting gift, Elesa gifted Zack with an Eevee, which would be his first Pokemon, and lifelong friend on his journeys.

    Over in Kalos, everything went as smooth as one would expect. his family were working more or less non-stop, and Zack had learned that he didn't really need them in order to get around in his job as a model. They were proud that he had managed to get an honest job, and that he was more than capable enough to fend for himself, although they were also struck by guilt that they were so harsh on him in his earlier years. At this point, he had managed to forge quite the social life, and had made his name well known in the Kalos fashion world, working with stars such as Valerie of Laverre gym, and the movie Star, Diantha. He had also met and caught several Pokemon, which he now considered his best and closest friends, as he still have some issues with opening up to other people. His free ticket to the Pokeventure Fun Park wasn't to be expected, but who was he to say no to such an opportunity?

    - He catches all his Pokemon in Luxury Balls.

    Nickname: Cosmo
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Cosmo is a relatively calm and collected Pokemon. He is loyal to Zack, and the two of them share a deep friendship, since he was Zacks very first Pokemon. He doesn't like to battle that much, and enjoys staying on the sideline.
    History: Cosmo was retrieved by Zack as a gift after one of his first jobs in Unova. He evolved to Umbreon after a battle during one of Zacks strolls at night.
    Appearance: N/A
    Other: N/A

    Nickname: Azoth
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Azoth is a mean and vicious Pokemon that loves to show off his strength in battles. He is manipulative, and use his strong Hypnosis to trick, manipulate and defeat opponents. He is loyal to Zack, and shows him a different side, which is more caring, both towards him and his Pokemon. Azoth is not above bullying weaker Pokemon, and openly torment and taunt them as he sees fit.
    History: Azoth was the first Pokemon Zack caught in Kalos. As an Inkay, he wan't as vicious, and had a more mischievous trait that disappeared upon evolution
    Appearance: N/A
    Other: N/A

    Nickname: Jace
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Jace is a proud Pokemon, and an excellent fighter. He takes great pride in his own strength, and is considered Zacks main battler. He is extremely loyal to Zack, and value their companionship. He has a weak spot for beautiful women though, and have a bad habit of going easy on female Pokemon sometimes. He also has a strong sense of justice, always helping out the weaker, be it Pokemon or people.
    History: Zack retrieved Jace as a Ralts from the Kalos television star, Diantha after doing a cameo in one of her movies.
    Appearance: Jace is a shiny
    Other: Jace holds a Galladite, and has the hidden ability of Justified

    Nickname: Happy
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Despite her name, Happy is somewhat of a sociopath, taking great pleasure in the misfortune of others. She can come across as crazy at times, and is extremely oblivious to it, always maintaining her happy go-lucky grin. She cares deeply for Zack. Despite her psychotic traits, Happy takes great care of both Zack and the rest of his Pokemon, always making sure they are healthy. She also sometimes prank people by using her Present-Attack.
    History: As a Chansey, Happy was met in the Kanto Safari Zone during one of Zacks vacations. The Pokemon got his attention by gently throwing rocks at him, teasing him until he made it his personal goal in life to hunt down the creepy blob and catch her.
    Appearance: N/A
    Other: N/A

    The sun was shining, and like all proper, sane human beings, Zack was spending the afternoon on deck, although under a huge umbrella. He didn't want to burn into a crisp, after all. Cosmo was out of his Pokeball, laying on his back in the sun, with his legs in the air. every now and then, his legs were flailing around, as if he was running, or in a Pokemon battle. It was somewhat extremely adorable to watch! Zack himself was reading a book on Mega evolution. He had managed to mega evolve Jace a couple times, but it always proved to be difficult in the long run.

    A sudden noise brought him out of his concentration, and he looked up only to see Happy running after Jace, holding a white box with a red wrapping. "Happy, cut that out!" he shouted, as the Blissey released her Present-attack, which blew up in Jaces face, as it seemed to always do. One couldn't really figure out if Happy's intentions were good, or if she was just crazy. Either way, she had an adorable smile on her face, laughing innocently at Jace, who sat down next to Zack, looking tired. "You have to stop doing that all the time, Happy!" Zack said with a sigh. This wasn't the first time the blob of happiness had used her moves for evil deeds, but she always somehow managed to get away with it. She walked over to Jace, and took out the egg in her pouch, slapping Jace in his face with it. somehow, that seemed to heal him. Zack was no Pokemon Master, but he was pretty sure the Softboiled-Move didn't work like that.

    Having arrived to the park, Zack was escorted to the hotel he would be staying in by a cab waiting for him. the hotel was a pretty luxurious one, and he knew he would enjoy his one free stay here, although he might just expand his stay. Cosmo was eager to get to the room, which ironically was room number 666. Once they got to the room, the Moonlight-Pokemon jumped unto the huge bed and laid down to rest. Zack spent the next hours unloading his massive luggage; "one could never travel without bringing the whole wardrobe and more. Besides, walking around in the newest trends would increase sales harshly!", his manager had said.
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    TheGOAT you are reserved and Schade, so far so good (although you have some grammar mistakes to work out), pending. Just let me know when it's finished.
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    If you can point out the grammatical errors to me in a PM, I can look them over tomorrow
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  11. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Name: Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male


    Appearance: Leo is a tall young man, standing at 6'0". He is physically fit and quite strong, with a toned athletic physique that he is quite proud of. Due to living in a tropical place most of his life, and because he often goes outdoors, his skin is lightly tanned. His face is round, free of blemishes, and rather boyish. Marked by large expressive blue eyes, a small nose, and a usually smiling mouth. These features give him a rather youthful appearance. He has short, close cropped black hair, with messy bangs that cover his forehead, and go to his eyebrows. A strand of hair on top of his head always stands up, no matter how much he tries to comb it down. Except for the top of his head, and eyebrows, the rest of his upper body is void of any hair.

    For clothing, Leo generally wears what is comfortable. Usually whatever he pulls out of his closet that day. It usually includes a pair of jeans or cargo shorts, and sneakers or sandals on his feet. He can often be found without a shirt. This is because he was rather scrawny when he was younger, so now that he's put on a little muscle, he likes to show off the results. When he must wear a shirt, it will usually be a skintight tank top, or something low cut/not buttoned/zipped up all the way, and without a shirt underneath. He's not comfortable wearing cloaks or heavy clothing that covers him up too much. He will dress up for formal occasions and colder days when he needs to, but he usually takes it right off when he's able. He wears a pair of aviator goggles on top of his head. He doesn't use them, he just thinks they look cool. His favorite outfit is a red, form fitting tank top, with black stripes on the sides, and a zipper down the front on the top, and a pair of jeans held up by a belt on the bottom. His sneakers are red and black, and have wheels in the soles. The wheels can pop in and out when Leo puts weight on his heels, allowing them to function like roller skates. He carries his things in a simple pink backpack. He also has a Mega Bracelet around his wrist.

    Personality: Leo is a bright, cheerful person, with an optimistic view on life. He can often be found with a smile on his face, even when things look bleak. As such, he often makes jokes, and does silly things when the situation is tense to lift people's spirits, but his attempts to make people laugh sometimes backfire. He believes there is some good in everyone, and for that, he is very trusting of others. A genuine nice guy, he is always willing to help someone in need. Often putting the needs of others ahead of his own. Sometimes though, he can be too nice, to the point of gullibility, and people often take advantage of him for it. Leo is very outgoing and social. He likes meeting new people, and making new friends. He is not afraid to strike up a conversation with a random stranger. Being used to having to watch over his little sisters, he's become accustomed to taking care of people. He is loyal, empathetic, and very protective of those he cares about, making him a good friend to have.

    Leo is very energetic. So much so, that it is very difficult for him to sit still and concentrate on one thing for long periods of time. Because of this, he likes to actually do stuff, instead of sitting there reading about it. While he is able to think quick on his feet during intense situations. he often acts impulsively, and jumps to conclusions without thinking first. Unlike a lot of guys he's known, Leo is the type of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. His feelings are there for everyone to see, and he's pretty easy to read. For example he cries openly during the endings of sad movies, and is affectionate towards close friends. Due to his cheerful nature, it is usually difficult to anger him. Leo's the type that wears a happy mask to hide his pain, not wanting to burden others with his problems. When something annoys him, he tends to keep it to himself, so when things become too much, he has really bad angry outbursts where he just lashes out at the most appropriate target. That said, Leo isn't one to hold grudges for very long, and is very quick to forgive people.

    Leo has an affinity for cute things, and is not ashamed about it at all. One of his favorite things at the moment is the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which he watches regularly with his youngest sister. He is an unabashed Brony, he has a collection of merchandise from the show, and often makes references to it in everyday conversation. He's aware how silly it might look for someone his age to be liking a show aimed at little girls, and generally he has a good sense of humor about the whole thing. (However, he does get defensive if someone makes fun of him for it.) He's had bad experiences with bullies as a kid, and he fears having to experience that again. He likes fantasy and fairy tales, and he developed most of his idealistic beliefs from them. He also likes other things some would consider childish as well. He can cook well, due to having to make dinner for the family when his mom was working. He particularly enjoys making (and eating) desserts, though he keeps it in moderation.

    History: Leo was born in Petalburg City, Hoenn. He was the oldest of three siblings, and the only male among the three. His parents' relationship became strained after his father, Leroy, lost his job shortly after the youngest daughter was born, and the family started experiencing financial troubles. It was not helped by Leroy turning to Wine to drown his sorrows, which worried the rest of the family. Leroy and his wife, Luisa, often argued loudly during the night. While things never escalated to physical violence, but the yelling still made the three kids uncomfortable. Despite the drama, Leo tried to put on a brave face, and hoped things would work out in the end. Eventually Luisa got a promotion at her job that made up for the loss of income, but by then the damage was done, and Leroy filed for divorce.

    Leo currently lives with his mom, and his younger sisters Lilly and Lucy. He is much closer to his mother than with his father. They were not wealthy, but they weren't poor either. Being a single parent, Luisa often had to work long hours, leaving Leo responsible for looking after his sisters, and taking care of household things while she worked. Unlike a lot of other boys though, Leo didn't really mind this, and actually enjoyed it. As a result of this, he became accustomed to taking care of people. He also learned a lot of domestic skills, and became very good at cooking.

    He was a rather scrawny child, and he was often picked on by bullies who thought he was weaker than them. It did not help that he was a sensitive kid, and he had a taste for things that are usually considered girly by others. He would come home with bruises on a regular basis. His father did not help matters by suggesting that living in a house full of girls was turning him into one. While all the bullying upset him, he kept up a cherful demeanor in front of others, not wanting to burden them with his problems. He believed that if he thinks positively, things would get better.

    He did have one friend in his youth. He encountered a shy Ralts while playing in a patch of grass near his house. Ralts were very rare, and Leo thought Gallades and Gardevoirs were awesome Pokemon in their own way, so Leo tried to befriend this Ralts. It was a bit hard at first because this Pokemon was so timid, but the Psychic type seemed to be drawn by the postive emotions Leo put out. They soon bonded and became good friends. Eventually, he was given a Pokeball and allowed to capture the Ralts he befriended.

    Around the time Leo entered puberty, things started to change. His mother announced that her office was transferring her to Lumoise City, and that the family would be moving there. Although he didn't like the idea of moving to a brand new region that was so different from Hoenn, he tried to stay positive. Moving to a new place gave him the opportunity to change his situation. Deciding that he no longer wanted to be a wimp, and a constant bullying victim. He started working out and getting into sports, which resulted in him putting on a little muscle, and making new friends. Due to his social personality, he quickly became quite popular on campus, particularly with other girls. He also maintained good grades. Life was actually starting to look up. Despite how well things were going, he didn't let it get to his head. He still remained the same sensitive kid he always was

    After he finished school, Leo wasn't entirely sure what he was going to do with his life, and started to think about his future. Now that he was an adult, he decided to try out the whole Pokemon Trainer thing, and did some travelling around the region. During his travels, he caught a few Pokemon and challenged some Gyms, even winning a couple of badges in the process. However, he wasn't particularly serious about becoming Champion or anything. He just did battles for fun. He recently found out he won a ticket to the Pokeventure Fun Park, even though he didn't remember entering any contest. He still decided to make use of the ticket and go. After all, who turns down a free trip to an amusement park?



    Name: Arthur
    Species: Gallade
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Leo's very first Pokemon that he encountered when he still lived in Petalburg City. When Leo first met Arthur, he was a very shy Ralts. After spending time with Leo, he has since grown into a confident Gallade. While he lives up to the curteousness that his species is known for, he still has moments of Meekness. While he may not always be the bravest Pokemon ever, he is fiercely loyal to his trainer, and anyone he considers his friends.
    History: Arthur was Leo's first Pokemon. He officially caught it after he finished high school, but he has been Leo's best friend since the day they first met.
    Other: Wears a necklace with a Galadite attached to it around his neck.


    Species: Togekiss
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Lucky is like his trainer in many ways. They both have a happy-go-lucky personality. He is often bouncing off the walls and always seems to happy about everything. Sometimes, the other Pokemon find his constant cheeriness annoying, but he doesn't seem to care. He is considered the annoying younger brother by everyone else.
    History: Lucky was obtained by Leo as a Togepi while at the Friend Safari. He knew he wanted a Fairy type Pokemon on his team, and this seemed like the perfect fit.


    Name: Nala
    Species: Pyroar
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Nala is a cool, calm, and collected Pokemon. She does not get upset easily, and she is cool and calculating at all times. She does not allow bad things to bring her down. She is not cold and hearltless though, and she has grown to care for the other Pokemon. Despite Leo getting getting her recently, she is considered the team mom by the other Pokemon.
    History: Leo encountered a wild Litleo during his travels. Thinking it was funny that a Pokemon that shared his name existed, he decided to catch it.


    Name: Gummy
    Species: Goodra
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Like most Goodra are, Gummy is very affectionate towards her trainer. When she was a Goomy, she would simply nuzzle against his ankles. Now, she takes any opportunity to hug Leo when she's out of the Pokeball. While she is able to do so without killing the boy, she ends up leaving him covered in slime afterwards. It is possible that she may have a crush on him.
    History: Leo caught her as a Goomy on Route 14. He thought she was adorable, and he knew he just had to have it.

    Leo had slept right through the loud buzzing of the alarm on his Pokegear. When he finally did wake up, he saw that he only had an hour to get to the harbor in Courmarine City before the boat for the island leaves. In a flash he got dressed, and ran to the harbor as quickly as he could. Luckily, he made it on just in time. He got there right when the ship was about to leave. This is not a good way to start a vacation, he thought. Once the boat left the docks, Leo leaned against the wall to catch his breath.

    Nothing eventful happened once the ship set sail. Which Leo wasn't exactly content with, considering he was coming in al the way from Kalos. It was pretty boring trip in Leo's opinion. Nevertheless he made the best of the situation. He mostly spent the time on the boat playing with his yo-yo, had some snacks from the vending machine, and played games on his Pokegear when he started to get tired. The ship's staff didn't let anybody have Pokemon out while on board, which was unfortunate because it would have made this trip a whole lot better. He thought that rule was ridiculous. He knew how to keep his Pokemon under control, they wouldn't hurt anybody. Still, he didn't want to cause any trouble, so he obeyed their rules.

    After a few hours had passed, his destination finally came into view. By this point, it was already dark. The trip from Kalos to Hoenn took the entire day. It's about time! He thought to himself as he leaned over the balcony. It had been a long time since he'd been in Hoenn. Coastal Kalos had nice beaches sure, but in his opinion the beaches in Hoenn were far superior. Of course being from Hoenn, he was biased.

    Once he set foot on the island, he unhooked a Pokeball from his belt, and let out the Pokemon inside. In a flash of light Arthur the Gallade appeared by his side. "Gallade!" The Pokemon exclaimed while giving a salute.

    Leo giggled, and affectionately patted his Pokemon on the back. It seemed like such a long time ago, when Arthur was a shy Ralts. Now he's become a brave and loyal knight. "Well buddy we're back in our old stomping grounds, kinda. Even though I don't know how I won this trip in the first place, who are we to turn down a free vacation? We should make the most of this."

    "Gallade." Arthur nodded in agreement.

    Leo and Arthur walked side by side to the Hotel. The free trip also covered the accommodations apparently. After checking in, and being shown his room, he plopped down on the bed. He didn't have a whole lot of luggage with him to unpack, since he had gotten used to not having a lot of excess bags to carry around with the whole Pokemon trainer thing. Besides, this was only a one day trip, so a bunch of clothes weren't all that necessary. "Oh, this bed is fabulous!" Leo exclaimed. "We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow. So I think the two of us should get some sleep huh?" Leo recalled Arthur back into his ball, removed his clothes, turned off the lights. and jumped into bed.
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    Throw me a reserve too, please? I'll get the sign up done this weekend.
  13. VampirateMace

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    Name: Stavros “Silver” Donovan

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Silver is around average height with a slightly muscular build. His skin is lightly tanned, and his medium length spiky hair (from which he got his nickname) is a very white blonde. His face is a little round, with a square jaw, defined cheekbones, and large sparkling blue eyes. His knuckles are scarred from a silly incident involving punching a rock-face as a teenager. He's not proud of them and tends to keep them hidden.

    Silver likes to dress in the most recent fashions. He can go really over the top for contest outfits, but in day to day dress, he shows at least some restraint. He's shown up to the park today in a black tank-top and white shorts, under a red and black short-sleeve jacket. A black leather belt, white mega-bracelet, black fingerless gloves, a red and black fanny pack for his ID and stuff, red knee socks, and black sneakers, complete his appearance.

    Silver is oddly into fashion for a guy, but not particularly effeminate, which surprises the sort of people that tend to buy into stereotypes. He's all about making his pokemon look as cool as possible, and even makes clothes and accessories for them. Occasionally this need to make them look cool gets in the way when he's battling. Sure a great looking move earns points in a contest battle, but it's not always the most practical move in a regular battle.

    He doesn't really have a rival, which you can take as good or bad. It could just be that he's super friendly, or it could be that he's not exactly reached the elite pinnacle of coordinators yet. He keeps trying though, he'll win a Grand Festival someday.

    He's a hard worker, and puts in a lot of hours training with his pokemon, and making stuff for them. He's a bit of a perfectionist, going through moves over and over again, and resewing outfits until they’re just right. Then of course, he has to decorate up all this ball capsules to match the new outfits.

    He likes to just hang out too though. Nothing like a lazy pizza and movie night with the guys. He doesn't feel guilty afterward either, because he knows he'll be working out in the morning with his pokemon, and he's not really worried about watching his figure. Most of the buddies he hangs out with are friends from school, because once he finds a friend, they're stuck with him for life. He's pretty good at making friends actually, except maybe with privileged kids, who he tend find obnoxious, annoying, and hard to impress. Though he knows he has to keep trying to be polite, because they're kind of a large chunk of contest's target audience.

    Silver was the youngest child of an upper middle class family, having two older sisters. His father worked in a research lab, and his mom ran a store selling handmade toys and accessories for Pokemon. She taught him how to knit little scarves and hats for Pokemon, even accounting for their ears.

    On his days off from school, Silver loved to see all the well groomed and super pampered Pokemon that were brought into the shop. Most of the owners were rich or coordinators. Sometimes the coordinators would notice his and his sisters' interest and put on a bit of a show for them. These moves were precise and accurate, selected for the wow factor, unlike the rough schoolyard battles Silver normally saw.

    When he turned ten his middle sister took him out to catch a pokemon, and they came back with a Rattata. Silver soon traded this for a Scyther which immediately evolved into Scizor. This accident made Silver really popular, since he was the only kid in his class with fully evolved Pokemon.

    Silver wasn't interested in gym battles though, and decided to start training to be a coordinator, like the ones he saw on TV and in mom's shop. At 15, his grandpa gave him a Charmander, and he was fairly successful with the duo of Scizor and Charmander, not adding another Pokemon to his roster until last year when he encountered a Shiny Carbink that he just had to have.

    At 16 he tried to train with some hardcore fighting type trainers, who insisted punching a rock wall repeatedly was a good way to toughen up. Silver wouldn't recommend it, especially since they neglected to share some safety tips with him.

    He's been doing contests since his early teens, but didn't start full-time competition until after high school, which his parents insisted he finish. He's gotten pretty popular in some circles, but he's still reaching for that elite coordinator status.

    Other: *shrug*


    Species: Scizor

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: Razor

    Personality: Razor has really good focus, waiting for his trainer's commands and preforming moves with a high level of accuracy. He's pretty serious, and doesn't care for nonsense, so he doesn't tend to join in with other the Pokemon when they play. Razor has a good memory, and he and Silver have known each other long enough to pretty much be in sync, which makes for cool trick if Silver want to go through a contest without talking a lot.

    History: Razor is the pokemon Silver has had the longest. Silver got Razor by trading the Rattata his sister helped him catch for a Scyher, but he immediately evolved, into an even cooler pokemon. Having a fully evolved pokemon early on, made Silver pretty popular in school, even if it was accidental. - The other trainer called him Razor, and that's all he replies to.

    Appearance: Silver has made several scarves for Razor, and let him pick which ones he wants to wear. He's fond of his purple scarf, and has worn that to the park today.

    Other: N/A

    Species: Charmeleon

    Gender: Female

    Nickname: Charlotte

    Personality: Charlotte is a quick tempered pokemon, who can sometimes let her emotions distract her from what she's supposed to be doing. She's really a bit of a snuggle bug though, happy just to sit and hug Silver. She likes to snuggle up to her fellow pokemon as well, but to a lesser degree then her trainer. She likes to play too, and will indulge young Quartz in lots of fun activities.

    History: Charlotte was a birthday present, from Silver's grandfather, when he turned 15, his very own Charmander. She evolved after a couple years of hard work with Silver and Razor.

    Appearance: N/A

    Other: NA

    Species: Carbink

    Gender: Genderless, but Silver refers to it with male pronouns.

    Nickname: Quartz

    Personality: Quartz is still a little shy around people. Sliver caught him pretty recently, and he's not very trusting of anyone else yet. Quartz likes to follow Charlotte around. Silver isn't sure if this is a crush, that he sees her as a big sister, or if it's simply because Razor won't play with him. He's pretty young and doesn’t have horribly long attention span, plus he needs frequent play and snack breaks to stay happy.

    History: Silver caught Quartz on a recent trip to Reflection Cave, which was listed as one of the top sights to see when visiting Kalos. Having found a shiny Carbink, Silver was not disappointed in the slightest.

    Appearance: Quartz is shiny.

    Other: N/A

    Sliver leaned on the banister as he watched the workers on the dock secure the ferry. Charlotte peeked though the railing to see what he was looking at. She looked up at him curiously, obviously not impressed with what he was watching. He knelled down beside her, “Don't worry, there's going to be lots of fun stuff for us to do at the park.”

    After securing Charlotte back in her pokeball, Sliver pulled his small rolling suitcase down the ramp. It was really hard to decide what clothes to bring with him, and he had to keep reminding himself that it was only one night while packing.

    There was a bus waiting for them at the end of the pier, which would transport them to Pokéventure Fun Park Hotel. It felt kind of weird going to a theme park alone, and having another family's kid get seated next to him on the bus didn't really make it feel any less awkward. The kid stared at him for half the ride, then near the end commented, “You look familiar.”

    Silver smiled, “Maybe you've remember me from a contest you watched? I'm Stavros Donovan. Or if you like, you can call me Silver.”

    “Nah, I don't think so, I don't really care for contests,” commented the kid, “it's just a bunch of unnaturally groomed Pokemon prancing around. Gym battles are where it's really at.”

    Thank goodness Charlotte was in her pokeball.

    “Mason, be nice,” instructed the kid's mom, leaning over the seat in front of them. Silver smiled at her, whilst registering that she was wearing way too much make-up, talk about unnatural grooming. She smiled back, “Anyways it's nice to meet you Stavros.”

    Silver was happy to lose the kid and his parents in the crowd as they got off the bus. He drug his suitcase into the lobby and wait until it was his turn to check in. He handed his paperwork to the girl behind the counter, whose name-tag read Sophie. She instantly chimed, “Oh, congratulations Mr Donovan, you're one our lucky contest winners. Everything is all set-up, your room is 213. Feel free to call the desk if you need anything or have questions.” She slid his paperwork back, along with the key-card for his room.

    Silver headed up to the room. It was a pretty nice room; queen bed, big bathroom, and mini kitchen, with balcony. Silver stood out on the balcony for a bit taking in the view.
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    Could I please reserve a spot and finish writing my sign-up later?
    EDIT: Sign up completely finished now!

    Name: Begonia Elizabeth Bloom "Betsy"

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Betsy is a little on the short side at 5'1" but brings herself up a couple inches by wearing heeled boots. She's average-thin carrying most of her weight on her hips and away from her waist, giving her a pear shape. Betsy is the epitome of the average looking white girl with green eyes, long wavy dark brown hair and a heart shaped face. Most wouldn't find her overly appealing or give her a second glance under normal circumstances, but she always tries to doll herself up, wearing way to much make up and focusing way to much on her appearance. Her over-attention to her appearance can make her look stunning at first glance but stare too long and you can see through the copious amounts of presentation put in and how fake it is. She tries to wear clothes that say "I don't care street-ware" but they're all designer... Designer blue jeans, designer green and yellow fitted tank top with a brown designer classy leather jacket. She carries it all in a back pack, which is probably the only thing she owns that isn't designer, even her Pokemon are in luxury balls. She tends to wear her thick wavy brown hair in a ponytail, tied off with a yellow ribbon. When she doesn't put the care into her hair, it can get crazy knotted.

    Personality: Begonia, who prefers to go by Betsy -the nickname for her middle name Elizabeth- is a rebel without a cause. She's stubborn, a bit prideful, and likes to act like she doesn't care even though she wants things her way. She'll pretend that she's savy, tough and outdoorsy but she's used to city life and modern conveninces at all times. It is her perpetual internal struggle that she can't seem to be the cool rogue she sees herself as, and has a lot to learn about being an adult and making things out on her own.

    Typically she's friendly to strangers and only really starts to show her bossy and whiny self to people she begins to trust and see as friends. She hasn't left a lot of close friends behind as most people from her school days don't really appreciate her sometimes negative attitude. Betsy in many ways despises the riches and the pampering she grew up with, but also doesn't really know how to let it go and embrace the rough and tumble life of a trainer. Even though she hates getting dolled up, she doesn't really feel comfortable or know how to walk out without the charades. She also lacks a lot of confidence, as she has yet to really prove herself and is sometimes a bit embarrassed by her slow-growing pokemon team.

    History: Betsy grew up with her three sisters in Castelia city Unova, raised by her rich parents. Her Father, who works in business, she never sees much of but her mother, Rose Bloom, is a famous model who has tried to live all her celebrity dreams through her daughters and has almost succeeded. Betsy and her sisters were all started on different paths quite young, her oldest sister, Dianthus, is a model like her mother, her second oldest sister, Camellia, is a famous pop-star in Unova and working on branching out her popularity to other regions. Her younger sister is currently training heavily to be a dancer and possibly work her way into Pokemon shows and musicals. Betsy was supposed to fulfil her mothers dream and become a coordinator. Her sisters all filled their quotas, but Betsy was never much into co-ordinating. Her mother tried to groom her for the position by getting her anything and everything money could buy. She bought her all the best schooling and got her a well bred Pokemon to start, but Betsy hated the idea and went out of her way to under preform, much to her mothers chagrin. She preferred battles over contests, but was never allowed to pursue it as a child and teen. She has been to a few contests, as money sometimes really can get you anywhere, and even won a few minor ones, but never won any big contests and has never been featured on TV to her knowledge. She has picked up a thing or two about contests just from the years her mother put into it, but is by no means a professional.

    Since recently turning 18, Begonia dropped out of a co-ordinating post-secondary prep school her mother had her enrolled in. Finally enough to escape her mother's clutches, Betsy has decided to branch out and work towards being a top trainer... her only problem is she has no idea where to start. Having lived such a controlled, structured and pampered life, despite ferociously wanting her independence Betsy really doesn't know how to be an adult and strike out on her own.

    Her oldest sister Dianthus received an invitation to the Pokeventure fun park but had no desire to go, having gone to the premier opening a year ago, and instead, gave the invitation to Betsy and suggested she start to do some travelling to build up her knowledge, independance, self-confidence and build up a proper team so she can be a top trainer. Not knowing what else to do, Betsy decided to check out the park in hopes of strengthening the bonds between her and her Pokemon team as well as to meet new people and broaden her horizons.

    Other: Betsy is a fan of normal type Pokemon, and has considered one day trying to open her own normal type gym, assuming she ever learns to be a proper trainer. Out of her whole family, her best relationship is with her sister, Dianthus, who is sympathetic to Betsy's dreams. Betsy really doesn't get along with her other two sisters at all.

    Species: Meowth
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Sphynx
    Personality: Sphynx is very ornary, picky and demanding like a pampered spoiled princess. She has learned to listen to Betsy somewhat, but will pull a temper tantrum from time to time, especially with strangers. She is very vain.
    History: Sphynx is Betsy's first Pokemon and is a champion line meowth bred for contests. Betsy's mother bought her for contests and Sphynx adores them and hates that Betsy wants to make her a strict battling Pokemon. In the beginning, Betsy and Sphynx never got a long but over the last eight years they've learned to tolerate, on the rare occasion even enjoy, each others company.
    Appearance: Sphynx will always wear one of the ribbons she's won as a fancy collar. She's also always very well groomed

    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Ijori
    Personality: Ijori is only recently hatched and is still quite a baby. He seems ready to prove himself as a battler, or maybe he just wants to prove himself to Betsy. He's curious and likes to learn an practice new battle moves. He can sometimes get into trouble as Betsy isn't the most maternal of trainers and lacks that nurturing instinct. Still, she tries, and Ijori has only ever known Betsy and sees her as his proper master. She has yet to start properly training him.
    History: Ijori was given to Betsy as an egg for her 18th birthday just a few months ago. He was from her sister, Dianthus, who knew Betsy wanted to specialize in normal type pokemon. She thought a fairy-normal pokemon would help counter her fighting-type weakness. Betsy naturally tries to resist anything that's too "girly" looking for pokemon, as it reminds her to much of her mother, but she knew her sister meant well and kept the pokemon anyway to make her happy.
    Appearance: Ijori is your typical little Igglybuff, with no major distinguishing features.

    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Kenya
    Personality: Kenya is a recent addition to Betsy's team, but is a very dutiful pokemon that listens well. Betsy is unsure where such a willing attitude comes from, as Kenya has never been difficult to handle even from early capture, but suspects it might have something to do with the fact that Spearows are fairly common pokemon and Kenya might feel a certain expectation to prove herself a viable pokemon choice. Although Kenya takes direction well, she also requires it in battle and freeze under pressure. Betsy hasn't had much time to train her.
    History: Kenya was captured shortly before Betsy left on the ferry to Pokeventure fun park. She caught the pokemon mostly for the experience, as it was recommended to her that trainers know how to catch pokemon, and she was embarassed to already be 18 and have never caught her own wild pokemon. She didn't intend on keeping the pokemon on her team, as she hadn't really heard of many normal type trainers keeping such a common bird pokemon on their team, but she has grown to like Kenya and hopes to make her shine in battle.
    Appearance: Kenya is your typical looking Spearow, although seems a bit larger than the average size.

    Writing Sample:
    Betsy finished the final touch-ups on her face and put down the make-up brush with a sigh. It seemed kind of ridiculous to spend a half-an hour on your face this late at night, but she had already finished packing and was now just waiting for the ferry to take her to the pokeventure island. She was tired from a full days work and the bags under her eyes had finally irritated her enough that she had to do something about it.

    Finished, she turned to her small Igglybuff, Ijori, and grabbed her make up bag from his small clutches to finish putting away the last of her things. Instead of being upset that his new toy had been taken away, he just looked up sleepily at Betsy and yawned. Guiltily, Betsy looked at the time, realizing it was probably too late for a young Pokémon to be up. And when was the last time she fed him? How often did babies need to be fed again? Grabbing his pokeball she returned him inside, giving herself a mental note to feed him a treat at breakfast tomorrow.

    Betsy surveyed her small room once more, making sure she had grabbed everything. She ignored the sleeping figure on the other side of the room, her room mate, as she tiptoed around. Even though Dianthus had been kind enough to give her the ticket for a free stay, Betsy had wagered that she might spend as much as a week at the park, and that kind of required money. The funny thing about going against your mother's wishes was that they tended to stop funding your ventures. Betsy had applied to work on the ferry from Unova to Hoenn to solve some of her financial woes. It meant food, free travel (even if she had to share it with another staff) and some extra pocket money. She was sick of it though, making beds, tidying rooms, laundry, cleaning… until this very trip Betsy could hardly remember having worked so hard in her life. At least for the week it would be someone else making her bed, changing the towels, calling up room service, though by now Betsy was sure she was so trained to do it she might actually keep her room spotless for the first time in her life.

    She had already collected her wages earlier that day and it would only be another fifteen minutes or so before the ferry docked to drop of the people that had come for the anniversary. Lumbering with her backpack and heavy trunk she half carried, half dragged it onto the deck and watched as the island came into view. Exhausted from the days work, Betsy barely registered when they made it to dock, her luggage was whisked away by some young man in a tailored outfit. Then it was the quick hike to the hotel, her ticket was looked over by a young woman at front desk who said something about “209” and dismissed her. It wasn’t until she was halfway up the stairs that she realized that was her room number. She found it with relative ease, now accustomed to the way many hospitality venues laid out their places and didn’t even bother changing clothes or turning out the light as she flopped into bed.
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  15. Skillfulness

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    Scahde: I'm gonna move you to the accepted section, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Just give your SU another quick proof read and you'll be good.

    Monster Guy: I'll put you as pending. There's a few typos I think, mainly looking at your writing sample. Also, he was on the boat at night, but didn't sleep when getting to the hotel? A few excessive commas, a few typos; I suggest proof reading it and I'll move you to accepted.

    Tangeh: You most certainly may have a reservation.

    VampirateMace: Looks pretty good, but I'd prefer a bit more expansion on Silver and his Pokemon personality (brownie points for a clever nickname). I don't get much of an impression on how he acts around other people. Great writing sample though and everything else is neat and to the point. For now, pending.

    .Aerodactyl.: You got your spot, I'll just stick you under pending as it looks like you already have a lot done. Everything seems good so far.

    Everyone: Unless you're all good with the current number of attractions at the park, I'll happily take any suggestions from you guys on potential rides. It'll expand the map and give us more options once all the chaos begins to happen. I also didn't mention any rating on the RP, but I think we should be allowed to do a fair amount of swearing so PG-13 should be ok, yeah?
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  16. .Aerodactyl.

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    Thanks for the pending, I just have to finish the writing sample now (I was working on it in little chunks at a time all last night! You probably didn't read the first one that was just a name and a bit of history XD)

    I absolutely LOVE all the rides you made, I don't think it would need too much more :D Because my character has a baby Pokemon, can I make one suggestion to have a simple boat ride one designed for young kids/Pokemon and couples? Sort of like "It's a small world after all" in Disneyland. It could be like "World tour" or something, and would take you through a bunch of iconic mini replicas of scenic places over several regions... Lumiose tower, slowpoke well, cinnabar island, etc.

    EDIT: Oh, now the sign-up is finished!
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  17. Schade

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    I nominate the "Malamar Topsy-Turvy mirror house"!!
  18. Monster Guy

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    Commas are my worst enemy. xD

    Wait... they were supposed to arrive at night? I missed that. I'll have to fix my sample then.
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  19. Schade

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    Yeah, I struggle with that sometimes too..

    Same here, I'll have to look it over in case i nerfed something up
  20. VampirateMace

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    Sure, I'll let you know once I've updated, I did kind of wonder if my SU was a little short, but I wasn't sure what was missing. (Though my personal experience GMing has led me to believe the Personality section is BS.)

    I don't really have any ride suggestions. . .

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